TCPCHW Chapter 40 Part 2

The Crown Prince Chases His Wife

Chapter 40          Cave (2/2)

Feng Zhan glanced at Qin Yan’s graceful figure in wet clothes and frowned slightly.

He returned to the cave, snapped off a few thicker branches, and propped it up in the middle of the cave entrance.

At this moment, the soft sunlight set from the west shone into the cave entrance and just shone on the temporary wooden rack made by the branches.

Feng Zhan thought about it for a while and said a little uncomfortably: “The sun is just right now. You can dry your clothes.”

“I’ll turn my back first. You can take off your clothes and hang them on the wooden rack.”

Qin Yan was initially still observing the situation outside the cave. Hearing the words, she turned around and looked over.

The moment Qin Yan turned around, Feng Zhan was shocked by the beautiful scenery in front of him.

At this moment, the soft sunset shone from behind Qin Yan, and the beauty in front of him stood against the light, which made her originally exquisite facial features appeared more three-dimensional, a bit of mystery and sacredness, such an indescribable beauty.

Feng Zhan had always known that beauty was limited to skin and flesh, but Qin Yan repeatedly shocked him with her beauty.

Feng Zhan’s heart throbbed violently and this seductress, Qin Yan, would kill him sooner or later.


Qin Yan had suffered from chills since she fell into the water in Meishan and had relied on Mister Ji to prepare medicinal baths to ward off the cold all year round.

Hearing Feng Zhan’s suggestion, Qin Yan didn’t hesitate as she never joked about her health.

Seeing that Feng Zhan really turned his back, Qin Yan began to take off her clothes.

Feng Zhan had excellent hearing, and when he heard the rustling sound of Qin Yan starting to undress, it seemed like a fire was burning in his heart.

Feng Zhan frowned, closed his eyes, and recited the Great Compassion Mantra silently to calm his dryness.

What was wrong with him? Since he was born, twenty-two years ago, he had never lost self-control like today.


“All right.” Qin Yan’s voice was cold.

Feng Zhan turned around and saw Qin Yan’s moon-white brocade dress hanging on the wooden rack, then she should still be wearing wet innerwear.

Anyway, let her be. As a girl, she had no sense of vigilance.

Feng Zhan then untied his waist belt, took off the soaked black brocade robe, and placed it gently beside Qin Yan’s moon-white dress.

Feng Zhan looked at the two pieces of clothing on the wooden rack, one black and the other white, next to each other, and Feng Zhan suddenly felt a surge in his heart.

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He took a deep breath and turned around.

If it goes on like this, he would be killed by this woman.

Feng Zhan sat down cross-legged on the ground and unbuttoned his white innerwear, but it only fell to his waist, revealing his strong upper body.

Afterward, Feng Zhan tilted his head and looked at his right back shoulder, but he couldn’t see it completely.

After being shot by the arrow on the horse, Feng Zhan moved his right hand back and broke the shaft.

The arrow wound was different from ordinary flesh wounds, and the severe pain had a tendency to gradually shift to the internal organs.

However, because Feng Zhan had been soaking in anti-poison baths all year round, although he was not invulnerable to all poisons, even if it was extremely poisonous in the world, it could be delayed for a while and reduce the effects of toxicity on the body.

Feng Zhan took out a porcelain bottle from his waist, opened the sealed cork, and tried to treat the wound himself.



Qin Yan heard Feng Zhan’s sudden draw of breath, and then remembered that Feng Zhan had been shot by an arrow in his back, and before entering the water, Feng Zhan had said that the arrow was highly poisonous.

“Are you treating the arrow wound?” Qin Yan who sat on the other side of the wooden rack with her back to Feng Zhan, turned her head to ask Feng Zhan at this moment.

Feng Zhan didn’t say a word and was still trying to treat it himself.

Qin Yan got up, passed the wooden rack, and walked to Feng Zhan’s side. She frowned and looked at the arrow wound on Feng Zhan’s right back shoulder.

The wound had a tendency to turn black, which was indeed poisonous.

Feng Zhan looked up and saw Qin Yan, who was only wearing innerwear and Qin Yan’s clothes were still wet at this moment, clinging to her graceful body. Compared to when Qin Yan was still wearing a dress, the curvature of her body was more obvious.

Feng Zhan turned around immediately. He felt his blood rushing down again, and he couldn’t lose self-control anymore.

Qin Yan ignored Feng Zhan’s abnormality, walked directly behind Feng Zhan, and sat down with her legs crossed.

Qin Yan stretched out her slender right hand, picked up the dagger on the ground on Feng Zhan’s side, raised the knife, and made an incision at Feng Zhan’s arrow wound neatly and quickly.

Feng Zhan grunted but did not make another sound.


