TCPCHW Chapter 7 Part 2

The Crown Prince Chases His Wife

Chapter 7             Enter the Palace (2/2)

Said she was without upbringing? Qin Yan had been in the Northwest all these years, following his grandfather and uncle in name. These words belittle Qin Yan and also belittle the Duke of Zhenguo Mansion.

The current mistress of the Duke of Zhenguo Mansion was her aunt, Fang Su. Her father was a general under her grandfather, and her parents died early. Fang Su was brought up at the Duke Mansion when she was a child and grew up with her uncle. The two were real childhood sweethearts, but they were criticized by many people for being inappropriate at that time.

Being a matchmaker for Qin Yan, but in fact, she was giving Qin Yan’s portrait to others for evaluation. It was also fortunate that Qin Yan could understand the wickedness of Imperial Concubine Shu’s words, otherwise, Imperial Concubine Shu’s time-consuming words would be wasted.

The number of people in the Duke Mansion had declined because all the men were on the battlefield of Northwest. Countless officers and soldiers defended their country on the bitter cold frontiers, but these women who sat in the warm pavilion and watched flowers all day long chewed their tongues and insulted them.

Was Concubine Shu so rampant? Or was the imperial family so rampant? Was this getting rid of people once they ceased to be useful?


Qin Yan closed her eyes slightly. When she opened her eyes again, her eyes were full of coldness.

She raised her hand and smacked the tray in the palace maid’s hand with a pot of hot tea at the main seats where Concubine Shu and Qin Nian were, and the teapot was accurately splashed at Concubine Shu at an extremely fast speed.

With a scream, Imperial Concubine Shu’s reaction was too late, she was splashed on her face, and her face was instantly red and swollen. The tea that splashed on her body soaked into her inner clothing, and she gradually became cold. It was freezing cold against her body.

Qin Nian, who was next to her, was also unlucky, and her left face, which was completely healed, was splashed with some hot tea again. A young lady’s skin was already extra delicate, and it instantly blistered and inflamed.

The entire waterside pavilion was filled with Imperial Concubine Shu’s roar, Qin Nian’s crying, and the palace servants’ cries in fear.

Qin Lin got up quickly and pulled up Qin Xi who was so shocked that her mouth opened wide, and flashed behind the pillar in the corner. When the immortals fought, the little demons had to stay away.

Only Qin Yan was still standing in place, watching calmly and unperturbed in the midst of chaos.

Imperial Concubine Shu suddenly reacted to the culprit and called out loudly, “Someone! Arrest Qin Yan for me!”

The palace servants rushed in immediately. Qin Yan slowly turned around, and everyone was shocked by Qin Yan’s chilling eyes and aura.

At this moment, a shrill voice came, “Your Majesty has ordered Qin Yan, the eldest first daughter of the Qin Mansion, to enter the imperial study room immediately. Please follow me, Eldest Miss Qin.” It was the eunuch next to the Emperor of Hui, Li Fuquan.

Imperial Concubine Shu’s piercing voice came, “She’s not allowed to leave! Qin Yan is an assassin, arrest her for me and imprison her in Ye Ting*!”

(Ye Ting* – the place next to the imperial palace where palace maids live and the families of bureaucrats work)

Li Fuquan’s tone was flat, “Your Majesty said that the peach blossoms in Chengqian Palace are blooming so well that Imperial Concubine Shu is allergic to pollen and hurts her face. To prevent the pollen from harming others, the palace gate will be closed from now on.”

“Is this to put me under house arrest?” Concubine Shu covered her burnt face in disbelief.

“Your Majesty is sympathetic to Imperial Concubine Shu. Niangniang recuperate well. Young ladies, it’s time for you to leave the palace.”

Qin Lin quickly dragged the excited Qin Xi to the door.

Qin Nian glanced at Imperial Concubine Shu worriedly and had no choice but to walk out the door.

