TCPCHW Chapter 8 Part 2

The Crown Prince Chases His Wife

Chapter 8             Award Title (2/2)

Yanyu Pavilion in Qin Mansion.

Song Mei nervously dealt with Qin Nian’s face injury. Although she was very confident in this palace’s secret medicine, she still couldn’t swallow this breath. It was Qin Yan again!

As soon as Prime Minister Qin entered the room, Song Mei immediately threw himself into Prime Minister Qin’s arms and wept with tears, “My unfortunate Niannian…”

Seeing Qin Nian’s left face with ointment again, wasn’t it just recover? Prime Minister Qin said anxiously, “Niannian, what happened?”

After listening to Qin Nian’s talk about what happened in Chengqian Palace today, Qin Xiang was not as angry as when Qin Nian was slapped last time but frowned and didn’t say a word.

Today, the Emperor’s attitude towards Qin Yan seemed to be partial, and Imperial Concubine Shu had been banned. Based on his keen sense of officialdom for many years, he should not provoke this eldest daughter of his first and wait for the change.

Prime Minister Qin dropped a sentence, “His Majesty is unpredictable, so it’s inconvenient to disclose this matter. Remember, Niannian’s face is allergic to pollen.” Then he left in a hurry.

Qin Nian looked at Song Mei, who was still crying and was utterly disappointed.

The mother would only cry, and her father seemed to be unreliable, otherwise, she would not be a concubine-born daughter after all these years.

Some things had to be done by herself.

Qin Nian gritted her teeth and vowed secretly, “Qin Yan, the future is long. I’ll settle these accounts with you one by one!”


On the second day, Li Fuquan entered the Prime Minister Qin Mansion with a golden decree.

Everyone in the mansion was puzzled, as they hadn’t heard any rumor before. They hurried to the door and knelt down and waited for the decree.

Li Fuquan glanced at the kneeling crowd, and asked Prime Minister Qin who was on an official holiday in the mansion, “Prime Minister, why didn’t Qin Yan, the eldest daughter of your family, come to listen to the decree?”

Prime Minister Qin was puzzled why he asked Qin Yan, but he was embarrassed to say it, “Qin Yan is not in the mansion at the moment.”

“Dare to ask Prime Minister, where is Eldest Miss Qin.”

Only then did everyone understand that this imperial decree was for Qin Yan.

Qin Xiang spoke with difficulty, “Maybe at the Duke of Zhenguo Mansion.”

Li Fuquan’s smile couldn’t reach the bottom of his eyes, maybe?

Did this father not know the whereabouts of his daughter?

“Since Eldest Miss Qin is not in the mansion, I’ll retire now.”

“Eunuch Li, please wait a moment.” Prime Minister Qin stopped Li Fuquan, who was about to leave.

“Dare to ask Eunuch Li, what is this decree about?”

Li Fuquan smiled all over his face, “I want to congratulate Prime Minister, your family will have a Princess.”

Prime Minister Qin’s face was full of disbelief, and he did not forget to order Zhang Quan, the housekeeper, to hand Li Fuquan a bag of silver for tea.

Hearing this, everyone was shocked.

After the founding of the Great Xia, there were very few titles granted. There were only two princesses with titles in this generation, and only the first eldest daughter of Duan Wang* Mansion had the title princess. How could Qin Yan be able to confer the title of the Princess? Could it be a mistake?

(Wang*­ – the highest title in the feudal society or a prince title)

The decree issued to the Duke of Zhenguo Mansion was quickly passed back to the Qin Mansion.

Qin Yan had been conferred the title of Princess of Zhaoren, with a fief of five thousand households, and granted the southern part of the Xishan Palace as the Princess Mansion.

Prime Minister Qin sat in front of the hall for a stick of incense, he kept stirring the tea leaves with the tea lid. The tea was already cold, but he didn’t even take a sip.

Qin Yan caused havoc at the Prime Minister Mansion and the Chengqian Palace. Not only did the emperor not condemn her, but he also conferred her princess. Moreover, the title Princess of Zhaoren and a fief of five thousand households were not the treatment of a princess, but a princess of the imperial family.

Was there any unknown reason behind this? Was this His Majesty’s reward to the Duke of Zhenguo? Or possibly, was it a warning to the Qin Mansion?

