TCPCHW Chapter 8 Part 1

The Crown Prince Chases His Wife

Chapter 8             Award Title (1/2)

On the carriage on the return journey, Qin Xi finally couldn’t help but burst into laughter.

“Qin Nian tried to embarrass the eldest sister by trying to gain an advantage only to end up worse of. Hahaha…”

“It’s hard to find the golden youthful prescription in the palace, but it’s worth it for her to get a bottle of scald ointment used in the palace this time. Hahaha…”

Qin Lin held a book in her hand but did not turn a page. She glanced at Qin Xi, who was laughing half-heartedly, “Our eldest sister is not simple, and the attitude of the Emperor can be seen today. We don’t ask for friendship with her, but we also don’t ask to become enemies.”

After closing the page of the book, Qin Lin pondered.

Although they had not seen their aunt, Imperial Concubine Shu, many times before, she had always looked calm in front of others.

And today’s scene in the Qianqing Palace…

“Hey, Qin Lin, have you noticed that Imperial Concubine Shu today is very different from before? She scared me to death. Where was her usual dignified and elegant manners with that kind of harshness? She looks like a shrew in the market, even not as good as our mother…”

“Qin Xi, how can you talk like that!” Qin Lin interrupted Qin Xi’s words.

“Qin Lin, I’m your sister, why do you always scold me?! I’m not wrong, doesn’t Imperial Concubine Shu always think that our mother is a filthy rich stinky commoner? But at least mother didn’t say anything that is hidden with irony in it, but her every sentence is thorny. Isn’t she even worse than our mother?” Qin Xi muttered, her voice gradually lowered as if she was a little aggrieved. After that, she happily ate the dessert again.

“It’s a pity that I was so busy watching the show today that I didn’t have time to try the pastries from the imperial kitchen, making me hungry. Next time if there’s such a good show, you have to remind me to fill my stomach before going out.”

Qin Lin held her forehead, this second fool.

Imperial Concubine Shu was indeed abnormal today, perhaps because Qin Yan provoked her, but she heard from her mother that Imperial Concubine Shu and Qin Yan’s mother, Shen Shiying, had disagreements before.

She was very fortunate that her mother insisted on separating from the family, otherwise, with the current Prime Minister Qin Mansion, their family probably would be in madness.


Qin Yan was taken outside the imperial study, and after a while, Li Fuquan’s voice came, “Announce that Qin Yan has an audience with Emperor.”

The beast stove in the palace hall was burning with ambergris, and the Emperor of Hui, dressed in a bright yellow dragon robe, sat behind the imperial table.

Qin Yan bowed in salute, “Qin Yan pay respects to Your Majesty.”

“Free of the ceremony, have a seat.” Emperor of Hui was only around fifty, but his voice had already revealed his old age.

Qin Yan sat on the big red sandalwood chair with a decorative carved pattern, and Li Fuquan served hot tea.

Looking at the leaves and smelling the fragrance, it was the new tea of ​​this year.

“This is this year’s Mingqian Longjing*. If it suits your taste, I’ll let Li Fuquan will bring it to you later.”

(Mingqian Longjing*­ – green tea that is picked before the Tomb Sweeping Day)

“Thank you, Your Majesty.”

Qin Yan didn’t refuse. Every year, the head of the businesses in each state would send spring tea to Gu City and ask her to order the tea. After that, they would send the best tea to the prefecture to be selected as the tribute tea and send it to the palace. Because of her fondness for tea, Mister Ji had prepared a lot of Mingqian Longjing this year for her.

“Gu City has worked hard for the past few years.” Emperor of Hui said.

Qin Yan spoke neither humble nor arrogant, “It’s an honor to share the worries for Your Majesty.”

Emperor of Hui narrowed his eyes slightly, observing Qin Yan’s reaction secretly, and then spoke slowly again, “In those years, when the Three Kingdoms ceased war, it was agreed that the armies would retreat to the mountain pass, but there were still occasional attacks on the border. You acquired the Gu City in the name of trade with the Western Regions and moved Xiaoguan’s defense line a hundred miles away in disguise. You did a good job.”

