TCPCHW Chapter 34 Part 1

The Crown Prince Chases His Wife

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Chapter 34          Seductress (1/2)

After Concubine Ning said this, the surroundings suddenly became unusually quiet.

She noticed that the people in the seats next to her were looking at her meaningfully, but she didn’t understand what was wrong.

Concubine Ning turned to look at the Emperor of Hui but was shocked by the Emperor of Hui’s cold and hostile eyes.

Did she say something wrong?

“Hahaha, Your Majesty, I’m just joking.” Concubine Ning raised her slender white hand, lightly covered her red lips, and smiled coquettishly.

Concubine Ning wanted to turn around the monologue she sang herself, but she couldn’t get rid of the coldness in Emperor of Hui’s eyes.

Concubine Ning pulled Emperor of Hui’s left arm with both hands, shook it coquettishly, and said tenderly, “Your Majesty, you know that I spoke harshly but without any bad intention. Your Majesty, Your Majesty…”

Emperor of Hui looked at the smiling face of the woman beside him, a little dazed, but quickly regained his clarity. He gave Concubine Ning a warning look and turned his eyes back to the field.


Taming a horse was an extremely dangerous matter. This fierce horse was so violent that even Xie Changyuan, the Commander of the Northern Yamen Imperial Army, could not tame it, let alone Princes of Zhaoren, a woman.

Concubine Ning was selected into the palace from Yuzhou, and she only entered the palace for more than a month. She didn’t know the depth of the water in the capital.

Since she was suddenly favored, she had always been like a surreal feeling on the clouds and gradually became confused. She felt that with her favored honor, she could win the wind and the rain.

Qin Yan was just a princess. Concubine Ning felt that she was the favored concubine, so she could make fun of Qin Yan by making jokes, or really let Qin Yan tame the horse for her to watch as fun, which was also understandable.

But how could she know that Qin Yan, a daughter of the Prime Minister Mansion, could leap to a princess whose title, rank, and provision could be equal to that of the imperial princess, and how could she be just an ordinary princess?

It stemmed from Qin Yan’s bloodline of both the Right Prime Minister Qin Mansion and the Duke of Zhenguo Mansion with great military power, from Qin Yan holding the intelligence network of Gu City, an important town outside the Northwest Pass, from Qin Yan gratuitously handing over the Mulan Horse Farm to the imperial family, and also from the love of the Emperor for Qin Yan’s mother, Shen Shiying.

Although Imperial Concubine Shu disliked Qin Yan, Concubine Ning’s audacity offended the Emperor, which greatly displeased Imperial Concubine Shu.

Relying on His Majesty’s favor, Concubine Ning repeatedly ignored Imperial Concubine Shu. Imperial Concubine Shu couldn’t move her, but because of Qin Yan today…

Because of Qin Yan, even she, who was ranked as one of the four imperial concubines, was confined.

Let alone a low-level concubine, Concubine Ning, who didn’t even weigh herself.

Imperial Concubine Shu looked up and drank the wine cup in front of her comfortably as if letting out a resentment.


The Emperor didn’t respond to Concubine Ning’s proposal, so everyone stopped watching the excitement and looked back at the field.

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Xie Changyuan on the field, dressed in a crimson embroidered tiger and leopard print riding outfit, was struggling intently with the fierce horse. Although the action was difficult, he didn’t appear embarrassed. He was very handsome and had an imposing manner.

Qin Yan frowned slightly and carefully observed the maroon horse on the field. The drink in front of her hadn’t been touched for a long time.

Shen Ying understood that this fierce horse held the reputation of the Mulan Horse Farm. If it went crazy and attacked any imperial family or an influential official today, it would definitely implicate the Princess of Zhaoren Mansion.

Shen Ying said to Qin Yan, “Master, let me go.”

At this time, the horse under Xie Changyuan suddenly raised its front hooves. Xie Changyuan was caught off guard and leaned back. Xie Changyuan was also somewhat exhausted at this time, so he took the opportunity and backflipped off the horse.

The horse seemed to sense that the person on its body was off, shook its head, and jumped frantically on the field.

“Master, we can’t let that horse hurt people today, I’ll go see it.” Shen Ying spoke to Qin Yan again.

