TCPCHW Chapter 24 Part 2

The Crown Prince Chases His Wife

Chapter 24          Falling into the Water (2/2)

Not long after, an attendant whispered in the ear of Second Prince Feng Xian, Feng Xian explained a few words to him, and then the boat deviated from the original route and turned back abruptly.

Heading slowly to the side of an awning boat, the awning boat could be seen rowing from side to side in the water. The one who was trying to row with a wooden oar at the back of the boat was actually Princess of Jingyi Feng Yuyao.

The nervous boatman was standing beside Feng Yuyao and his posture was a little unstable. However, Shen Ying at the bow was standing firmly on the swaying boat, which showed her skill.

When the curtains of the cabin were lifted, a woman in a white moon dress could be seen resting in the cabin.

The Second Prince, who was on the boat, got up and went out, and said to Feng Yuyao on the awning boat, “Imperial Sister Yuyao, your boat doesn’t look very safe. Hop on to my boat and visit the lake together.”

Feng Yuyao joked with a frown, “Second Imperial Brother, you’d better sail further away, otherwise I have to suspect that you are here to deliberately bump me.”

“Imperial Sister Yuyao, is Princess of Zhaoren in the cabin? His Highness Taizi and Princess of Changle are also on my decorated boat. Can you two give me the honor to tour the lake together?” Feng Xian said again with a smile.

Feng Yuyao scolded inwardly, Second Imperial Brother was still so shameless and used Taizi and the first princess to put pressure on them.

Feng Yuyao handed the oars back to the boatman, and stepped into the cabin, “Yanyan, maybe we still have to go. It’s really disheartening.”

Qin Yan smiled, “You can learn to row in the lotus pond in my mansion in Xishan before you come out to play with it. If one accidentally falls into the water, it will be unsightly.”

When Feng Yuyao heard the words “falling into the water”, her heart quivered. She just wanted to ask Yanyan to come out to play, but she accidentally forgot that Yanyan nearly died when she fell into the water in the Taiye Pond when she was young. She should be afraid of water. She also asked her to visit the lake, but fortunately, she didn’t overturn the boat just now.

Qin Yan got up and boarded the decorated boat with Feng Yuyao.

As soon as the two of them got on the back of the boat, they met A Yan who came out of the cabin.

After A Yan saluted them, she said to Qin Yan, “Princess of Zhaoren, can I have a word with you?”

Oh, something is coming! Feng Yuyao raised her eyebrows and was about to say no, but Qin Yan spoke first.

“Yuyao, you go in first.”


At the back of the boat.

Qin Yan and A Yan stood opposite each other at a distance of two steps.

Shen Ying was waiting about ten feet away.

A Yan was a head shorter than Qin Yan, and looking at Qin Yan gave her more pressure. She didn’t allow any uncertainties between her and Brother Changyuan. A Yan raised her chin slightly and spoke coldly.

“Princess of Zhaoren, Brother Changyuan is also on the decorated boat. You have nothing to do with Brother Changyuan anymore, and you should keep a distance from him. Today, you should avoid him.”

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Qin Yan was taken aback by the arrogant words of the little girl in front of her. Because of Old Man Yishan’s face, she didn’t reject A Yan just now.

But this little girl seemed a little ignorant.

Let her Qin Yan avoid him? What a big face.

Qin Yan smiled.


Suddenly, there was a strong impact on the hull as the pleasure boat behind collided with the decorated boat. A Yan, who was standing on the eaves of the boat, leaned back without paying attention. Qin Yan subconsciously reached out to pull her. When she was about to touch her, A Yan who was facing up smiled sarcastically at Qin Yan. A Yan withdrew her hand and let herself fall into the water.

Qin Yan immediately understood what Feng Yuyao said to her at Yunfu Teahouse that day, “Rumor has it that A Yan is very simple, but I don’t think so.”

Qin Yan withdrew her hand, and stood at the back of the boat, watching A Yan who was shouting for help and splashing water in a leisurely manner.

Shen Ying hurried to her master’s side, but Qin Yan did not let her save her.

“Oh, it’s not our turn to save the beauty in distress.” Qin Yan said leisurely.

As soon as the words fell, a dark figure plunged into the water. It was the secret guard who Taizi Feng Zhan had asked Song Zhi to arrange to protect A Yan.

Qin Yan raised her eyes and looked at the pleasure boat that had just crashed over. Qin Nian was surrounded by a group of young masters and young ladies at the bow of the boat…


Shortly after Feng Yuyao had taken her seat, she took out a folding fan, opened it, and fanned it out of boredom.

Seeing the folding fan of Qin Yan in Feng Yuyao’s hand, Second Prince Feng Xian coaxed and said, “Imperial Sister Yuyao, I really like the fan in your hand. How about exchanging it with Imperial Brother? Just say what Imperial Sister wants.”

Feng Yuyao glanced coldly at the shameless Second Prince, “Imperial Brother is drunk.”

Hearing the conversation between the two, everyone present looked at the fan in Feng Yuyao’s hand.

Xie Changyuan unconsciously glanced at the fan in Feng Yuyao’s hand. In the painting, there were mist and clouds in the mountains, which was elegant and it was a masterpiece. Xie Changyuan’s eyesight was excellent, and he clearly captured the inconspicuous inscription in the lower right corner of the fan, “Drunken Mountain”.

That word!

It was A Yan’s handwriting. Back then in Wanxue House in Meishan Mountain, he had seen the inscriptions on A Yan’s paintings, which were exactly the same as the handwriting of the words “Drunken Mountain”.

That year, he was rescued by A Yan in Meishan. He couldn’t see for the first two days, and then his eyesight gradually recovered. However, due to the heavy snow closing in the mountain and making it inconvenient to travel, he stayed in Wanxue House for a few days.

At the first sight, he was attracted by the delicate paintings and vigorous inscriptions in the Wanxue House. Xie Changyuan thought that the little girl who saved him was delicate and weak, but he never thought that her painting skills and brushwork were so exquisite that it made him feel a little fond of A Yan.

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Although since she arrived in the capital, A Yan had devoted herself to those novelties playthings and rarely painted. However, he was deeply impressed by A Yan’s handwriting and would never remember it wrong.

How could there be A Yan’s words on Feng Yuyao’s fan? And that painting was also similar to the artistic conception of A Yan’s painting.

In doubt, Xie Changyuan was about to ask.

The hull of the ship was knocked by a violent blow, and several exclamations from outside interrupted Xie Changyuan’s words.

“Ah… Princess of Zhaoren pushed Miss A Yan into the water!”

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