TCPCHW Chapter 31 Part 1

The Crown Prince Chases His Wife

Chapter 31          Secret (1/2)

At the Marquis of Yongding Mansion, Xie Changyuan was practicing swords on the practice field.

The man in the field was like a dancing dragon, with superb swordsmanship, and he indeed had the air of the nobility from a noble family.

Since Xie Zhao returned to the capital, Xie Changyuan sent people to keep an eye on Xie Zhao’s whereabouts.

Xie Zhao, apart from going to the Ministry of War for his routine business, occasionally had a drink with his coworkers in the Pingxi Army and spent more time in his own mansion.

Xie An went to find Xie Zhao many times but was turned down by Xie Zhao.

Xie Zhao’s mansion had only received Xie Qing as a guest.

And Xie Zhao didn’t have any contact with the Duke of Zhenguo Mansion and Princess of Zhaoren Mansion.

Xie Changyuan doubted whether the information he had received was wrong. There seemed to be no connection between Xie Zhao and Qin Yan.


After his closing stance, Xie Changyuan calmed his breath, went back to his room to wash and change clothes, and then went to the study.

As soon as he entered the study, he saw A Yan who was half-crouching in front of the desk, playing with something.

He walked in two steps and saw that A Yan was reaching out and touching the sandalwood brocade box on the desk.

Xie Changyuan spoke immediately, his voice slightly cold, “Put it down.”

Xie Changyuan quickly took two steps over, reached out to take the box, turned around, and placed it on the Bogu shelf beside him.

A Yan was frightened by Xie Changyuan’s sudden speech. Brother Changyuan had never been so indifferent to her.

A Yan said with a sobbing voice, “Brother Changyuan, do you dislike me?”

Xie Changyuan turned around and saw A Yan with tears in her eyes, and he couldn’t stand it.

“Why are you here?” Xie Changyuan asked without hesitation.

A Yan sobbed softly, and she waited for Brother Changyuan to come over to comfort her as usual.

Today, A Yan happened to hear Uncle Li say that he was preparing for autumn hunting. A Yan thought that she had never been to the autumn hunting in previous years because of her different identities. But now she had a marriage bestowed by the Emperor. Although she was only a side concubine, she could also be regarded as an official family member. A Yan wanted Brother Changyuan to take her to the hunting ground to play, plus she just learned to ride a horse this year.

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When Brother Changyuan was practicing swordsmanship, he didn’t like being disturbed, so A Yan came to Brother Changyuan’s study to wait for him. She knew the habit of Brother Changyuan and he would come to the study to read a book for a while before going to bed every day.

But when Brother Changyuan saw her cry today, he didn’t come to comfort her, but turned around and looked at the black Bogu shelf.

A Yan sobbed a few more times, and then stopped by herself.

Thinking of her purpose today, A Yan calmed down, and muttered softly, “I was thinking, can Brother Changyuan take me to the autumn hunting in the western suburbs? I have learned to ride a horse.”

Xie Changyuan turned around and glanced at A Yan’s small body, and his voice was softer than before, “Based on your riding skills, aren’t you afraid of falling off again?”

Xie Changyuan had always thought of Qin Yan unconsciously these days. On that day, Shen Huai came to return the engagement token on behalf of Qin Yan and asked Li Zhong to return Madam Qin’s token.

Xie Changyuan did not respond directly at the time, so Li Zhong had to reply to Shen Huai that it was placed in the warehouse before and would take some time to find.

After that, Li Zhong reported back to Xie Changyuan that Shen Huai didn’t look good after hearing the words, and asked them to return Madam Qin’s token to the Princess of Zhaoren Mansion as soon as possible.

Qin Yan was the highest rank Princess, and would definitely be invited to the autumn hunting in the western suburbs. Xie Changyuan originally planned to apologize to Qin Yan for the Qianshui Lake incident in person.

Xie Changyuan didn’t want A Yan to go with him, so as not to cause more trouble, otherwise, he would have more discord with Qin Yan.

Xie Changyuan frowned slightly, thinking about how to tell A Yan to keep her from going.

“Brother Changyuan, Brother Changyuan…”

With the girl’s delicate voice, Xie Changyuan seemed to have returned to his childhood in a trance, and Qin Yan at that time also called him Brother Changyuan…

“Yanyan…” Xie Changyuan raised his head, his eyes were bright and darkened again, it wasn’t her…

A Yan looked shocked, Brother Changyuan just now…

Brother Changyuan suddenly called her so intimately. Sure enough, Brother Changyuan was more pleased with herself.


Back in Meishan, when Brother Changyuan asked her name, she considered that it was inconvenient to reveal her real name, and suddenly remembered the drawings that Master Yishan threw to her previously, he seemed to mention “Follow Xiao Yanyan’s drawing to learn, I don’t have time to take care of you,” so he casually told Brother Changyuan that her name was A Yan.

When she was in Meishan, Master Yishan would occasionally murmur Xiao Yanyan. She also seemed to hear the Princess of Jingyi Feng Yuyao call Qin Yan, Yanyan.

A Yan didn’t like to hear the word Yanyan, and she actually didn’t like her name A Yan either.

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When could she change back to her original name…

“Brother Changyuan, I still like you to call me A Yan, okay?” A Yan said softly.

“En.” Xie Changyuan seemed a little absent-minded.

“Brother Changyuan, I’m going back first, remember to bring me the autumn hunting!” A Yan’s voice was delicate. This girl adjusted her emotions very quickly, she really looked like a child.

Without waiting for Xie Changyuan to answer, A Yan turned around and left briskly. Before going out, she glanced at the Bogu shelf again.

In fact, she had already opened the sandalwood box and saw a white jade hairpin inside, which was something used by a woman. It should be a gift from Brother Changyuan to her.

Brother Changyuan must have wanted to give herself a surprise, right? Was that why he didn’t want her to know?

Then she would just pretend that she didn’t know, Brother Changyuan treated her so well.

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