TCPCHW Chapter 41 Part 1

The Crown Prince Chases His Wife

Chapter 41          Pleased (1/2)

Before the last ray of sunlight was gone, an eagle suddenly whistled in the sky and followed by a black eagle swooping past the cave.

Feng Zhan opened his eyes sharply.

The eagle that had just flown from outside the cave turned back and flew over the cave entrance again.

Feng Zhan and Qin Yan got up to check.

The eagle was hovering at a high altitude above the entrance of the cave as if giving directions.

“The reinforcements have arrived.” Feng Zhan said while looking at Qin Yan.

At this time, a few colorful butterflies flew down from the cliff above the entrance of the cave and stopped outside the cave.

Qin Yan stretched out her delicate hand, and colorful butterflies fluttered around her fingertips.

After a while, a few colorful butterflies flew back to the top of the cliff again.

“Your eagle?”

“Your butterfly?”

Qin Yan and Feng Zhan spoke at the same time.

Neither of them spoke again, and there was no doubt that the answer was in the other’s question.

After that, the two of them turned around and entered the cave, took their dry robes respectively from the wooden rack, and put them on.

Those who didn’t understand the situation would think that something indescribable happened in the cave when they saw this scene.


After the two of them got dressed, the voices of Song Zhi and Shen Ying came from the cliff above the entrance of the cave.

“Your Highness?”


Song Zhi and Shen Ying originally led people to find Taizi and Qin Yan separately. However, His Highness Taizi’s eagle hovered over a cliff, and the colorful butterflies given by Mister Ji were also fluttering on that cliff.

So they all gathered here.

Feng Zhan didn’t respond to Song Zhi’s call but turned around and his eyes fixed on Qin Yan.

Feng Zhan’s eyes were deep as if he had something to say.

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Qin Yan, who had already begun to walk out of the cave, keenly caught Feng Zhan’s scorching gaze. Qin Yan raised her eyebrows slightly and looked at Feng Zhan.

Feng Zhan felt a little depressed when he saw that Qin Yan was still as indifferent and heartless as before today.

Without saying a word, Feng Zhan walked to the entrance of the cave first.

At this time, several ropes hung above the cliff.

It was Song Zhi and Shen Ying who were going to bring people down the cliff.

Feng Zhan said in a deep voice toward the top: “No need.”

Hearing the voice of His Highness Taizi, Song Zhi felt relieved and raised his hand to wave back the personal and secret guards of the Taizi Mansion.

But Shen Ying, who didn’t get a response from her master, was a little anxious. Did something happen to her master?

“Your Highness Taizi, is my master, Princess of Zhaoren, under the cliff? Is she injured?” Shen Ying asked anxiously.

Hearing this, Qin Yan laughed and was about to speak, but the solemn-faced Taizi next to her answered first.

“Your master is here, and she is very good.”

When Feng Zhan said this, he looked at Qin Yan with a gloomy expression.

Qin Yan narrowed her eyes slightly. What did she do just now to provoke this cold-faced Taizi?

Hearing her master was safe, Shen Ying was relieved, and she also waved back to the secret guards of the Princess of Zhaoren Mansion and waited for her master to climb up the cliff.

However, Song Zhi heard something else.

It seemed that there was some resentment in His Highness’s words just now?


Feng Zhan and Qin Yan both grabbed a rope and started climbing up the cliff at the same time.

Seeing His Highness Taizi and Princess of Zhaoren, Song Zhi and Shen Ying on the cliff, and their subordinates all kneel down on one knee:


“Your Highness.”

Feng Zhan glanced at them and said coldly: “How’s it going?”

Song Zhi replied: “Your Highness, all the assassins in the paddock forest have been cleared. They were all dead, and no survivors were caught.”

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“Originally, His Majesty planned to hold a banquet in the paddock in the western suburbs tonight to entertain everyone who participated in the Autumn Hunting Ceremony, and to reward those who did meritorious deeds. However, due to the sudden encounter with assassins, the banquet has been canceled. His Majesty has been escorted by the Northern Yamen Imperial Army back to the and the rest of the people who participated in the autumn hunting have also returned to the city one after another.”

