TIGR Chapter 41

The Imperial Guard’s Revenge

Chapter 41 Coquettishly

When Wang Yanqing heard this, she sat slightly upright: “As long as I can help Second Brother, I will not refuse. Is it something in the palace?”

Lu Heng nodded: “Yes. You may not know that some time ago there were rumors of the palace being haunted.”

Wang Yanqing raised her eyebrows when she heard that word, and asked in surprise: “Haunted?”

When Lu Heng went out late at night, she thought that something important happened in the military. She really didn’t expect that it was a haunting.

Lu Heng also felt that this was excessive. At this time, Ling Xi came back with a cloak. Lu Heng took the cloak, put it on Wang Yanqing, and said: “You get dressed first. This matter can’t be finished in a short time. You are already cold, so don’t get sick.”

Ling Xi brought a dark lotus root-colored flower muslin cape. Although the color was simple, flowers were embroidered with various stitches, and the details were very intricate. Wang Yanqing got up and put on the cloak. She was about to sit down after closing the lapels, but Lu Heng leaned over and tied the straps on the cloak one by one.

Standing in front of Wang Yanqing, he blocked the lights behind him when he bent over, and a long shadow cast down, like a mountain, completely covering Wang Yanqing in an instant.

This cloak was different from a robe. A robe was wrapped around the body, while the cloak was like an enlarged coat, reaching the ankle, with wide sleeves and a straight collar, the body piece had a slit on the left and right, and the front of the garment was fastened with ties on both sides. Lu Heng’s fingers were slender and well-proportioned. Because he practiced martial arts for many years, his hands appeared to be thin and strong, but now those hands were shuttled through a woman’s belt, and the thin belts embroidered with dark flowers were knotted around his fingers, gentle and nimble. Unexpectedly, he displayed an indescribable fragrance and beauty.

|| This Cloak (斗篷) the author is referring to is the kind you might imagine on Little Red Riding Hood.

Wang Yanqing was a little embarrassed and said: “Second Brother, you don’t have to do that.”

Lu Heng seemed very patient then as he slowly tightened the last tie. Because he was leaning over, his voice seemed to be ringing in Wang Yanqing’s ear, especially clear and low: “I often go out in the middle of the night. You can sleep with peace of mind in the future, you don’t need to wait for me.”

“How can that be?” Wang Yanqing was as stubborn as Lu Heng in this regard, she was thinking about the affairs of the palace, didn’t bother with other matters, and quickly asked, “Second Brother, what’s going on in the palace?”

Lu Heng sat beside Wang Yanqing and sighed softly: “It’s a long story. On the twenty-ninth day of last month, when Empress Zhang woke up, she bumped into something unclean in her bedroom. Empress Zhang was so frightened that she fell into a coma and stayed on the ground for the rest of the night, only to be discovered when the palace maid came in the next day. Empress Zhang fell ill after waking up. The imperial doctor prescribed her medicine, but it was useless. Empress Zhang felt suspicious every time she met someone, and every maid who came to serve her was called a ‘despicable servant’. Ever since Empress Zhang encountered the ghost, the Ciqing Palace did not turn off the lights at night, and there were always people in the sleeping hall. On the fifth day of the second lunar month, five palace maids were on night watch in the sleeping hall. In the middle of the night, they heard someone crying outside the door, but there was no one after they went out. Because of these things, the Ciqing Palace was in a panic, and rumors spread to the emperor. The emperor was afraid of it affecting Empress Jiang’s recovery, and ordered me to find out the truth as soon as possible.”

Wang Yanqing pondered while listening, and asked: “Second Brother entered the palace today for this reason?”

“Correct.” Lu Heng sighed, propped his arms on the table, and pinched his eyebrows with a headache, “I have spent the whole day in the Ciqing Palace today. I inquired about the specific details of that night on the twenty-ninth, but Empress Zhang resisted and refused to recall anything. I went to check any traces and found that the place of haunting was washed clean with water, not to mention any traces, not even a root dander was present. After all, Ciqing Palace is the residence of the Empress, so it was not convenient for us to stay for a long time. We planned to lock the door and come out after dark. I left people to patrol outside the Ciqing Palace, but tonight, there was another ghost encounter inside. The Imperial Guards immediately opened the door when they heard the screams inside, but after rushing in, they found nothing. After locking the door, no outsiders approached the Ciqing Palace, and no suspicious people were found in the Ciqing Palace.”

