TCPCHW Chapter 31 Part 2

The Crown Prince Chases His Wife

Chapter 31          Secret (2/2)

In the study at the Taizi Mansion in Xishan.

Taizi Feng Zhan was in the middle of reviewing the memorials, and the agarwood was burning in the beast stove in the corner of the room with faint smoke curling out.

Song Zhi came in.

“Your Highness.”

Feng Zhan raised his eyes.

“Your Highness, our people have received news that someone is buying stale grains in various states.” Song Zhi reported.

Feng Zhan put down the writing brush in his hand, his eyes narrowed dangerously, and Feng Zhan’s tone was slightly cold, “What did you find?”

Song Zhi told the news he found one by one, “The grain establishment that purchased grain belongs to the same trading company, Yu Qingfeng.”

“Yu Qingfeng was most famous for their bank, which opened in the various prefectures of Great Xia, and was not involved in the capital before. But a few days ago, the bank and pawnshop of Yu Qingfeng opened in the West City of the capital city.”

“And…” Having said this, Song Zhi felt that the next news would definitely make His Highness Taizi unhappy.

Feng Zhan didn’t like the hesitancy of his subordinates. Why did Song Zhi always commit his taboos recently?


Song Zhi then opened his mouth and said, “It is said that the family name of Yu Qingfeng’s boss is Ji. Our people have been watching Yu Qingfeng for some time. There is a carriage that often travels back and forth from Yu Qingfeng Bank and the Princess Mansion of Xishan. The person on the carriage is the housekeeper of the Princess Mansion of Xishan, Ji Nanfeng.”

“I suspect that Yu Qingfeng’s boss Ji is Ji Nanfeng, and the master behind Yu Qingfeng is the Princess of Zhaoren.”

Feng Zhan frowned slightly, and his eyes swept across a plain-colored piece of paper on the desk, which was Qin Yan’s opinion on Gu City’s intelligence. The words were concise and the handwriting was powerful.

Qin Yan, how many secrets did you have?

“Keep an eye on Yu Qingfeng and their grain establishment. If their actions cause fluctuations in grain prices, order the prefecture government to seize them.” Feng Zhan spoke in a cold tone.

Song Zhi was doubtful. He thought that His Highness’s recent abnormal behavior seemed to have some feelings for the Princess of Zhaoren.

But if Yu Qingfeng really belonged to the Princess of Zhaoren County, His Highness, this was…

Forget it, he couldn’t comment on his master’s affairs.

Song Zhi accepted the order and went out.


Prime Minister Qin Mansion.

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At night, Qin Ming was in his own courtyard, holding the posture of a horse stance staring at the book on the stone table in front of him with the faint moonlight and the not-so-bright candlelight, and following the little figures on the book.

His movement and posture could be said to be clumsy and not elegant.

Qin Ming was moving his hands and feet, and he was also muttering in his heart that he had spent two months of pocket money to buy a rare book on martial arts which was different and difficult to understand. If he perfected the skills, he would definitely become a master.

That day, when the Imperial Academy was on fire, Jiang Mu fought for righteousness. Although he slapped Qin Ming, he woke Qin Ming up and did not leave Qin Ming alone in the library in the fire. Qin Ming was grateful to Jiang Mu, so a few days ago, Qin Ming expressed his goodwill to Jiang Mu many times at the Imperial Academy.

But Jiang Mu still had a cold face.

Later, Qin Ming repeatedly told Jiang Mu that he would send him back to the Princess of Zhaoren Mansion after school but was rejected by Jiang Mu.

One time, Qin Ming went to look for Jiang Mu after school to send him back but Jiang Mu said coldly to Qin Ming, “Get lost.”

Qin Ming was instantly angry. Jiang Mu flew to the sky because he did not rely on the identity given to him by his eldest sister but because his eldest sister spoiled him.

Qin Ming was furious for a moment and punched Jiang Mu. Before he could get close, Jiang Mu grabbed his outstretched fist.

Jiang Mu raised his right fist and punched Qin Ming’s stomach. Qin Ming immediately fell to the ground clutching his stomach. The pain was so bad that it took a while to recover. When he was forced to get up from the ground, there was no shadow of Jiang Mu.

Jiang Mu had never disobeyed Qin Yan.

Qin Yan’s request for him was also Qin Yan’s consistent style of conduct.

“If you encounter someone with weapons, you must not fight with them and lose your identity.”

“Look for an opportunity, use one move to defeat the enemy, and kill him, then you will be clean.”

When Jiang Mu heard Qin Yan’s words for the first time, he was shocked on the spot.

Such a sentence came out of the mouth of a little girl, well, Qin Yan had never looked like a little girl, she was a demon.

Qin Ming had stopped him a few times before, but they were all just glib talk.

This time, when Qin Ming finally made his move, Jiang Mu didn’t soften his hand, and of course, he didn’t act ruthlessly. After all, he was Qin Yan’s younger brother, and Jiang Mu was afraid that it would be hard to explain if he made big trouble.


After Qin Ming was beaten, the more he thought about it, the angrier he became. He was the eldest sister’s legitimate brother, what was he, Jiang Mu?

He angrily went back to the mansion to find his father, Qin Wenzheng and said that he wanted to hire a master to learn martial arts.

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As soon as Qin Wenzheng heard this, he remembered what Jiang Mu said before that he wanted to join the army and immediately became furious. Not only did he not follow Qin Ming’s request to hire a master for him, but he also punished Qin Ming to copy the “Yan’s Family Precepts”. Oh, yes, it was the same “Yan’s Family Precepts ” that was sent by the Taizi Mansion.

Failing to hire a master, Qin Ming went to the bookstore in West City and bought a rear book on martial art.

Every year, there was an unwritten rule in autumn hunting, which was, they could pick any opponent, challenge for competition, martial arts, or any other.

Therefore, those young masters of the noble families in the capital, who had conflicts and frictions, always like to make an appointment to fight in the autumn hunting. At that time, they could take action and beat each other up. Not only would they not be punished, but if they performed well, there might be a reward from the Emperor.

This autumn hunting, his eldest sister would definitely go too. At that time, he would show off his skills and make his eldest sister look at him differently.

Hmph, Jiang Mu, wait.

He would definitely show his elder sister during the autumn hunting that he was more powerful than Jiang Mu.

Qin Ming was still practicing clumsily.

And the young manservant who was guarding outside was struggling a little bit in his heart. He didn’t know where his young master found the book and had been practicing it.

There were no guidelines for the young master. If he went crazy, how could he survive?

Should he tell Master?

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