TCPCHW Chapter 35 Part 1

The Crown Prince Chases His Wife

Chapter 35          Thorough (1/2)

In the Taizi’s tent in the hunting ground of the western suburb.

Feng Zhan sat alone in front of the desk, rubbing a plain letter on the desk with his well-defined slender hand.

Feng Zhan had an exceptionally good memory. He never needed to read the letters a second time, and he would have a deep impression after reading them once.

Qin Yan’s analysis of Gu City’s intelligence would be sent to the Taizi Mansion in Xishan every few days. When he went to the paddock in the western suburbs this time, Feng Zhan brought the latest handwritten letter from Qin Yan, a handwritten letter that Feng Zhan had read countless times.

“The wind is calm.”

At this moment, Feng Zhan’s face was not obvious, but his heart was not calm at all.

There were only four words on the paper and the strokes were powerful and smooth, especially the vigorous stroke was unforgettable.

The words were like the person.

People said that beauty lies in the character and not in appearance.

And yet Qin Yan’s beauty was in both her character and appearance.

How could there be someone in this world like this, combining various contradictions with such a strong sense of impact?

Today, when Feng Zhan went to the horse racing field and saw the fierce horse on the field, he realized that the horse had been tampered with and was abnormally restless.

And after Qin Yan got on the horse, she should have noticed something was wrong with the horse, so she made a quick decision and killed it with her bare hands.

According to Song Zhi’s later report, Qin Yan didn’t tell the Emperor that there was a problem with the horse but pointed out that all horses from Mulan Horse Farm needed to be re-tamed before they could be used.

If the people behind the scenes dared to do something in the imperial hunting ground, they must have made adequate preparations.

If the horse had a problem and was brought to the surface, it would be difficult to find out who was behind it.

Even if the truth was finally found out, the time required wouldn’t be a matter of one or two days.

Moreover, these horses had been transported from the Mulan Horse Farm in the Northwest to the Western Suburbs Horse Farm a few months ago. It was hard to say whether the horse was tampered with at the Western Suburbs Horse Farm, during the transit, or at the Mulan Horse Farm.

And if by any chance, it was found out that it was a member of the imperial family who was doing it and because nothing major happened, this matter would only be covered up.

It was very likely that after all, Mulan Horse Farm couldn’t escape the implication and Qin Yan would still be held accountable, even if she was just the scapegoat.

Therefore, Qin Yan didn’t say that there was a problem with the horse, only that the wildness was difficult to tame.

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And the Emperor might not have noticed the problem with the horse. Since there were no casualties, it just needed to stop the damage in time. If it was true that the imperial family was behind the scenes, the Emperor also needed to take this step to take the opportunity to expose the matter first.

She suggested that these horses needed to be re-tamed again, meaning that these horses should not be allowed on the field in this hunt. Even if the horses had problems later, she also avoided the responsibility of her ulterior motives.

Feng Zhan knew Qin Yan’s methods of managing Gu City and running a horse farm. He had also seen Qin Yan’s elegance in brewing tea, her vulgarity in horse tag, and her indifference to reputation in Qianshui Lake.

Feng Zhan’s previous impression of Qin Yan, due to various reasons, weakened Qin Yan as a stunning beauty.

It turned out that she still had such skills and was so unyielding and decisive.

Qin Yan was very resolute in killing the horse, and her explanation to the Emperor was also very clever. She was thorough and meticulous.

She was also well-versed in the rules of the undercurrents game of the officialdom and imperial family.

As for whether she would settle accounts later, Feng Zhan recalled Qin Yan’s ruthlessness in killing the horse in the field…

She should have a back move.


“Your Highness, Shizi Xie request to see you.”

Song Zhi entered the tent and interrupted Feng Zhan’s contemplation.

Feng Zhan frowned slightly, and said in a deep voice, “Come in.”

Xie Changyuan strode forward, saluted before the desk, and said, “Your Highness Taizi.”

