TCPCHW Chapter 65

The Crown Prince Chases His Wife

Chapter 65          Tempting

Early the next morning, Qin Yan went to the study to handle official business.

Last night, Feng Yuyao sent a message to Qin Yan, saying that Imperial Concubine De invited Qin Yan to visit the palace today, so Qin Yan got up early.

In about an hour, Qin Yan finished reading the last letter.

“Mister Ji, go ahead and handle it.”

At this time, the outside of the study was still shrouded in dim light, and the morning mist spread through the open door, followed by the sweet fragrance of osmanthus that overflowed into the nose.

Qin Yan moved her stiff neck slightly, stretched out her right hand, and gently squeezed her left shoulder.

Ji Nanfeng frowned slightly, “Master is too tired these days. Please add some wormwood leaves and cypress seeds to the hot pool tonight.”

Ji Nanfeng didn’t agree with Qin Yan’s daily participation in court affairs at the Taizi Mansion. His master didn’t have to work so hard, she should just be pampered and cared for. Ji Nanfeng sighed softly in his heart.

“Mister Ji, please arrange it.”

After Ji Nanfeng went out, Qin Yan called Shen Ying to come in, “Ask Uncle Huai to come over.”

“Yes, Master.”

Not long after, Shen Huai entered the study.

“Uncle Huai, can you go to the Marquis of Yongding Mansion today to inquire about Shizi Xie’s concubine, and retrieve my paintings.” Qin Yan said in a calm tone.

Qin Yan suddenly recalled, “Uncle Huai, the token my mother gave to Princess Anyang has not been returned yet?”

Qin Yan didn’t want to have any more entanglements with those rotten people.

Shen Huai’s face looked a little ugly. He had indeed failed to do what his master had told him to do.

“Shizi Xie said that the token has not been found yet.”

Shen Huai was a little angry. What outcome would it have if Shizi Xie just dragged on like this?

Qin Yan’s eyebrows were slightly furrowed, “Retrieve it together today.”

Uncle Huai took the order and left.

Shen Ying came in, took the cloak on the couch, and walked to Qin Yan’s side, “Master, the carriage is ready.”

Qin Yan stood up, and Shen Ying stepped forward to put the cloak on Qin Yan.

Qin Yan stepped out of the study door, paused, and looked to the north.

At this time, with the first ray of morning sun, through the mist, the plum grove was faintly visible.

The morning dew was slightly cool, Qin Yan tightened her cloak, “Send someone to inform the Taizi Mansion that I have something to do today, so I won’t go there.”

“Yes, Master.” Shen Ying beckoned the secret guard from the other side of the plum grove and passed a few words to him.

At the main entrance of the Taizi Mansion in Xishan, Taizi Feng Zhan was preparing to get into the carriage to enter the palace.

A personal guard of the Taizi Mansion quickly walked out of the gate of the Taizi Mansion, came to Song Zhi’s side, and said something. After hearing the message, Song Zhi walked to the Taizi’s side in two steps, “Your Highness, Princess Zhaoren sent someone to inform you that the princess will not be coming today.”

Feng Zhan frowned slightly, got in the carriage, and left without saying a word.


From the gates of the Taizi Mansion and Princess Zhaoren Mansion to the main road leading to the capital, merge into the same official road not far from their respective mansion. Today, coincidentally, the two groups of people arrived at the intersection at the same time.

On both roads, led by two personal guards, followed by their master’s carriage, and then a group of personal guards who stopped at the fork in the road.

Taizi’s carriage didn’t need to give way, but the leading personal guards of the Taizi Mansion recognized Princess Zhaoren’s carriage on the other side of the road. Lord Song had told everyone in the Taizi Mansion that Princess Zhaoren was very special to His Highness Taizi, and asked them to be more discerning, so the two guards reined in their horses and stopped, waiting for His Highness’s instructions.

Qin Yan was leaning on the soft pillow in the car, closing her eyes and taking a nap. When the carriage suddenly stopped, Shen Ying, who was sitting in front of the carriage, turned to the inside of the carriage and said, “Master, His Highness Taizi’s carriage is on the other side. We stop to give way.”

“Hmm.” Qin Yan was still with her eyes closed and her head was supported with her hands, without changing her posture. It seemed that nothing around her could affect her rest at this moment.

On the other side of the Taizi’s carriage, Song Zhi rode toward the carriage, “Your Highness, it’s Princess Zhaoren.”

Feng Zhan, who was in the carriage, had been resting with his eyes closed since he got in. Hearing the words, he raised his eyes, reached out his slender hand, and opened the carriage curtain to look out.

There was a completely black carriage on the other side, with the curtains down, covering completely, and no movement could be seen.

Feng Zhan withdrew his hand.

“Let’s go.” Feng Zhan’s voice was low.

“Yes, Your Highness.” Song Zhi immediately ordered to continue ahead but heard His Highness in the carriage add another sentence.

“Don’t go too fast.”

Song Zhi: ……

Not too fast?

