The Crown Prince Chases His Wife


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When Qin Yan was five years old, she left the capital with her mother and went to the Pingxi Army under the command of her grandfather, Duke of Zhenguo, in the Northwest. When she returned twelve years later, things were different.

After her mother was attacked and disappeared, everyone in the Prime Minister Mansion only knew of Concubine Song, but not her mother, the honorable mistress. They only knew that there was only one Miss Nian in the mansion, and they did not know that there was also her, the only eldest young lady of the first wife.

The concubine took over her mother’s dowry and pretended to be rich and generous to win people’s hearts. The concubine-born younger sister, with the identity that belonged to Qin Yan, was mixed up like a fish in water in the circle of noble daughters in the capital, and she also intended to get involved with Qin Yan’s fiancé.

The people in Prime Minister Mansion thought that Qin Yan could only be at their mercy when she returned to the capital alone. However, they never thought that within a few days of returning to the capital, Qin Yan was granted the title of Princess of Zhaoren by the emperor and given a palace as the Princess Mansion.

When Qin Yan took back the dowry that belonged to her mother, only then did her father Prime Minister Qin and Concubine Song know that Qin Yan was the owner of Yu Qingfeng, the first bank in Great Xia.

The City Master of Gu City, an important town outside the Northwest Pass, was known as the owner of Yu Qingfeng, the first bank in Great Xia which claimed to be able to reach half the national treasury.

How many secrets have not been uncovered about Qin Yan?


The Shizi of Marquis of Yongding Mansion, Xie Changyuan, was born into a noble family. He was young and promising, and he became a close minister of the emperor when he was only twenty years old. He was supposed to be the sought-after husband candidate of the noble daughters in the capital, but he was betrothed at a young age.

Hearsay that Shizi Xie’s fiancée, Qin Yan, was ignorant of etiquette and ugly as a demon, and everyone sighed.

After Qin Yan returned to the capital, everyone knew that this first young lady of the Prime Minister Mansion was breathtakingly beautiful, with great ability, and the forces behind her were even more astonishing.

After Xie Changyuan broke off his betrothment with Qin Yan as he wished, he realized how deeply he misunderstood his former fiancée. He regretted that he treated the fisheye as a pearl before, and missed what he really wanted in his heart.

When Xie Changyuan was determined to make amends, he found out that his ex-fiancée had been named the crown princess, and it was too late to regret it.


Crown Prince Feng Zhan, who had been trained in the army for many years, returned to the court to supervise the country. His scheming methods of attacking and fighting made the civil and military officials of the whole court marvel at him.

Only Qin Yan knew that this aloft and abstinent Crown Prince, who was not close to women, was such a shameless rogue on the way to chase his wife.


【Crown Prince Chasing His Wife Theater 1】

“The robe is not dry, so let me hold you to keep you warm.”

【Prince Chasing His Wife Theater 2】

Feng Zhan: “Today, we have been alone in the mountains for a long time. I am afraid that your reputation will be damaged. I am going to crown you as my crown princess.”

Qin Yan: “Does Your Highness Crown Prince think I care about reputation?”

Feng Zhan: “Then, Princess of Zhaoren has to be responsible for my reputation.”

【Crown Prince Chasing His Wife Theater 3】

“Since the shaft of my carriage is broken, my carriage cannot return home.”

“I’m too tired today and don’t have the energy to ride a horse, so I can only ask the Princess of Zhaoren to allow me to ride on the carriage of the Princess of Zhaoren Mansion.”

“Princess of Zhaoren, can you allow me to go with you?”

【Crown Prince Chasing His Wife Theater 4】

“Princess of Zhaoren, you have the title and city granted by the imperial family of Great Xia, have an official salary, and must be loyal to the monarch.”

“From today onwards, you will go to the Crown Prince Mansion every day to assist me in handling government affairs. Do you have any objection?”

【Crown Prince Chasing His Wife Theater 5】

“I’ll order someone to prepare a sleeping hall for you. If it is too late after handling official business, you can stay in the Crown Prince Mansion.”

【Crown Prince Chasing His Wife Theater 6】

Feng Zhan: “I promise you the position of the empress, and I allow you to do politics in the harem. In this life, you are the only one.”

Qin Yan: …Actually, I plan to make myself the monarch.

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