TCPCHW Chapter 46 Part 1

The Crown Prince Chases His Wife

Chapter 46          Unscrupulous Person (1/2)

When Second Prince Feng Xian was brought into the reception hall, he immediately caught Qin Yan drinking tea leaning on the soft couch by the window.

Facing the lotus pond in the flower hall was an open north-facing window. The half-rolled Hunan curtain above it was gently swayed by the breeze. When the wind entered the hall, the stunning beauty’s hair on the soft couch was gently fluttering and such a view made Feng Xian stand in awe.

“Is Second Imperial Brother coming here at this hour to eat?” Feng Yuyao said teasingly.

It was shenshi* now, and it was not close to dinner time. However, Feng Yuyao really didn’t like Feng Xian’s behavior of pestering Yanyan.

(shenshi*­ – 3 pm – 5 pm)

Feng Yuyao decided that the Count of Pingnan Mansion was the most suitable family for Yanyan, which was second to none.

Cousin Junyan was the only son of Uncle Count of Pingnan, and her aunt had passed away long ago. There were no uncles, brothers, and sisters-in-law in the mansion, and no mother-in-law was suppressing on top. If Yanyan married into the Gu family, probably she would have had a more comfortable life.

And Second Imperial Brother… She would not be able to pass Imperial Concubine Shu.

Qin Yan didn’t get up to salute but just ordered Shen Huai to help with seating and serving tea.

Second Prince Feng Xian also got used to Qin Yan’s casualness, took his seat by himself, and took a sip of the green glazed teacup at hand.

“Good tea, what is it?” Feng Xian admired without concealing his expression.

Standing on the other side, Shen Huai said: “Your Highness Second Prince, this is Junshan silver needle, which is slightly cold in nature and can relieve autumn dryness.”

Since Feng Xian was at the housewarming banquet of the Princess of Zhaoren Mansion last time, he knew that there were many rules for eating and drinking in this mansion.

Qin Yan was a casual beauty, but also a delicate and exquisite beauty.


Feng Xian looked at Qin Yan.

“Princess of Zhaoren, are you interested in playing two rounds of horse tag today?”

Feng Xian knew exactly what she liked.

Qin Yan raised her eyes when she heard the words, with interest showing in her eyes.

Today’s official business had been discussed with Mister Ji, and this cash cow delivered to the door would not be slaughtered in vain.

“Uncle Huai, order someone to place the card table in the reception hall.” Qin Yan instructed Shen Huai.

Feng Yuyao also became interested. She didn’t have a good time last time, but she could also be considered to have learned some tricks, and this time she must revenge.

But Yanyan, Second Imperial Brother, and herself were only three people. If you are enjoying the novel, please support this translation and get direct access to new releases by reading it at the translator’s original website:

Feng Yuyao looked at Qin Yan: “Yanyan, we are still short of one person. How about letting Shen Ying play?”

Qin Yan smiled, “What’s the point of winning money from own people?”

“Shen Ying, go to the next door and invite His Highness Taizi over to play a couple of rounds.”

Shen Ying took the order and left.


Feng Yuyao was stunned by Qin Yan’s words.

Second Prince Feng Xian sprayed all the tea he had just drank on the ground.

Both of them looked at Qin Yan with disbelief.

At this time, Shen Huai was instructing his servants to set up the card table.

“Why, are you not satisfied with the partner I found for you?” Qin Yan sipped his tea.

Feng Yuyao looked surprised: “Yanyan, you don’t know how serious my imperial brother Taizi is. I don’t even dare to talk to him normally. If it weren’t for Imperial Brother Taizi who is only a few years older than us, I would think that Taizi is our elder. How dare you ask him to play horse tag?”

Feng Yuyao couldn’t help trembling in fear.

Feng Xian remembered that the Taizi had said in public that being addicted to horse tag would delay official business.

Besides, Taizi couldn’t be called upon by Qin Yan at any time.

Qin Yan drank tea by herself.

Feng Yuyao sat on the card table alone, getting familiar with the cards.

Feng Xian took advantage of this interval to think of another matter.


“Princess of Zhaoren, the fan you mentioned last time?”

Only then did Qin Yan remember that she had indeed promised the Second Prince to give him a fan.

“Uncle Huai, go to the warehouse to get some jade fans.” Qin Yan instructed Shen Huai. Qin Yan’s memory was particularly good, she seemed to have seen Second Prince Feng Xian use a jade fan.

Not long after, Shen Huai brought a black tray and put it on the table next to the Second Prince. There were four jade fans on the tray.

Feng Xian raised his hand to open each fan and looked at it carefully as if he couldn’t part with it.

Although Feng Xian asked Qin Yan for fans to bring the two closers together, these fans were really not inferior to the expert’s creations.

Qin Yan was not only a peerless beauty, but also had an outstanding family background, astonishing financial resources, and was talented. However, she was still a talented woman who didn’t show off her beauty, it was not an exaggeration to say that she was a stunner.

Which man didn’t want such a woman?

“Princess of Zhaoren, these fans are very good, I can’t bear to give up any of them, can you allow me to keep them all in my pocket…” Feng Xian said tentatively, also wanting to praise Qin Yan, but was interrupted by Feng Yuyao. If you are enjoying the novel, please support this translation and get direct access to new releases by reading it at the translator’s original website:

“No way.” Feng Yuyao looked unhappy.

Feng Yuyao herself only had one of Yanyan’s fans, which was robbed by force, so why did the Second Imperial Brother want them all?

Qin Yan didn’t comment on the conversation between the two.

Feng Xian continued to pick the fan.


In the Taizi Mansion at Xishan, Taizi Feng Zhan entered the palace this morning to preside over the court meeting and went to the south study to discuss matters as usual. He just returned to the mansion. When he was free, he practiced calligraphy in his study.

Song Zhi came in: “Your Highness, Princess of Zhaoren Mansion sent someone to invite Your Highness…” Song Zhi found it a little hard to continue.

Feng Zhan raised his eyes.

Song Zhi caught His Highness’s displeased gaze, and knew His highness didn’t like his subordinates’ hesitation, but this…

“Princess of Zhaoren sent someone to invite His Highness to go over to play horse tag.”

Song Zhi was very surprised when he received the news just now.

Horse tag? Horse tag!

Only the Princess of Zhaoren could think of it, for someone as noble as His Highness, how could he play horse tag?

Last time at the housewarming banquet at the Princess Mansion, His Highness reluctantly played because he was trapped by the heavy rain and could not refuse the honor of the host, Princess of Zhaoren. This…

Feng Zhan put down his brush, cleaned his hands, and went out.

Song Zhi…

Why did it look like His Highness was waiting for a message from the Princess of Zhaoren?

And it seemed that His Highness didn’t care what the content of the message was, he was just looking for a reason to see her.

Song Zhi followed right after.


After Shen Ying delivered the message outside the Taizi Mansion, she waited for him outside the mansion.

Shen Ying’s heart was full of slanders, her master thought that it was a good idea, but she didn’t have much hope for such an unscrupulous invitation to invite the prince to play horse tag. If you are enjoying the novel, please support this translation and get direct access to new releases by reading it at the translator’s original website:

But to Shen Ying’s surprise, not long after, what she was waiting for was not Song Zhi who came out of the palace to reject her but saw Taizi Feng Zhan in black clothes coming out of the mansion, followed by Song Zhi and a group of the Taizi Mansion’s guards.

Shen Ying was slightly surprised.

Seeing that the carriage prepared by the Taizi Mansion was her master’s carriage, Shen Ying wondered, did the Taizi Mansion not even have a carriage?

But she didn’t ask much about her master’s affair.

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