TCPCHW Chapter 51

The Crown Prince Chases His Wife

Chapter 51          Cut the Loss

Taizi’s carriage left the Donghua Gate and stopped outside the Meridian Gate not long after.

In the blurred rain curtain ahead, there was the carriage of Princess Zhaoren Mansion and the guards of the Princess Mansion.

Shen Ying, who was dressed in a black dress, jumped down from the carriage and walked over quickly with an umbrella.

“Lord Song, is my master in the carriage?”

Song Zhi nodded to Shen Ying and took a step aside.

Shen Ying walked outside Taizi’s carriage with the curtain closed.


In the carriage, Qin Yan’s hair was in a loose bun and her clothes were a bit messy. The hand that had just reached into Feng Zhan’s lapel stopped suddenly.

The delicate white fingertips touched the skin on Feng Zhan’s hard chest, and it felt hot. Qin Yan was in a daze for a moment, as if it was His Highness Taizi in front of her who had been drugged, not herself.

Qin Yan slowly closed her eyes and sighed softly.

She thought she could indulge one last time, but it was a dream that she would eventually have to wake up.

Qin Yan opened her eyes, her seductive phoenix eyes disappeared instantly and regained full clarity.

Feng Zhan frowned, looking at the stunning beauty who was leaning over in front of him, slowly stood up and arranged her loose hair and robe with her slender fingers.

Qin Yan spoke with a cold voice: “Shen Ying, send the secret guard back to the Princess Mansion quickly and tell Mister Ji that I have been drugged with aphrodisiac, let him be prepared.”

Shen Ying took the order and left.

After tidying up, Qin Yan turned around and got out of the car, but her wrist was suddenly grabbed by Feng Zhan who was behind her.

Qin Yan frowned and turned around.

Feng Zhan was just guessing, but now he was sure that Qin Yan had indeed been drugged.

Qin Yan’s slender neck and small face showed an abnormally intoxicating bright red, which meant that the medicinal properties had not yet dissipated.

Feng Zhan’s face darkened slightly.

“What did you ask him to prepare?”

Qin Yan was stunned for a moment and then came to her senses.

She smiled and said, “Of course the antidote.”

Feng Zhan frowned.

He knew it was the antidote, but what kind of method?

Qin Yan said lightly: “Mister Ji comes from the Medicine King Valley.”


Qin Yan with an indulgent look traced the handsome man in front of her with her eyes, the full forehead, the strong jawbones, the slightly raised sword eyebrows, the deep eyes, the tall nose bridge, the sexy thin lips, the imposingly tall and straight figure, the lean waist, and the strong long legs…

Qin Yan spoke with a cold tone, like cold water at night:

“Your Highness Taizi, let’s stop here.”

Feng Zhan’s face sank.

“What do you mean?” Feng Zhan’s tone was slightly cold.

Qin Yan spoke gently and slowly: “Literally.”

Qin Yan withdrew her hand but was pulled back with sudden force by Feng Zhan, who brought Qin Yan into his arms.

Feng Zhan’s eyes were cold and fierce, suppressing the urge to strangle the beautiful woman in his arms.

Qin Yan raised her head, smiled lightly, and said leisurely: “Flowers are half-bloomed, and drink till slightly drunk*. Whether the dream is long or short, it’s a dream after all. Let’s part happily.”

(Flowers are half blooming, and drink till slightly drunk* – the best time to enjoy flowers is when it’s budding, and the feeling of drinking is the best when one is half drunk – it means to have reasonable control over one’s desire)

Feng Zhan’s breathing paused and loosened his arms.

Qin Yan escaped from Feng Zhan’s restraints and got off the carriage.

Shen Ying returned and raised the umbrella over Qin Yan’s head, the master and servant strode away.

Qin Yan got on her carriage, the carriage of the Princess Mansion, and the twenty guards behind the carriage galloped away.

