TCPCHW Chapter 56

The Crown Prince Chases His Wife

Chapter 56          Scheming

In the early morning of the next day, He Yanming, Minister of the Ministry of War, brought his eldest son, He Xiao, to visit Left Prime Minister Mansion with generous gifts.

On the night of the banquet at the Imperial Garden, Left Prime Minister Wang Xian received a message sent to him by Imperial Concubine Xian.

He Xiao, who was originally his future son-in-law, and the second daughter of the Right Prime Minister had an illicit affair that night.

Wang Xian was furious that He Xiao stepped on the face of the Left Prime Minister Mansion to the ground.

Originally, He Xiao’s reputation in the capital was not good, and Left Prime Minister didn’t like it very much, considering that He Xiao was the only one in the He family who was about the same age as his eldest daughter Wang Jingyi, who was suitable for a marriage partner.

Unexpectedly, He Xiao acted so presumptuously.

Yesterday Left Prime Minister Wang Xian was gloomy in the mansion for a whole day, so he wanted to see what kind of explanation He Mingyan could give him.

Perhaps his family’s scruple should not be exposed to outsiders, the Left Prime Minister Mansion did not stop He Yanming and He Xiao, father and son, outside the main entrance of the Left Prime Minister Mansion. Instead, the housekeeper led the father and son into the main hall.

But He Yanming, with a solemn face, and He Xiao, with an impatient attitude, were given a cold shoulder in the main hall of the Left Prime Minister Mansion for a whole two hours before the gloomy Left Prime Minister arrived.

“Lord Prime Minister, my son was indeed framed that night, but it was a foregone conclusion. We have no face to see Lord Prime Minister and we, father and son, are here to apologize to Lord Prime Minister and Miss Wang.”

He Yanming suppressed He Xiao to bow to the Left Prime Minister to apologize.

Wang Xian also understood that it was a foregone conclusion at this time. If the He family wanted to be accountable for the Right Prime Minister’s daughter, it would be impossible to get married with the Left Prime Minister Mansion. He was just too angry that the Left Prime Minister Mansion lost face.

“What are you saying now? Does it mean that your He family has climbed to the Right Prime Minister Mansion and looks down on our Wang family?” Wang Xian said in a bad tone.

He Yanming said anxiously, “Lord Prime Minister, how dare this lower official have such thoughts.”

“The eminent monk of Dajue Temple recalculated the horoscope for Xiao’er and Miss Wang and both conflicted with each other, so the marriage contract between the two mansions was terminated. Lord Prime Minister, you see…”

Wang Xian looked ugly, but that was the only way to go.

It was better than being said that the eldest son of the He Mansion fell in love with the second lady of the Right Prime Minister Mansion and thus, abandoned the eldest daughter of the Left Prime Minister Mansion.

“If there are any bad rumors spread outside, you, the He family, have to take the consequences.”


He Yanming promised and couldn’t wait to leave but He Xiao suddenly said to Left Prime Minister Wang Xian, “Lord Prime Minister, I request to meet Miss Wang.”

He Yanming turned around and scolded He Xiao, “Give me a break.”

Left Prime Minister’s complexion was dark, and he just wanted to chase them away.

A servant’s voice suddenly came from outside the door, “Miss.”

It was Miss Wang Jingyi, whom He Xiao was talking about just now.

Wang Jingyi walked in and looked at the restless Left Prime Minister Wang Xian, “Father, if Young Master He has anything to say, let him make it clear once and for all. From now on, the bridge will return to the bridge, and the road will return to the road so we won’t owe each other anything.”

Wang Xian knew that his eldest daughter had always had her own ideas, so he threw up her sleeves and left.

He Yanming warned He Xiao, “Don’t make trouble, come out immediately after you finish speaking.”

He Yanming immediately left and waited at the entrance of the mansion.

There were only Wang Jingyi and He Xiao left in the main hall.

After serving tea, the servant waited outside the main hall with Wang Jingyi’s maid.


Wang Jingyi walked into the main hall slowly, chose a chair to sit down, picked up the teacup at hand, and drank slowly.

He Xiao looked fierce, and his voice was like ice, “That day, did you let someone lead me to Qichun Pavilion?”

Wang Jingyi seemed to be tasting the tea in her hand, without answering.

Seeing Wang Jingyi’s slow and orderly movements, He Xiao became furious and asked with a harsh voice.

“You led Shizi Xie away who was originally planning to go to Qichun Pavilion, but you pushed me into the fire pit. Do you remember me as your fiancé? Do you think there aren’t enough green hats on your head?”

