TCPCHW Chapter 33 Part 2

The Crown Prince Chases His Wife

Chapter 33          Fierce Horse (2/2)

Qin Nian and Qin Ming entered the end of the stand, where there were already a group of young masters and young ladies. Seeing Qin Nian and Qin Ming, they all came over to greet them.

Du Ling was sitting in the corner. She didn’t keep her mouth shut on the decorated boat at the Qianshui Lake last time and pointed out Qin Nian. Although Qin Nian let the past go, she was still somewhat alienated by the young masters and sisters headed by Qin Nian.

But Du Ling was still the second daughter of the Du Mansion of the Minister of the Ministry of Finance, and her status was there. Although the young ladies of the official family were not too friendly towards her, they still reluctantly hung around to play together.

The seats in front of them were the two young ladies of the Left Prime Minister Mansion, as well as the second son of the Left Prime Minister Mansion, Wang Jingyu. This young man, who was in the dandy circle in the capital, was also surrounded by a group of young masters and young ladies with profound backgrounds.

He Xiao, the eldest son of the Minister of the Ministry of War, was fanning a folding fan, and his seat was not far from the eldest daughter of the Left Prime Minister, Wang Jingyi. Although the two were unmarried couples, they were no communication from beginning to end.

After another incense stick time, the winner was finally determined in the arena, and Jiang Mu won by a narrow margin.

Lin Zhong, who was below the arena, cupped his fists at Jiang Mu and said, “I’ve learned.”

Jiang Mu cupped his fists back at him.

Emperor of Hui clapped his hand and said, “Great, great.”

Jiang Mu felt a trace of pride in his heart and looked at Qin Yan on the stage as if asking for credit.

Qin Yan still sipped the wine with a faint expression and when she received Jiang Mu’s persistent eyes, Qin Yan nodded helplessly.

The soldier who presided over the competition beside the arena said: “Is there anyone who wants to challenge Young Master Jiang?”

No one answered.

Those who had just challenged Lin Chong were defeated and fell flat on the ground, and Lin Zhong was defeated by Jiang Mu, so who would challenge Jiang Mu?

Moreover, not many people dared to offend the Princess of Zhaoren Mansion.

At this time, a young man’s voice suddenly rang: “I will.”

The voice came from the seat at the end of the stand, it was a young man in a green riding suit.

Everyone looked at where the voice came from.

He was the son of the Right Prime Minister Qin.

In previous years, Qin Ming was not qualified to enter the paddock. This year, Song Mei was raised as an equal wife, thus he and Qin Nian were also promoted to legitimate sons and daughters. This was the first time they participated in autumn hunting in the western suburbs.

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Qin Nian grabbed Qin Ming’s sleeve and said anxiously in a low voice, “Are you crazy? Didn’t you see the Young Master Jiang’s thrilling fight against that strong man? Don’t make trouble, go back to father…”

Before Qin Nian could finish speaking, Qin Ming shook off Qin Nian’s hand and said, “As a man, what is there to be afraid of?”

Qin Ming straightened his chest and looked in the direction of the Princess of Zhaoren Qin Yan.

However, Qin Yan was drinking tea at the moment and didn’t seem to care about the situation on the field at all.

Qin Ming was not disappointed either. He got off the stand, walked straight to the arena, and climbed up.

Standing opposite Jiang Mu, he said, “Jiang Mu, your opponent today is me, Qin Ming.”

Jiang Mu stood with his hands behind his back, looked at the fool opposite him with a cold face, and said nothing.

Seeing Jiang Mu’s arrogant face again, Qin Ming became angry again.

He turned his neck around and moved his arms and legs. After warming up, he rushed towards Jiang Mu with a loud roar.

Some people in the stand were already covering their faces, unable to bear to look directly.

When Qin Ming was about to approach, Jiang Mu raised his leg and kicked Qin Ming out of the arena.

There were boos on the field.

