TCPCHW Chapter 69

The Crown Prince Chases His Wife

Chapter 69          Pleasure

The drizzle came with the wind and sprinkled on the lotus pond outside the window, adding a touch of charm to this endless quiet night.

Qin Yan felt the slight vibration on Feng Zhan’s chest against her back, and in the sudden sound of rain, Qin Yan also heard Feng Zhan’s words in her ear clearly, “Let’s try one more time.”

Qin Yan closed her eyes and took a deep breath, but said nothing.

With each breath, the faint scent of agarwood on the person’s robe behind her, mixed with the elegant and cold chrysanthemum fragrance in the reception hall, overflowed into Qin Yan’s delicate nose.

Qin Yan understood in her heart that Feng Zhan’s words were another request to confirm their relationship, following the phrase “Let’s give us a try” in the paddock in the western suburbs.

Qin Yan sighed softly in her heart.

It was undeniable that she was indeed attracted to Feng Zhan, and could also feel the affection of the man behind her.

At the Mid-Autumn Festival night banquet, Qin Yan was halfhearted with Feng Zhan due to the wine mixed with the seductive drug, but she stopped in time. After that, she tried to recover her lost heart, but how could she regain it so easily?

Later, under the guise of official duties, Feng Zhan tied the two together. Meeting each other every day and getting to know each other so closely, ultimately the feelings grew even stronger.

So much so that yesterday, the two of them almost did in the study room…

Qin Yan was a casual and free-spirited person who would not be overly constrained by rigid etiquette. But now, Qin Yan had indeed followed her wishes and no longer resisted Feng Zhan.

She was not even opposed to having a more substantial relationship with Feng Zhan. After all, Feng Zhan’s well-defined handsome face and excellent figure were just too satisfying for her.

However, Qin Yan had no intention of considering the future with Feng Zhan, just enjoying him.


Feng Zhan didn’t wait for the answer from the woman in his arms. His heart sank and his eyebrows furrowed. His thin lips pressed against Qin Yan’s tender white neck slightly opened, and he sucked deeply.

Qin Yan was in pain and turned around in an attempt to get away from the dangerous man behind her who had been angered by her. However, Feng Zhan’s iron arms wrapped around her waist, and his big palms grabbed Qin Yan’s waist and pushed her back into his arms again.

Feng Zhan buried his head into the side of Qin Yan’s neck again, his tall bridge nose and sexy thin lips pressed against Qin Yan’s sensitive neck.

Feng Zhan’s hot breath on Qin Yan’s ears gradually made her feel hot. Qin Yan turned her head to look at Feng Zhan’s handsome face, reached out to touch it, and then imprinted her full red lips onto Feng Zhan’s pursed thin lips.

Feng Zhan placed his hands on Qin Yan’s waist and allowed the woman on him to act recklessly.

After a deep kiss, Qin Yan’s red lips moved down and just as she brushed against Feng Zhan’s clean chin, the man’s body stiffened and his voice became hoarse.

“I didn’t mean to try this.”

Qin Yan paused slightly and frowned, seeming dissatisfied with Feng Zhan’s sudden voice that ruined the atmosphere.

Feng Zhan’s chest heaved violently, suppressing the restlessness in his heart. He pushed Qin Yan’s head back onto his shoulders, and gently stroked Qin Yan’s back.

“Qin Yan, do you know what I mean?”

Qin Yan remained silent, adjusted to a slightly more comfortable position, placing her face on Feng Zhan’s shoulder and resting with her eyes closed.

Feng Zhan sighed in his heart as he was attracted by Qin Yan’s uniqueness step by step until she deeply penetrated his heart. But at this moment, Feng Zhan hoped that Qin Yan was just an ordinary woman.

Feng Zhan was convinced that even if something happened between Qin Yan and him, she could still calmly withdraw and leave.

Thinking about this, Feng Zhan felt somewhat helpless.

The rain continued unabated outside, and a gust of cool breeze with rain mist drifted into the hall. Qin Yan frowned, shivered for a moment, and then slowly stood up.

“Your Highness, please excuse me.”

Qin Yan was not happy with the way Feng Zhan was trying to seduce her and didn’t leave him a good face when she left.

Feng Zhan chuckled as if he could see the reason why Qin Yan’s sudden temper.

“Shen Ying.” Qin Yan said lightly.

Shen Ying came in with a cloak draped over her left arm and an oil-paper umbrella in her right hand, which was sent by Mister Ji just now.

Shen Ying still remembered the dark face on Mister Ji when he learned that their master and the Taizi were alone in the reception hall again when he brought the umbrella.

Their master…

Qin Yan asked Shen Ying to put a cloak on her, and the master and servant left with umbrellas.

