TCPCHW Chapter 5 Part 2

The Crown Prince Chases His Wife

Chapter 5             Annual Marriage Contract (2/2)

That night, the news of Qin Yan, the eldest young lady of the Qin Mansion of the Right Prime Minister, who was ignorant and as ugly as a demon, spread among the female members of the officials’ rear courtyards in the capital.

The young ladies and maids who met Qin Yan that day tried their best to describe the ferocity of Qin Yan and her maid. It was probably because women were always hostile toward other women who were too beautiful. As if there was a tacit understanding, they kept their mouths shut about Qin Yan’s beautiful appearance.

So much so that when he went to court the next day, Prime Minister Qin frequently received meaningful glances from his colleagues.

After the court, the Left Prime Minister, uncharacteristically, took the initiative to come over to talk to Prime Minister Qin, and he was very rude when he opened his mouth.

“I heard that Prime Minister Qin has a good daughter, like her grandfather, Duke of Zhenguo, who has the air of a general!” After speaking, he laughed heartily and walked away.

Prime Minister Qin’s face turned green with anger. He knew that what happened in the Qin Mansion yesterday spread out and became the talk of others in leisure time.

After many years of ups and downs in the officialdom, Prime Minister Qin acted cautiously, and rarely let other seize information that could be used against him. He had always watched others joke, but today it was his turn to be ridiculed by others.

Qin Yan, this wicked girl!

In contrast, the Marquis of Yongding, Xie An was much calmer. The marriage between Qin Yan and Xie Changyuan was just a verbal agreement between Princess of Anyang and Qin Yan’s mother, Shen Shiying, and both of them were not formally betrothed. So, Qin Yan could not be even considered his future daughter-in-law.

As a Marquis with military merit and real power, no one dared to make specious jokes with him. He had nothing to do with these rumors.


Xie Changyuan went to the Western Suburbs Horse Farm the day before yesterday to try out the newly arrived military horses and returned to the city early this morning. At dawn, the morning mist had not yet dissipated, and the air inhaled through the nose was still particularly moist and cold.

Approaching the city gate, through the mist, he saw his bad friend He Xiao, who was sitting on the horse sloppily. This person was the eldest son of the Official of the Minister of War, but he had taken an idle official position in the Ministry of Finance.

He Xiao often wandered around brothels. He was generous and unrestrained in his actions. He was a well-known romantic playboy in the capital.

At this time of the day, He Xiao should be dreaming sweet dreams on the soft pillow of some beautiful courtesan’s warm bed, but it seemed he had been here for a while.

Seeing Xie Changyuan riding a fine black horse over, He Xiao was shocked, and he kicked the horse to go forward, with strange excitement in his eyes.

“Shizi Xie, your fiancée is back. Have you heard?” He Xiao said jokingly.

“No.” Xie Changyuan’s tone was indifferent.

Xie Changyuan knew that the Northwest Army was returning to defense, but he didn’t know that his hearsay fiancée was returning to the capital, and he didn’t care either.

Behind Xie Changyuan, on a shorter maroon horse, sat a pretty young man. This boy was A Yan in men’s clothing. The day before yesterday, she said that she wanted to learn to ride a horse. She urged Xie Changyuan to let her follow him to the Western Suburbs Horse Farm.

Hearing He Xiao mentioning Xie Changyuan’s fiancée, A Yan didn’t know why she felt empty, as if she felt that her only pet would be taken away. Her face looked sad. But she obviously only regarded Xie Changyuan as her elder brother, so what happened to her?

In a daze, A Yan accidentally grabbed a handful of horse mane. The horse was in pain and neighed while raising its front hooves. Ye Qingli hugged the horse’s neck tightly, screaming in alarm.

“Brother Changyuan!”

When Xie Changyuan heard the scream, he immediately jumped over and sat behind Ye Qingli. He half-circled the girl in front of him, clenched the reins tightly, and quickly restrained the startled horse.

Only then did He Xiao discover the girl A Yan, who was often brought out by Xie Changyuan. He knew that he had made a slip of the tongue. If this jealous jar was knocked over, it would be difficult for him to coax.

He Xiao joked, “Little Sister A Yan, have you learned to ride a horse?”

Xie Chang Yuan’s icy cold gaze shot over, “Sister?”

He Xiao understood, “Hehe, Miss A Yan…” Tsk, Xie Shizi’s domineering possessiveness.

Xie Changyuan knew the virtue of this bad friend, and his courtesans were all over the capital. He didn’t want A Yan to be taken advantage of and be classified as He Xiao’s beautiful sister.

A Yan, who had just recovered from a shock, felt the warm embrace of the man behind her, and her ears reddened.

At that thrilling moment just now, she suddenly realized her dependence on Brother Changyuan. She was greedy for this warm embrace and his steadfast protection. She didn’t want Brother Changyuan’s tenderness to be distributed to other women, not even to that fiancée.

She should have feelings for Brother Changyuan that she shouldn’t have, but he already had a fiancée, what should she do?

Xie Changyuan turned over and dismounted from the horse, stretched out his hand to help A Yan slowly to get down and let her sit in the carriage that followed.

Xie Changyuan thought of the Xie Zhao of the Northwest Camp, and said sarcastically, “It’s just a verbal joke from the elders in the family, what kind of fiancée is she? Don’t mention it again in the future, or else it will ruin the reputation of the young lady.”

He Xiao “…”

From his point of view, this girl A Yan was just plain looking, so why did she fascinate Shizi Xie so much?

Although Qin Yan had a bad reputation, she was backed by the Right Prime Minister Mansion and the Duke of Zhenguo Mansion, and there would be a long line of noble families who wanted to seek marriage from this family. With Qin Yan’s identity, if she hadn’t been betrothed since she was a child, even the imperial family would think about her.

Shizi Xie being like this, was he going to break the marriage contract?

When A Yan heard Xie Changyuan’s words, her heart fluttered. It turned out that Brother Changyuan did not recognize this fiancée. Thinking back on how the two of them got along in the past few years, could it be that Brother Changyuan said that for her? Thinking of this, her ears became redder.

The concerned person didn’t care much about the little episode outside the city gate, but another version was widely spread.

Prime Minister Qin Yan’s first eldest daughter, Qin Yan, was extremely ugly, and her fiancé, Shizi of Marquis of Yongding, Xie Changyuan, was extremely dissatisfied with her and refused to admit the marriage. Someone saw Shizi of Marquis of Yongding Mansion riding with a young man outside the city gate. Shizi Xie seemed to be a homosexual…

When these gossips were heard, Qin Yan was listening to a play in the teahouse with Princess of Jingyi.

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