TCPCHW Chapter 41 Part 2

The Crown Prince Chases His Wife

Chapter 41          Pleased (2/2)

At this moment, there was a burst of galloping from the front, one person on a horse rushed from the vast night.

The person who came was Xie Changyuan. He disregarded the etiquette and didn’t dismount in front of the Taizi’s carriage but rode straight to Qin Yan’s carriage and jumped down.

Xie Changyuan walked quickly to Qin Yan who was about to get into the carriage.

“Are you all right?”

Xie Changyuan was a little breathless. After saying a sentence, he took a deep breath and calmed his heartbeat.

At this time, Xie Changyuan was still wearing the hunting attire of this morning’s whistle deer, which was not very neat.

He followed His Majesty in the forest to whistle deer today, and after being attacked, he escorted His Majesty out of the forest.

He met Taizi Feng Zhan and his party outside the forest and learned that Qin Yan had entered the forest to find Jiang Mu.

Xie Changyuan didn’t even have the room to contend whether to enter the forest to find Qin Yan, because he knew his responsibilities well, and his first priority was to escort His Majesty back to the palace safely.

The Emperor didn’t return to the camp to freshen up but asked Xie Changyuan to lead the Northern Yamen Imperial Army to directly send him back to the palace.

Before leaving the camp in the western suburbs, Xie Changyuan ordered the rest of his subordinates to protect the imperial concubine, princesses, and others who had participated in the autumn hunting and bring them back to the city.

After returning to the palace, news came from his subordinates that His Highness Taizi and Princess of Zhaoren disappeared in the forest, and there were a large number of killers in the forest.

Xie Changyuan asked Emperor Hui for permission that he wanted to return to the camp in the western suburbs and join the team looking for the Taizi and the Princess of Zhaoren.

With the permission of the Emperor, Xie Changyuan rushed from the palace to the western suburbs without stopping.


If it hadn’t been for Xie Changyuan’s breaking the marriage contract at the city gate before, if he hadn’t protected his concubine at Qianshui Lake without hesitation and spoken so harshly to Qin Yan, and if Xie Changyuan hadn’t been in the paddock lovey-dovey with his concubine, Qin Yan would definitely feel how much her ex-fiancé cared about her.

Oh, but Qin Yan was not blind.

Shen Ying stood in front of her master, staring at Xie Changyuan with an unkind look.

Qin Yan didn’t say a word, just glanced at Xie Changyuan indifferently, and then prepared to continue getting into the carriage.

Xie Changyuan took a step forward and prepared to say something more.


“Qin Yan.”

It was Taizi Feng Zhan.

Qin Yan stopped getting in the carriage, turned her head, and looked at the Taizi who was approaching step by step.

“I have something to say to the Princess of Zhaoren alone. You all can step back.” Feng Zhan’s tone was heavy.

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Qin Yan frowned, but still raised her hand and waved her subordinates away.

Taizi Feng Zhan looked at Xie Changyuan, who was still stubbornly standing there, with cold eyes.

“Is Commander Xie going to disobey orders?”

Feng Zhan’s tone was cold.

Xie Changyuan felt a little flustered at this moment as he was extremely reluctant to see Qin Yan alone with Taizi.

Today, Taizi and Qin Yan disappeared at the same time, and now they also appeared at the same time.

Xie Changyuan felt that something had happened between Taizi and Qin Yan, and what had happened, was going to be out of his expectations.

Xie Changyuan closed his eyes, but he also had to keep in mind that he was only a subject, and there were differences between monarchs and ministers.

In the end, Xie Changyuan stepped away from Qin Yan’s carriage and stood fifteen meters away, looking at Qin Yan and Feng Zhan with a frown.


Qin Yan was very tired at the moment and just wanted to go back to the mansion to rest as soon as possible.

She didn’t speak, and she wasn’t curious about what Taizi was going to say to her.

Feng Zhan stopped two steps before Qin Yan and looked at the woman on the opposite side who was still indifferent.

Feng Zhan knew very well at this moment that his subconscious attention to Qin Yan during this period should be because he was pleased with Qin Yan.

Today, the two of them had such a tacit understanding and had so much physical contact.

Qin Yan also stirred up so many feelings in him and even shocked him.

Feng Zhan was a man who acted vigorously and resolutely. Now that he knew his intention toward Qin Yan, he must immediately delineate Qin Yan into his own scope, and would not allow any uncertainties to occur.

“Today, you have been alone with me in the mountains for a long time. I am afraid it will damage your reputation.”

“I’m going to confer you as the Taizifei*.”

(Taizifei* – crown princess)

Feng Zhan paused at every word and his tone was sincere. Qin Yan didn’t suspect that Feng Zhan was joking.

