TCPCHW Chapter 55

The Crown Prince Chases His Wife

Chapter 55          Threaten

In the study room of the Princess Mansion at Xishan.

Qin Yan picked up the teacup at hand, drank it lightly, and then put it down. She spoke softly, “Assist Your Highness in handling government affairs?”

“What if I say no?”

Feng Zhan’s dark eyes sank slightly, and he smiled coldly before speaking again, with a slightly cold tone, “You can give it a try.”

“The day after tomorrow, the three-day rest for the court officials for the Mid-Autumn Festival will come to an end. The Taizi Mansion will establish a council, and a meeting will be held to determine the maximum amount of grain storage allowed by grain merchants, determine what constitutes ‘household storage’, and the intensity of inspection and punishment of hoarding grain by merchants.”

“How much grain have you stocked up in Yu Qingfeng? Don’t you have a count?”

Feng Zhan lightly tapped the wooden armrest of the big chair, with his knuckles right hand, and the steady tapping rhythm seemed to indicate that he was sure of victory at the moment.

After speaking, Feng Zhan calmly watched the change in expression on Qin Yan’s face. Qin Yan raised her eyebrows slightly and looked at the imposing Taizi Feng Zhan who was threatening her in a grandiose manner.

Feng Zhan continued to speak in a deep voice, speaking in a relaxed tone, “When you go to the Taizi Mansion to assist the government affairs, you can also get first-hand military and political reports and orders. The speed at which you get the information will no longer lag behind the lengthy process from the Ministry of War to the Pingxi Army, and from the Ministry of Revenue to Yu Qingfeng.”

“You have no reason to refuse.”

In Feng Zhan’s words, there was an undeniable certainty.

Qin Yan’s calm expression gradually froze.

The other party was threatening and luring. After so many years, Qin Yan realized for the first time what it means to be passive.

Qin Yan held her breath and looked at Taizi Feng Zhan with an uneasy expression.


“To the Taizi Mansion every day?” Qin Yan’s tone was rather cold.

Seeing Qin Yan relenting, Feng Zhan’s eyebrows relaxed a little, and his tone softened a bit, “According to the schedule of the staff of the Taizi Mansion, they arrive at work at chenshi* and leave work at shenshi*. If there are urgent government matters, they must come immediately, regardless of the day and night or weather.”

(chenshi* – 7 am – 9 am)

(shenshi* – 3 pm – 5 pm)

Upon hearing such a demanding work time, Qin Yan felt suffocation in her chest.

Qin Yan’s affairs were all handled by Mister Ji and her subordinates first, and she only chose to personally handle the urgent matters. She didn’t expect that one day she would be captured by a powerful man and work hard for others.

Qin Yan closed her eyes slightly, feeling a bit powerless.

Taizi Feng Zhan monopolized all the power, and now she was in the capital, on his territory, so she had to bow her head.

Moreover, Taizi’s proposal would indeed allow her to obtain first-hand information from the court, whether it was for the Pingxi Army or Yu Qingfeng, it would be easier to take action than before.

It could only be this way.

“I recall, today and tomorrow, it’s still resting day.” Qin Yan was still seizing the last moment to bargain.

Feng Zhan continued to take every inch to make Qin Yan understand clearly, “You will go to the Taizi Mansion tomorrow to familiarize yourself with the procedures and start work the day after tomorrow.”

Qin Yan: …

Even a resting day would be forfeited!

Feng Zhan’s tone suddenly softened, almost coaxing, “Be good, this proposal will benefit both you and me.”

Qin Yan: …

Feng Zhan’s words seemed like she was making trouble for no reason…

“Song Zhi.” Feng Zhan turned around to speak.

“Your Highness.” Song Zhi came in.

“Record Princess Zhaoren’s dietary habits and pastimes. When Princess Zhaoren is working in the Taizi Mansion, order everyone in the mansion to take good care of her.” Feng Zhan ordered Song Zhi, but his deep gaze was always fixed on Qin Yan’s exquisite small face.

Qin Yan: …

“If you enjoy listening to the zither, the Taizi Mansion can also arrange your free time outside work.” Feng Zhan continued to be persuasive.