Wang Jingyi put down her teacup and looked at He Xiao, who was in a fit of anger, chuckled and spoke in a dull tone, “It’s a waste of eloquence to ask questions knowingly.” This sentence seemed to admit, but it also seemed to have said nothing.

“You…” He Xiao was very angry.

But what else could he do now? What else could he do to Wang Jingyi?

“By the way, it’s the ex-fiancé.” Wang Jingyi played with the white porcelain cup lids on the table next to her and looked at He Xiao as she said lightly.

He Xiao remained silent, and then suddenly widened his eyes with disbelief, “Your purpose is to dissolve the betrothment?”

Wang Jingyi’s face remained as usual, and He Xiao suddenly realized that this woman was not prepared to deny at all, but blatantly came to add more trouble for him at this moment.

He Xiao looked carefully at Wang Jingyi, his former fiancée, for the first time.

Wang Jingyi, the legitimate daughter of a noble family, had naturally cultivated a graceful and elegant demeanor. Although her appearance was not extremely beautiful, she was also top-notch knowledgeable, and cultured, and she was also outstanding among the daughters of the capital noble family.

But she had always looked cold and aloof in front of others, unlike An Yanxi, the eldest daughter of An Mansion, who was warm-hearted and willing to help others understand the overall situation.

She was a selfish, cold-blooded, and ruthless woman.

He Xiao’s eyes were red, and he spoke harshly, “Since the two of us got betrothed, you have never had any objection to the marriage. No matter how I play outside, you have never questioned me. You usually don’t make any noise or trouble, and you seem not to care at all and are ready to get married. It turns out that you are waiting here, grabbing me in one stroke, and breaking the betrothment.”

“Wang Jingyi, you are so vicious.”

Wang Jingyi looked at He Xiao in front of her, feeling relieved, “Looks like you knew who the instigator of that day was.”

“Then, I wish you a long life together and a happy marriage for a hundred years.”

He Xiao was very furious, trying hard not to strangle the woman in front of him, “With such deep scheming, who would dare to marry a woman like you into the family?”

Wang Jingyi chuckled lightly, “Only the weak dare to associate with the weak.”

“Besides, who said that women must rely on men.”


After He Xiao left angrily, Wang Jingyi was still sitting in the main hall drinking tea leisurely.

“Second Miss.” A servant’s voice came from the door.

Wang Jingyan, dressed in a bright silk dress, walked in with light graceful steps.

Second Miss Wang sat on the chair opposite Wang Jingyi and looked at the other side with a smile on her face, “Oh, I heard that Sister has been un-betrothed. I, this sister, came here to comfort Sister. Please don’t think of doing stupid things. The pond in the early autumn is very cold, hehehe…”

Wang Jingyi glanced at Wang Jingyan who was seated opposite her indifferently, put down the teacup, stood up, and left without saying a word.

Wang Jingyan behind her spoke loudly again, “Sister, I heard such a sentence in the palace before, what Imperial Concubine Shu said to Princess Zhaoren, for the one who got rejected, the market will not be as good. You can still talk about marriage later, so don’t worry about it. Hahaha…”

Wang Jingyi turned around, her eyes were cold, and she walked step by step towards that so-called sister who was vibrating with laughter.

A woman’s cold and stern voice suddenly rang outside the door, “Slap her for me.”

“Yes, madam.”

A sturdy servant stepped into the main hall and walked straight to Wang Jingyan.

“Sorry, Second Miss.”

The maid stepped forward to grab Wang Jingyan who was about to flee, and slapped her twice.

Wang Jingyan supported herself on the table next to her with one hand and covered her face with the other. Her face became red and swollen instantly, and tears rolled out of her eyes like broken beads.

Wang Jingyan looked at Madam Wang standing at the door in disbelief, “Mother, why did you treat me like this? I am your daughter too? Why did you…”

Her unfinished words were interrupted by Madam Wang’s cold voice, “Get out of here.”

Wang Jingyan stopped talking, and a little maid came in quickly to help Wang Jingyan go out. Wang Jingyi turned around and walked to Madam Wang’s side, reaching out to hold Madam Wang’s arm. “Mother, why do you come out to blow the cool breeze when you can rest in the room?”

Madam Wang looked at her daughter Wang Jingyi who had a worried expression on her face, gently and with guilt, “Yi’er, come with me.”


Madam Wang and Wang Jingyi, mother and daughter, walked back to the inner courtyard slowly. On the way, they met a young man who bowed to avoid them.

