TCPCHW Chapter 27 Part 1

The Crown Prince Chases His Wife

Chapter 27          Jealous (1/2)

Feng Zhan turned to look at the pleasure boat beside him, and said with a cold tone, “Do you think it’s interesting to crash into a decorated boat if you see no noble person on the boat?”

Everyone on the pleasure boat buried their heads lower and said nothing.

Du Ling’s heart skipped a beat, and the cold sweat on her back soaked her clothes. She never imagined that there was the Taizi on the decorated boat. To them, His Highness Taizi, who was the same as the clouds in the sky, how could he appear in this place?

There was not much time left for Du Ling to think about it. She thought about it roughly that she couldn’t bear this matter alone.

Du Ling spoke hurriedly, “Your Highness Taizi, I was instructed by someone. It was the Second Miss Qin of the Right Prime Minister Mansion. Qin Nian asked me to find the boatman to crash the decorated boat and this pleasure boat is even chartered under Qin Nian. Your Highness Taizi, please investigate clearly.”

Everyone on the cruise tacitly opened up another position, revealing Qin Nian, who had been hiding behind others.

Today’s Qin Nian was wearing a lake blue silk pleated dress. She originally bowed her head kneeling down. After hearing Du Ling disclose her, she raised her head calmly and lowered her eyes to look at Taizi Feng Zhan’s black boots on the decorated boat and opened her mouth steadily.

“I was truly wronged. I just saw my eldest sister standing on the decorated boat from a distance, so I asked Miss Du to instruct the boatman to drive the boat over and wanted to greet my eldest sister. It was probably Miss Du who misinterpreted what I meant or the boatman who misinterpreted it, that caused this misunderstanding. I hope Your Highness Taizi can investigate clearly.”

Qin Nian spoke unhurriedly, not at all like there was a ghost in her heart. After saying that, she saluted while kneeling and said while looking at Second Prince Feng Xian, “In any case, this matter is caused by me, and I’ll apologize to everyone. For the losses caused to the decorated boat, Cousin Second Prince can send someone to draw up a list and send it to the Right Prime Minister Qin Mansion, and I’ll compensate according to the price.”

Qin Nian’s courage to take responsibility and her generous attitude gave everyone a good impression.

Du Ling opened her mouth and said nothing. Qin Nian said it was a misunderstanding, so it could only be a misunderstanding.

Du Ling was very shocked that Qin Nian was able to turn this matter around, which opened her eyes.

After entering the capital, Du Ling realized the position of female family members in the rear courtyard of the capital. She still had a lot to learn, otherwise, she wouldn’t understand how she had suffered losses when dealing with these noble families in the future.


“It turned out to be Cousin Niannian. I didn’t think you would do it on purpose, it was all a misunderstanding.” Second Prince Feng Xian didn’t want to have any estrange with his uncle, the Right Prime Minister, Qin Wenzheng, because of this, and planned to let it go.

But Taizi Feng Zhan planned to give them a warning.

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Feng Zhan said in a deep voice, “Song Zhi, draw up the list of everyone on the pleasure boat. Tomorrow, in the name of the Taizi Mansion, send a set of “Yan’s Family Instructions” to their mansion one by one.”

All the young masters and young ladies…!!!

This time had to endure the lecture!

This time had to endure the punishment!

This time had to kneel at the ancestral hall!

This time had to be confined!

This time the pocket money would be deducted!


Song Zhi immediately sent someone over to the pleasure boat to register all the young masters and young ladies who were drooping their heads.


Seeing that the matter had been resolved satisfactorily, Second Prince Feng Xian coaxed Qin Yan, “Yanyan, do you want to play a few rounds of horse tag? I have someone prepare a card table on the boat.”


Second Prince, was it appropriate for you to mention this now?

“Your Highness Second Prince, I used to oppress people with power. I like to be called by my title, so you’d better call me Princess of Zhaoren.”

Qin Yan said this to answer Second Prince Feng Xian, but she looked at An Yanxi.

This was Qin Yan’s response to An Yanxi’s phrase “the charm of power”. She wasn’t only not modest at all, but also had an attitude of “oppressing people with power”.

An Yanxi sneered in her heart. Qin Yan was so arrogant in front of His Highness Taizi, regardless of dignity and reputation, how could she be worthy of the noble and extraordinary His Highness Taizi?

“I’m a little tired today, so forget about the horse tag. Let’s make an appointment at Princess Mansion in Xishan another day.” No matter what was the purpose of the Second Prince today, Qin Yan had received his favor.

Taizi Feng Zhan, who was about to get off the boat, heard that Qin Yan invited Feng Xian to play horse tag at Princess Mansion in Xishan, felt a little uneasy for some reason.

Feng Zhan took back the steps he took, turned around, swept his eyes coldly across Qin Yan and Feng Xian’s faces, and said coldly, “Being addicted to horse tagging will delay official duties. Second Imperial Brother, have you forgotten what I’ve said before?”

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Feng Xian was annoyed that Taizi was so intolerant. Could it be that Qin Yan didn’t invite Taizi, so Taizi was jealous about it?

Tsk, tsk…

Taizi, Feng Yunchao, and the An family’s brother and sister left the decorated boat together.

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