How fast was that?


From Xishan to the city gate, the Taizi’s carriage was leading in front of Princess Zhaoren Mansion’s carriage, with a speed of neither too fast nor too slow on the official road.

Shen Ying was an impatient person, and couldn’t help but mutter and complain several times, “Is the Taizi’s carriage traveling at this speed for an outing?”

“Master, do you want to…”

“No need.” Qin Yan interrupted quietly.

Qin Yan raised her eyes as if she could vaguely guess Feng Zhan’s evil thoughts.

However, according to the usual practice, Qin Yan would go out for important invitations at least an hour in advance, leaving enough time for various unforeseen unexpected situations.

Therefore, today, she did not need to urge the Taizi who was deliberately slow down in front of her.

As a result, the originally hour-long journey from Xishan to the capital city was dragged to two hours. It was indeed an autumn excursion.


At the northern end of the imperial city, Shenwu Gate.

After the carriage stopped and Qin Yan got out of the carriage, she saw another luxurious and magnificent six-horse carriage parked in front of her. Behind the carriage, a group of personal guards from the Taizi Mansion were neatly dressed.

After Qin Yan got out of the car, she did not step forward immediately, but just stood there, looking straight ahead calmly.

When the Taizi entered the palace on official business or attended the morning court, he always entered and exited through the Donghua Gate in the southeast corner of the imperial city.

Today, the Taizi entered the palace to meet the princes and marquis, but he parked his carriage near the forbidden Shenwu Gate.

All the personal guards from Taizi Mansion knew clearly that His Highness did it because of Princess Zhaoren. It seemed that Lord Song’s previous reminder to them was to prepare for a rainy day. Perhaps this Princess Zhaoren would be the mistress of the Taizi Mansion. Thinking of this, all the personal guards looked serious and from now on, they must pay more attention to Princess Zhaoren.

Song Zhi opened the carriage curtain and Taizi Feng Zhan got out of the carriage.

After Feng Zhan got out of the carriage, he looked at the gorgeous beauty standing in the white not far away. He sighed helplessly and walked towards Qin Yan.

Qin Yan raised her eyebrows slightly and began to walk towards the tall, upright, and imposing Taizi across from her.

The two stopped at two steps apart.

Qin Yan’s stature was taller than that of ordinary women, but she only reached Feng Zhan’s shoulders.

This Taizi, with a noble and legitimate birth, was full of noble aura, decisiveness, and beautiful skin. It was not an exaggeration to say that he was the favorite of Heaven.

Feng Zhan’s deep black eyes were fixed on Qin Yan’s delicate fair face, and he spoke, “Which palace are you going to today?”

Feng Zhan’s mellow and charming voice reached Qin Yan’s ears, and Qin Yan’s whole body suddenly felt a tingling sensation.

This was killing her, this Taizi was indeed tempting…

Qin Yan suppressed her throbbing heart and said softly, “Imperial Concubine De, Xianfu Palace.”

Qin Yan was a bit confused. Feng Zhan was not a person who would pry into other people’s private affairs. Why did he ask this?

The glow that flashed across Qin Yan’s eyes just now did not escape Feng Zhan’s eyes. There was no doubt that the little girl in front of him was trying her best to hide her affection for him, and a pleasant joy appeared at the end of Feng Zhan’s eyes.

Qin Yan narrowed her eyes slightly, her thoughts seemed to have nowhere to hide in front of Feng Zhan.

Qin Yan’s subtle change in expression greatly pleased Feng Zhan, but this place was not a good place to talk about romance. Feng Zhan spoke in a serious tone, “It’s inconvenient to bring your people into the palace, so I’ll let two personal guards of the Taizi Mansion follow you to Xianfu Palace.”

“Today, I’m attending the morning court. If anything happens, ask people from the Taizi Mansion to go to the morning court to notify me as soon as possible.”

Qin Yan frowned, was there a problem in the palace?

Feng Zhan thought for a moment and then warned her, “Be careful of the Empress Dowager.”

Qin Yan frowned, Empress Dowager? Empress Dowager Xiao?

A group of people from the Taizi Mansion entered the palace first, and as expected, two personal guards were left behind. They strode up to Qin Yan and saluted, “Princess Zhaoren.”

Qin Yan nodded and got on the sedan chair prepared for her in front of the Shenwu Gate, followed by two soldiers from the Taizi Mansion.

When Qin Yan got off her sedan chair and entered Xianfu Palace, the two personal guards were waiting outside the palace gate.


Qin Yan didn’t stay in Imperial Concubine De’s palace for long before getting up and saying goodbye.

Imperial Concubine De came from Count of Pingnan Mansion in Lingnan. Although she and her mother were close friends, the number of times they met was limited by their location. Her mother was not a person who liked to talk too much about private matters, so Imperial Concubine De only knew a few things about her mother.

But something that Concubine De mentioned made Qin Yan cautious, “It seems that the Empress Dowager Xiao’s favorite candidate for empress was Shiying.”