Qin Yan used a dagger to cut out the rotten flesh from the wound around the arrow, and then took out the broken arrow that was still on Feng Zhan’s back.

Feng Zhan handed the porcelain bottle in his hand to Qin Yan.

After Qin Yan took it, she lightly sniffed the opening of the bottle.

The taste was somewhat familiar.

Qin Yan applied the powder to Feng Zhan’s wound while asking, “This medicine comes from Medicine King Valley?”

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Feng Zhan was not surprised at all that Qin Yan was knowledgeable.

Feng Zhan didn’t hide it either: “One of the subordinates in my army is a disciple of the former Medicine King of the Medicine King Valley.”

Qin Yan didn’t speak again.

A few years ago, the former Medicine King of the Medicine King Valley passed away, and everyone in the valley fought and killed each other for the succession of the next Medicine King.

Now the valley was divided, without cooperation. There was no Medicine King in the Medicine King Valley.

But if it wasn’t for that, she wouldn’t meet Ji Nanfeng, who was being hunted down at that time.

Feng Zhan tore off a sleeve of his innerwear and handed it to Qin Yan.

Qin Yan took it and tore the middle of the sleeves to form a long strip. She held the cloth strip in her right hand and stretched it over Feng Zhan’s right shoulder, and then reached down to Feng Zhan’s left armpit.

This action made Qin Yan’s body pressed to Feng Zhan’s back. Feng Zhan felt that there were two soft buns pressing against his back, as well as Qin Yan’s breath was blowing on his red ears.

But in just a moment, Qin Yan took the cloth strip with her left hand, pulled it over his right shoulder to cover the oozing blood and medicinal powder from the wound, and then made a dead knot to get it done.

Just now, Qin Yan’s tender fingers touched or ran across Feng Zhan’s back from time to time, causing Feng Zhan’s heart to feel a little tickle.

Qin Yan got up.

At this moment, the sun was gradually setting in the west, and a cool breeze blew into the cave.

Feng Zhan suddenly stretched out his hand and pulled the unprepared Qin Yan into his arms.

Qin Yan looked up at Feng Zhan unhappily and tried to get up.

However, Feng Zhan put a hand around Qin Yan’s right shoulder, and the other hand clasped her soft waist in front of Qin Yan.

“Don’t move.” Feng Zhan’s voice was a little hoarse.

“The dress is not dry yet. Let me hold you, so you can keep warm.”

Feng Zhan’s eyes gradually darkened, with stubbornness and unyieldingness in his eyes.


Qin Yan couldn’t refute this reason.

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Qin Yan was afraid of the cold, which was also her weakness. Since she fell into the pond until now, she had only been holding on.

Qin Yan softened and let Feng Zhan embrace her in front of him.

Feng Zhan held Qin Yan’s side head against his shoulder with his big palm.

 Qin Yan didn’t resist. She urgently needed a rest at the moment, and it seemed she was indeed warmer.


Between Feng Zhan and Qin Yan, there was never even a single serious conversation, let alone a personal friendship. Even if their mansions were only separated by a wall, they were like strangers.

And the current position of the two was a little subtle.

Qin Yan was working for the emperor on the surface, which belong to the faction of the Emperor of Hui.

On the other hand, since Taizi Feng Zhan returned to the court from the army, his relationship with the Emperor of Hui was not too harmonious and there seemed to be some tug-of-war of power between father and son.

Therefore, Feng Zhan and Qin Yan had different positions before and even some hostility.

Both were vigilant and estranged from each other.


But today, they had been pursued by killers together and both of them handed over their backs to each other with confidence. The embarrassment of riding on horseback, the intimate kiss after entering the water, and now they were snuggling up to each other like lovers.

Before, and even now, they had never opened their hearts to each other.

There were only some physical contacts.

In such a short time, the barrier between the two was torn apart.

Just like a surreal illusion.

But both Feng Zhan and Qin Yan were more mature than their peers, and they knew what they wanted and what they didn’t want.

Perhaps this kind of not opening their hearts to each other could make them feel more at ease.

With their respective experiences, how could they easily open their hearts to each other and accept another person into their hearts easily?

Feng Zhan lowered his eyes and looked at Qin Yan. If she could always be so obedient…


At this moment, the sun was setting, and the afterglow filled the sky.

Taizi Feng Zhan, who was known for his resoluteness and decisiveness in the court, let go of his ruthlessness, and with tenderness in his eyes, he embraced another stunning beauty who only temporarily let down her guards. The two admired the evening sunset outside the cave and the mountains were getting darker.

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This scenery might be unforgettable for them for the rest of their lives.

The author says:

The passionate love of adults is not a long process of weighing the pros and cons after careful consideration. As long as they are allowed to ignite that fire, they will naturally hit it off immediately.

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