The night rain was slightly cool, and Feng Zhan was sitting alone in the reception hall.

Qin Yan, let’s cross that bridge when we get there.


The next day, the weather was clear and suitable for travel.

The formation of the Taizi’s southern tour was not too flamboyant, but it was not too low-key. After all, preparing the ship was also considered a great move, so the news spread out one after another.

Taizi, along with Qin Yan’s carriage and accompanying guards, set off from the Xishan and arrived at the eastern dock of the capital city when they met the legitimate second daughter of the Left Prime Minister, Wang Jingyan, who was waiting there in advance.

It could be seen that Wang Jingyan had dressed up meticulously today. When she saw the Taizi getting out of the carriage, Wang Jingyan came over with a smile but was stopped five steps away from the carriage by the guards of the Taizi Mansion.

Wang Jingyan saluted the Taizi and said, “Your Highness, I have spent some years in Yangzhou and very familiar with Jiangnan. My father asked me to accompany Your Highness Taizi to the south so that His Highness can have a more enjoyable time.”

Wang Jingyan specially dragged the word “accompany*” by half a tone, which was quite suggestive. It was not clear whether it was to “assist” or “accompany”.

(accompany* – to accompany or to assist, in Chinese characters, the same character can have multiple meanings depending on the context)

In the past, when emperors visited various prefectures, they would always bring their imperial concubines with them during the patrols. During the tour, they would occasionally accept beauties offered by prefectures or wealthy gentry.

The meaning of “accompanying” Wang Jingyan was a bit rich.

After Feng Zhan got out of the carriage, he turned his attention to the ship on the canal and said nothing to Wang Jingyan’s self-recommendation.

Song Zhi came back from the direction of the dragon ship.

“Your Highness, everything is ready and we can board the ship now.”

“Hmm.” Feng Zhan frowned slightly as he had previously explained to the south that everything should be kept simple and there was no need to make extravagance.

Although the majestic accompanying ships were still missing, the four-story dragon ship with palaces and pavilions in front of the dock was the ship that Emperor Hui originally planned to use for his voyage to the south of Jiangnan in late spring next year was still too luxurious.

“It’s good.” Feng Zhan left a word and turned to look behind the carriage.

Song Zhi understood that His Highness was referring to Wang Jingyan from the Left Prime Minister Mansion.

Song Zhi stopped in front of Wang Jingyan, “Second Young Lady Wang, please leave.”

When Wang Jingyan was about to speak again, she saw a tall and beautiful woman wearing a moon-white brocade dress and a cloak coming down from a black carriage in the direction of Taizi’s line of sight.

Wang Jingyan’s eyes narrowed, and that was Qin Yan, Princess of Zhaoren.

Qin Yan walked slowly over to Feng Zhan and glanced at Wang Jingyan with an unkind look, before looking away.

Qin Yan’s carriage stopped not far behind Taizi’s carriage, and she had an excellent hearing ability, so of course she heard Wang Jingyan’s words accompany Taizi.

Qin Yan also heard the rumor that the eldest son of the Left Prime Minister’s Mansion had arranged a marriage with the only daughter of the Marquis of Guannei, so this Second Young Lady Wang…

Oh, how greedy was the Left Prime Minister? Did he want to side with the Taizi on one side and the Third Prince on the other side?


Ji Nanfeng walked toward Qin Yan, “Master, everything is ready and we can board the ship.”

Feng Zhan glanced sideways towards the direction of Ji Nanfeng’s arrival and by the riverbank where an exquisite and luxurious three-story ship dock.

Feng Zhan’s face looked a little ugly, did Qin Yan prepare her boat?

It seemed that Song Zhi did not go against his will. The extra ships belonged to Qin Yan.

Qin Yan was about to walk towards the three-story ship when Feng Zhan in front of her stepped over and grabbed her fine wrist.

Qin Yan frowned and turned back, meeting Feng Zhan’s stubborn and deep black eyes.

“We have prepared a bedroom for you on the dragon boat so that we can discuss official matters at any time.” Feng Zhan said with a grandiose tone, but both of them understood that discussing official matters was true, but engaging in private affairs was not false.

Qin Yan raised her eyebrows with a teasing look.

Qin Yan was very interested in Feng Zhan’s body and it would be more fun to have a beautiful man as her companion along the way. However, Feng Zhan teased her to the point where her needs were not met. Feng Zhan couldn’t bear it that Qin Yan was not very happy.

Feng Zhan sighed lightly, “Be good, I will satisfy you.”

Feng Zhan’s mellow voice, which he deliberately lowered, melted Qin Yan’s heart.

Qin Yan couldn’t resist the temptation of the beautiful man in front of her, would she trust him again?

