TCPCHW Chapter 3 Part 2

The Crown Prince Chases His Wife

Chapter 3             Return to the Capital (2/2)

Three years ago, Marquis Xie was seriously injured in the army. Regardless of her physical weakness, the Princess of Anyang traveled a long distance to Yingchuan, Xie An’s hometown, to worship his ancestors, in order to protect Marquis Xie’s safety.

However, there she saw Xie Zhao, who looked like Xie An when he was younger. Princess of Anyang was puzzled and only after checking it out that she found out that Xie An once had a bedwarmer, Lian Niang, in his hometown, who gave birth to a son, Xie Zhao, for Xie An. But because Xie An wanted to be valued by the Princess, he rewrote Xie Zhao’s name in the Xie clan genealogy to the name of Xie An’s cousin.

The most ironic thing was that Xie An and Lian Niang had a daughter who was a few years younger than Xie Changyuan.

After she married Xie An, he returned to her hometown to worship his ancestors every year. Xie An asked Anyang to build up her strength in the capital on the grounds that she was weak. He also said that young people should put their studies first and never bring their only son Xie Changyuan along.

When the Princess of Anyang learned about these dirty things, she felt chills all over. She used to think how considerate Xie An was, but now she felt so disgusted. She immediately return to the capital, and never left the mansion again.

At that time, Xie An and Xie Changyuan were both in the Shuobei Army, and the war with the Turks was coming to an end. Xie An received news from Yingchuan that Anyang went to worship the ancestors, Lian Niang hanged herself, and Xie Zhao disappeared.

Regardless of his serious injury, Xie An immediately returned to his hometown Yingchuan to deal with Lian Niang’s funeral and asked someone to find Xie Zhao’s whereabouts.

Since returning to the capital, Anyang’s old illnesses came back, and had been bedridden. Little did she know that what she was waiting for was not her husband’s apology and comfort, but a cold look.

Xie An used a cold and harsh tone that Anyang had never heard before, accusing her of being narrow-minded, having no tolerance for people, and treating people’s lives as dirt. Only then did Anyang know that Lian Niang had passed away.

That Lian Niang used her death to make Xie An feel more indebted to her children. Regardless of Anyang’s obstruction, Xie An insisted on recognizing his eldest son, Xie Zhao, and daughter, Xie Qing.

After receiving Xie An’s cold treatment, Anyang was disheartened, and her health deteriorated. When Xie Changyuan returned to the mansion, he saw his dying mother who relied on ginseng soup to continue her life.

How could Xie Changyuan not remember Xie An’s beloved son, Xie Zhao? Now Qin Yan had better not have anything to do with Xie Zhao, otherwise, the marriage would have to be abandoned.


Half a month later, a black carriage entered the capital from Yongding Gate, and the carriage headed straight to the Qin Mansion of the Right Prime Minister located in the east of the city.

At the main entrance of Qin Mansion, the carriage stopped. Shen Ying, who was driving, jumped down neatly and strode towards the mansion gate.

The guard stepped forward to stop her and said, “Please show the invitation.”

Shen Ying’s tone was slightly cold, “It’s your eldest young lady in the carriage.”

The guard glanced at the carriage with no emblem behind Shen Ying and berated, “There is only one Miss Nian in the Qin Mansion. Today our young lady is having a banquet in the mansion. Where are you quack from, and how dare you come to the Prime Minister Mansion to behave atrociously!”

Hearing the other person gradually raising his volume, Shen Ying laughed angrily. He kicked the guard to the ground with a sudden kick, and the rest of the guards immediately surrounded and moved their hands with Shen Ying when they saw this.

The housekeeper, Zhang Quan, came over quickly when he heard the news. Zhang Quan was an old man in the Prime Minister Mansion and also Prime Minister Qin’s confidant, so he knew that the eldest young lady Qin Yan was about to return to the mansion.

Since the Madam and the eldest young lady left home and the Old Madam said she was ill, Concubine Song had been in charge of the Prime Minister Mansion all these years. All the old timers in the mansion were sent to the village by Concubine Song one by one.

Now, the mansion was full of newcomers, and everyone took Aunt Song as their mistress, they only knew that there was only one Miss Nian in the mansion, and no one knew that there was another eldest daughter of the first wife.

The matter of the eldest young lady returning home should have been arranged a few days earlier. But the meaning given by Qiushui Courtyard was put on hold in recent days as they were busy with the preparation of Miss Nian’s Hairpin Ceremony banquet.

Zhang Quan understood that the one in Qiushui Courtyard wanted to embarrass the eldest young lady.


Prime Minister had invited the patriarch and a group of clan elders to the capital, and Concubine Song was about to become the honorable mistress. Although he had a little sympathy for this eldest young lady, he could still tell which one was more important.

It never occurred to him that she wanted to bully the little girl, and even made such an ugly scene.

When Zhang Quan went to the gate of the mansion, all he saw was a group of guards lying on the ground screaming in pain, and a woman dressed in black attire standing quietly in front of the carriage.

Zhang Quan came to the front of the carriage and bowed, “I’m the housekeeper of the Qin Mansion, Zhang Quan. May I ask is the eldest young lady in the carriage?”

There was no movement in the carriage, and Shen Ying outside the carriage mocked, “I heard that there is only one Miss Nian in your mansion. Housekeeper Zhang, don’t call the wrong person.”

Zhang Quan faced the carriage and said, “The eldest young lady has been away from the mansion for more than ten years, and the newcomer in the mansion is not aware of the eldest young lady. Eldest Miss, please forgive.”

Seeing that there was still no response in the carriage, Zhang Quan spoke again, “Please go into the mansion, Miss.”

“Newcomers… Oldtimers…” A lazy female voice came from the carriage.

A slender fair hand lifted the curtain of the carriage and walked down a woman in a black dress.

This woman was taller than ordinary women, had a beautiful appearance, and had a little similarity to the Prime Minister, but she more resembled Madam Shen Shiying at that time.

The aura around her was not like the usual noble ladies. On the contrary, she had a sense of coercion that had been there for a long time. Zhang Quan was a little puzzled. Was this what a young lady who grew up in the Northwest should look like? She didn’t seem to be easy to handle.

Without thinking too much, Zhang Quan immediately bowed and saluted, “The housekeeper Zhang Quan greets Eldest Miss.”

“Let me show the way for Eldest Miss.”

After speaking, Zhang Quan made a gesture of invitation and stepped sideways towards the mansion.

Qin Yan walked leisurely, and Shen Ying followed closely.

Entering the mansion gate, walking through the front courtyard, and arriving at an exquisite hanging flower gate, Qin Yan stopped and looked at Zhang Quan with a half-smile.

Seeing this, Zhang Quan explained, “When Eldest Miss returns home, should meet the Old Madam first.”

“Are you teaching me to do things?” Qin Yan sneered and walked straight to the Xi Garden in the east.

Zhang Quan secretly screamed “bad”, at this moment in the Xi Garden…

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