TCPCHW Chapter 11 Part 2

The Crown Prince Chases His Wife

Chapter 11          Fight (2/2)

The four people sitting on horses on the field stood quietly under the downpour. After a long time, Shen Ci lifted his eyes to look at Xie Changyuan and smiled coldly.

“I heard that Shizi Xie has high expectations?”


Even the drumming on the sidelines didn’t stop, and amid the shouts of his subordinates fighting, Xie Changyuan could still hear Shen Ci’s words clearly.

He immediately understood that Shen Ci was talking about what he said at the city gate before, as well as the rumors of breaking his marriage circulating in the capital.

However, he had nothing to say about it…

Suddenly, Shen Ci threw away the club in his hand, hurriedly rode his horse through the fighting crowd, and rushed straight to Xie Changyuan. When the two horses were about to collide, Xie Changyuan yanked his reins. The horse under his seat raised its forehooves and neighed, but they were still hit by Shen Ci’s horse. In a split second, both of them jumped away from their horses, and their horses slammed into each other and fell to the ground, splashing the water around.

The moment he landed, Shen Ci rushed toward Xie Changyuan and punch him hard.

Xie Changyuan narrowly avoided it, but his face was still scratched by the hit. He turned around and punched Shen Ci. Shen Ci bent over to avoid him and swept his legs over. Xie Changyuan jumped up to attack him and kicked Shen Ci’s right arm with a swing.

Seeing this, Xie Zhao immediately got off his horse and wanted to help Shen Ci. Shen Ci was his superior. Of course, he had wanted to compete with Xie Changyuan for many years.

Seeing this, Lu Chen had to dismount from his horse and rush over. He had no personal relationship with Xie Changyuan, but at this moment, the two belonged to the same team and led the Northern and Southern Yamen Imperial Army. He couldn’t just watch Xie Changyuan fight one-on-two.

In an instant, the four of them fought together in the rain.

The two commanders of the imperial army, a commanding general of the frontier army, and a general of the frontier army, all four of them disregarded their decency, fought hand-to-hand, punched to the flesh, and showed no mercy.

Everyone on the field was soaked with rainwater mixed with muddy water, which made everyone watching the game a little dazed for a moment. Were they still at the scene of the court game? There were also His Majesty and Taizi, who supervised the country, on the main stand, but these fellows completely disregarded them.

When the Marquis of Yongding, Xie An, saw his two sons fighting together, he sighed in his heart that the two met in the end and couldn’t escape this fate.


The rain was getting heavier. Everyone was unbelievable that even the commanders took part. However, His Majesty and His Highness Taizi didn’t call to cease fighting.

Duke of Zhenguo, Shen Changshan, was expressionless, as his Pingxi Army was not a coward.

Feng Yuyao looked at Qin Yan, “Xiao Yanyan, is Shen Ci sticking out for you? Your brother is still the madman who protects his sister. Tsk, tsk, I’m really envious.”

Qin Yan motioned to Feng Yuyao to the other side of the main stand. Weren’t Taizi and Second Prince also Feng Yuyao’s brothers?

Feng Yuyao looked over and sneered, “His Highness is indeed very kind to his imperial sister, but it’s just that first princess, and Second Imperial Brother… Hehe…”

Hearing this, Qin Yan actually imagined, how much love such a cold-hearted Taizi could give the Princess of Changle, Feng Yunchao?


Suddenly, heavy drums were beaten, and countless crossbowmen surrounded the field, all of them drawing their bows, and facing the soldiers who were fighting regardless of the occasion.

“His Highness Taizi has an order, the people in the field will return to the team immediately. Those who violate the order will be shot!”

Everyone gradually calmed down from their hot-blooded impulses. They were still on the field, and this was still a game organized by the imperial family, not their crazy training ground. There was still the Emperor sitting on the stand, as well as Taizi who supervised the country.

Everyone stopped their movement, and all their chests fluctuated violently, calming their boiling blood. The icy cold rain washed their young faces, young bodies, and young blood.

“His Highness Taizi ordered each team to leave the field to freshen up, and a banquet will host at the Hanxiang Hall of Shanglin Imperial Garden at youshi (5 pm – 7 pm). Return to your team!”

“Heaven bless Great Xia! Heaven blesses His Majesty! Heaven bless Taizi!” The soldiers on the field shouted in unison.

All the players were wounded, and embarrassed, limping and helping each other to leave the field.

The Emperor of Hui got up to leave, and everyone bowed in salute.

“Respectfully sending Your Majesty!”

Emperor of Hui turned around and cast a glance at Jiang Mu beside Qin Yan, then left.

Jiang Mu put on Qin Yan the cloak that Mister Ji specially asked him to bring along before going out, with a look of disgust in his eyes.

Was this woman really couldn’t stand the cold?

Taizi Feng Zhan, who was on the main stand saw this scene with his eyes, narrowing his long and narrow eyes slightly.

Who was that kid?

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