“At that time, the task of Gu City was entrusted to the Pingxi Army, but the Shen family was not suitable to come forward, and Gu City needed someone who I and the Shen family could absolutely trust, only your identity was the most suitable one. This was also a helpless move. It was hard on you as a little girl.”

Emperor of Hui picked up the colorful silkworm teacup with a ruyi pattern in his hand and took a sip. He looked at Qin Yan from the corner of his eyes, but since entering the hall, Qin Yan’s eyes were only slightly lowered, and there was no change in her expression.

“Mulan Horse Farm is your private property, but you handed it over to Taipu Temple, what reward do you want?”

“I dare not ask for credit.”

Emperor of Hui nodded in satisfaction.

After a moment of silence, the Emperor of Hui spoke again.

“You have a marriage contract with Changyuan?”

Qin Yan’s eyes flickered slightly, was the Emperor of Hui trying to get her married?

The news from her subordinates flashed in Qin Yan’s mind, that Xie Changyuan had blatantly kept a woman close to him in the mansion in recent years, and that Xie Changyuan’s denial of the marriage contract had been circulated outside, so she also shouldn’t brazenly continue to stick with it. She raised her lips and replied, “It was just a joke between Her Highness Princess of Anyang and my mother back then.”

“Good! Good!” The corners of Emperor of Hui’s mouth raised slightly.

“I haven’t been in good health these years, and I rarely deal with the political affairs. Now it’s Taizi who supervises the country, and you need to discuss with Taizi more matters related to Gu City and Mulan Horse Farm.”

“If you need anything in the future, you can enter the palace at any time. Or it’s the same if you go look for Taizi. Taizi is stable and reliable, so you can rest assured.”

“I accept the orders.”


Emperor of Hui beckoned Li Fuquan, “Put on the chessboard, let’s have a game?” But he looked at Qin Yan.


Qin Yan had no choice but to accompany him.


When she came out of the imperial study, she looked up and saw that the sun was setting in the west. Recalling the evenings in the Northwest, there were herds of horses returning at night under the setting sun, and the horses could be reined in on the horse farm and gallop freely. In this Imperial City, even her breathing was unconsciously shallow, her chest was also suppressed, and her ribs were sore.

When she reached the palace gate, Qin Yan stepped down from the sedan chair. Li Fuquan bowed and said, “This servant congratulates Princess of Zhaoren in advance.”

“Everything in the world is changing rapidly. It’s too early for the eunuch to say that.” Qin Yan smiled.

“It’s this old servant who made a slip of the tongue.” Li Fuquan was slightly surprised that she was so cautious at her age.

“Shen Ying.” Qin Yan motioned to Shen Ying.

Shen Ying took out a red sandalwood brocade box from the carriage, held up with both hands, and handed it to Li Fuquan.

“This?” Li Fuquan was puzzled.

“Eunuch Li has worked hard. It’s just some gadget, and eunuch can use it for amusement.”

“This old servant thanked Miss Qin.” Li Fuquan took the brocade box with a smile on his face.

After Qin Yan’s carriage left, Li Fuquan opened the sandalwood brocade box and saw a white jade banana leaf pattern chi-ear vase inside. The realism was warm and delicate, and it was the best Hetian jade.

A smile appeared on Li Fuquan’s face, this person’s future was limitless.


Inside the carriage, Shen Ying couldn’t help being curious, “Who is the Princess of Zhaoren that the eunuch mentioned just now?”

“The imperial decree should come in a few days.” After entering the palace for a day, she was tired of coping with it, which was no less than a round on the battlefield. After getting in the carriage, Qin Yan leaned against the cushion and closed her eyes to rest, and she didn’t want to say more at this time.

Shen Ying was a little excited, “I thought that Master was going to the Hongmen banquet* today, and I was worried for nothing. Princess? Are there such good things?”

(Hongmen banquet* – a banquet set up with the intention to kill a guest)

Qin Yan sighed in her heart, how could there be anything cheap? A solid Gu City and a horse farm.

It was not a secret that Mulan Horse Farm supplied the military horses to the Northwest Camp. Instead of taking the blame, it was better to exchange it for peace.

It was just that the Emperor of Hui felt that he knew the current affairs and gave her some compensation.

As for the marriage, was it Taizi?

She hoped she was overthinking it herself.

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