TCPCHW Chapter 37 Part 2

The Crown Prince Chases His Wife

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Chapter 37          Encirclement (2/2)

Today Qin Yan was wearing a riding moon white suit with dark patterns embroidery. Beside her was Shen Ying, who was still in a black outfit, and Jiang Mu, who was also in a riding outfit.

The three of them sat in silence immediately and didn’t plan to go to the field.

The laughter of the young masters and young ladies in Qin Ming’s place was very loud.

Qin Yan frowned and looked over following the noise.

Jiang Mu followed Qin Yan’s gaze and looked over.

It was Qin Ming.

That fool. . . Was that Qin Yan’s brother?

Qin Yan and Qin Ming acted very differently and they didn’t look like siblings at all.

Qin Ming, didn’t he know it was embarrassing?

Jiang Mu took the bow from the horse, held the arrow, and shot the arrow in one go.

The arrow flew over and penetrated the head of the wild boar that was fighting with Qin Ming.

The young masters and young ladies were all startled.

Before Jiang Mu withdrew the bow he was holding, the young masters and young ladies turned their heads and saw that it was Young Master Jiang from the Princess of Zhaoren Mansion, and they all stopped talking.

Qin Ming was stunned for a moment. After a while, he calmed down from the shock of the sudden sharp arrow just now and then struggled to push away the dead wild boar away. There was still a little blood from the wild boar on his face, mud, and weeds all over his body, and walked in Qin Yan’s direction unhappily.

Qin Ming said to Jiang Mu: “I want you to mind your own business. I want to fight it with my bare hands, just like Eldest Sister killed a horse with her bare hands yesterday.”

Qin Ming looked at Qin Yan flatteringly.

Qin Yan ignored him and looked away indifferently.

Qin Ming was a little disappointed, but he was determined to make persistent efforts. One day, his eldest sister would be impressed with him.

Qin Ming bowed to Qin Yan and said goodbye. He patted the dirt on his body and left to look for other prey.


Princess of Changle Feng Yunchao was not interested in hunting and was resting in the lookout camp.

Feng Yuyao didn’t enter the hunting ground. She rode around the hunting ground looking for opportunities to hunt, and her harvest was also quite good.

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Without Feng Yuyao’s usual gossip, Qin Yan was very bored and swept everyone on the field at will, but her eyes were fixed on the head of a woman in a light-yellow riding uniform.

Qin Yan narrowed her eyes slightly, as if in doubt.

Shen Ying said: “Master, did you see it too? I’ve been observing for a long time, and I’m sure that the hairpin is the one that Master dropped yesterday.”

“Master, I’ll go…” Shen Ying hit the horse and wanted to go towards A Yan in the distance.

But Qin Yan raised her hand to stop her.

Qin Yan’s eyes narrowed dangerously.

That one had repeatedly violated her taboos.

“No one is allowed to put their fingers on my things.” Qin Yan’s tone was slightly cold.

Qin Yan took out the bow that hadn’t been moved today, raised her left arm, and took out a sharp arrow with her right hand. She put it on the string, pulled the bow, and shot it.

With a sound of “whew”, the sharp wind arrow shot at the woman who was laughing out loud in the distance.


Xie Changyuan only returned to the camp from the hunting ground at haishi* last night. Because it was too late, he didn’t have time to find A Yan to get back the hairpin.

(haishi* – 9 pm – 11 pm)

And this morning, he escorted His Majesty to the hunting ground again, without taking A Yan into consideration. According to the original explanation to A Yan, A Yan should play around the camp on the day of the encirclement.

And A Yan had never seen the heroic scene of the hunting field, so she was really curious.

Then A Yan went to find Xie Qing and asked Xie Qing to take her to the hunting ground.

Of course, A Yan also put on a hairpin that she liked very much, the hairpin that Brother Changyuan “gave” to her.

A Yan was more skilled in riding and could sit firmly on a shorter horse by herself. While chatting and laughing with Xie Qing, she watched Qin Ming and his party chase the little animal and laughed out loud.

Suddenly a sharp arrow shot toward her.

A Yan, who was facing Xie Qing, saw it all and exclaimed hoarsely. It was the Princess of Zhaoren!

The arrow went straight into A Yan’s head, and the force brought by the arrow knocked A Yan off the horse and fell to the ground.

At this time, the people around realized that something was wrong, and something had happened.

Xie Qing dismounted immediately.

Xie Qing pulled A Yan, who fell over, and checked her condition.

Fortunately, she was still alive.

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She saw A Yan’s eyes were wide open, and she was still breathing.

Xie Qing took a closer look at A Yan’s body.

The arrow just inserted into A Yan’s bun and didn’t hurt her.

Xie Qing had lingering fears in her heart. She promised to take care of this A Yan, which was not much for her, and conveniently showed gratitude to Xie Changyuan. However, if A Yan had an accident under her care, the gains wouldn’t be worth the loss.

At this time, there were also some young masters and young ladies gathered around with superficial worries.


Xie Changyuan had been guarding the Emperor of Hui today, but the corners of his eyes follow the white figure on the side of the hunting ground from time to time.

Wasn’t Qin Yan going to hunt today?

Xie Changyuan also paid attention to A Yan sometimes, who had come to the hunting ground nevertheless.

Suddenly, a group of people on A Yan’s side gathered around, as if something had happened.

Xie Changyuan narrowed his eyes.