Song Zhi saw that Princess Zhaoren had left, but His Highness Taizi had no movement for a long time. He didn’t understand, so he asked: “Your Highness…”

“Follow them.” Taizi Feng Zhan’s cold voice suddenly came from inside the carriage.

Song Zhi jumped on his horse, and the entourage galloped away.


An hour later, the carriages of Qin Yan and Feng Zhan arrived in front of the Princess of Zhaoren Mansion in Xishan.

Qin Yan got off the carriage and walked into the mansion without looking back.

The carriage of the Taizi Mansion stopped not far behind her.

Song Zhi was puzzled, why His Highness didn’t go back to the mansion, nor did he get out of the carriage?

The curtain of the Taizi’s carriage had not been lifted from the beginning to the end.

About the time a cup of tea, Taizi Feng Zhan in the carriage suddenly made a sound.

“Go back to the mansion, call the secret guards who were in the Imperial Garden to the study immediately.”

Taizi and his entourage left.


In the study room of the Taizi Mansion.

After Feng Zhan sat at the desk, the lights in the desk area were not lit, and Feng Zhan, who was hidden in the shadows, had a somewhat dangerous aura.

There were three men in black standing in front of the desk.

Song Zhi said: “Please explain what happened in the Imperial Garden today.”

A secret guard said: “This subordinate was responsible for protecting Princess Zhaoren secretly. After Princess Zhaoren took the seat, everything was normal until the son of the Right Prime Minister Qin Mansion came over and fell on Princess Zhaoren. The princess got up to avoid him. However, the wine cup spilled out some wine and spilled on Princess’s robe. Then Princess left the banquet, and this subordinate followed her. Then Princess met His Highness…” After that, the secret guard did not dare to get too close, as His Highness and Princess Zhaoren…

Another secret guard continued: “This subordinate was responsible for keeping an eye on the drinks and food at Princess Zhaoren’s table. During the banquet, the maid serving the drinks and dishes for Princess was replaced temporarily. The maid replaced the pot of wine for the princess and left immediately. This subordinate was suspicious, so I followed her. The maid met Qin Nian, the second young lady of the Right Prime Minister Qin Mansion. This subordinate suspected that the second young lady of Qin ordered the maid to tamper with Princess’s wine.”

The third secret guard said: “There is another matter. In the Qichun Pavilion, the second young lady of Qin of the Right Prime Minister Mansion, and He Xiao, the eldest son of the He Mansion of the Ministry of War, were caught by Imperial Concubine Shu and Imperial Concubine Xian while doing that.”

After finishing speaking, the three secret guards stood quietly in the distance.

Song Zhi spoke, “Your Highness…”

“Withdraw.” Feng Zhan’s tone was slightly cold.

The secret guards left.

After a while, Feng Zhan said coldly: “Go to the Princess Mansion and inform Princess Zhaoren of the news.”

“Your Highness, now?” Song Zhi asked suspiciously, wasn’t it a little late at this time?

“Immediately.” Feng Zhan looked at Song Zhi with displeasure.

Song Zhi… so urgent?

“Yes, Your Highness.”

Song Zhi took the order and left, leaving Feng Zhan alone in the shadow.

Qin Yan, as the name suggested, was like a wisp of smoke, full of nothingness that couldn’t be grasped.

What should he do with her?


In the hot pool of Qin Yan’s bedroom at the Princess of Zhaoren Mansion in Xishan.

Qin Yan leaned against the edge of the pool, and the medicine in the pool soaked into her body from Qin Yan’s opened pores, slowly relieving her dryness.

Qin Yan’s mind suddenly flashed through the last look she had on Feng Zhan, Feng Zhan’s cold eyes.

Qin Yan had never concealed her appreciation for excellent people.

Taizi Feng Zhan was highly respected and dignified with great power in his hands. Whether it was his means or his appearance, they all hit Qin Yan’s checklist on the spot.

Unfortunately, Feng Zhan was from an imperial family and an established Taizi.

Qin Yan originally thought that it would be worthwhile to start a short relationship with such an excellent person.

