TCPCHW Chapter 38 Part 2

The Crown Prince Chases His Wife

Chapter 38          Missing (2/2)

At this time, Qin Yan had already sat back in the chair, picked up the teacup, and sipped it lightly.

Qin Yan’s eyes were cold, and she quickly sorted out the thoughts in her mind.

Jiang Mu’s skills were very good, and she had often taken him to the wild forest for training. If he was just wandering in the forest alone, and even if he encountered a ferocious beast, there wouldn’t be any danger.

However, Jiang Mu’s actions over the years had rarely been unquestionable, and all his actions would be reported to Mister Ji. So, he would not enter the forest alone without leaving a word.

Could it be that he had been dormant for so long and was preparing to escape this time?

He had nothing but his skills now.

Did the killer come to rescue him?

Or came to kill him?

How much preparation had they made, how many people were there, and were they out of the paddock?

Qin Yan put down the teacup and said: “Is the horse ready?”

Just now Qin Yan was about to go out for a horse run, and she had already ordered Shen Ying to prepare the horse.

Qin Yan continued to make arrangements: “Send someone back to the Princess Mansion to inform Mister Ji of the situation in the paddock and tell him to send additional people to wait outside the paddock and be ready to provide reinforcements at any time.”

“Inform the Duke of Zhenguo Mansion that if my trip is not favorable, let them help Mister Ji lead people into the paddock.”

“Let all our people who entered the western suburbs hunting ground this time, including the secret guards, follow me into the forest to find Jiang Mu.”

Qin Yan was always confident in her abilities but never took unnecessary risks.

She acted cautiously and would make several preparations at the same time when arranging things.

After that, Qin Yan strode out of the camp and got on her horse.

​Qin Yan did not set off immediately after getting on the horse but stood still and thought for a moment.

Jiang Mu had a special identity, and if something happened to him, or if he disappeared, it would be troublesome.

The Emperor of Hui was now whistling the deer in the forest, this matter…

Qin Yan quickly made a decision in her heart. She pulled the reins and turned the horse’s head, and ordered: “Inform His Highness Taizi about this matter.”

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After speaking, Qin Yan galloped out and headed for the forest.


Taizi Feng Zhan was in the tent reviewing the memorials in front of the desk, and the fragrance of tea wafted from the teacup beside him.

This time, the imperial family went to the western suburbs to hunt, and there were still Left and Right Prime Ministers in the imperial court. The Grand Scholar and a group of ministers of civil and military affairs handled the court affairs as usual.

But important memorials were sent to the camp in the camp in the western suburbs every day for Feng Zhan to look over.

Feng Zhan put the memorial down and pinched his nose bridge.

Feng Zhan picked up the teacup and sipped lightly.

He wondered if Qin Yan would go hunting in the forest today.

With such a temperament of hers…

Feng Zhan frowned slightly and glanced at the memorials on the table. He had to speed up. The weather was good today, how about going out for a walk?

“Princess of Zhaoren sent someone to report.” The voice of the attendant came from outside the tent.

Hearing this, Song Zhi went out.

Feng Zhan put down the teacup, but an indiscernible curve appeared on his lips.

Qin Yan?

Did she especially ask someone to invite him to go hunting?

Feng Zhan leaned back slightly, leaning against the back of the chair, and his arms resting on the armrests on both sides. His posture was relaxed and warmed up.

Should he refuse first on the busyness of official duties?

Then, reluctantly agree?

Otherwise, if he readily agreed, would she see him as frivolous?


“Your Highness.” Song Zhi came in and interrupted Feng Zhan’s thoughts.

“Yes.” Feng Zhan looked at Song Zhi, waiting for Song Zhi to speak.

Song Zhi saw that His Highness seemed to be a little different from the past.

Was it his own delusion? Did His Highness look a little happy? But……

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Song Zhi quickly snapped out of it and said: “Your Highness, Princess of Zhaoren sent someone to inform that Young Master Jiang went missing in the forest this morning. The secret guard we sent to follow Young Master Jiang encountered several groups of killers in the forest, and we don’t know what the situation is now. Only the secret guard of the Princess of Zhaoren came back to ask for help. Just now, Princess of Zhaoren has brought people into the forest.”

Hearing this, Feng Zhan narrowed his eyes dangerously, then stood up suddenly and strode out of the tent.

“Prepare the horse.” Feng Zhan’s voice was cold.

As soon as he left the camp, Feng Zhan made arrangements in a cold voice: “Song Zhi, bring all the soldiers and secret guards of the Taizi Mansion from the paddock.”

“Send someone to inform Lu Chen and bring people to the paddock to help immediately.”

“Bring the imperial doctor of the Imperial Hospital go to the western suburbs paddock and be on standby at any time.”

After Feng Zhan finished speaking, he galloped away on his horse.

Within a few steps, he was stopped by a person who suddenly rushed in front of his horse.


Feng Zhan’s horse neighed and raised its front hooves. Feng Zhan tightened the reins and looked at the person who came coldly after controlling his horse.

It was Wang Jingyan, the second daughter of the Left Prime Minister Mansion, who dressed in a red riding outfit.

The Second Miss Wang closed her eyes and stood in front of the horse with her arms open wide. It seemed that she had to stop the horse even if she was trampled by the horse.

How audacious!

Feng Zhan’s expression was icy cold, with a warning in his eyes.

Wang Jingyan opened one eye mischievously, patted her chest with her right hand, and said: “Scared me to death, scared me to death.”

Wang Jingyan smiled and looked at Taizi Feng Zhan who was sitting on the horse: “Your Highness Taizi, are you going out for a hunt? Would you allow me to go with you? I…”

“Get lost.” Feng Zhan’s voice was as cold as ice.

Feng Zhan held the reins with one hand, adjusted the horse’s head, and galloped away with his legs between the horse’s abdomen.

Song Zhi and all his soldiers also rode away.

Wang Jingyan raised her hand and waved away the smoke and dust from the galloping horses, wondering in her heart.

What happened?

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