TCPCHW Chapter 47 Part 1

The Crown Prince Chases His Wife

Chapter 47          Bargain (1/2)

At Yu Qingfeng Bank.

Yesterday Fourth Master Qin went to Yu Qingfeng to talk to the shopkeeper about borrowing money. The shopkeeper told Fourth Uncle Qin that he needed to consult Boss Ji for instructions because the borrowed amount was too large.

Today, Fourth Master Qin waited in the drawing room of Yu Qingfeng Bank for about two hours before the legendary Boss Ji of Yu Qingfeng showed up.

Looking at the young man with a gentle temperament in a moon-white brocade robe walking in front of him, Fourth Master Qin had some doubts that this was the helm of Yu Qingfeng, who was influential all over the Great Xia?

But after they finished the negotiation, Fourth Master Qin hated himself for being blind and mistakenly thought that the other party was a soft persimmon*.

(soft persimmon* – someone who is easy to bully or is in a weak position)


Ji Nanfeng stepped into the drawing room, took the main seat, and drank tea from the cup at hand, without saying anything.

Fourth Master Qin saw that the other party was much younger than himself, and that Boss Ji looked kind-hearted, not like an old crafty person, he felt more confident.

Fourth Master Qin asked his subordinates to deliver the first-base land deeds on the tray to the shopkeeper standing beside Ji Nanfeng.

The shopkeeper then placed the tray on top of the table to the right of Ji Nanfeng.

Ji Nanfeng was still drinking his tea slowly.


Seeing Ji Nanfeng’s behavior, Fourth Master Qin began to feel a little uncertain.

In business negotiations, one would not reveal one’s cards to leave room for oneself and would avoid speaking first.

But now Fourth Master Qin was asking for help from others, while the other party was still as steady as Mount Tai. Fourth Master Qin also couldn’t put on airs, he eased the stiffness on his face, and said to Ji Nanfeng: “Boss Ji, this is the land deeds and house deeds of a hundred shops, large and small, located in the East City and West City of the capital, which our Song Trading Establishment is prepared to mortgage to your bank.”

Ji Nanfeng put down the teacup, without emotion on his face, raised his eyes, and looked at the tense Fourth Master Qin. He took several deeds on the tray and glanced at them, and then put them down casually.

“Boss Qin, how much do you want to borrow?” Ji Nanfeng said in a steady tone.

Fourth Master Qin felt relieved, as long as the other party started to bargain, it would be his home court. Fourth Master Qin thought he had mastered the business world for more than twenty years and had crossed more bridges than the young Boss Ji in front of him. Fourth Master Qin leaned back on the back of the chair and raised his chin slightly. If you are enjoying the novel, please support this translation and get direct access to new releases by reading it at the translator’s original website:

“Eight hundred thousand taels of silver.”


Hearing this, Ji Nanfeng chuckled lightly, picked up the teacup, and started drinking tea again.

Fourth Master Qin narrowed his dispirited eyes, what did he mean?

After Boss Ji put down the teacup, there was an ambiguous smile on the corner of his lips, but he still didn’t say a word. Fourth Master Qin was a little angry, this young man!

“Boss Ji, look at this…” Fourth Master Qin was interrupted by Ji Nanfeng.

“Two hundred thousand taels.” Ji Nanfeng said lightly.

When Fourth Master Qin heard this, he stood up abruptly, and his eyes widened in disbelief, was there such a bargain?

“Boss Ji, the market price of these one hundred shops is at least five hundred thousand taels of silver, not including in the businesses of the shops.” Fourth Master Qin suppressed his anger. He had been doing business in the capital for more than ten years, and who didn’t respect and flatter him? Even if it was just for the face of the Right Prime Minister Qin Wenzheng, Fourth Master Qin had never met such an arrogant fellow negotiating with him.

“Boss Qin, how can you still estimate the price of your shops’ current businesses?” Ji Nanfeng looked at Fourth Master Qin with a sneer.

“Boss Ji, the price you offered is too… five hundred thousand taels, no less.” Fourth Master Qin sat down and tried to calm his mind. He kept telling himself that now he was the one begging for help, so he had to restrain his anger! Restrain his anger!

But Ji Nanfeng had a calm expression on his face, holding the red sandalwood bracelet in his hand, and ordered to see the guest off.

“Boss Qin, please find another bank.”


Fourth Master Qin’s pupils tighten when he heard the words, and only now did he feel that the gentleness of Boss Ji in front of him was just an appearance. Negotiations were so sophisticated that he was not inferior to the veterans who had been struggling in the business world for decades, and Yu Qingfeng indeed had the capacity to do this business or not.

Fourth Master Qin took a deep breath, raised his hand, and asked his subordinates to take out a stack of land deeds from the box they brought, and hand them to the shopkeeper.

Fourth Master Qin spoke again, but without the arrogance, he had before.

“Here are the land deeds for the other fifty shops. Now there are a total of one hundred fifty shops, and I want eight hundred thousand taels of silver.”

“Three hundred thousand.” Ji Nanfeng said in a low voice.

Fourth Master Qin almost spat out blood with anger.

Fourth Master Qin closed his eyes, took another deep breath, opened his eyes again, and gritted his teeth. If you are enjoying the novel, please support this translation and get direct access to new releases by reading it at the translator’s original website:

“Add two villages from the southern suburbs of the capital, eight hundred thousand taels.”

“Four hundred thousand.” After Ji Nanfeng finished speaking, he drank tea again.



Fourth Master Qin was so angry that his chest heaved until short of breath. The other party was taking advantage of his misfortune to rob him.

He calculated his expenses, buying food grain, manpower, and warehouses, plus bribing up and down people, he needed at least five hundred thousand taels for this trip to the south of the Yangtze River.

Fourth Master Qin had seen clearly this Boss Ji’s method, he bargained hard. Then he had to ask for a higher price, so there would be room for bargaining.

He said bitterly: “One hundred and eighty shops, plus three villages in the suburbs of the capital, I want one million taels of silver.”

Fourth Master Qin added all the properties that Song Mei entrusted to him.

“Six hundred thousand.” Ji Nanfeng said flatly.

Fourth Master Qin stood up abruptly, and pointed at Ji Nanfeng, “You…”

“Half a million.” Ji Nanfeng interrupted Fourth Master Qin’s words in a flat voice.

Fourth Master Qin withdrew his hand and swallowed the words in his mouth.

He felt that if he said one more word, the other party would cut another hundred thousand.

Now that their business was going downhill, all the banks in the capital had received the news, and they have been extremely aggressive in the price reduction, only the powerful Yu Qingfeng could come up with so much money at once.

Fourth Master Qin slumped on the chair helplessly.

It had only been a while since Boss Ji stepped into the hall, Fourth Master Qin looked at Ji Nanfeng again at this time, and he saw a big change in the young man in front of him.

Where was the gentleness of this man? This Boss Ji was a hungry wolf who eats people without spitting out bones, who was comparable to a crafty fellow in the business world.

Fourth Master Qin sighed deeply and said: “Deal.”

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