When Xie Changyuan got up, he caught a glimpse of a plain letter on top of the desk and the writing on it…

“What’s the matter?” Feng Zhan’s tone was slightly deeper.

Xie Changyuan pulled his thoughts back to the thing he had just seen that made him extremely unhappy and asked: “Your Highness, why did Xie Zhao appear on the outskirts of the camp? His original duty was to guard Qianyang Ridge. I heard that this is Your Highness’s arrangement.”

Xie Changyuan looked directly at Taizi Feng Zhan. He waited to see what kind of reply the Taizi could have. Taizi should naturally have the same grudge against Xie Zhao as he did, and shouldn’t have promoted Xie Zhao, that illegitimate son.

Taizi Feng Zhan’s eyes were slightly cold.

Feng Zhan could hear Xie Changyuan’s tone of questioning, and this could be accounted as offending the superior.

However, Feng Zhan also understood his cousin’s knot against Xie Zhao.

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“This is what the one in the imperial tent means.” The Taizi said in a deep voice.

Xie Changyuan’s eyes narrowed, and he was extremely shocked.

The one in the imperial tent? Emperor? How could it be?

The Emperor and his mother, Princess Anyang, had supported each other since childhood. It could be said that the Emperor was taken care of by his mother until he was finally chosen by Empress Dowager Xiao as her first son before ascending the throne.

The Emperor had a very deep relationship with his mother and if he had a knot with Xie Zhao, then the Emperor wouldn’t be without it.

Seeing that Xie Changyuan looked doubtful, Feng Zhan cleared up the confusion: “At noon, Chief Eunuch Li, who is in front of the Emperor, brought His Majesty’s oral decree that the surrounding area for tomorrow’s hunting includes Qianyang Ridge.”

Xie Changyuan frowned slightly, puzzled by the Emperor’s decision.

In the previous year’s autumn hunting, the delineated hunting range didn’t include Qianyang Ridge.

According to the Emperor’s meaning, some ferocious beasts were appropriately placed in the hunting area to avoid risks. If there were people who want to hunt ferocious beasts alone, they could enter Qianyang Ridge on their own.

The guards of Qianyang Ridge had a great responsibility, and couldn’t let unspecified beasts go out of the ridge to hurt people.

“After Chief Eunuch Li finished speaking, he also said a few words.” Feng Zhan seemed to remember something pleasant, and the corners of his lips curled slightly.

Xie Changyuan waited quietly for the next words.

Feng Zhan continued: “According to Chief Eunuch Li, the Emperor seems to be aroused by the exciting scene of Princess of Zhaoren’s horse taming today. He said that if only a few ferocious beasts are released like before, it will be boring.”

“This Qin Yan.” After Feng Zhan finished speaking, he laughed out loud.

Xie Changyuan was dumbfounded, because of this.

“You don’t need to send people to guard Qianyang Ridge. Gather everyone in the hunting grounds, rearranges the arrangement, sets up the formation tonight, and encircle it with five drums tomorrow. The hunting will start at sunrise.” Feng Zhan continued to make the arrangements.

Xie Changyuan accepted the order.


“Changyuan.” Feng Zhan spoke again.

“You arranged for Xie Zhao to guard Qianyang Ridge. This is Xie Zhao’s first time entering the paddock in the western suburbs and he is extremely unfamiliar with the terrain. There are many people in the paddock. If something goes wrong, you know the consequences.”

“Do you still remember that you’re the Commander-in-Chief who is in charge of the safety of this hunt? If something happens, can you get away with it?”

“Ask yourself honestly whether you have been blinded by personal resentment and have affected your judgment.”

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“Changyuan, you and I are from the imperial family. There is one thing as the imperial family members that we must keep in mind. Not only the imperial family is home, but the home of people all over the world is also home. Do you understand?”

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  1. Well said. He is blinded by emotions since the beginning. That lead him to make several mistakes, this A Yan girl, rejecting his marriage with Qin yan, chasing after Xie shao. Don’t follow your heart it is a traitor within us. Says a ancient proverbs. It’s so true.

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