TCPCHW Chapter 19 Part2

The Crown Prince Chases His Wife

Chapter 19          Night Banquet (2/2)

In the end, there were only three people who shot zongzi, Second Prince Feng Xian, Princess of Jingyi Feng Yuyao, and Shizi of Marquis of Yongding Mansion, Xie Changyuan.

The two men let Feng Yuyao go first.

Feng Yuyao’s posture when drawing the bow and shooting arrows was not up to par because her arm strength was not enough. Only her first arrow hit a zongzi, and the remaining nine arrows miss the target. She was already very happy like this.

Feng Yuyao was still secretly happy as if she had taken another step closer to Shen Ci’s life.

Second Prince Feng Xian prepared this program a few days ago. He had been practicing for a while, and he shot a string of zongzi, a full ten of them.

Although Xie Changyuan drank a lot of wine, his mind was sober and clear, and the dumplings a hundred steps away were not a problem. However, today was the imperial banquet, and he couldn’t overshadow the prince’s limelight, so he purposely missed an inch in the last arrow, and shot nine of the ten zongzi.

The Emperor of Hui clapped his hands, and asked the Second Prince, Feng Xian, what reward he wanted.

The Second Prince first glanced at Qin Yan, and then replied to Emperor of Hui, “I overheard Imperial Sister Yuyao say that Princess of Zhaoren is going to hold a housewarming banquet when she moves to her new mansion. I want to ask Imperial Father to reward me with an invitation to go to the banquet, and I also want to see the excitement.”

Feng Yuyao scolded inwardly, her second imperial brother was really despicable, eavesdropping on the corner. It was really funny, he asked his imperial father for an invitation to Yanyan’s housewarming banquet because he was sure that if his father spoke, Yanyan could not refuse. He was really shameless.

When Emperor Hui heard this, he said to Qin Yan, “The housewarming banquet held by Princess of Zhaoren should be very lively. Then, Li Fuquan, at that time, also arrange for some people to go to the Princess of Zhaoren Mansion to help with the arrangement, and let the imperial kitchen sends people over. If Princess of Zhaoren needs anything, just ask Li Fuquan to arrange it.”

“It’s good that Xian’er and Yuyao join the fun and liven the Princess of Zhaoren Mansion. I also want to join in the fun, but I’m not in good spirits. Taizi will go to congratulate the Princess of Zhaoren on my behalf, okay?” Emperor of Hui looked at Taizi Feng Zhan.

Feng Zhan was about to refuse when he caught a glimpse of Qin Yan’s frowning brows, was she dissatisfied?

Feng Zhan swallowed what he was about to say as if acquiescing to what the Emperor of Hui said. Princess of Zhaoren Mansion was right next to the Taizi Mansion, so it won’t be too much trouble to show up at that time.

When Princess of Changle Feng Yunchao saw this, she immediately said, “Imperial Father, I also want to go support Princess of Zhaoren.”

Feng Yunchao did not expect Imperial Brother Taizi would agree, so she had to go over and watch Imperial Brother Taizi for An Yanxi.

Among the younger generation present, only Xie Changyuan was still drinking and didn’t speak.

Qin Yan was very helpless as she didn’t like unnecessary socialization. However, banquets had always been organized by Mister Ji, and she didn’t have much to worry about. Qin Yan could only thank His Majesty, the princes, and the princesses.

Concubine Shu was very annoyed with her son. Xian’er had always had his own ideas, and Concubine Shu was always at ease. She didn’t know about the zongzi program arranged by Xian’er today. But Xian’er actually took this opportunity to support Qin Yan’s moving mansion. She was angry and helpless, so Imperial Concubine Shu glared at the Second Prince Feng Xian.

Feng Xian knew what his imperial mother was thinking, but he had his own considerations, so he avoided his imperial mother’s gaze and continued to toast with the others.

The palace banquet ended.

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When Feng Zhan’s carriage left the palace, he met An Wenjing waiting outside the palace gate.

An Wenjing, the son of the Grand Scholar, used to be Feng Zhan’s study companion. Now he worked as an editor at the Imperial Hanlin Academy, and also participated in the official business of the Taizi Mansion. He was Feng Zhan’s, right-hand man.

Feng Zhan’s carriage stopped. Song Zhi walked towards An Wenjing and saluted.

“Master An.”

An Wenjing looked at Taizi Feng Zhan’s carriage, “Master Song, I have some personal matters to find His Highness.”

Prince Feng Zhan lifted the curtain with one hand, “Yanzhi, what’s the matter?”

Yanzhi was An Wenjing’s literary name.

An Wenjing was still a little hesitant, but his sister kept pestering him and he couldn’t bear her disappointment, so he always had to give it a try.

An Wenjing presented the brocade box in his hand with both hands and handed it to Taizi Feng Zhan.

“This is the wormwood sachet that Yanxi embroidered for Your Highness, she…”

An Wenjing also seemed ashamed to speak. The women of the noble family had always been reserved and abided by the etiquette, but His Highness had not been advancing for many years, and his sister seemed to be a little anxious. He didn’t know whether he should indulge his sister.