But today…

When Qin Yan caught sight of the tall and handsome man, Taizi Feng Zhan who came under the moonlight in the imperial garden, her heart suddenly skipped a beat.

This strange feeling made Qin Yan out of control and became alert, which was far from good.

It was just for fun initially, but it almost moved her heart.

Fortunately, she was able to cut the loss in time.


Shen Ying was outside the room divider.

“Master, Lord Song from the Taizi Mansion just came over and said His Highness sent him to tell Master what they found about the Imperial Garden today.”

“Say.” Qin Yan’s voice was cold.

Shen Ying repeated what Song Zhi conveyed.

Qin Yan narrowed her eyes slightly.

Qin Nian?

Qin Yan was silent for a moment, then ordered in a cold voice: “Before noon tomorrow, ask Mister Ji to send the information of Qin Nian, He Xiao, and people related to them to the study.”

As for Taizi Feng Zhan…

“Shen Ying, ask Mister Ji to deliver the information of Fourth Master Qin to the Taizi Mansion. I don’t like to owe favors.”

Shen Ying took the order and left.

Shen Ying, who walked out quickly, murmured in her heart.

These days, the relationship between her master and Taizi was ambiguous, and it could even be said that they were passionately in love with each other.

On the way back from the city just now, His Highness Taizi and his entourage followed them to the gate of the Princess Mansion, and they left after a long time.

And Lord Song from the Taizi Mansion was instructed by His Highness Taizi to come and deliver the news overnight, which was enough to show that His Highness Taizi attached great importance to her master.

But her master being like this…

Why did Shen Ying feel that her master was like a scumbag to His Highness Taizi from beginning to end…


Not long after, Song Zhi returned to the mansion, and Feng Zhan was still sitting in the study, without even changing his posture.

Song Zhi reported: “This subordinate has passed the news to Shen Ying, who is next to Princess Zhaoren. When this subordinate left the Princess Mansion, Mister Ji, the steward of the Princess Mansion, came out and said that Princess Zhaoren ordered to deliver information to His Highness Taizi. The Qin family of the Right Prime Minister Mansion, Fourth Master Qin, is collecting grain in the south of the Yangtze River.”

After Song Zhi finished speaking, he stood aside, waiting for His Highness’s instructions.

But His Royal Highness hadn’t spoken for a long time. Song Zhi glanced at him, and His Highness’s face became darker.

Feng Zhan was hidden in the shadow, his heart was slightly cold.

Qin Yan, she was exchanging information.

She wasn’t showing her temper but was seriously drawing a line with him.

“Don’t startle the snake first, find out how much the Right Prime Minister is involved in this matter.” Feng Zhan’s tone was cold.

“This subordinate obeys.” Song Zhi wondered, what happened between His Highness and the Princess of Zhaoren?

Why did he feel that His Highness was like a resentful husband who was abandoned by the Princess of Zhaoren…

Pooh, pooh, pooh, what foolish thinking…


Xie Changyuan was drenched in the rain for an hour outside Donghua Gate, then stumbled to get on his horse, and went under the curtain of rain.

The curfew was lifted during the mid-autumn festival night. There were usually many people on the street market looking at the lanterns and admiring the moon, but the sudden rain caused everyone to disperse unhappily and return home.

Xie Changyuan galloped on his horse, and at an intersection, he collided with a carriage coming from the side.

Xie Changyuan’s horse fell to the side, and he himself fell to the ground.

Xie Changyuan was exhausted. After falling to the ground, he spread his legs and arms and lay on his back on the muddy ground, letting the raindrops hit his face and body.

The horses of the carriage were frightened, and the coachman was finally able to calm down the horses.

A panicked female voice came from inside the fragrant carriage*, and after a while, the voice asked: “What happened?”

(fragrant carriage* – refers to carriage made of fragrant wood like red sandalwood to highlight their status and power)

The coachman got out of the carriage and took a look at the man who fell on the ground and quickly turned back.