Feng Zhan’s eyes narrowed dangerously.

In the imperial paddock, who could be behind the scenes that could dispatch a such large number of sacrificial men with highly poisonous weapons?


“Master, are you injured?” Shen Ying asked her master worriedly.

“I’m fine.” Qin Yan said.

“That’s good, that’s good. Otherwise, Mister Ji will kill me.” Shen Ying remembered that when Mister Ji arrived in the paddock, the way he looked at her was like looking at a dead person, and Shen Ying still had lingering fears.

Shen Ying breathed a sigh of relief and continued: “The Duke, Shizi, and Young Master each took the soldiers of the Duke Mansion to find Master in the forest. Just now, I asked the secret guard to send them a message, telling them that we have found Master, and regrouped outside the forest.”

“After Mister Ji handed the secret guards to me, he returned to the entrance of the paddock to wait for Master.”

“Our people found Young Master Jiang who was unconscious in a cave in the forest. Mister Ji has sent secret guards to take Young Master Jiang back to the Princess Mansion, and someone will watch over him.”

Qin Yan’s eyebrows moved slightly.

Didn’t Jiang Mu leave?

With so many killers in the forest, how could he still be unconscious by himself without being killed?

So, the killer’s purpose was not to kill him.

Instead, they used him as bait to lead her into the forest.

Was the target her?

Or was there her among the targets?


Shen Ying and Song Zhi each prepared horses for their masters respectively.

This place was not suitable to stay for long.

Feng Zhan and Qin Yan each mounted their horses, and the group rode their horses out of the forest in the night.

As soon as Qin Yan arrived outside the forest, her grandfather, uncle, and cousin of the Duke of Zhenguo Mansion who were waiting there immediately came over.

Seeing that Qin Yan was fine, the three generations of the Duke Mansion breathed a sigh of relief.

But everyone’s faces were still a little solemn.

If the killers could infiltrate the imperial paddock, the power of those people behind the scenes couldn’t be underestimated.

This wasn’t a trivial matter as they didn’t know who the target of the killers was.

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But it was precisely this that everyone was at risk.


Qin Yan rode to the entrance of the paddock in the western suburbs and saw Ji Nanfeng who was waiting there with people.

Qin Yan dismounted from her horse and strode towards her carriage behind Ji Nanfeng.

Ji Nanfeng took two steps forward and put the cloak in his hand on Qin Yan.

There was a strict distinction between men and women, and Ji Nanfeng always abided by the boundaries and never crosses the line.

Ji Nanfeng had always asked Shen Ying to do the cloak thing.

Today, not knowing whether he was too worried about Qin Yan, or when he received a message from Shen Ying’s secret guard, that his master was found together with His Highness Taizi, Ji Nanfeng felt a little nervous and lost his sense.

Qin Yan didn’t think there was anything wrong with it as she had always regarded Mister Ji as a family member.

In early autumn, the mountains were indeed a little cold at night.

Qin Yan tightened her cloak and prepared to get in the carriage to return to the mansion.

The group of the Duke of Zhenguo Mansion also got on their horses and prepared to leave.


Feng Zhan’s carriage was in front of Qin Yan. He had just walked to the carriage, but when he looked back, he saw a scene that made him extremely unhappy.

That person, whom he had met at the housewarming banquet of the Princess of Zhaoren Mansion, the housekeeper of the Princess of Zhaoren Mansion, Mister Ji.

According to Song Zhi’s report, Mister Ji was also the boss of Yu Qingfeng, the largest private bank in Great Xia.

His behavior wasn’t at all like a subordinate’s.

In the public, Qin Yan actually allowed him to do such a transgressive behavior.

What was his relationship with Qin Yan?

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Feng Zhan’s eyes were full of chills. He withdrew his movement of getting into the carriage and walked in the direction of Qin Yan.

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