TCPCHW Chapter 29 Part 2

The Crown Prince Chases His Wife

Chapter 29          Token (2/2)

At the Taizi Mansion in Xishan.

Early this morning, someone from the Imperial Observatory came to report to Taizi that the stargazing situation last night was not optimistic.

After the court meeting, Taizi Feng Zhan summoned the Left and Right Prime Minister, and the Minister of the Ministry of Finance to the Lizheng Hall to discuss official business.

On the way to the Lizheng Hall, the Minister of the Ministry of Finance, Du Xian, was feeling nervous and sweating on his forehead.

Du Xian was already very grateful that he could transfer to the capital. Unexpectedly, just after taking the office, his superior was punished for corruption. He was lucky enough to be promoted and became the Minister of the Ministry of Finance.

But it was not easy for him as a Minister. The position of the Minister of the Ministry of Finance in the six ministries was not as important as that of the Ministry of War and the Ministry of Personnel. Moreover, one of his officers was the eldest son of the Minister of the Ministry of War. This Young Master He didn’t want to join the Ministry of War but insisted on relying on his Ministry of Finance, which added a lot of stress for him. He still had to make offerings, for fear of offending this noble young master.

And on Double Seven Festival yesterday, his daughter Du Ling, who didn’t know the immensity of heaven and earth, offended the prince, and the princess, as well as Taizi at Qianshui Lake. Early this morning, someone from the Taizi Mansion sent a set of “Yan’s Family Precepts” to the Du Mansion. His Highness Taizi should be clear about what happened yesterday.

Thinking of this, he glanced at the Right Prime Minister in front of him, and it was also the second daughter of the Right Prime Minister who brought Du Ling into trouble.

However, it was thanks to Qin Wenzheng, the Right Prime Minister, that he was able to become the Minister of the Ministry of Finance. Fortunately, nothing major happened this time. He wondered if the Taizi would bring up the old issues again and settle the accounts later.

Qin Wenzheng frowned, and at this moment he was also guessing whether the Taizi would mention Qin Nian’s disaster yesterday.

Among the three ministers, only the Left Prime Minister had a relaxed face. He looked at Qin Wenzheng’s darkened face which was very pleasing to his eyes, how could he not guess what Qin Wenzheng was worried about?

Oh, fortunately, he had foresight. On Double Seven Festival yesterday, he added three times more guards to his youngest son Wang Jingyu than usual in the mansion. Wang Jingyu was unable to leave the mansion to cause trouble yesterday.

In the past, his son was secretly sneered at by his coworkers in the capital as the second-generation ancestor* who likes to cause trouble. Hehe, now they should be worried about these good sons and good daughters of theirs.

(second-generation ancestor* – an idiom, that generally refers to the wealthy children of the previous generation who are powerful and rich and the next generation who only care about eating, drinking, and having fun)

The Left and Right Prime Minister and the Minister of Finance went to the Lizheng Hall, but His Highness Taizi didn’t mention the incident at Qianshui Lake yesterday from beginning to end.

Instead, he brought up another big thing.

The Supervisor of the Imperial Observatory stargazed and predicted that there might be a shortage of grain.

Taizi ordered strictly guarding the news to prevent people from stockpiling grains for huge profits.

He ordered the Left and Right Prime Ministers to prepare for the worst in advance.

The Minister of the Ministry of Finance was ordered to inspect the granaries in various places, strictly guarded them, and arranged for people to check the food situation in various places.


After the three ministers left, Taizi Feng Zhan summoned the Minister of the Ministry of War and the Commander of the Southern Yamen Imperial Army, Lu Chen.

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Taizi Feng Zhan ordered the Minister of the Ministry of War to notify the troops stationed on the border to be more vigilant and intensified their training.

After the Minister of the Ministry of War left, Taizi Feng Zhan asked Lu Chen, “Are there any good candidates in the Pingxi Army?”

Lu Chen replied, “There are several among the guards.”

Taizi Feng Zhan nodded in satisfaction.

After entering the autumn, the flood season was about to begin. If there was a shortage of grains on top of floods, manpower would be needed everywhere.

“First, consider whether the character can pass the standard, and cultivate them as soon as possible.” Feng Zhan’s employment was always based on character first, and then only looked at their talent.

Lu Chen added hesitantly, “There is one person who is a bit troublesome.”

“Say.” Feng Zhan said.

“Xie Zhao. His identity is a bit special.” Lu Chen looked at the Taizi. Xie Zhao was a talented person, but his background had some unpleasant entanglements with the imperial family, and he was afraid that His Highness Taizi would not like it.