It was impossible for Li Fuquan, who issued the decree, to not know that Qin Yan didn’t live in Qin Mansion, but the imperial decree came to Prime Minister Qin Mansion. This was an intentional demonstration. Over the years, he had relied on his keen political sense, seeking advantages and avoiding disadvantages, and had a smooth career, so he could not lose His Majesty’s heart because of Qin Yan’s affairs.

Prime Minister Qin opened his mouth, “Zhang Quan, repeat exactly what Qin Yan said before she left the mansion that day.”

The housekeeper Zhang Quan recited every word that Qin Yan said before she left the mansion that day without missing a word.

Prime Minister Qin sighed, “Do according to what she said. Let Madam Song and Miss Nian move back to the original courtyard of their old residence.”

“Write a letter to the clan leader and the clan elders that raising Madam Song as a flat wife will be on hold for now. Please convey my apologies to the clan leader and the clan elders for their hard work in traveling the long distance. That’s all.” Qin Xiang sounded exhausted.

Zhang Quan was startled that the eldest young lady gained the upper hand. Then, what about his matter of helping Concubine Song to humiliate the eldest young lady before this? Zhang Quan withdrew.

Song Mei and Qin Nian who got the news smashed the flower vase in the room, but they couldn’t challenge Prime Minister Qin’s arrangement.

The Old Madam had been chanting the wicked girl in the Buddhist Hall, and when she heard the news, she had dropped several rosary beads.


The news spread quickly in the capital, and everyone was amazed at the fate of the first daughter of the Qin Mansion and felt sorry for Shizi Xie of Marquis of Yongding Mansion. Would Shizi Xie really not regret rejecting this marriage?

When Xie Changyuan got the news, what he thought of was not the marriage, rather what did the ex-fiancée exchange for the title? He knew very well that his uncle, Emperor of Hui, was good at a power play, and this action was very abrupt, there must be some reason behind it.

While A Yan in Marquis of Yongding Mansion was planting flowers when she heard the news, she accidentally knocked down her most beloved red plum blossom porcelain vase.

This porcelain vase was the first gift that Brother Changyuan gave her when he accompanied her shopping for the first time. A Yan immediately squatted down to pick up the pieces of the porcelain vase. Her index finger of her right hand was cut by a sharp piece of porcelain, and bright red blood oozed out instantly.

The maid rushed over to help A Yan up and cleaned her wound, while A Yan stared blankly while the little maid cleaned her up.

As the nominal fiancée of Brother Changyuan, she was quite afraid of her previous status. But now, Qin Yan had been granted the title Princess, even with her true identity, she couldn’t suppress her.

She hoped this would not change Brother Changyuan’s mind. A Yan knew about the unpleasant past between Xie Changyuan and the Marquis of Yongding, Xie An. Brother Changyuan was not such a person, and Brother Chang Yuan would not look back, definitely not…

All the masters in the palace were relieved when they received this news. She was granted the title of Princess, which did not affect their own affairs. When Imperial Concubine Shu, who was locked up in confinement, heard this, she was shocked. His Majesty really wanted to humiliate her like this, for Shen Shiying’s sake.

In the northern part of the Xishan Palace, in the Taizi Mansion, Feng Zhan’s eyes narrowed slightly after hearing the news reported by Song Zhi. His intuition was correct, Qin Yan or Northwest, there must be something he didn’t know.

His own private soldiers were stationed there in the north now, and Count of Pingnan in the south was still honest. But many spies who went to the Northwest in the past few years had received a lot of information but none of it was logical. This made Feng Zhan very puzzled about Northwest. Although there was no trouble, it felt anything but reassuring to be not in control.

“Your Highness, now the southern part of the palace is now given to Princess of Zhaoren. Do you want to build a wall in the plum grove at the junction of the north and south palaces?”

“Certainly.” There was no doubt about this. Feng Zhan was tired of trouble, especially women’s troubles.

A few years ago, when Feng Zhan had just returned to the capital, he lived in the Eastern Palace. That very night, a woman who had arranged for him appeared on his sleeping bed in the sleeping hall. Feng Zhan was furious and moved to the Xishan Palace overnight. He took advantage of the situation and converted the Xishan Palace into the Taiz Mansion.

As for the southern part of the palace, his old man had never let it go, saying that he would occasionally use it when he came to the palace to escape the summer heat. Oh, now he gave it cheaply to others.

At this time, Feng Zhan still didn’t know that the high wall he built would have to be demolished by himself in the future.

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