Qin Nian in the stand immediately got up, quickly got off the stand, and ran towards Qin Ming.

Imperial Concubine Shu and Second Prince also sent people to check on Qin Ming’s situation.

Jiang Mu didn’t make a heavy move, and Qin Ming recuperated after a while. He rubbed his belly where he was kicked by Jiang Mu, but he was still very proud of himself.

Although his posture of getting off the arena was a bit embarrassing, it was Qin Ming who stood up when no one dared to challenge Jiang Mu.

Qin Ming looked at Qin Yan on the stage.

Did Eldest Sister see my courage?

As Qin Ming wished, Qin Yan did give him a faint look, and then moved away in an instant.

Qin Ming thought to himself, “Very good, Eldest Sister has seen me.”

Emperor of Hui clapped his hands and said: “The future generations are formidable and will be rewarded. The Qin family’s boy is commendable for his courage and will be rewarded, too.”

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Jiang Mu returned to the stands.


The horse racing session started in the arena.

The race field was a circular track. Riders would start from the front of the stands and race for a round. The first to end would win.

The first race was the men’s horse race.

At this moment, sitting in front of the stands, Second Prince Feng Xian, Shizi Xie of Marquis of Yongding Mansion, Xie Changyuan, the eldest son of the Minister of Ministry of War, He Xiao, and a group of young masters and soldiers were sitting on their horses and preparing for the race.

Wang Jingyu, the youngest son of the Left Prime Minister in the stands, didn’t participate as he knew the superb riding skills of those on the field and didn’t want to be a foil to others, which was embarrassing.

On the other hand, Qin Ming, who was being massaged by the servants, couldn’t say anything. He and his second sister Qin Nian had been practicing horse riding for the past two months, and they thought that they could show their skills during the hunting in the western suburbs. Unexpectedly, when he fell off the arena just now, his bottom and legs hurt, and he couldn’t get on the horse today.

“Ouch, ouch, gentle please.” Qin Ming rubbed his bottom and said to the young manservant beside him.


When the drum sounded, dozens of tall horses rushed out. The people on the horses rode at a high speed, with the horses neighing and people shouting. The hooves sounded rapid, and the dust was flying, which was spectacular.

Today, Xie Changyuan didn’t plan to have any more scruples and didn’t intend to give in to Second Prince Feng Xian like before. He lowered his upper body, pulled the reins violently, and led the way, reaching the finish line first with an obvious advantage.

The moment he crossed the finish line, Xie Changyuan glanced at Qin Yan in the stands.

However, Qin Yan lowered her head slightly and listened to what Feng Yuyao was saying.

Xie Changyuan’s eyes dimmed for a moment.

A Yan in the stands looked at Xie Changyuan’s handsome posture, and her cheeks reddened. That was her Brother Changyuan, and also the Brother Changyuan who was about to be her husband.

Second Prince Feng Xian arrived later, and he was a little displeased.

In the past, he could see that Xie Changyuan had deliberately compromised, allowing him to always come out on top. But he was the noble prince, and he thought that it was Xie Changyuan who knew the current affairs.

But today’s Xie Changyuan…

Second Prince Feng Xian looked at the stands, was it because of Qin Yan?


The women’s horse racing was shortly after.

Different from the exciting and spectacular men’s horse racing just now. The girls didn’t have a lot of drama on the horses.

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The two princesses didn’t participate, and the Princess of Zhaoren and the young lady of the Marquis of Yongding Mansion, Xie Qing also sat in the stands.

The second young lady of the Left Prime Minister Mansion, Wang Jingyan, was wearing a bright red riding attire today. She was valiant and formidable looking on the horse and had a unique style.

And Qin Nian, the second young lady of the Right Prime Minister Mansion, was shadowed by that. Qin Nian had just learned to ride a horse, and her performance could only be regarded as quite satisfactory. She was directly reduced to the foil of the young lady of the Wang family.