When Qin Nian was leaving, Li Fuquan said, “Second Miss Qin, your face?”

Qin Nian spoke quickly, “The pollen in my aunt’s palace is really strong, and Qin Nian was not spared. When I return to the mansion to recuperate, I will stay behind closed doors.”

Eunuch Li nodded approvingly, thinking that the concubine-born daughter of Prime Minister Qin really knew everything.

Unfortunately, that Imperial Concubine Shu had a bad brain.


A group of people left Chengqian Palace as the roar of Imperial Concubine Shu and the crisp smashing sound of cups and plates became softer. Outside the palace gate, they met Feng Xian, the second prince who had rushed over.

“Your Highness Second Prince.” Li Fuquan bowed and saluted.

“Eunuch Li.” Feng Xian had always treated the confidant beside his imperial father with courtesy.

“Greetings Your Highness Second Prince.” The twin sisters and Qin Nian also saluted the Second Prince Feng Xian.

The second prince was also very interesting. He was not concerned about his imperial mother when he spoke but looked at Qin Yan who was standing by complacently.

“Is this Sister Yan? I’m Feng Xian, your cousin. I’ll show you around the imperial city when you have time.”

Qin Yan looked at the second prince who was familiar, and said softly, “Thank you, no need.”

“How are you, cousins? Niannian’s face?” Feng Xian looked at Qin Nian.

Qin Nian’s eyes flickered, with tears in her eyes, “I…”

“Your Highness Second Prince, I have to send these few young ladies out of the palace and His Majesty is still waiting for Miss Qin Yan in the imperial study.” Li Fuquan spoke in time.

“Eunuch Li, take care. Sisters, take care.”

After the group of people left, Feng Xian was blocked by the guards brought by Eunuch Li to guard outside the Chengqian Palace.

What happened in the Chengqian Palace was immediately reported to Feng Xian by his spy, and he rushed over from Chonghua Palace as quickly as possible.

Feng Xian was angry at his mother’s stupidity, who easily got instigated, and became the first person to attract attention.

In the early years, when the Taizi went to the army and the Third Prince Feng Yi was like a wild crane, who only knew poetry and painting all day, his imperial father cultivated him carefully, and he also won many courtiers in the court. Only he could compete with the Taizi for the throne.

Now that the Taizi had returned to the court. The Left Prime Minister was the Taizi’s uncle, and the Grand Scholar of the government and the Minister of Rites, An Shifeng, was the Taizi’s Taifu, where his disciples were all over the court. The Taizi also blatantly raised two hundred thousand private soldiers, and even, the Commander of the Southern Yamen Imperial Army, Lu Chen came from the Taizi’s army.

Now that the Taizi supervised the country, and if his mother continued to mess around, in the future, she would only have to go with him to any feudal fief that didn’t give a crap.

He also had his uncle, Qin Wenzheng, who was the Right Prime Minister. If he could form in-laws with him, this could strengthen their relationship.

His mother intended to match him with Qin Nian. He could understand that her mother wished that she wanted to become in-law with her close friend Song Mei, but Qin Nian’s identity…

Qin Yan was the best choice. She was not only the only first daughter of Prime Minister Qin Mansion but also a cousin who was favored by the Duke of Zhenguo Mansion. When he saw her today, only did he know that she was so amazingly beautiful.

With a noble status, young and beautiful, who couldn’t be tempted by such a woman?

He had to find a way to ease the relationship with this cousin.

Each palace had its own spies, and what happened in Chengqian Palace spread to the ears of the masters of each palace at a very fast speed.

The Empress was practicing Buddhist meditation in the Dajue Temple and was not in the palace all year round. Each of the four imperial concubines had a profound background, and they were in a situation of mutual restraint. With Imperial Concubine Shu grounded, the other palace masters were watching with amusement. But at the same time, they also doubted His Majesty’s attitude towards Qin Yan.

Could it be that a newcomer was about to enter the palace?

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