Wang Yanqing raised her eyebrows: “That was tonight?”

“Correct.” Lu Heng closed his eyes, put his palms in front of his brows, and hooked the corners of his lower lips in a half-smile, “Knowing that the Imperial Guards were outside, they still dared to appear. This ghost is very courageous.”

Wang Yanqing pondered deeply. There was a gap of seven days between the first encounter with a ghost and the second encounter, but after Lu Heng took over the case, it was only a day later that something strange happened again. The Imperial Guard’s interrogation in the Ciqing Palace was such a big move that it was impossible for the people in the palace to not know of it. The new case happened so quickly and the meaning behind it is very thought-provoking.

Wang Yanqing thought for a while and then asked tentatively: “The other party committed the crime immediately when he knew that you had taken over the matter. It may be to provoke you, or it may be showing off his ability. Second Brother, do you have any old friends in the palace who are smart, bold, careful, radical, and adventurous, but who do not have a good relationship with you?”

Lu Heng smiled lightly, and couldn’t help but open his eyes to look at Wang Yanqing. He hadn’t slept well all night, his face was pale and tired, but his eyes were still glinting, leisurely, and breathtaking: “I don’t have many friends in the capital, and there are many people I don’t deal with. People who meet the conditions you mentioned are everywhere.”

Wang Yanqing was speechless for a while, there were enemies everywhere, but he was still able to laugh. Wang Yanqing wanted to narrow down the suspects first, and then focus on observing suspicious objects, but Lu Heng had too many enemies, and the first step of the investigation failed. Wang Yanqing was also at the end of her rope and said: “Based on what you said, I can only infer this. More inferences also require specific clues, and it is best to ask them face-to-face.”

“That’s exactly what I thought.” Lu Heng sat up straight, stared at Wang Yanqing, and said, “Empress Zhang refused to cooperate with the questioning. Although the other palace maids were obedient, they would not tell the Imperial Guards about many things. It might work better if you ask.”

Wang Yanqing nodded without hesitation. There were differences between men and women. Even if the Imperial Guards were domineering and granted imperial power, when he encountered the empress, he could not take individuals to prison for questioning. The Imperial Guard’s conventional investigation methods were not applicable in front of the maids of the chamber, and those maids may not be willing to tell the truth when they saw the Imperial Guards. But if that was replaced by Wang Yanqing, many things would be much easier.

Wang Yanqing said: “Second Brother, I feel that the people behind the scenes will not stop here, and will definitely act again in the future. It is better if I stay in the Ciqing Palace for a few nights. If I can meet a haunted ghost, it would be even better. No matter how much I hear from others, I might as well see it with my own eyes. Maybe I can catch that ghost!”

Lu Heng frowned when he heard this, and even his tone instantly became stern: “No. You are gentle and weak, what should you do if something goes wrong inside?”

“It won’t.” Wang Yanqing was very persistent, staring hard into Lu Heng’s eyes, “There are no ghosts and spirits in this world, but some people cheat for their own benefit.” I have learned Chinese boxing, and ordinary men can’t beat me, let alone those eunuchs and court ladies in the chambers. I will be fine.”

Lu Heng saw that she didn’t speak anymore, he suddenly stretched out his hand and clasped Wang Yanqing down. Wang Yanqing happened to be talking well, but she didn’t expect Lu Heng’s hand, and she fell onto the couch. Lu Heng held Wang Yanqing’s two wrists with his palms, and his arm was placed horizontally in front of Wang Yanqing’s shoulders. Although there was no force, it was enough to prevent Wang Yanqing from moving.

Wang Yanqing struggled hard, trying to break free from Lu Heng’s shackles. But Lu Heng’s hands were like iron tongs, no matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t shake them. Because she knew martial arts, she had been very calm these days, thinking that even if she lost her memory, she could protect herself. Only today did Wang Yanqing really realize how huge the gap in strength between men and women was.

Without looking back, Lu Heng stretched out his other hand and firmly caught Wang Yanqing’s knee. Lu Heng looked down at Wang Yanqing, who was completely under his control, and asked calmly: “Ordinary men can’t beat you?”