“Madam, Young lady.” The man bowed and saluted.

The two nodded and left.

The Left Prime Minister Mansion had many visitors and this kind of scene was not surprising.

Ji Mu looked at Wang Jingyi’s departing back for a long time.

Ji Mu was arranged by His Highness Taizi to be close to the Left Prime Minister, so he had a deep understanding of everyone in the Left Prime Minister Mansion.

Wang Jingyi, the eldest daughter of Left Prime Minister Mansion, has wisdom and courage, a strategist with deep scheming no lesser than a man.

Ji Mu sighed in his heart, if Great Xia allows women to enter the court as officials and if Miss Wang serves as an official, her achievements would not be any inferior to her elder brother in politics. However, it was a pity that she was born in the Wang family.


The night before yesterday, Imperial Concubine Shu also sent someone to inform the Right Prime Minister Qin Wenzheng about the event at the Imperial Garden banquet.

After Qin Nian returned to the mansion, she stayed in bed, not wanting to eat or drink. Without saying a word, she looked depressed. When Qin Wenzheng saw Qin Nian’s weak appearance, he couldn’t do anything, and his anger had nowhere to go. Song Mei would only cry and say that her life was miserable, that she couldn’t help her child, and could only watch her daughter suffer.

Qin Wenzheng was under pressure, how could Qin Nian discuss marriage with the Marquis of Yongding Mansion after such an encounter?

He Xiao, on the other hand, had a very bad reputation and had a betrothment with the eldest daughter of Left Prime Minister Mansion.

Qin Wen sat in the mansion for a day, but for this matter, he could only wait for He Mansion to come up with an explanation. He, on the bride’s side, couldn’t go to the He Mansion desperately.

Today, when the He family, father and son, came to propose marriage, although Qin Wenzheng was still unhappy, he didn’t demand too much. His daughter’s innocence was ruined and if Niannian did not agree to this marriage, it would be difficult for Niannian in the future.

He Yanming, at the same time, learned from He Xiao’s grumbling that this second young lady of the Qin family, Qin Nian, was the instigator at this time. While suppressing anger in his heart and with a stiff smile on his face, he decided to seal the marriage.

He Xiao’s face was livid, he didn’t seem to be here to propose marriage but rather to seek revenge.

They hastily arranged the marriage between He Xiao and Qin Nian at an extremely fast speed, but there was no joy on their faces.


In the main room of Madam Wang’s courtyard at the Left Prime Minister Mansion.

Madam Wang had returned to her bed to rest, leaning against the head of the bed with a soft pillow behind her.

Wang Jingyi tucked in the quilt for her mother and sat quietly on the embroidered stool by the window.

Madam Wang held Wang Jingyi’s hands, and said in a warm voice, “This marriage is not worth it as He Xiao is not a good man.”

Wang Jingyi looked at her mother with soft and calm eyes.

Madam Wang sighed, then suddenly turned her head and coughed a few times.

Wang Jingyi immediately got up and patted Madam Wang’s back.

Madam Wang gasped for a while, calmed down the itching in her throat, and reached out to pull Wang Jingyi back to the low stool in front of her to sit down. She patted the back of Wang Jingyi’s hand, and said with a wry smile, “I know my physical condition, and the remaining days are all rewarded by Heaven.”

“Mother, don’t say that.” Wang Jingyi frowned and looked at Madam Wang worriedly, feeling that her mother’s condition was not quite right.

Madam Wang looked back at Wang Jingyi calmly, “Yi’er don’t worry, Mother must live until you get married before Mother can rest assured.”

“Mother knew of Yu Yan’s repeated provocations to you. Yi’er, it’s hard for you. Since she dares to recognize me as a mother, she has to obey me as a mother. Yi’er, you don’t need to pay attention to her, so as not to dirty your hands. I am a person who is about to be buried, and I am not afraid of doing some evils with my hands.”

“This family is no longer like a home. Your father’s actions made me very uneasy. Your brother is only respected by your father and I can’t persuade him. The only thing I am worried about is you.”

“Your father probably doesn’t have time to think about your marriage these days. Yi’er, you should find a good husband as soon as possible, get married, leave the mansion, and break away from this family. Otherwise, I’m worried, I’m worried if…”

“Mother is incompetent and unable to protect you.” Madam Wang’s voice trembled slightly with a distressed expression.

Wang Jingyi stood up and sat beside the bed, hugging Madam Wang and gently patting her back to comfort her.

Wang Jingyi’s eyes turned cold, use marriage to leave this family?

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