“Miss Nanxu, he looks like Shizi Xie from the Marquis of Yongding Mansion.”

Hearing this, Nanxu held up an umbrella, got off the carriage, and walked quickly to Xie Changyuan’s side.

Then, disregarding the muddy water staining the hem of her skirt, she squatted down and touched Xie Changyuan’s arm.

“Shizi Xie, Shizi Xie…”

Xie Changyuan closed his eyes without saying a word.

Nanxu stretched out her hand to test Xie Changyuan’s breath, and when she reached Xie Changyuan’s face, her hand was immediately caught by him.

At this moment, Xie Changyuan opened his eyes, his eyes were cold, but he still didn’t say anything.

“Shizi Xie, I am Nanxu.”

Nanxu didn’t know what happened to Xie Changyuan, so she called the coachman.

“Help Shizi Xie into the carriage.” Nan Xu instructed the coachman to head toward Shuyu Lane.

The coachman immediately stepped forward, picked up Xie Changyuan who was at his mercy, and got into Nanxu’s carriage.

Nanxu closed her umbrella and followed into the carriage. Xie Changyuan lay on his back in the carriage with his eyes closed, while Nanxu sat on her knees beside Xie Changyuan.

The coachman outside asked: “Miss Nanxu, where are we going?”

Nan Xu looked at Xie Changyuan, but Xie Changyuan still didn’t speak.

Nan Xu said: “Go back to Shuyu Lane.”

The coachman responded and drove towards Qianshui Lake. Meantime, Nanxu took out a towel from the carriage and gently wiped the rainwater off Xie Changyuan’s face. Xie Changyuan, who was still lying down with his eyes closed, didn’t stop her.

Nanxu brought another thick blanket and covered Xie Changyuan with it. Then she sat quietly aside, without asking more questions.

The fragrant carriage stopped at Shuyu Lane. Even then, Nanxu still sat quietly for a while.

Xie Changyuan spoke suddenly, his voice a little hoarse: “Is there any wine?”


Nanxu’s Xingyun Pavilion in Shuyu Lane.

Xie Changyuan was leaning on the low couch by the window on the second floor, with an unrestrained attitude, holding a jar of wine in his hand and gulping down from time to time. On the top of the low table, there were a dozen or so small black pottery wine jars, and on the other side of the table sat an elegant and indifferent Nanxu.

The Qianshui Lake outside the window was covered with a layer of veil due to the continuous rain, and the humid mist was brought into the pavilion by the occasional cool breeze. Nanxu just sat quietly, neither talking nor asking, only just unsealed the wine jar for Xie Changyuan and pushed it in front of him from time to time.

Since Xie Changyuan entered the pavilion, he just drank without saying a word. After a big drink, Xie Changyuan passed out in front of the window.

Nanxu got up, walked out slowly, and called two manservants from Shuyu Lane.

“Move the person to the bed.”

Nanxu pointed to her embroidered bed to the servant. The manservant moved in response.

“Take off his clothes.” Nanxu continued to order but felt relieved.

The manservant was stunned for a moment. Miss Nanxu was the number one prostitute in Shuyu Lane and never sleep with men in Xingyun Pavilion. Moreover, Miss Nanxu was taken care of by Young Master He, this…

“Shizi Xie’s clothes are wet. Do you want me to take them off?”

The two menservants didn’t hesitate any longer, they moved the tall Xie Changyuan together, took off all the wet clothes on his body, and then left.

Nanxu then ordered the little maid serving her to bring a basin of warm water and asked the little maid to close the door on the way out.

Nanxu wrung a handkerchief, walked to the embroidered bed, and sat down, carefully wiping Xie Changyuan’s naked body with a handkerchief. Before today, Nanxu had never seen a man’s naked body, but at this moment her heart was very calm.

After a while, Nanxu got up, put the handkerchief back into the basin, then walked to a cabinet on the inside, and took out a small paper bag from underneath.