Wang Yanqing struggled for a while, her face flushed red, but she still couldn’t match Lu Heng’s strength. Wang Yanqing simply gave up, laid down on the couch in despair, panted, and said: “I don’t think you can be considered an ordinary man.”

Wang Yanqing was gasping for air, there was a breathy sound when she spoke, and there were some complaints in the softness of her clothes. Ordinary men in her words referred to adult men who had never practiced martial arts, not experts like Lu Heng. Moreover, he, a big man, accomplished a sneak attack!

Although Wang Yanqing didn’t move at all, one of that was considered a vigorous exercise. As she breathed, her breasts also moved up and down. The collar of the cloak that she had tied earlier was crooked, and the thin strips that ran across the top followed the curve as if bewitching people to untie it.

Lu Heng stared at the few strands of ties, thinking that Wang Yanqing usually did not stand out, but lying down like this, she was not completely thin.

Lu Heng slowly let go of Wang Yanqing’s knees and pulled her wrists to sit up. Wang Yanqing sat down following Lu Heng’s strength. She knew that Second Brother would not hurt her, but when she remembered what happened just now, she was still annoyed: “Second Brother, why did you sneak attack?”

Lu Heng straightened her crooked clothes a little bit, and said: “Why, when others attack you, will they give you a notice in advance?”

Wang Yanqing was at a loss for words, and after a while, she said: “This is clearly not the same thing. Besides, we learned martial arts together, you must know my tricks well.”

Lu Heng raised his eyebrows and looked at her with a half-smile: “Do you think it’s because I’m familiar with your tricks that you were restrained by me just now?”

Wang Yanqing instinctively felt that the current Second Brother was very dangerous, so she immediately softened and said coquettishly: “Why, Second Brother, the commander of the Imperial Guards, is the one who taught me martial arts. Of course, he is the most powerful.”

This flattery could be said to be weak, but it was not useful. Lu Heng felt comfortable. Wang Yanqing was most sensitive to changes in expressions, and when she saw that it was useful, she quickly hugged Lu Heng’s arm and said: “Second Brother, you are so powerful, you can definitely protect me, right?”

Lu Heng sighed and said: “The water in the palace is very deep, it’s too dangerous for you to stay alone in Empress Zhang’s palace.”

“It’s all your people outside the Ciqing Palace, you can rush in to take care of me as soon as there is any movement. How can there be any danger?” Seeing that Lu Heng was still unmoved, Wang Yanqing simply leaned on Lu Heng and shook his arm gently, “Second Brother, I can do it.”

At first, Lu Heng only wanted to take Wang Yanqing to the Ciqing Palace for questioning, but he didn’t expect her to be so courageous that she wanted to stay and see the “ghost”. Of course, Lu Heng disagreed, but Wang Yanqing would not allow it, leaning her soft body on his arm, rubbing hard. Lu Heng felt the astonishingly soft touch behind the fabric and thought to himself, was this how she acted coquettishly with Fu Tingzhou before?

He really couldn’t stand it.

In the end, Lu Heng could only take a step back and say: “Okay. However, you have to listen to my arrangements.”

Wang Yanqing was overjoyed and agreed. After Wang Yanqing got the result she wanted, she didn’t dare to entangle Second Brother anymore, so she quickly sat down. The woman’s body by his side disappeared in an instant. Lu Heng thought to himself, was his role so pure that once he achieved his goal, he would abandon her completely?

Wang Yanqing was sitting obediently and found that Lu Heng glanced at her slowly, his eyes stopped on her face, and the meaning inside them was unclear. Wang Yanqing didn’t know why, and looked back at Lu Heng blankly.

What was the matter, why did Second Brother seem unhappy?

Lu Heng looked at those blank and innocent eyes, and couldn’t help but sigh, there was no way to win. The most clever way to tease was not to tease. Look at those eyes, what else could he say? Lu Heng stopped the topic at the right time and said: “If I bring someone to the palace, the emperor will also know. Go back to sleep quickly. Tomorrow, I will take you to see the emperor.”

|| Author’s Note:

Award-Winning Actor Lu: Tomorrow I will take you to meet another award-winning actor.

An award-winning actor only plays with an award-winning actor, then it will be balanced.

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