The Wealthy and Influential Fiancé Has the Ability to Read Minds


Author: Qin Huang


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Tang Nuan is a cannon fodder supporting female in the sweet pampering novel. As a well-known good-for-nothing flower vase in the social circle, she has a fiancé who is from a wealthy and influential family.

In the end, her fiancé’s first love, the goddess, returned, directly exposing her identity as a fake daughter.

Not only was she thrown out by the Tang family, but her engagement could also be broken by the Ye family.

Everyone was waiting to see the joke about her pestering Ye Shuyan.

Ye Shuyan felt the same way, so he prepared enough compensation for her.

As a result, he woke up after an accident, and he suddenly had the ability to read minds.

Before he could figure out the situation, a clear female voice came: [The effective range of his mind-reading abilities is three meters, right?]

[Fortunately, fortunately, it’s not so bad. Otherwise, wouldn’t it suffocate me?]

Ye Shuyan looked at Tang Nuan who was standing in the farthest corner: ???

How does she know?

Soon, he found that he never seemed to know his fiancée.

Mother Ye mentioned breaking off the marriage:

Within three meters, Tang Nuan’s heart was hysterical: [I don’t want to break off the engagement! After so many years of love! Are they all fake?]

Three meters away: [Of course it’s fake, this thing is more affectionate with his dog.]

Ye Shuyan: …

Is she scolding him?

The goddess of first love came to offer her deep affection.

Within three meters, Tang Nuan collapsed and screamed: [Ah, Ye Shuyan can’t marry her, she’s a green tea bitch! She is not only greedy for your body but also greedy for your property!]

Three meters away: [This goddess is much more dangerous than me. Although the Tang family is also very ambitious, I am helpless anyway, and I can’t do anything other than covet his body.]

Ye Shuyan: …

She seemed to be a little self-deprecating.

Company executives came to report work:

Within three meters, Tang Nuan had the same idea as others: [He looks so handsome at work and is working on a big project again!]

Three meters away: [Tsk, if it wasn’t for me, how could your project go so smoothly… Forget it, consider it the last repayment of gratitude.]

[When will you break off the engagement? My account is ready!]

[My heart is so twisted that he should be afraid! ]

Ye Shuyan: …

I’m not afraid, but I really want to continue to experience it.

My fiancée seems to be more lucid than anyone else.

Later, his friend who couldn’t wait for him to break his engagement finally couldn’t help asking, “When are you going to break the engagement?”

Ye Shuyan said lightly, “Not going to break. She loves me so much that she won’t be able to live without me.”

In the midst of the noise of “She loves me so much” and “She can’t live without me”.

An exasperated voice was extremely loud:

[Only ghost loves you!!! Cheap guy! Quickly break it off now!! Give me back my freedom!]

Everyone saw that the handsome man who had always been indifferent suddenly chuckled, “If possible, I want to get married as soon as possible.”

She probably doesn’t know that the effective distance for others is three meters.

But she… is a hundred meters away.

The lucid and egoistic heroine of the world VS the cold-hearted, cold-lung iceberg and the vengeful male protagonist.

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