Feng Zhan’s eyes narrowed slightly, but he only paused for a moment, and then said, “What do you think of this man?”

Lu Chen was overjoyed, was there any hope? In fact, he admired Xie Zhao very much. It would be a pity if he couldn’t put his talents to use because of his family background.

“Your Highness, I feel that Xie Zhao is like a lone wolf.” Lu Chen said.

Hearing this, Feng Zhan observed Lu Chen’s expression. It could be seen that this subordinate of his admired Xie Zhao very much.

“First, sharpen his temper, and then let him join in the autumn hunting.” Feng Zhan said solemnly.

Lu Chen accepted the order.


In the Marquis of Yongding Mansion, Marquis Xie went straight to Xie Changyuan’s courtyard, but it was completely empty.

After Xie Changyuan came back from the palace today, he was taken away by A Yan.

After a stick of incense time, Xie An waited for the return of Xie Changyuan.

Xie Changyuan was a little surprised to see his father. The relationship between the father and son was not harmonious, and they rarely meet.

Xie Changyuan didn’t greet Xie An and sat down to drink tea in a pavilion in the courtyard by himself.

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Xie An was also used to his son’s indifference towards him. He stepped into the pavilion, sat down opposite Xie Changyuan, and went straight to the subject, “After the court ended today, the courtiers were discussing the accident of the collision between the two decorated boats in Qianshui Lake yesterday.”

Seeing that Xie Changyuan didn’t respond, Xie An continued, “Looking at your reaction, did you not hear about what happened after you left with A Yan yesterday?”

Xie Changyuan raised his eyes and looked at Xie An coldly. What happened yesterday after he left?

“Hearsay that everyone on the scene pointed out that Princess of Zhaoren Qin Yan pushed A Yan into the water. Did you also think like that? But later, His Highness Taizi’s secret guard revealed that he saw A Yan being knocked out of the boat first, and Princess of Zhaoren immediately wanted to pull A Yan back. Before she could even touch her, A Yan fell into the water, but everyone on the scene said that the Princess of Zhaoren pushed her.”

Xie Changyuan put down the teacup, looked at Xie An squarely, and frowned.

“When you brought A Yan into the mansion previously, I thought that you just lost your mother and needed someone to accompany you, so I didn’t interfere too much. But because of her, you even broke your marriage contract with your fiancée and now because of her, you may have caused Taizi unhappy…” Xie An’s words were interrupted coldly by Xie Changyuan.

“Do you still remember the wife that you officially married into the manor?” Xie Changyuan’s eyes were cold.

Xie An opened his mouth but didn’t say anything and left awkwardly.


After Xie An left, Xie Changyuan sat alone in the pavilion for a long time.

Yesterday, he didn’t believe in Qin Yan and didn’t even ask her a question.

Qin Yan should have been disappointed with him to the end.

And what had she experienced over the years to become so indifferent…

Qin Yan, who was once a child, was also so lively and lovely, called him Brother Changyuan…

Xie Changyuan’s memory was interrupted by Li Zhong’s hurried steps.


Xie Changyuan looked at Li Zhong with an irresolute expression.

Before Li Zhong could speak, Xie Changyuan had a bad premonition in his heart when he saw the brocade box in his hand.

“Shizi, this is sent by Princess of Zhaoren Mansion.” Li Zhong said.

Xie Changyuan’s heart sank as he knew what it was.

“What did the person say?” Xie Changyuan’s voice was a little downcast.

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Li Zhong replied, “It was Shen Huai from Princess of Zhaoren Mansion who sent the brocade box. He said that their master asked him to tell Shizi that the marriage contract was over and return the token to each other.”

Xie Changyuan didn’t take the box, nor did he speak again, he just sat there silently.

Li Zhong said, “Shizi, after the death of the Eldest Princess, I put Madam Qin’s token in the warehouse, is it…”

“Withdraw first. Leave the things behind.” Xie Changyuan looked at the brocade box on the stone table and felt a little heartache.

Qin Yan, were you really breaking off with me?

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  1. Was he expecting any different? I thought this was what he wanted.

    Based on the detail that she only saw that the person that pulled her out of the water as a child was a boy, I’m betting it wasn’t XCY – he just happened to be around when she woke up. If so, it lols like…as a kid she was saved and thought it was him (what are the odds it was the CP?), QY did save XCY from the snow as (probably) teens, but a girl that was probably A Yan caused an avalanche that knocked QY into a cold pond, and XCY thinks AY is the one that saved him. Geez. On top of that, AY managed to take credit for QY’s paintings…he’s going to be pretty shocked at how fooled he’s been.

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