The Emperor of Hui was watching with great interest a few soldiers in the field working together to kill a tiger. It was a wise choice to open Qianyang Ridge today. It was indeed much more exciting than in previous years.

Fortunately, neither the Taizi nor Qin Yan ended up participating in the hunt. Otherwise, with the skills of those two, it would only take an hour to hunt down the wild animals in the field. It would be more interesting if everyone fought hard to kill the wild animals.

The Emperor of Hui saw that Xie Changyuan had been staring at the outside of the hunting ground, and said, “Changyuan, go and see what’s going on there.”

It was inconvenient for Xie Changyuan to leave, but since His Majesty opened his mouth, Xie Changyuan accepted the order and went over.


On this side, A Yan, who was frightened by the sudden arrow just now, was sitting on the ground and letting Xie Qing check if she was injured.

At this moment, she suddenly heard a familiar male voice.

“What’s the matter, A Yan?”

It was Brother Changyuan.

As if she had found her pillar, A Yan immediately cried and threw herself into the arms of Xie Changyuan, who was squatting down.

Xie Qing avoided them tactfully.

At this moment, Shen Ying, who was dressed in black clothes, came to the two of them and said coldly: “Both of you, make way.”

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However, A Yan shrank into Xie Changyuan’s arms. She had just heard the talk of the people around her. The arrow that shot her came from Qin Yan, the Princess of Zhaoren. What was Shen Ying doing here…

Seeing that the two of them were still embracing on the ground, Shen Ying snorted softly. She took a step to the side, crossed A Yan’s side, and reached the place where A Yan had just fallen. She raised her right foot, stepped down, and then crushed it left and right.

Shen Ying raised her foot again, glanced at it, and left after seeming satisfied.

Everyone wondered, what was the maid of Princess of Zhaoren doing just now?

A Yan turned her head and saw the hairpin that had just been shot down by the arrow had been crushed into dust by Qin Yan’s maid. There was only some white dust left on the grass, and the hairpin was nowhere to be seen.

“Brother Changyuan, that’s…” A Yan turned back and said anxiously to Xie Changyuan but was interrupted by Xie Changyuan’s cold voice.

“It’s time for you to go back to rest.” Xie Changyuan picked up A Yan and stood up.

Xie Changyuan took A Yan on a tall horse. Then he also got on the horse and sat behind A Yan and galloped away.

When passing by Qin Yan, Xie Changyuan caught a glimpse of Qin Yan’s indifferent appearance, he didn’t look at her, nor did he have the face to look at her.

He picked up Qin Yan’s hairpin at the horse race field yesterday but didn’t return it to her on the spot. He planned to choose a more appropriate time to return it but didn’t expect things to turn out like this.

Qin Yan, what would she think of me…


Taizi Feng Zhan, who was sitting on the horse, also unconsciously put his peripheral vision on the white figure on the side of the field. Feng Zhan naturally didn’t miss the sharp and neat movement that Qin Yan just shot casually with an arrow.

While admiring Qin Yan’s superb archery skills, Feng Zhan also had a faint unhappiness in his heart.

The person whom Qin Yan shot the arrow…

Feng Zhan’s brows narrowed slightly, and his icy gaze swept over the man and woman who were riding on the horse back to the camp.

Did she mind?


This year’s hunting was more exciting than previous years, and the Emperor of Hui enjoyed watching it.

A group of young masters, headed by Wang Jingyu, the youngest son of the Left Prime Minister, sat around under a big toon tree on a high ground outside the hunting ground. Several people took out their valuables and a few bags of silver and put them in front of them.

These young masters didn’t go hunting, they were betting here on who would catch the most prey in the hunting ground today.

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A young master suddenly said: “His Majesty looks good, doesn’t look like he’s sick.”

As soon as these words were spoken, the young masters thought that they were far away from the crowd, so they boldly discussed it.

“Perhaps he has some hidden disease, the kind that can’t be seen.”

“His Majesty seems to be very healthy when hunting today. If there is a hidden illness, it’s not like he can’t manage politics and still want the Taizi to supervise the country.”

Several people looked at each other and couldn’t come up with any answers.

At this moment, Wang Jingyu among them sneered and said: “What do you know? It seems that when my cousin, the Taizi, returned to the court with two hundred thousand private soldiers, Empress Dowager Xiao who sat in the palace, and the court with the support of the Grand Scholar Mansion and its proteges all over, strongly pressing His Majesty to hand over the power of supervising the country.”

“Our Majesty, have no choice but to acquiesce to old age.”

After Wang Jingyu finished speaking, he collected all the objects in front of him and put them in his arms.

“He Xiao won, and you all lost.”

 A few people took a closer look and saw that there was no more prey on the hunting ground. The soldiers shouted as they tossed He Xiao up again and again.……

It seemed that it was He Xiao, the eldest son of the Minister of the Ministry of War, but wasn’t he an ignorant and inexperienced foreign officer in the Ministry of Finance?

Wang Jingyu walked towards the hunting ground and said lazily: “You can’t just look at the surface, you guys, ah…”

The young masters quickly followed.


At this time in the hunting ground, the drummers beat the drums and the musicians sounded the horns, and the Emperor of Hui went back to the camp.

Second Prince Feng Xian ordered the encirclement to be relieved.

Taizi Feng Zhan announced that today’s encirclement hunting was over, and everyone could team up to hunt in the hunting area tomorrow morning.

Feng Zhan looked at Qin Yan, who was riding her horse slowly on the side of the field.

How many surprises would there be in this woman?

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