Song Zhi spoke up at the right time and continued the conversation, “Princess Zhaoren, His Highness Taizi’s zither skills are superb. If you are fortunate enough to hear him once, you will surely be able to feast your ears.”

Qin Yan’s face became increasingly heavy. Feng Zhan raised his hand to stop Song Zhi from continuing to praise his master.

Enough is enough, and the day will be long.

Feng Zhan stood up and took two steps toward the outside.

Suddenly, he turned around and looked at Qin Yan who was still sitting on the big chair, “Princess Zhaoren won’t see the guests off?” Feng Zhan’s voice was cold and deep, but after listening carefully, she could find that Taizi seemed to be in a good mood at this moment.

Qin Yan: …

I’m in a bad mood, can’t you tell?

“Your Highness, I won’t see you off.” Qin Yan said replied half-heartedly, but still didn’t get up.

Feng Zhan didn’t continue to provoke this woman who was suppressing her anger and left on his own.


After leaving Princess Zhaoren Mansion, Feng Zhan got on his horse and headed north to return to his mansion. Outside the main gate of the Taizi Mansion, he met Feng Subei and his group of people who hadn’t left yet.

Feng Zhan dismounted and prepared to enter the mansion.

Feng Subei bumped An Wenjing’s arm standing beside him, “Didn’t I say just wait awhile.”

Feng Subei stepped forward two quick steps to stop Taizi Feng Zhan, “Your Highness came back from next door? No wonder you want to chase away the guests. Are we hindering Your Highness from pursuing the beauty?”

Feng Zhan felt much better than when he left the water pavilion, but his tone of voice remained slightly cold, “Aren’t you leaving yet? “

Feng Subei immediately withdrew two steps, clasped his fists, and said seriously, “Leaving right now. Your Highness, we will meet again another day, and I wish Your Highness will bring the beauty home as soon as possible.”

Taizi Feng Zhan, “Leave.”

The group of people bid farewell to Taizi.


After Taizi entered the mansion, Feng Yunchao asked Feng Subei, “Cousin, are you going to stay in the relay station?”

Feng Subei spread his hands helplessly, “What else can I do? The cold-blooded and ruthless Highness has driven me out.”

When An Wenjing heard this, he said politely, “If Shizi doesn’t dislike it, can make do with it for some time in my mansion.”

Feng Subei’s eyes lit up, what he was waiting for was his words, “How kind of you, thank you Yanzhi.”

Feng Subei looked at An Yanxi who was in a trance, and sighed.

How could Feng Subei fail to see that Yanxi had been interested in Taizi since she was young? However, based on his understanding of Taizi, Yanxi couldn’t make any progress with Taizi even after so many years.

Taizi Feng Zhan was a ruthless character who was bound to get what he wanted. If Yanxi has even the slightest chance, he won’t delay her until now. Feng Subei was a little curious, about how sacred was this Princess Zhaoren that the cold-hearted Taizi Feng Zhan had to make a big loss.

A group of people got into their carriage separately and left.

On the carriage of the An family, An Wenjing looked at An Yanxi who was stunned, “Yanxi, you should give up. You can’t keep delaying yourself all the time.”

An Yanxi lifted the curtain of the carriage and looked back in the direction of the Taizi Mansion, “The winner it’s not certain yet.”

An Yanxi recalled the empress’ expression when she heard the words Shen Shiying that day, and a sarcastic smile appeared on her lips, “What’s more, His Highness Taizi will not marry only one person.”

An Yanxi seemed determined in her heart.

An Wenjing frowned, he didn’t expect his sister to be so stubborn.

Based on his understanding of His Highness Taizi, it was not impossible to marry only one person.


After Taizi Feng Zhan returned to the mansion, he went straight into the study.

Feng Zhan sat behind the desk, but he didn’t begin to handle the official business. Instead, he furrowed his eyebrows slightly and looked around.

In a while, Taizi ordered Song Zhi, “Remove the low couch on the opposite side and replace it with a sandalwood table.”

When Song Zhi got the order, he was suddenly taken aback.

“Your Highness, why don’t I remove the two chairs under the south window, and the low couch can be placed in that position? If Your Highness or Princess Zhaoren are tired, you can take a rest…”

Song Zhi watched His Highness’s face getting darker and darker, and his voice became quieter.

