TCPCHW Chapter 30 Part 2

The Crown Prince Chases His Wife

Chapter 30          Backer (2/2)

“Uncle Luo, your recent actions in the capital city have caused some trouble for the Left Prime Minister Mansion. You are all sensible people. Presumably, you can understand what I’m talking about.”

Wang Jingyan didn’t plan to be too polite with Wen Luo, so she cut to the chase, and went straight to the topic.

“The news from my adoptive father said that you have been in Gu City for the past few years, so it seems that the person behind you is the Princess of Zhaoren of Xishan, right?”

After Wang Jingyan finished speaking, she carefully observed Wen Luo’s reaction. But unfortunately, Wen Luo had learned through experience in the business world for a long time and had a natural disposition without changing his face even when the Mountain Tai collapsed in front of him. Not to mention that this was not a big scene. Wen Luo just drank tea calmly.

Wen Luo understood that the other party was testing him.

He had no direct contact with the Princess of Zhaoren Mansion, and the task assigned to him had always been Mister Ji from Yu Qingfeng.

Two months ago, Mister Ji went to the Yu Trading Establishment in Gu City to find him and negotiated terms with him.

Yu Qingfeng lent Wen Luo a low-interest loan and then sold the shops in the capital city they had bought to Wen Luo, using the convenience of the power of Princess of Zhaoren as the backer to support Wen Luo’s foothold in the capital.

While Wen Luo only needed to target the properties of the Right Prime Minister Qin Mansion for them.

Mister Ji from Yu Qingfeng did not hide his identity. He was still the housekeeper of the Princess of Zhaoren Mansion, and he was also the former housekeeper of the City Master of the Gu City.

That night, Wen Luo didn’t sleep all night, and he weighed Ji Nanfeng’s proposal again and again.

The Yu family was kind to him, and he once aspired to serve the Yu family for life.

But after his adoptive father passed away, his adoptive brother’s actions repeatedly made him feel bitterly disappointed.

And he had stayed in Gu City for three years.

Now, he had considered having done his best.

However in the capital city, there were many powerful people, and it was not easy for him to play by himself.

Wen Luo sat in the room for a whole night, weighing the pros and cons.

He finally made a decision to do it.

Indeed he was only a commoner, and he had to stand alone in the world. He was alone and had nothing to lose, so what was to worry about? At worst, he would be reborn again eighteen years later.

Thinking of this, Wen Luo laughed and thought that he used to be considered a scholarly businessman in Jiangnan. However, in the past few years running outside the mountain pass in the Northwest, he had become more banditry, just like those guards in the city. Some of them used to be swordsmen and refugees but now they became more honest and righteous.

And he, Wen Luo, also at this mountain pass became more honest and righteous.

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The Princess of Zhaoren was also the famous City Master of Gu City outside the mountain pass, who had power and means.

It remained to be seen whether choosing this backer could make a way in the capital.

On the second day, Wen Luo agreed to Ji Nanfeng’s proposal, and hurriedly hand over the business of Yu Trading Establishment in Gu City. He only said that he was going out to see the goods, so he left Gu City with Ji Nanfeng and went to the capital city.

As for Wang Jingyan now coming to test whether his backer was the Princess of Zhaoren, oh, Mister Ji once told that the Princess of Zhaoren’s explanation was that they didn’t have to hide it, she just wanted to avenge her personal grudge openly.

Princess of Zhaoren was tough and ruthless, but she was also straightforward. Thinking of this, Wen Luo laughed.


Wang Jingyan saw that Wen Luo didn’t answer, as if he was in contemplation. She felt that Wen Luo was thinking about how to say it, but then she saw Wen Luo suddenly laugh. What was he laughing at? What was so funny?

“Uncle Luo…” Wang Jingyan was interrupted by Wen Luo.

“Tell me about your purpose?” Wen Luo looked up at Wang Jingyan and said.

Seeing that Wen Luo was willing to speak, Wang Jingyan was relieved because she was afraid that he was stubborn.

“Uncle Luo, how you want to act is your business, and who is behind you is also your business. But don’t implicate the Yu family, let alone the Left Prime Minister Mansion. Therefore, my adoptive father means that you have severed your relationship with the Yu family from now on.”

When Wang Jingyan said this, her face was slightly arrogant.

Wen Luo sneered.

Severed the relationship.

When the Old Man Yu adopted Wen Luo, it was because he wanted to keep the Wen family, so he didn’t worship in the ancestral hall, entered the family genealogy, or changed Wen Luo’s family name.

Even so, the clansmen were summoned to publicly declare the identity of the adopted son.

Oh, now, a younger generation, or a younger generation who was not counted as a family member, had come to tell Wen Luo that he wanted to sever ties with him.

Bullying too much.

Wen Luo sneered and said, “I am receiving Second Miss Wang today because you once called me Uncle Luo. However, Second Miss Wang has now returned to the Left Prime Minister Mansion, we will have nothing to do with each other and should be strictly distinguished. The Yu family matters will handle the matter by themselves. I, Wen Luo, remember my identity, and Second Miss Wang also please remember your identity.”

Wang Jingyan didn’t expect Wen Luo to speak so stubbornly. Back then in Yangzhou, in front of the Yu family, he could be regarded as swallowing his anger.

“Uncle Luo, don’t refuse a toast only to drink a loss. Even if behind you is the Princess in Xishan, the Emperor is unpredictable. Princess of Zhaoren may be a celebrity in the imperial court today but she may lose power one day. Think about it clearly.”

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Wang Jingyan left unhappily.

Wen Luo thought to himself, how could he didn’t know that the more friends he had, the wider the way out for him, not to mention that the other party was the Left Prime Minister who was an important person in the court.

However, today, the Left Prime Minister Mansion and the Yu family put on such a high attitude that if he gave in easily, the other party would make more demands in the future.

One person does not serve the two masters. Since he relied on the Princess of Zhaoren to act, he could no longer have a relationship with the Left Prime Minister Mansion.

Otherwise, if there was any disagreement between the Princess of Zhaoren Mansion and the Left Prime Minister Mansion, the first person to suffer would be himself.

He was afraid that Wang Jingyan might have other schemes, so Wen Luo planned to report this matter to Mister Ji to let him decide.

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