“Mister Ji, board the dragon boat.” Qin Yan ordered quietly.

Ji Nanfeng paused for a moment, but he was used to their entanglement all the time. He took the order and left.

Feng Zhan let go of Qin Yan’s wrist and boarded the ship with Qin Yan one after the other.

“Your Highness Taizi…”

Behind her, Wang Jingyan took another step forward without giving up but was stopped by the guards of the Taizi Mansion.

The accompanying staff and guards of the Taizi Mansion also boarded the accompanying ship.    


On the dock, Wang Jingyan looked at the leaving fleet with cold eyes, feeling a chill in her heart.

The Taizi had never flattered her before, but just now, she saw how Taizi patiently coaxed Qin Yan onto the dragon boat from where she standing which was not far away from them.

Qin Yan was really lucky. She had a noble background, and a beautiful appearance, and was pampered and coaxed by such an excellent man as the Taizi.

Wang Jingyan’s statement that not being jealous was definitely false. Which woman who didn’t want to have a man’s exclusive favor, and a man as powerful as Taizi.

Wang Jingyan didn’t blame Taizi, nor did she blame Qin Yan. She just blamed her family background and destiny. Wang Jingyan didn’t need to have Taizi, but she couldn’t refuse the arrangement her father gave her.

A boy servant from the Left Prime Minister Mansion came over, “Second Young Lady, what should we do now?”

Wang Jingyan sneered in her heart that her father had entrusted her with a task which was to make progress with Taizi during Taizi’s trip to the south.

“Let’s take the land route and go to Yangzhou first to make preparations.”

“But, Second Young Lady, the road is bumpy…” The boy servant hesitated.

“Go prepare them.” Wang Jingyan looked at the fleet that was still setting off.

She overheard the conversation between Taizi and Qin Yan. Was that Qin Yan’s boat? Was Qin Yan’s family so wealthy?

Anyway, with her adoptive father’s financial support when she arrived in Yangzhou, it would be her Wang Jingyan’s world.


Qin Yan’s bedroom was arranged on the top floor of the dragon boat, close to the main hall of Taizi Feng Zhan.

In the past few days of going south, both of them have been relatively calm, except for official business, they had not been bored with each other and handled their own affairs.

This time going south, Taizi had no intention of cruising, so he sailed at a faster speed and reached the border of Jiangnan in a short time.

However, the siltation of the river passing by was getting more and more worse and the atmosphere in the meeting hall on the dragon boat was becoming more and more grave every day.

The officials of the prefectures along the way were frequently summoned to board the dragon boat, and when boarding and disembarking, they were frightened and sweated profusely.

If the severity of the Jiangnan floods was seven or eight points, the government offices of each prefecture only reported three or four points, and no one wanted to be the first to do so. However, the more this happened, the more serious the situation would become.

“Send an urgent report back to the capital. Let all the princes and monarchs return to their territories immediately and wait for orders. Order the Ministry of War and the Ministry of Revenue to immediately send people to the south.” Taizi made arrangements.

The speed of the boat was also getting slower and slower due to the siltation of sediments in the river.

It has been cloudy and rainy for several days in a row. Today, the rain has stopped, but the mist has begun to appear on the river surface.

Early that morning, Qin Yan and Feng Zhan came out of their bedroom at the same time. They stood in front of the railing at the bow of the ship and looked around. Because some parts of the river were blocked by silt, thousands of strong men were struggling to tow the dragon boat forward.

The wind was blowing on the bow of the ship, and Feng Zhan and Qin Yan’s hair and robes were blown by the autumn wind, flying and intertwined, one black and one white, yet so harmonious.

Qin Yan held the railing with both hands and spoke in a calm tone, “Has Your Highness ever heard of such a saying among the people?”

“There are three hardships in the industries: punting, blacksmithing, and grumbling.”

As Qin Yan spoke, her eyes fell on the bare-chested strong men carrying ropes on both sides of the river bank.

Feng Zhan frowned, turned to look at Qin Yan, and said in a deep voice, “Are you sympathizing with them?”

Qin Yan’s lips curved into a slight smile, and she shook her head gently, ” All things in the world suffer, who has the right to sympathize with whom?”

A doubt suddenly crossed Feng Zhan’s mind. Qin Yan, was there ever a moment in this life when she was not so clear-headed?

Ji Nanfeng came over, “Master, Lingshan is ready and we are ready to depart at any time.”

Feng Zhan frowned, “You want to get off the ship?”

Qin Yan looked calm, “Yes.”

Feng Zhan stretched out his hand and hooked up a wisp of Qin Yan’s black hair that was blown to his hand due to the strong wind, with a volume that was neither high nor low, but it carried an irresistible strength, “Just in time, let’s go together.”

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