TCPCHW Chapter 48 Part 1

The Crown Prince Chases His Wife

Chapter 48          Reinforcement (1/2)

Dajue Temple at Yuquan Mountain to the west of the capital.

The Empress knelt in the Buddhist Hall and chanted sutras, kneeling in the same posture on the futon behind her were Princess Changle Feng Yunchao and An Yanxi.

Two hours passed and the Empress was about to get up, Feng Yunchao and An Yanxi got up and went to help the Empress up.

After the Empress stood up, she withdrew her arm and walked straight back to the meditation room.

Feng Yunchao and An Yanxi also followed behind the Empress step by step, walking slowly without saying anything.


Feng Yunchao looked at her imperial mother who was walking in front of her, and she was not disappointed as it was not true.

Over these years, Feng Yunchao would go to Dajue Temple every year on Empress’s birthday, but only when her imperial brother came occasionally, she could follow her imperial brother to see her imperial mother.

Feng Yunchao also knew that her imperial mother left the palace shortly after she was born. There was not much affection between her imperial mother and her.

And the ten months she spent in her mother’s womb were also the most painful ten months of her imperial mother’s life.

After the Empress was pregnant with Feng Yunchao for three months and the fetus was stable, she informed the His Majesty, as well as the Empress’s family, the Left Prime Minister Mansion.

His Majesty was very happy and allowed the Left Prime Minister Mansion to send Empress’s sister, Wang Qiang, Feng Yunchao’s aunt, and now the Imperial Concubine Xian, to enter the palace to accompany and take care of the Empress.

And Feng Yunchao’s aunt, Wang Qiang, was really meticulous in taking care of her mother… Oh, she even cared about her husband and climbed up to her brother-in-law’s dragon bed.

The Empress learned that her own sister was favored overnight, and she was made a concubine the next day. She was angry in her heart, but she still had to suppress her emotions and kept telling herself that she couldn’t affect the child in her belly, her child.

That day the Left Prime Minister entered the palace and asked to meet the Empress.

The elder brother of the Empress tried to persuade the Empress earnestly: “Now that you are pregnant, even if your sister doesn’t accept favor, there will be another concubine.”

The Empress felt sad when she heard this. This was the fate of the daughter of the noble family.

If she married her husband and couldn’t conceive an heir, her own sisters, or sisters in the family, would also be sent to her husband to continue the incense for her husband.

Whereas for her, who married into the imperial family, even if she had already given birth to the eldest son, the current crown prince, she still couldn’t escape when she was pregnant, her family still sent other sisters to win the Emperor’s favor.

And her husband, His Majesty, didn’t care about this miserable woman who was pregnant.


Since that day, the Empress had stayed behind the closed door, as if she was raising her baby with peace of mind.

Until one day, the Empress’s favored younger sister, Wang Qiang, went to Kunning Palace with her pregnant belly to visit the Empress. If you are enjoying the novel, please support this translation and get direct access to new releases by reading it at the translator’s original website:

At that time, the Empress’s bedroom was just the two of them. During the time of a cup of tea, a woman screamed in pain. When the crowd rushed in, they saw that Wang Qiang was lying on the ground clutching her stomach, and her dress was already stained with blood.

Wang Qiang suffered a miscarriage, and the Empress continued to tightly close the palace door.

In order to appease Wang Qiang, the Holy Majesty named her the Imperial Concubine Xian.

Afterward, the Empress gave birth to a princess and invited herself to Dajue Temple to worship the Buddha after her confinement period ended.

The Emperor allowed the Empress to leave the palace, and gave the Empress’s newly-born princess the title “Changle”.

After the queen left the palace, Imperial Concubine Xian became the head of the four concubines, taking over the Phoenix seal and commanding the harem.

The head of the harem was changed from the Empress to Imperial Concubine Xian, and the only one that was not affected was the Left Prime Minister Mansion. Whether it was Empress or Imperial Concubine Xian, they were all the direct daughters of the Left Prime Minister Mansion and one family.

