TCPCHW Chapter 1 Part 1

The Crown Prince Chases His Wife

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Chapter 1           Gu City (1/2)

In the Northwest, outside the mountain pass, several carriages galloped through the continuous hills.

In the carriage, a young man in brocade clothing was pale at the front and tried to resist the queasiness in his stomach. He let the fast-moving carriage jolt him up and down, and his body bumped against the wall of the carriage from time to time.

“Uncle Luo, how long will it take, how long will it take to get to Gu City…”

Before he could finish speaking, the young man quickly stuck his head out of the carriage window and finally couldn’t help but vomit.

On the other side of the carriage sat a middle-aged man in a plain long shirt. He frowned and lifted the carriage curtain on the other side, looking at the barren rock mound in front of him, his frown smoothed out slightly.

“It is less than ten miles away from Gu City after we get out of the mountain pass up ahead. I hope the people from the escort bureau can hold it back.”

This middle-aged man was Wen Luo, the shopkeeper of the wealthy businessman of the Yu family in Yangzhou, and the adopted son of the old master of the Yu family. He had experienced many ups and downs in the business world for many years. He had a calm personality and ruthless behavior.

Three years ago, when the old master passed away, and the day after the old master was buried, Wen Luo was sent to the Northwest to explore trade routes by the current head of the family, Wen Luo’s adopted elder brother, Yu Shenghai.

At that time, the Great Xia had a truce with the Turks and Xirong* for less than a year. The Great Xia reopened the border city and encouraged border trade with the Western Regions with extremely low tariffs. At that time, he was sent to the Northwest, under the pretense of seizing business opportunities, but it was also to kick Wen Luo out of the center of power at home.

(Xirong* – tribesmen of the western borders in the Zhou dynasty)

Gu City, which was located a hundred miles away from Xiaoguan* on the northwest border of the Great Xia, was located on the only road from the Great Xia to the Western Regions. At the same time, it was also the common border of the three kingdoms, Great Xia, Xirong, and the Turks Empire. It was originally an unregulated zone, where refugees, fugitives, swordsmen, bandits, and other people from different countries were all mixed.

(Xiaoguan* – is an important pass in the Northwest)

Since the Great Xia reopened the border city, a group of silver armored cavalry occupied Gu City with an unyielding attitude and turned it into a border trade port between the Great Xia and the Western Regions. These cavalrymen were called Silver Armored Guards, and the leader was called the City Master of Gu City.

Now that border affairs were stable, the trading establishment run by Wen Luo had also established a foothold in Gu City and had made a lot of profits.

A month ago, Wen Luo returned to Yangzhou to worship his ancestors. The young man beside him, Yu Qing, the youngest son of the head of the family, wanted to follow Wen Luo to Gu City on the grounds of learning business.

How could Wen Luo not understand this? It was true that Yu Qing wanted to learn business, but it was also true that he came to Gu City to stare at his business.

This adopted brother was really worried about his cheap brother.


A frantic horse’s hooves, mixed with shouts, came from the rear of the convoy. It was the horse bandits chasing after them and the people in the escort bureau were probably unlucky.

“Young Master, abandon the carriage and get on the horse. It’s important to save your life.” Wen Luo said solemnly to the young man.

Yu Qing threw the handkerchief that he used to wipe his mouth out of the window, “Abandoned the carriage? If I lost the goods the first time I ran the business, what face do I have when I go back? I might as well die here!”

Hearing this, Wen Luo sighed in his heart.

There were so many people in the world struggling to survive, but for this little young master who grew up in a kind and wealthy countryside was so easy to say death!

“Uncle Luo, the elders of the clan say that you have the true inheritance of my grandfather, and your methods and foresight are even better than my father’s. You can’t even handle this situation? Isn’t it exaggerating?” Yu Qing’s tone was slightly sarcastic.

Before the words fell, the horse bandits forced the heavy-loaded convoy to stop. The bandits beat the horses and shouted wildly around the convoy. The horses of the convoy kicked anxiously.

“What to do, what to do, Uncle Luo?”

Yu Qing changed his teasing tone just now and looked at Wen Luo eagerly with a face full of fear.

Wen Luo thought about whether it would be worthwhile to exchange the goods for their life, although the goods and road expenses were a big loss. If the goods were lost, the head of the family in Yangzhou would seize this matter and make a big fuss. At this point, perhaps he could not ask for more.


“Silver Armor Guards! It’s the Silver Armor Guards!”

The sudden commotion outside interrupted Wen Luo’s thoughts.

Wen Luo immediately lifted the curtain of the carriage, and a team of silver-armored cavalrymen in front of them rushed from the direction of Gu City with billowing smoke and dust. The hoofs roared, and there were thousands of troops. It was the famous Silver Armor Guards of the Gu City outside the pass.

Oh, life should not end!

The bandit leader looked at the approaching silver-armored cavalrymen. Although he was reluctant to part with these cash cows, he was afraid of the ferocity of the Silver Armored Guards. These soldiers were all well-equipped and skilled. They were not like soldiers, but rather like hungry wolves. There was no chance of winning in a head-to-head confrontation with them.

The bandit leader gritted his teeth and said, “Brothers, retreat!”

The bandits quickly scattered and fled from the mound.

The silver armored guards stood on their horses before the convoy, and did not chase the fleeing horse bandits, but remained silent.

The surrounding was silent, only the sound of the horses’ neighing was heard as if they were waiting for something.


Suddenly, Wen Luo heard the sound of a carriage and turned his head to look.

He saw a black carriage coming from behind them. The horses in front of the carriage were tall and strong, with shiny hair. Wen Luo recognized that it was the best Dawan horse, and a horse was worth thousands of gold.

With two Dawan horses to pull the carriage, who was so arrogant outside this pass?

As the carriage approached the convoy, the speed slowed down, and the silver armored guards shouted in unison, “City Master!”.

When Wen Luo heard the Silver Armored Guards call out city master, only then did he realize it, and immediately asked the convoy to move out of the way. He got out of the carriage immediately and stood beside the carriage.

When the carriage passed by, Wen Luo bowed with his hands held in front.

“I’m Wen Luo, the shopkeeper of the Yu family’s trading establishment in Gu City, thank City Master for the rescue. If City Master needs our trading establishment in the future, please feel free to tell me.”

At this time, the curtain behind Wen Luo was lifted, and a head arched out.

“It’s gone? Uh…”.

Yu Qing’s mouth was covered tightly by Wen Luo, who turned back. Wen Luo really didn’t want this idiot young master to collide with the city master and cause trouble.

The carriage stopped, and the driver was a young lady in a black dress. The young lady jokingly glanced at Wen Luo and the young man behind him.

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