Nanxu walked to a fragrant incense burner in the corner, opened the paper bag in her hand, poured the white powder into the incense burner, and lit the incense.

Smoke rose in spirals from the burner.

Nanxu got up, called for water, and went into the inner room to take a bath alone.

When Nanxu stepped out of the bathtub wearing a towel, the room was already filled with a special intoxicating fragrance. Nanxu took a deep breath and turned to look at the man on the embroidered couch.

Xie Changyuan’s thick eyebrows frowned slightly as if he still couldn’t be happy in his dream. Nanxu slowly got on the bed, Xie Changyuan’s whole body was scalding hot, and so was Nanxu.

The fine mist from the lake coming in through the window, and the shadows from the lights were like a dream. The pitter-pattering sound from outside the window never stopped.

Xie Changyuan frowned and murmured softly, “Yanyan…”


About the time of a stick of incense, Nanxu got off the bed.

Looking back, Xie Changyuan who was on the bed was breathing evenly and seemed to have fallen into a deep sleep.

Nanxu put on a silk robe, wiped Xie Changyuan’s body again with a handkerchief, and then covered Xie Changyuan with a thin quilt.

Have a good dream, Shizi Xie.


He Xiao stayed up all night.

Early the next morning, He Xiao galloped out.

He Xiao was upset. The officials had a three-day rest during Mid-Autumn Festival, and Xie Shizi couldn’t shirk off this time due to his official duties, so he went straight to the Marquis of Yongding Mansion to find Xie Changyuan for a drink.

At Marquis of Yongding Mansion.

“Shizi Xie didn’t return home last night? Is he still in the Northern Yamen Army Camp?” He Xiao was a little surprised when he heard the news from Li Zhong, was Shizi Xie so diligent?

Li Zhong was about to speak but was interrupted by A Yan who was helped by the maid.

“Uncle Li, Brother Changyuan didn’t come back last night? Where did he go?”

He Xiao squinted at A Yan’s unnatural walking posture, and seemed to guess something in his heart, did Shizi Xie have his first time?

But if he had his first time, then why wasn’t he in the mansion last night?

At this time, another servant hurried over from outside and said to Li Zhong: “Miss Nanxu from Shuyu Lane sent someone to pick up a change of clothes for Shizi.”

He Xiao!

A Yan!

“Bye.” He Xiao turned around and left the mansion, got on his horse, and headed towards Qianshui Lake.

A Yan was stunned for a while, then said: “Prepare the carriage and go to Shuyu Lane.”


The next day, the guards of honor waiting to welcome the Empress at Dajue Temple in Yuquan Mountain finally received the good news that the Empress agreed to return to the palace.

After the guards of honor entered the palace, Feng Yuyao immediately returned to the Princess of Zhaoren Mansion in Xishan.

In the study, Qin Yan just finished reading the information that Ji Nanfeng found.

Qin Yan put down the stack of paper in her hand and chuckled lightly.

“I didn’t expect that there are so many love-hate entanglements among these noble young masters and young ladies in the capital. It’s really interesting.”

Shen Huai came in, “Master, Princess Jingyi is here.”

In the reception hall at this season, there was only a pool view of withered lotus in the lotus pond.

“I’ve been suffocated these past few days. Yanyan, let’s go out with me for a while today.” Feng Yuyao had been going to Dajue Temple to listen to the bells every day because of the task assigned by her imperial father these days. The entourage gave the Empress more than enough respect and sincerity.

Qin Yan had no interest.

“Hey, Yanyan, you said last time that you would invite me to see the dancers from the Western Regions after winning the money. You have won twice, why are you reneging on your debt?” Feng Yuyao glanced at Qin Yan with an askance look.

Qin Yan laughed helplessly, “Shen Ying, prepare the carriage.”

Feng Yuyao smiled, “I’ve inquired about the place, Hongxiao Lane in Qianshui Promenade. I heard that there are enchanting dancers there, and there are also pretty and talented young ladies. Yanyan, you have to go to see the world too…”

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