Oh, one family.


Feng Yunchao had heard about these things from the palace people, and some had been told to her by her imperial brother Taizi. She knew that since then, her imperial mother and her imperial brother Taizi had been estranged from the Left Prime Minister Mansion to the point of being almost strangers.

Some people in the court thought that the Left Prime Minister Mansion was the aid of her imperial brother Taizi, but they didn’t know that apart from official business, her imperial brother Taizi hadn’t interacted with their Uncle Left Prime Minister in private for many years.

As for herself, Feng Yunchao couldn’t imagine the mood of her imperial mother during the pregnancy and gave birth to her.

Feng Yunchao just felt sad that as soon as her imperial mother saw her, she would recall those heart-breaking things that happened when she was pregnant with Feng Yunchao.

Her imperial mother was venting her anger, and Feng Yunchao didn’t blame her imperial mother. Her imperial mother didn’t kill her right to come to this world, so she should thank her imperial mother for her courage.

If this kind of thing happened to Feng Yunchao herself, maybe she wouldn’t have had the courage to give birth to the child in her womb.


When they arrived at the meditation room, Empress knelt on the futon, washed her hands, and made tea after burning the incense.

Feng Yun turned to Empress and said: “Imperial Mother, I have no intention of forcing Imperial Mother to return to the palace at all. Imperial Brother Taizi also explained that whether to return to the palace depends on Imperial Mother’s wishes. If Imperial Mother does not want to go back, can you allow me to stay here to spend more time with Imperial Mother?”

Although Feng Yunchao entered the Dajue Temple and saw Empress in the past two days, Empress didn’t even speak to Feng Yunchao, just tacitly allowed her to hang around.

Seemingly hearing Feng Yunchao mentioning Taizi, Empress raised her eyes.

“How is your imperial brother?”

Feng Yunchao knew about her imperial mother’s favor for her imperial brother Taizi, and she didn’t feel sad at all, let alone jealous.

It didn’t matter, if her imperial mother was willing to talk to her, Feng Yunchao would be happy all day long.

Feng Yunchao also knew in her heart what her imperial brother Taizi meant to their mother and daughter.

If her imperial brother Taizi hadn’t been valued by the Grandmother Empress Dowager Xiao in the palace, she would have been easily disposed of when Imperial Concubine Xian had a miscarriage in Empress’s bedroom for no apparent reason and it wouldn’t be easy for her imperial mother to leave the palace and hide in peace. She had been away for more than ten years now. If you are enjoying the novel, please support this translation and get direct access to new releases by reading it at the translator’s original website:

Now that her imperial brother Taizi was so powerful, if Emperor wanted her imperial mother to return to the palace today, he would not have sent the Ministry of Rites and them to invite her but might have asked the imperial army to forcefully escort her imperial mother back.

“Imperial Brother is fine, but he was assassinated a few days ago, luckily he’s all right.” Feng Yunchao said to the Empress with a light smile.

The Empress frowned upon hearing this: “Assassinated?”

“Tell me about it.”

Feng Yunchao was ordered by her imperial mother to talk about this year’s autumn hunting.

… …

“However, on the evening of the day of the assassination, Imperial Brother and Princess Zhaoren left the forest area safely, and there was no serious problem.”

Feng Yunchao had never talked so much in front of her imperial mother. If she could talk about the autumn hunting for a day, she would never just talk for half a day.

“Princess of Zhaoren?” Empress seemed suspicious.

The Empress hadn’t returned to the palace for a long time, and she was not interested in the news in the palace, so she didn’t pay much attention to the newly conferred princess.

Feng Yunchao was stunned for a moment and then realized that her imperial mother didn’t know about Qin Yan.

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  1. I really can’t follow the family name of the left prime minister is it “wang” or “an”? And this second daughter raised by the Yu family is that of the Prime Minister’s family?

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