Feng Zhan narrowed his eyes but didn’t signal Song Zhi to take it.

“Yanzhi.” Feng Zhan’s tone was slightly cold.

An Wenjing immediately realized Taizi’s displeasure. Over the years, his sister had made advances to His Highness many times through him, but His Highness had only rejected them. He knew his sister’s obsession. Moreover, he and his father also hope that the Grand Scholar Mansion could establish a closer relationship with the Taizi, which were related by marriage, and his sister Yanxi, who was the same mother as him, was the best choice.

Yanxi had been proficient in guqin, chess, calligraphy, painting, and tea ceremony since she was a child, according to the highest standards of a noble lady. She often built tents to provide porridge to help the refugees and had an excellent reputation in the capital, and Yanxi’s eyes were full of His Highness Taizi. He and his father believed that Yanxi was the most suitable choice for His Highness Taizi as his crown princess and would also be a suitable choice for an empress in the future.

“Your Highness…” An Wenjing spoke again but was interrupted by Feng Zhan’s cold voice.

“There is no need for other relation between the Taizi Mansion and the Grand Scholar Mansion.”

Feng Zhan understood the considerations of the Grand Scholar Mansion, but he always acted in a business-like manner and didn’t like the muddy water of favoritism.

“These things are best not to affect your judgment on official duties.”

After speaking, Feng Zhan dropped the curtain, and the carriage drove away from the palace gate towards the Taizi Mansion in Xishan outside the city.

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An Wenjing looked at the departing Taizi’s carriage and tightened the brocade box in his hands. He also persuaded his sister, but her sister was too determined. She said that she would not marry unless it was Taizi.

He also knew that His Highness had always kept his word, and it was only because his father was the Taizi’s Taifu that the Taizi had tolerated his probing again and again, then should he continue in the future? What if he still couldn’t get His Highness to change his mind, then it would really delay his sister if she continued to drag on like this.


Not only An Wenjing, but also An Yanxi, who was in a carriage parked at the corner of the palace wall, was looking at the departing Taizi’s carriage. She saw her brother stop the Taizi’s carriage, her brother handed over the brocade box and sachet she had prepared for more than a month to Taizi, and her brother’s disappointed and embarrassed face with her own eyes. His Highness Taizi still did not accept her feelings, just like every time in the past few years.

An Yanxi told herself not to give up. Taizi didn’t accept her, but he didn’t accept anyone else either. As the heir to the throne, Taizi would eventually need heirs, and sooner or later, His Highness would accept an imperial concubine…

But the carriage that went out of the palace shortly after made An Yanxi’s heart ring with alarm.

She recognized the black carriage with no emblem, and the carriage belonged to the Princess of Zhaoren, Qin Yan.

She knew that the annual Dragon Boat Festival banquet was also an imperial family banquet. When Taizi left the palace at this hour, it should be that the palace banquet was over. Was Qin Yan also coming out from the palace banquet?

The Princess of Zhaoren Mansion, which was bestowed by the Emperor, was next to the Taizi Mansion. Many people in the court had already speculated that the Emperor wanted Qin Yan to enter the Taizi Mansion. She had never worried about it, because the Emperor had never interfered with Taizi’s decision, and Taizi had also never obeyed the arrangement of the Emperor, which was one of the reasons why she admired and adored His Highness Taizi.

But at the birthday banquet of the Princess of Changle Feng Yunchao that day, she met Qin Yan, that princess had a beautiful appearance and a noble presence. Over the years, she had boasted of her extraordinary appearance, but she was far less breathtaking beauty than Qin Yan.

Qin Yan had amazing beauty and strong family background. If His Highness Taizi was also confused by Qin Yan’s appearance, then…


Qin Yan closed her eyes and rested on the carriage, letting Shen Ying massage her shoulders and arms. After the banquet was over, she was held back by Feng Yuyao and spoke a few long-winded words. Feng Yuyao asked Qin Yan to prepare something new for her at the housewarming banquet. She wanted to see something that she would never see at the formal palace banquet. She said that she wanted to see the dancers from the Western Regions. She also wanted to see the snake charmers from the Western Regions and told Qin Yan to arrange it.

Feng Yuyao delayed Qin Yan’s leaving the palace again.

After Qin Yan returned to the mansion, she soaked in the orchid hot pool prepared by Fang Su. After entering the palace for a day, socializing with the imperial family was more tiring than going to the battlefield. No wonder her grandfather said that her mother was reluctant to enter the palace back then.

Qin Yan just wanted to finish the affairs in the capital as soon as possible, and then leave the capital.

As for her marriage, it was better to choose a husband to marry first to avoid being arranged by the imperial family.

Who to look for? How about Mister Ji?

But if he had a girl he liked, then it will delay him.

Talked about it later.

Qin Yan immersed herself in the water.

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