Qin Yan nodded.

Shen Ying hurried down the stand.

Xie Changyuan calmed down his violent heartbeat, and he regretted that he was unable to subdue this stubborn horse in the end.

A shadow rushed past Xie Changyuan. It was Shen Ying in a tight outfit.

Shen Ying hurried to the side of the horse, jumped on the horse’s back, and grabbed the flying mane of the horse.

When the horse felt someone on it again, it raised its front hooves, jumped, and neighed frantically.


Shen Ying’s weight was lighter than Xie Changyuan’s and was thrown up several times on horseback, which looked more thrilling than Xie Changyuan’s just now.

Everyone in the stands watched a woman tame the horse, and the scene was so intense that they were all excited.

On the other hand, Shen Ying, who was on the horse, was almost thrown off a few times and knew this wasn’t the way to dawdle like this.

During Shen Ying’s years in the Northwest, whether it was a good horse in the Western Regions or a wild horse in the grassland, it was common for her to train horses, but it wasn’t as unremarkable as today, and the horse had a tendency to become crazier and crazier.

This horse seemed to be abnormally anxious.

Moreover, the horses sent into the capital by Mulan Horse Farm were all tamed by the horse trainers of the horse farm, and they shouldn’t have such crazy behavior.

This horse seemed to be restless.

Qin Yan had reached a conclusion in her heart, and Shen Ying on horseback also had the same idea.

If the horse was tampered with, if it hadn’t come from her master, and even if it wasn’t, it would implicate her master.

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Shen Ying was a stubborn and unyielding person. She kept telling herself that she couldn’t give up and must stop this crazy horse.

Shen Ying grabbed the horse’s mane with difficulty, and the situation on the field was once thrilling again.

Shen Ying was gradually losing physical strength, and if this went on…

Jiang Mu got up and said, “I’ll go.”

At this moment, Shen Ying was flung out of the horse by a sudden swerved of the horse, only her right foot was caught in the stirrup, and half of her body leaned back, almost close to the ground. The horse galloped wildly, and the scene was extremely thrilling.

Everyone in the stands screamed in fright. Today’s horse taming was exciting and thrilling, but if it really caused someone’s life…

Xie Changyuan on the sidelines wanted to help Shen Ying, but the horse was too crazy that he had no chance to get close.


Qin Yan narrowed her eyes slightly, stood up, and jumped down from the stands.

Everyone looked at the field anxiously, suddenly a white figure on the sidelines flew onto a black horse under the stands and galloped away.

Qin Yan galloped her horse straight in the direction of the fierce horse. When she approached the crazy horse, Qin Yan said to the person who was barely hanging by the side of the horse: “Shen Ying.”

Shen Ying was struggling and fastening herself on the horseback with great difficulty to prevent herself from being thrown out.

Seeing her master coming, Shen Ying understood that it was time for her to withdraw. Staying here wouldn’t help her much, and it would only cause trouble for her master.

Shen Ying release her grip, stepped on the horse to spring herself out, and landed smoothly after turning over a few times.

After Shen Ying left safely, Qin Yan immediately jumped and got on the fierce horse.

She didn’t try to control the horse but leaned forward on the horseback with her upper body, her fair side face pressed against the back of the horse’s back neck, and let the horse’s rough mane prick her tender skin, causing it to nip a little bit.

The fiery crazy horse galloped wildly on the field with Qin Yan in white clothes and black hair.

The white jade hairpin holding Qin Yan’s fine black hair slipped down during the jolting, and her fine black hair spread out like a waterfall in the wind, dancing wildly in the air.

Everyone in the stands was stunned by this thrilling and beautiful scene. Qin Yan, the Princess of Zhaoren, came to the field.

Qin Yan didn’t make any fancy moves on the horse, but she flew onto the horse in a gallop between two horses and sat firmly on the back of the horse that sometimes galloped and sometimes jumped wildly, without a trace of panic. She was extremely skilled and had excellent riding skills.

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When Xie Changyuan on the sidelines saw Qin Yan jump onto the crazy horse, he was very worried. He stared at the field intently, and once Qin Yan was in danger, he would rush to help her as soon as possible.

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