TCPCHW Chapter 71

The Crown Prince Chases His Wife

Chapter 71          Married

Ye Qingli was stunned. Brother Changyuan had never spoken to her in such a heavy tone.

Ye Qingli’s heart felt cold at this moment. How could she not understand, the angry man opposite her was not here to bring her back home today but he was here to seek justice for Qin Yan.

Xie Changyuan said again, “Do you still remember where you saved me in Meishan?”

When Ye Qingli heard this, her heart beat faster. Was Brother Changyuan still concerned about her life-saving kindness to him?

Ye Qingli hurriedly recalled and spoke, “I was returning to Master’s courtyard and as soon as I entered the courtyard, I saw Brother Changyuan fall head first in the courtyard. I immediately came over to pull Brother Changyuan up…”

“On the mountainside?” Xie Changyuan interrupted A Yan’s lengthy narration.

Ye Qingli contemplated for a moment in confusion, “Huh? What mountainside?”

Xie Changyuan closed his eyes and took a deep breath, what other questions are there?

Ye Qingli did indeed save him, but not in the snowdrift on the mountainside, but in Wan Xue House’s yard.

“Did you ever see a woman on the mountain at that time?”

Ye Qingli frowned, woman? What woman?

After a moment, Ye Qingli suddenly thought of the scene that she had never wanted to recall, the girl who fell off the cliff due to an avalanche. Why is Brother Changyuan asking about her? Who is she?

Seeing that Ye Qingli’s expression was wrong, Xie Changyuan let out a low sigh, “Tell me, have you seen her?”

“No, I haven’t seen any girls.” Ye Qingli didn’t want to admit that she accidentally killed a girl, which was an unpleasant experience that she tried her best to forget.

At that time, she was trapped in the mountain by heavy snow for many days. When she went out to find a way down the mountain, she saw a girl on the edge of the cliff. Ye Qingli had not seen anyone for a long time. She shouted to the girl excitedly, but her shouts seemed to have caused an avalanche. The snow bed beneath the girl’s feet slipped, knocking her off the cliff.

But she didn’t mean it, and she didn’t want to remember her unintentional mistake.

In the past few years, Xie Changyuan has long been familiar with Ye Qingli’s expression. She was shallow-minded and showed everything on her face. At this moment, Ye Qingli was hiding something.

Xie Changyuan took a step closer to Ye Qingli, suddenly reached out to grab her chin, and spoke with a cold voice, “Did you cause a girl to fall off a cliff?”

Ye Qingli was in pain and her eyes were shocked, how did Brother Changyuan know?

The way Xie Changyuan looked at A Yan, that was it. Xie Changyuan moved his hand down and suddenly grabbed Ye Qingli’s slender neck.

Ye Qingli grabbed Xie Changyuan’s arm with both hands and tried to open it, but Xie Changyuan’s hand tightened even more. Ye Qingli’s face turned red from holding her breath.

Xie Changyuan’s mind suddenly snapped out of it. This was the place of Wang Yizhou, and Ye Qingli was not just a poor person with no father or mother. She was the younger sister of Wang Yizhou and the legitimate wife bestowed upon him by the Empress Dowager’s decree.

Xie Changyuan felt a chill in his heart and quickly let go, causing Ye Qingli to fall and sit on the ground.

“Cough, cough, cough…” Ye Qingli covered her neck with fingerprints with both hands and coughed violently. At this time, she was extremely aggrieved. She was strangled by Qin Yan once in the imperial palace and Brother Changyuan strangled her once due to Qin Yan. Qin Yan, Qin Yan…

Until Ye Qingli coughed up tears in her eyes, she said intermittently, “I didn’t mean it. I was just stuck in the mountains for too long and hadn’t seen anyone for too long. I shouted at her, but she slipped down due to the snow because she didn’t stand firm enough.”

Xie Changyuan suppressed the urge to strangle the woman in front of him. His expression was cold and his voice was cold, “Give me Qin Yan’s painting.”

Ye Qingli understood that Xie Changyuan knew about the Longevity Festival that day, but she had planned to refuse to admit it, so she took all the paintings with her.

“Those paintings were originally given to me by Master to learn and I learned them all. I know everything she knows.” Ye Qingli raised her head with a stubborn, yet extremely ridiculous look on her face.

It was so ridiculous that Xie Changyuan couldn’t help laughing even though his heart was filled with murderous intent. He once thought that Ye Qingli was innocent and lovely, which was unreasonable and foolish.

“Oh, how dare you say that you are a disciple of Master Yishan? At most, you can only be regarded as a disciple of Qin Yan and it depends on whether Qin Yan recognizes you as her disciple.”

“Where are the paintings?” Xie Changyuan asked.

Ye Qingli has given up hope on Xie Changyuan at this moment. She was just innocent but not foolish. Xie Changyuan did not show any affection for her today. He opened his mouth and kept talking about Qin Yan, but did he still remember that she was his fiancée now, and not Qin Yan, the Princess Zhaoren?

“The painting has been destroyed by me.” Ye Qingli turned her head. She no longer looked at Xie Changyuan. She stubbornly suppressed her tears from rolling down.

Xie Changyuan narrowed his eyes, suddenly raised his hand, and was about to hit A Yan’s face with his hand, but it stopped in mid-air. Xie Changyuan gritted his back molars, clenched his fists until the veins popped out on the back of his hands, and finally put his hands down.

“I won’t marry you.” Xie Changyuan sighed deeply and spoke coldly.

A Yan looked up with a look of disbelief.

“You want to defy the marriage bestowed by Empress Dowager?”

At this time, Ye Qingli was no longer the innocent and naive person she used to be. She would also threaten Xie Changyuan with Empress Dowager. She was different from the past.