Qin Yan immediately understood the crucial point of this.

Just like the Empress and Imperial Concubine Xian came from the Left Prime Minister Mansion, Imperial Concubine Shu came from the Right Prime Minister Mansion, Imperial Concubine Jing came from the Marquis of Guannei Mansion, and Imperial Concubine De came from the Count of Pingnan Mansion. As the only Duke Mansion, the Duke of Zhenguo Mansion, and in charge of affairs in the northwest of Great Xia, how could the imperial family not worry about them?

Empress Dowager Xiao had a good relationship with her mother, but at yesterday’s Longevity Festival palace banquet, Empress Dowager Xiao’s attitude towards her was particularly unkind.

And just now in front of the Shenwu Gate, the Taizi reminded her.

Be careful of the Empress Dowager?

Feng Zhan, what did you know?


Imperial Concubine De was about to ask Qin Yan to have a meal in the palace, but a palace attendant came in and said, “Imperial Concubine, Young Master Gu of Count of Pingnan Mansion is here.”

Imperial Concubine De smiled and said, “Come in.”

Since Imperial Concubine De was married to the palace, there were not many opportunities to meet her family. Taking advantage of the Emperor’s Longevity Festival, Count of Pingnan and his family came to the capital, and naturally, they wanted to visit the Imperial Concubine De.

After a moment, a tall handsome man in a brocade robe stepped in.

Gu Junyan glanced at Qin Yan who was sitting on the chair, but he immediately looked away and bowed to Imperial Concubine De, who was sitting in front of him, “Auntie.”

With a smile on her face, Imperial Concubine De raised her hand and said, “Junyan, we are all our own people, there is no need to be polite.”

Feng Yuyao, who was sitting nearby, smiled and joked, “Cousin Junyan, you came at the right time.”

Gu Junyan just smiled lightly without commenting.

Qin Yan stood up, “Imperial Concubine, I’ll take my leave now.”

Imperial Concubine De was about to open her mouth again to persuade her to stay, but Feng Yuyao interrupted, “Imperial Mother, you said we are all our own people, so don’t be polite anymore. Yanyan is indeed busy.”

Feng Yuyao turned to look at Gu Junyan, “Cousin Junyan, my imperial mother is a little tired today, please come back to the palace tomorrow. Let’s help me see Yanyan off.”

After Feng Yuyao finished speaking, she winked at Gu Junyan.


After Qin Yan and Gu Junyan came out of the Imperial Concubine De’s Palace, they saw the two personal guards from the Taizi Mansion still standing outside the palace gate.

Qin Yan said to them, “You can go back now.”

One of the soldiers clasped his fists and spoke, “His Highness Taizi has told us that we must escort Princess Zhaoren out of the palace.”

Qin Yan nodded, which meant she acquiesced.

Gu Junyan turned his gaze to Qin Yan on the side, “Yanyan, has Shen Ci told you?”

Qin Yan knew it was her mother’s matter and nodded, “Um.”

Qin Yan wanted to ask Gu Junyan something at this moment, but it was not appropriate to say more here, “Junyan, let’s go to the Duke of Zhenguo Mansion to have a detailed discussion.”

Gu Junyan smiled lightly, “Sure.”


“Your Highness Taizi.”

The attendants outside Xianfu Palace saluted the Taizi who was approaching on a sedan chair nearby.

Qin Yan and Gu Junyan turned their heads when they heard the sound. It was Taizi Feng Zhan.

Gu Junyan bowed to salute, “Your Highness Taizi.”

Feng Zhan got off the sedan chair and looked at the two people who had just spoken with cold eyes.

The two people were both wearing moon-white brocade robes, standing opposite each other. They were only one step apart. This morning outside the Shenwu Gate, he and Qin Yan were two steps apart when talking. A chill was brewing in Feng Zhan’s eyes.

Qin Yan’s expression remained calm, and Feng Zhan strode towards Qin Yan.

At the same time, a female voice came from the side, “Your Highness Taizi.”

Feng Zhan frowned and stopped, but his eyes were still fixed on Qin Yan’s face.

“Your Highness Taizi.” A woman in a lilac-colored palace dress who seemed to be an imperial concubine got off a sedan chair in the distance and was supported by the palace maid as she came forward.

Five steps away from the Taizi, Song Zhi stopped her.

The woman, together with the shorter maid supporting her, saluted to the Taizi, “Thank you Your Highness Taizi for saving me at the paddock in the western suburbs that day.”

Qin Yan’s memory was particularly good. Oh, then… wasn’t it at the western suburbs arena that Emperor Hui asked Qin Yan to train a horse?

Wasn’t Imperial Concubine Ning’s smile somewhat similar to her mother’s?

Qin Yan frowned, similar to her mother, so… Emperor Hui’s attitude towards his mother…

Feng Zhan saw the change in Qin Yan’s eyes, turned around slowly, and narrowed his narrow eyes.

Who was this person?

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