However, in the end, His Highness did not say yes or no…

It was possible!

Song Zhi felt that he was also restless for His Highness in marrying a wife as soon as possible.

Song Zhi suddenly thought of something, “Your Highness, Princess Zhaoren travels back and forth between the two mansions every day. It is not so convenient, why don’t you make a door on the wall of the plum grove so that Princess Zhaoren can enter and exit easily?”

Song Zhi carefully observed His Highness’s expression.

“At the beginning, who suggested building the wall?” Feng Zhan looked at Song Zhi with sharp ice-like eyes.

Song Zhi: ….!

He really shot himself in the foot.

But… Your Highness means, okay?

After a stick of incense, Song Zhi returned to the study of the Taizi Mansion.

“Your Highness.”

Feng Zhan put down the scroll in his hand and looked at Song Zhi, who was in a bit of a mess.

“Your Highness, the wall in the plum groves was poorly built back then, and it collapsed after one strike. I have ordered people to clear out the remaining stones, and then make a path in the plum groves to ease the entry and exit of the princess.”

Song Zhi said inwardly, it was more convenient for His Highness to enter and leave.

Dozens of hidden guards demolishing the wall at the same time could have been done in an hour if it wasn’t for…

Song Zhi added another sentence, “The hidden guards who demolished the wall said that there are many traps in the princess’s mansion. Fortunately, the hidden guards responded in time. Only a few were slightly injured, not very serious.”

Feng Zhan’s face darken, Qin Yan was guarding against him.


In the study of the Princess Zhaoren Mansion.

Qin Yan was sitting behind the desk when Ji Nanfeng came in.

“Mister Ji, how is the grain production and storage situation of Shenxi Valley this year?

Ji Nanfeng reported back, “This year’s grain production is very good, and the grain reserves from the previous years are also very sufficient.”

Qin Yan nodded and asked again, “How is Fourth Master Qin’s purchase of grain in Jiangnan?”

Ji Nanfeng had been sending people to watch Fourth Master Qin’s movements, and not a single sign of trouble escaped Ji Nanfeng’s spy.

“Fourth Master Qin’s purchase of grain is not going well, as major households have heard the news, it is now difficult to buy grain at a low price. The grain price has tripled now and if there is a real food shortage, it is expected that the grain price will increase to six or seven times that of the level at the beginning of this year.”

“Poured out some of the grain from Yu Qingfeng and sold it to Fourth Master Qin.” Qin Yan said coldly.

Qin Yan got the news from Taizi today, and if she didn’t act immediately, it would be a waste of information, “The grain in Shenxi Valley is enough. In previous years, Yu Qingfeng’s provision account was used to store grain, but we couldn’t let others think that the grain in our hands came from unknown sources.”

“There are going to be some movements from above, and the grains in our hand must be released as soon as possible.”

“Take this opportunity to earn back the money lent to Fourth Master Qin.”

Ji Nanfeng took the order and left, and passed by Shen Ying who came in.


Shen Ying walked to Qin Yan’s desk and said, “Master, Master Song from the Taizi Mansion came to send word that they were going to open a path between the two mansions in the wall of the plum groves so that the princess could go in and out of the Taizi Mansion for work.”

“Master Song said that the wall fell right away with a strike from the hammer. Master Song also said that the feng shui in that place is probably not suitable for a wall.”

“Master Song said that the meaning of His Highness Taizi is for Princess to enter and leave the Taizi Mansion through the path opened in the plum groves.”

“Master, do you really need to report to the Taizi Mansion every day?”

Shen Ying thought of her master’s languid nature, and couldn’t imagine how her master could be restrained like this.

Qin Yan didn’t say anything but looked out at the bright moon outside the window.

The moon on the fifteenth day was full on the sixteenth day, and today was the seventeenth day. Looking at the full moon, there was already a tiny gap that could not be detected.

Qin Yan understood that Taizi had some affection for her, and it would not be an exaggeration to say that she was asked to go to the Taizi Mansion to assist in managing politics for his personal gain.

But, the human heart, like this full moon, was the most unpredictable.

Then wait and see how long could this Taizi pay attention to her.

Wait and see…

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