TCPCHW Chapter 32 Part 2

The Crown Prince Chases His Wife

Chapter 32          Camp (2/2)

On the first day of the autumn hunting, it was just camping and refurbishing.

The Princess Mansion in Xishan was not too far away from the paddock in the western suburbs. So, Qin Yan didn’t go to the paddock in the western suburbs on the first day, but only sent Shen Huai to make arrangements first.

Therefore, in the paddock in the western suburbs, outside Qin Yan’s tent, Xie Changyuan, who said he wanted to meet the Princess of Zhaoren, got nothing.

It was Shen Huai who received Xie Changyuan. When he saw the visitor, Shen Huai’s expression was not good.

“Shizi Xie, are you here to return the token?”

Shen Huai’s words were not polite at all. He had a lot of opinions on the Shizi of the Marquis of Yongding Mansion. Whether he was at the Duke of Zhenguo Mansion or the current Princess of Zhaoren Mansion, although Shen Huai was just a servant, he had never been humble.

Xie Changyuan didn’t plan to return the token, and perhaps he planned to leave some room in his relationship with Qin Yan.

“I have something to say to Princess of Zhaoren.” Xie Changyuan said patiently.

Xie Changyuan knew that the person in front of him was a retainer of the Duke of Zhenguo Mansion. He used to follow Yanyan’s mother Shen Shiying to Prime Minister Qin Mansion as a dowry servant. Now he was at Princess of Zhaoren Mansion and was a very important person.

“Sorry, I’m going to disappoint Shizi Xie. My master hasn’t arrived at the paddock yet.” Shen Huai chased away the guest.

Xie Changyuan was a little suspicious as the hunting would officially start tomorrow. According to the usual practice, the princes, nobles, ministers of civil and military affairs, and officials’ family members would arrive at the paddock to renovate and prepare today.

Why was Qin Yan not here?

Besides, Shen Huai the housekeeper of the Princess of Zhaoren Mansion was here. Why didn’t Qin Yan come yet?

Xie Changyuan suddenly thought that Taizi also didn’t come today. Was this related? Taizi and Qin Yan…

“Brother Changyuan, I’ve been looking for you for a long time. Brother Changyuan…” It was A Yan.

Xie Changyuan was not ready to bring A Yan over, so Xie Changyuan didn’t go back to the mansion last night and stayed in the barracks of the Northern Yamen Imperial Army. Today he set off directly from the palace. But in the accompanying entourage today, Xie Changyuan still saw A Yan’s carriage.

Seeing that Xie Changyuan didn’t seem to plan to take her along, A Yan went to Xie Qing, the half-sister of Xie Changyuan, who was also Xie Zhao’s proper sister.

Xie Qing was the young lady of the Marquis of Yongding Mansion, and she was qualified to go hunting in the western suburbs. Xie Qing could not refuse A Yan, so she asked the mansion to arrange another carriage to set off with her carriage.

Xie Changyuan felt a lot of displeasure in his heart. A Yan knew the entanglement between him and Xie An, as well as Xie An’s pair of children. A Yan was still his own person in name, and yet she still went to Xie Qing for help, regardless of his face.

But no matter what, the final result was that A Yan still came.

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“Shizi Xie, to avoid unnecessary unpleasantness in the future, please don’t appear outside my master’s tent during the hunting period.” Shen Huai looked at the man and woman in front of him and felt very displeased. Shen Huai really didn’t want his master to be in a bad mood because of irrelevant people.

Xie Changyuan took A Yan away.


At night, Xie Changyuan sat alone by the bonfire, holding a stick in his hand to stir the flame, and in the other hand held a water bag. There was no wine in the bag, only mountain spring water.

Xie Changyuan was laden with anxiety at the moment, and he urgently needed a huge drink.

The responsibility of guarding the safety of the paddock was very important. Even if he only took a sip of alcohol, he might be slow to react and make mistakes. Xie Changyuan could only use water to relieve his sorrows.

The person he sent to keep an eye on Xie Zhao reported back that Xie Zhao had no contact with the Duke of Zhenguo and Princess of Zhaoren.

Moreover, he also sent someone to the Pingxi Army to inquire. Xie Zhao and Qin Yan didn’t have any interaction in the Northwest Camp. Was there any biasedness in his original information?

At that time, he asked the Duke of Zhenguo for the person, but the Duke of Zhenguo sent someone to turn him down.

Before he left Xiaoguan, he accidentally heard that the Duke of Zhenguo asked Qin Yan for her opinion that day, and it was Qin Yan who tried to protect Xie Zhao and oppose handing it over to him.

At that time, his mother had only passed away not long ago, and he was very tired from chasing Xie Zhao for a long time. He thought it was more likely that Duke of Zhenguo Shen Changshan didn’t let the person go, but with Qin Yan there, Qin Yan was supposed to hate the betrayal of marriage because she engaged with him, so Xie Changyuan expected Qin Yan would definitely help him to get the person.

He never thought it was Qin Yan who opposed it.

Qin Yan actually defended Xie Zhao! Xie Zhao, the illegitimate son who couldn’t see the light!

Xie Changyuan couldn’t believe it, but he was helpless on the grounds of the Duke of Zhenguo. He couldn’t let go of the dignity of the young master of the noble family and continue to pester.

In the end, he returned to the capital with sorrow, fatigue, and a huge psychological gap.

On the way back to the capital, Xie Changyuan hated Xie An, Xie Zhao, and Qin Yan even more.

This hatred lasted for many years.

This also led him to say casually to He Xiao at the gate of the city when Qin Yan returned to the capital, “It’s just a verbal joke from the elders in the family, what kind of fiancée is she?”

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But what if it was just a misunderstanding?

If it was a misunderstanding, he would explain to Yanyan, and then what?

Then between Yanyan and himself…

Thinking of this, Xie Changyuan raised his head again and poured a mouthful of cold spring water. The spring water rolled down his throat and into his stomach, making his whole body even colder.

Xie Changyuan self-deprecatingly, was it still possible?

Qin Yan was so dazzling now…

Recently, Xie Changyuan heard people talking behind his back more than once, saying that he Xie Changyuan was blind and missed such a one-of-a-kind fiancee.

​​Xie Changyuan’s heart was always a little sour. Once upon a time, he also liked that soft and cute little sister Yanyan very much.

That time,  Qin Yan fell into the water in Taiye pond. After Qin Yan was rescued, the first thing she saw was himself. For the first time, Xie Changyuan saw that Qin Yan only had himself in her eyes, and he also understood the gratitude in Qin Yan’s eyes. Xie Changyuan knew that this little sister would treat him differently in the future.

Therefore, Xie Changyuan became a person with an ulterior motive and didn’t name the other person who went into the water to save Yanyan first.

After rescuing Yanyan from the water, the person, who had just jumped into the water, handed her over to him.

And that person now seemed to be related to Yanyan again.

However, that person and Qin Yan had no fate in the past, and there would be no fate in the future, too.

Xie Changyuan remembered a story he accidentally learned from his mother back then. Although it was a grievance and dispute of the previous generation, judging from Qin Yan’s current style of behavior…

​​Xie Changyuan was extremely certain in his heart that Qin Yan would never enter the imperial family.

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  1. This Xie Changyuan is an immature brat. I get that there would be grievance between children of different mothers, especially in households with weak and easily swayed husbands, but it’s not his turn to blame children who didn’t ask to be born. What has the siblings ever done to him except exist?

    By the way he has treated ‘A Yan’ and Qin Yan, doesn’t it suggest that he is just like the father he despises so much also?

    On the other hand, despite his parentage, I can’t help but find Qing Ming a little cute.

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