But reputation?

“Hahaha…” Qin Yan laughed.

Feng Zhan frowned.

Feng Zhan considered what words to use, not only to avoid being too straightforward but also to give Qin Yan a step.

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Given that Qin Yan also kissed himself underwater today, Feng Zhan believed that Qin Yan should have a favorable impression of the other person just like him.

As long as Qin Yan had a little idea of ​​himself, she would take a step forward following the steps.

However, Qin Yan’s reaction…

Could it be that this logic didn’t work?


Since Taizi talked to Qin Yan alone, the people of the Duke of Zhenguo Mansion had been keeping their eyes on that side closely.

Even if the other party was the powerful heir to the throne, they would not let Qin Yan suffer.

What did His Highness Taizi say that made Yanyan laugh out loud?

However, Shen Ying was a little puzzled by her master’s reaction. Her master seldom showed her emotions to outsiders. What did His Highness Taizi say to make her master feel so funny?

Ji Nanfeng frowned slightly, and he had a hunch that Qin Yan seemed to treat Taizi a little differently.

Xie Changyuan’s heart tightened. Qin Yan’s lively mood in front of Taizi was completely different from her indifference in front of him.

He would rather Qin Yan resent him, blame him, or even hate him. It was better than being so indifferent to him now.

Qin Yan had never even asked him once since she returned to the capital about breaking the marriage contract, about A Yan, or about them…


“Your Highness Taizi, do you think I care about reputation?” Qin Yan said with a smile.

Feng Zhan was silent for a moment, then spoke again. “Then, Princess of Zhaoren has to be responsible for my reputation.”

Hearing this, Qin Yan was surprised for a moment at first, and then quickly understood.

Whether it was Taizi’s first statement just now or this second one.

The meaning of his words…

This Taizi probably interested her.

But he still holding on to his little tsundere, right?

Qin Yan looked at Feng Zhan with a half-smile.

Feng Zhan was a little depressed with Qin Yan’s attitude.

Since Feng Zhan was born, he had been appointed Taizi as the eldest son of the Empress, and now he was even more powerful. Only others had always been cautious in front of him, and it had never been like this today. He even had to rack his brains to express his feelings to a girl.

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Feng Zhan sighed softly and spoke as if he was compromising.

“Qin Yan, I’m very pleased with you. Are you willing to try with me?”

Hearing this, Qin Yan smiled.

Qin Yan had admired Feng Zhan before today. Whether it was the rumored Taizi’s means of power or his skills, the most important thing was that Feng Zhan was too good-looking.

Qin Yan was a person who attached great importance to good looks, and today she knew that Feng Zhan had an excellent figure.

Although his kissing skills were not good, it was more likely that he was still an inexperienced person.

But the good thing was that he was clean.

“Sure.” Qin Yan’s tone was relaxed.

Feng Zhan was too careful before. With Qin Yan’s temperament, he was afraid that she couldn’t be goaded, nor would she be afraid of power.

He could only coax her step by step, but he didn’t expect that when he directly expressed his intentions, she agreed so readily.


Xie Changyuan had been staring at the conversation between Taizi and Qin Yan. What were they talking about? Why did Qin Yan smile at Taizi?

Xie Changyuan still had a lot to say to Qin Yan. He wanted to explain to Qin Yan the matter of breaking the marriage contract, the matter of A Yan, the misunderstanding at the Qianshui Lake, the matter of the hairpin, and many, many more…

Xie Changyuan had a bad feeling in his heart. If he didn’t explain it clearly to Qin Yan today, and if he couldn’t open the knot with Qin Yan, then it would be impossible for him to be with Qin Yan again.

Thinking of this, Xie Changyuan began to stride toward Qin Yan. When Xie Changyuan was 6 meters away from them, he heard Taizi speak again.

“Song Zhi.”

Song Zhi passed Xie Changyuan to Taizi’s side and saluted: “Your Highness.”

Feng Zhan was telling Song Zhi to do something, but his narrow eyes kept looking at Qin Yan in front of him.

Feng Zhan’s volume was not deliberately lowered, so Song Zhi, Qin Yan, and Xie Changyuan could hear these shameless words clearly.

“Break the shaft of my carriage, and my carriage can’t return to the city.”

“I’m too tired today and don’t have the energy to ride a horse, so I can only ask Princess of Zhaoren to allow me to ride on the Princess Mansion’s carriage together.”

“Princess of Zhaoren, can I get on the carriage with you?”


Was this a clear declaration of sovereignty?

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The author says:
The first sign of true love is timidity in boys and boldness in girls.

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