TCPCHW Chapter 36 Part 1

The Crown Prince Chases His Wife

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Chapter 36          Punishment (1/2)

On the evening of the second day of the autumn hunting, Taizi Feng Zhan summoned twenty thousand soldiers skilled in horseback riding and archery to gather under the banner to explain military order.

That night, this group of twenty thousand soldiers set off from the left and right wings at the same time, forming a huge encirclement, which was a huge movement.

Taizi Feng Zhan was in the lookout camp, and Second Prince Feng Xian commanded the encirclement and led the formation.

At the beginning of hai*, Second Prince Feng Xian returned to the command tent and reported to Taizi Feng Zhan.

(hai* – 9 pm – 11 pm)

“Your Highness Taizi, the formation is complete.”

Feng Zhan nodded and said, “The five drums will enclose tomorrow morning.”

Second Prince Feng Xian stayed behind to take care of things, while Taizi Feng Zhan returned to the camp to rest.


In the western suburbs camp, Concubine Ning, dressed in a colorful dark flower brocade palace dress, was stopped by the guards outside the imperial tent.

“You are so courageous, even dare to stop our master.” The palace maid next to Concubine Ning scolded harshly.

But the guard was unmoved and said seriously: “Don’t make any noise before the Emperor.”

“You…” The palace maid stopped her voice instantly when she saw that Eunuch Li, the Chief Eunuch next to His Majesty, came out of the imperial tent.

Li Fuquan waved back the guards who stood in front of Concubine Ning.

He took a step forward and said to Concubine Ning, “Little Master Ning, His Majesty is tired and resting now. Don’t make any noise if you have nothing to do.”

Concubine Ning frowned and said annoyedly, “His Majesty has said that I’ll be serving him left and right during these few days of autumn hunting in the western suburbs. Why did he suddenly arrange another tent for me today?”

Li Fuquan put on a fake smile and said: “Since it is the arrangement of the Emperor, Little Master Ning has to obey it. In the harem, it’s a big taboo to figure out the Emperor’s meaning without consent, and Little Master Ning should behave yourself.”

After speaking, Li Fuquan turned around and returned to the imperial tent.

Concubine Ning took a step forward but was stopped by the guards.

“Your Majesty, Your Majesty…” Concubine Ning shouted a few times, but there was no movement in the imperial tent, and she was stopped by the guards.

Concubine Ning angrily turned and left.


Concubine Ning was not stupid. Tonight, His Majesty had changed his affection for her from before. It was fine if he didn’t call her to serve on the bed, but he won’t even let her in the imperial tent. This was obviously not happy with her.

The change only happened today.

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Concubine Ning thought about it, and the only reason for this situation could only be that at the horse race field this morning, asking the Princess of Zhaoren to tame the horse.

At that time, as soon as she said the words, people around her looked strange.

Later, the Princess of Zhaoren went down the field to tame the horse but killed the horse in the end.

When she came back, she told His Majesty that she accidentally killed the horse.

Oh, accidentally?

Everyone on the field looked attentively at how calm Qin Yan was before killing the horse and the movements of her hands when she killed the horse were clearly visible.

Even if the horse once belonged to the Princess of Zhaoren’s horse farm, it was an imperial horse now and it was ordered by His Majesty to tame it today.

What a breezy “accident”.

But His Majesty didn’t blame her at all.

She blamed herself for being careless. What was the origin of this Princess of Zhaoren?

Originally, she had the exclusive favor of the Emperor, but she lost it like this. She was not willing and how could she be willing?

The more Concubine Ning thought about it, the angrier she became. As she walked, in a fit of anger, she pulled the palace lantern in the hand of the accompanying palace maid and smashed it forward with force.



“Bold, how dare you be disrespectful to Imperial Concubine Shu!” A few exclaimed.

Concubine Ning looked forward and saw Imperial Concubine Shu accompanied by palace maids in front of them two meters away.

How could I run into her? It’s really bad luck.

“Greetings Imperial Concubine Shu.” Concubine Ning reluctantly bowed low and saluted.

Imperial Concubine Shu was annoyed and let the palace maids tidy up her dress without saying anything.

The mama next to Imperial Concubine Shu said in a bad tone: “Little Master Ning, you are so bold that you dare to smash Imperial Concubine Shu. This is very disrespectful.”

Just a few steps away from the brazier in the camp, Concubine Ning narrowed her eyes. It turned out that it was the palace lantern that she had just thrown out, and it rolled to the feet of Imperial Concubine Shu and seemed to have burned a corner of the hem of Imperial Concubine Shu’s palace dress.

“Imperial Concubine Shu, please forgive me.” Concubine Ning apologized dully.

Imperial Concubine Shu raised her head and smiled sarcastically.

This Concubine Ning was still holding the air of his favorite concubine.

She didn’t even know yet that before she returned to the palace, she already fell out of favor.

She didn’t know if such a young girl with little experience could stand the feeling of falling from the clouds.

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In the cold palace, many pitiful women used to be so beautiful but fell from the altar just overnight. They couldn’t stand it and go mad.

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