TCPCHW Chapter 5 Part 1

The Crown Prince Chases His Wife

Chapter 5             Annual Marriage Contract (1/2)

Qin Yan looked at Zhang Quan behind Rong Mama and said softly, “Housekeeper Zhang, please tell Prime Minister Qin that although Xi Garden has been merged into Qin Mansion, it’s still my mother’s private property. Within one month, all irrelevant people will have to be cleared out, and everything in the garden will be restored to its original state.”

Everyone was shocked by the insolent words of the eldest young lady, and they were all dumbstruck.

Qin Yan said to Rong Mama, “Please tell my grandmother that this granddaughter has only arrived in the capital today. It is inconvenient to disturb her since the dust has not been washed away. I will come to visit with a generous gift on another day.” After speaking, she took Shen Ying out of the garden.

A group of maids looked at each other in dismay, Rong Mama did not speak, and they did not dare to stop. After all, she was the master.

Disputes with sharp words and means in the rear courtyard had always been common. But being so blatantly arrogant made it impossible for them to pick up the fight. In this way, they looked like a ruffian soldier, unlike a noble daughter from a noble family.

It was not until Qin Yan and Shen Ying disappeared into the corner of the garden that everyone came back to their senses.

Rong Mama really didn’t stop her. In recent years, Concubine Song had become so powerful that she had the tendency to ignore the Old Madam. It was good that Qin Yan, who didn’t play cards according to the rules, attacked Concubine Song’s prestige.

Rong Mama consoled Miss Nian on behalf of the Old Madam, and then took the people away.

Song Mei was choked with resentment that Qin Yan actually got away like this. The Old Madam was just bluffing, was she going to sit on the sidelines? This was not over!


Outside the main entrance of the Qin Mansion, two groups of people were confronting each other with swords drawn. On one side, there were guards of the Qin Mansion with injuries on their bodies, and on the other side, there were soldiers of the Duke of Zhenguo Mansion who were neat and orderly.

Next to Qin Yan’s carriage, there was a carriage with the emblem of the Duke of Zhenguo Mansion. Shen Huai stood in front of the carriage, staring at the entrance of Qin Mansion with a worried expression.

Seeing Qin Yan come out, Shen Huai stepped forward hastily, “Master, are the people in Qin Mansion disrespectful to Master?”

“This is?” Qin Yan wondered.

Just as Shen Huai was about to speak, the curtain of the carriage behind him was lifted, and a middle-aged woman in a plain brocade dress came down.

The woman was thin and had a slight sickly look, but her brows and eyes were firm, and there was a little smile on her face. Her appearance was somewhat similar to his cousin Shen Ci. This should be her cousin Shen Ci’s mother, her own aunt, and the daughter-in-law of the Duke of Zhenguo Mansion, Fang Su.

“Yanyan hasn’t returned to the capital for many years. You’ve grown into a big girl, and this aunt can hardly recognize you.”

In these years of war in the Northwest, all the men of Duke of Zhenguo Mansion went to the Northwest Camp. Fang Su was in poor health and was inconvenient to be tired from a long journey, so she stayed in the capital alone.

Qin Yan called out, “Aunt”. The tone was not as cold and hard as in the Qin Mansion just now, but there was some warmth in it.

Fang Su came forward and took Qin Yan’s hand, stroking softly, “Since Yanyan doesn’t agree with Qin Mansion, let’s follow Aunt back to Duke of Zhenguo Mansion.”

Qin Yan understood that her aunt was worried that she would be wronged in Qin Mansion, so she came here to support her.

“Aunt, I have a house in the capital…”

“Your cousin is slow-witted, and I don’t have a daughter. Will Yanyan come to accompany this aunt?”

Her kindness was hard to decline, Qin Yan let out a sigh of relief, “Then have to trouble Aunt for a while.”

Zhang Quan looked at the leaving carriages and horses and sighed in his heart. When the prime minister returned to the mansion, how should he explain himself?

When the eldest young lady returned to the capital, she made such a fuss. First, there was a big fight at the mansion entrance, then the second lady was slapped, and lastly, the Old Madam was humiliated. She didn’t live in the mansion when she returned to the capital, instead went to the Duke of Zhenguo Mansion. This was to step on the face of Qin Mansion to the ground!

The one in Qiushui Courtyard was not a person who was easy to deal with and afraid that there would be no peaceful days in this mansion in the future.


“This devil!”

In the evening of that day, Prime Minister Qin’s rage was heard from the Yanyu Pavilion in Xi Garden. Song Mei hugged Qin Nian, and the mother and daughter were crying rivers of tears. Seeing Qin Nian’s swollen left face, the blue veins on Prime Minister Qin’s forehead jumped up.

Qin Yan, an unfilial daughter, had no news for so many years, and as soon as she came back, she made her family in chaos.

Just after returning to the mansion, he was stopped by Rong Mama next to the Old Madam, who invited him over. His mother was crying, making trouble, and hanging herself, saying that the younger generation in the family was going to climb on top of her head. Things were out of control, and she couldn’t control them. She wanted to go to the underworld to see the Old Master…

After finally comforting his mother, he saw such a scene in Xi Garden.

Before Prime Minister Qin left, he promised Song Mei and his daughter that Qin Yan would give an explanation.

Song Mei put ice on Qin Nian’s face and ordered the servants to step back.

“Have you applied a hot compress to your face?” Song Mei asked.

Qin Nian knew that she couldn’t hide it from her mother, so she nodded.

Shen Ying’s hand strength was extremely strong but it didn’t appear to be so terrifying. After being beaten, Qin Nian didn’t deal with it immediately. On the contrary, she immediately put a hot towel on her face after returning to her courtyard, causing her left cheek, which was slowly swelling to swell to a shocking extent.

Song Mei sighed, blaming her own low status, that her daughter needed to win over her father’s opinion by using these methods of hurting the enemy a thousand times and injuring herself eight hundred times.

Song Mei asked Qin Nian to take a good rest, leaving behind a pile of top-grade herbal plaster and ordered the servants to serve carefully. It was not a joke if she really hurt her face.

Qin Nian obediently said yes, but in her heart, she was slightly mocking that her mother’s methods were not cruel enough. After so many years, her younger brother was already so old, she still could not sit in the position of the madam of the Prime Minister Mansion, causing her to often hear gossip when walking around the circle of noble young ladies in the capital.

Today at the Hairpin Ceremony, she sent invitations to the young ladies of various noble families in the capital, but only ordinary young ladies from the official family came. The noble families with an influential background still despised her, the concubine-born daughter of the Prime Minister Mansion. So, how could she have a better marriage than Qin Yan?

Qin Nian had been fully prepared since she heard from her mother that Qin Yan was coming back a month ago. She thought of many ways to provoke Qin Yan, but she didn’t finish thinking about it. Qin Yan came back at the right time, and with so many young ladies from the official family, without her fanning the flames, Qin Yan’s reputation would quickly spread throughout the upper circles of the capital.

After eliminating Qin Yan, even if her mother was still unsuccessful, and even if she was not the daughter of the first wife, as the only daughter of the Right Prime Minister, did she still have to worry that there would be no marriage between the noble families? Qin Nian couldn’t help blushing when she thought of the presence of her future brother-in-law, Shizi of the Marquis Mansion.

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