A Yan also wanted to join the horse race but was stopped by Xie Changyuan. A Yan’s riding skills could only be played for fun. How could she really compete in the arena?

Feng Yuyao signaled to Qin Yan and Qin Yan followed Feng Yuyao’s line of sight. Xie Changyuan held the reins on the sidelines and immediately sat down with A Yan, who was blushing. The two walked slowly on the sidelines.

Qin Yan thought to herself, um, a perfect match.

Today’s second young lady of the Left Prime Minister Mansion, Wang Jingyan, performed exceptionally well on the horse. She got up and left the saddle, left one foot on the stirrup, then moved one foot away from the horse to touch the ground, and then leaped on the horseback again, making frequent thrilling movements and showing superb equestrian skills.

Wang Jingyan had been preparing for a long time, but unfortunately, His Highness Taizi was not present today.

Man, they didn’t have special feelings. A woman had to change her appearance to give a man a sense of freshness to get a man’s long-term love, otherwise, a man would go outside to find someone who could give them a sense of freshness.

Wang Jingyan felt that An Yanxi was just a piece of blockhead, and she always acted like a virtuous lady of a noble family. She was so boring, that men would get tired of it.

Unsurprisingly, the second young lady of the Left Prime Minister Mansion, Wang Jingyan, won first place.

Everyone was rewarded by the Emperor.


At this time, there was a sudden neighing of horses in the field, and several people worked together to lead a tall and strong maroon horse to the field.

Everyone looked over in confusion.

Emperor of Hui said: “This is the Dawan horse which was supplied by the Mulan Horse Farm of Princess of Zhaoren. Yesterday, I saw the strong bones and muscles of this horse on the race ground, and I loved it very much, but this horse is unruly and difficult to tame. Today, if anyone can tame this fierce horse, I will reward heavily.”

Everyone was eager to move, but they were terrified to see the tall horse that could not be restrained by the four strong and sturdy soldiers.

A few young masters in the stands went up, and before they got close to the horse, they were kicked over by the horse’s front hooves, or fell to the ground in fright, trying frantically to escape.

Some of the soldiers who trained horses, also couldn’t get close, and couldn’t get on horseback at all.

Second Prince Feng Xian cherished his life and was not interested in playing with this fierce horse with his noble body.

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He Xiao looked at Xie Changyuan: “Shizi Xie, give it a try?”

Xie Changyuan couldn’t help looking in Qin Yan’s direction. At this moment, Qin Yan changed her indifference towards the field, and she was looking at the fierce horses on the field.

It seemed that Qin Yan was very interested in this horse. Yes, it used to be a horse on her horse farm.

Xie Changyuan got up, but his right arm was grabbed by A Yan next to him.

“Brother Changyuan, don’t go.” A Yan looked at Xie Changyuan and said worriedly. The horse looked so difficult to tame, and she didn’t want Brother Changyuan to be in danger.

Xie Changyuan glanced at A Yan with a comforting look, stroked A Yan’s hands holding his arms, stepped down, and walked straight to the fierce horse.

“Get out of the way.” Xie Changyuan said.

Xie Changyuan immediately jumped on the horse, pulled the reins tightly, and began a fierce battle with the fierce horse.

That horse had been waiting for an opportunity to throw Xie Changyuan down. Xie Chang Yuan avoided it several times, but he didn’t make any progress.

One person and one horse stood deadlocked on the field for a long time.

But Xie Changyuan didn’t intend to give up easily. Everyone in the stands was watching, including Qin Yan.

Qin Yan was fond of horses. If he could subdue this fierce horse, Qin Yan would look at him with admiration, then…

On the stand, Concubine Ning suddenly spoke to the Emperor of Hui, and her voice was not deliberately lowered, so the seats nearby could clearly hear.

“Your Majesty, since this fierce horse comes from the Princess of Zhaoren’s horse farm, why not let the Princess of Zhaoren give it a try?”

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