“Then you can give it a try and get married on your own.” Xie Changyuan left these words and walked away.

Ye Qingli, who was sitting on the ground, turned around and looked at Xie Changyuan’s decisive back as he left. With a sad look on her face, her tears finally rolled down uncontrollably.

But, Ye Qingli still didn’t know that the tears she would shed in this life had just begun.


Wang Duan, Wangfei Duan, and Shizi Feng Subei came to visit the Grand Scholar An Mansion with a matchmaker and generous gifts.

An hour later, An Shifeng, from the Grand Scholar An Mansion, personally sent the people from Wang Duan Mansion away. As soon as they left the palace, they bumped into An Wenjing, who seemed to be rushing back to the mansion.

“Wangye Duan, Wangfei Duan, Shizi.” An Wenjing saluted the three of them, and then said to Feng Subei, “Shizi, can you please take a moment to speak.”

Feng Subei was in a good mood at the moment, so he asked Wang Duan and his wife to go back to the mansion first and then followed An Wenjing back to the An mansion.

An Wenjing and Feng Subei sat across from each other at a stone table in an open pavilion in the front garden of An Mansion. After An Wenjing ordered his servants to serve tea, he dismissed them.

In the pavilion, An Wenjing looked a little solemn, but Feng Subei had a joyful expression on his face.

“Yanzhi, I’m going to call you Brother Big soon, hahaha.”

An Wenjing had received the news, and it should be confirmed at this time.

“Shizi, you know that my sister Yanxi…”

Although An Wenjing hoped that his sister Yanxi could find a good husband, he also did not hope that Yanxi and Subei would become a resentful couple.

“I know that Yanxi only has Taizi in her heart.” Feng Subei said solemnly to An Wenjing with a calm expression, “Yanzhi, Yanxi is very good. It is my good fortune and my wish to marry her.”

Of course, An Wenjing knew that Feng Subei had never concealed his admiration for An Yanxi.

However, to such an extent that even if he knew there was someone else in Yan Xi’s heart, Feng Subei didn’t mind? Besides, Feng Subei had been away from the capital for so many years, and yet his affection for Yanxi remains undiminished?

An Wenjing had some doubts about this.

Feng Subei smiled and patted An Wenjing on the shoulder.

“Don’t worry, Yanxi will not marry far away for the time being. I will stay in the capital for two years. After Yanxi has adapted to married life, I will bring her back to Youzhou.”

When An Wenjing heard this, his heart was more settled. If Feng Subei could do this for Yanxi, then there was no doubt that he was sincere to Yanxi.

“Shizi, treat my sister well.”

“Don’t worry, Yanzhi.” Feng Subei stood up and left.


After Feng Subei left, An Wenjing went to his father An Shifeng’s study. The father and son talked about a stick of incense, and then An Wenjing came out and went straight to An Yanxi’s courtyard.

After An Yanxi got the news, she sat in the room in a daze.

An Wenjing looked at Yanxi’s devastated look and felt a pain in his heart. How could he not want her sister to get what her heart desires? But if she couldn’t get it, she should let go. Her sister would have to face this situation sooner or later.

“Yanxi, why do you bother to pursue someone who doesn’t care about you? Feng Subei truly loves you and being able to be held in a person’s hands for the rest of your life is your blessing.”

An Yanxi raised her lowered eyes, with a bitter smile appeared on her lips. She looked at An Wenjing, and asked a rhetorical question, “Brother, if you don’t get the person you want, will you settle for the next best thing and accept someone who likes you?”

An Wenjing paused when he heard this. He was unprepared for Yanxi’s question, but it was a sudden blow.

An Wenjing felt bitterness in his heart. The person he liked was like the wind, a wisp of smoke, and an illusion that he might never get in his life.

“I can.”

An Yanxi did not miss the pain and regret in her brother’s eyes just now. Brother, who is that person in your heart?


Wang Duan Mansion in the capital city.

“Have you decided?” Wang Duan asked Feng Subei.

“His Majesty is suspicious This invitation for all the princes to come to the capital to celebrate his birthday is actually a test of loyalty. As the Shizi of Wang Duan Mansion, I am staying in the capital for two years on the pretext of being newlywed which is also a pledge, so that His Majesty can let go of his wariness towards Youzhou.”

Wang Duan nodded, his son was very considerate of the overall situation, but…

“Everyone with a discerning eye can see that the eldest young lady of An Mansion is interested in the Taizi.”

Wangfei Duan was also full of worries. Marriage was not a child’s play, and she didn’t want her son to keep chasing a woman who only had eyes for others.

Feng Subei understood his father and mother’s worries and said with a smile, “Empress Dowager Xiao has frequently summoned courtiers to Shou’an Palace recently, and the second and third princes often come and go from Shou’an Palace. Whether these actions of Empress Dowager Xiao are just to warn the Taizi, or she wants to do something. We must take precautions.”

“The Grand Scholar Mansion must stand on the side of the Taizi, and An Wenjing is about to join the court. His only sister, An Yanxi, cannot be associated with the second and third princes, and can only be with the Taizi’s faction.”

“Since His Highness Taizi doesn’t want to marry, I will marry her to avoid future troubles.”

With a sigh in his heart, Wang Duan tacitly agreed to Feng Subei’s choice.

“Since Youzhou has chosen the Taizi, there is no possibility of choosing two masters. Moreover, the Taizi’s power is unfathomable and does not allow us to betray our master.”

Feng Subei also deeply believed this.

As for An Yanxi, well, only that idiot He Xiao couldn’t see the hypocrisy behind her mask, and he deserved to be played around with.

The situation was unclear now, and there was still a lot to prepare for…

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