TCPCHW Chapter 28 Part 2

The Crown Prince Chases His Wife

Chapter 28          Agreement (2/2)

“When she gets out of confinement, you can ask her yourself.” Qin Wenzheng’s tone was not good.

Qin Nian didn’t hide what happened in Qianshui Lake today and told Qin Wenzheng when she came back.

Qin Wenzheng was furious when he heard this. Qin Nian actually brought the young masters and the young ladies of his coworkers into such a big disaster!

They dared to crash the Second Prince’s decorated boat with their status!

There was also the Shizi of Marquis of Yongding Mansion, two princesses, and even the Taizi on the decorated boat!

Oh, and also Qin Yan!

Niannian had always acted prudently and decently, but today it should be because of Qin Yan. It was Qin Yan again!

Listening to Niannian, the Taizi would send someone to deliver “Yan’s Family Instructions” to their mansion tomorrow.

What did this mean? It meant that there was no upbringing in the family!

He still had to face those coworkers in court tomorrow, where would he put his face?!


The clear night was boundless.

The lotus pond on the south side of the plum grove in the Princess of Zhaoren Mansion overlooked the meadow at the foot of the mountainside.

The night breeze was neither cool nor dry. Feng Yuyao and Qin Yan were lounging on the reed mats covered by the meadow, listening to the chirping of insects, and… the melodious sound of Jiang Mu playing flute beside the lotus pond.

Although Ji Nanfeng instructed the servants to smoke mugwort leaves all over the meadow to repel mosquitoes, occasionally one or two mosquitoes that slipped through the smoke would disturb the two beauties in the dark.

Shen Ying sat cross-legged on the rattan ball beside Qin Yan and fanned a wide fan in her hand, her eyes were as bright as a torch, chasing the mosquitoes that broke into it.

Ji Nanfeng stood with his hands on the side beside a few thin bamboos five feet away, looking up at the sky.

After a long time.

Feng Yuyao asked suspiciously, “What is it with Mister Ji?”

Shen Ying fanned the fan in her hand and replied, “Princess, Mister Ji always stargazing on every Double Seven Festival.”

Feng Yuyao praised, “Yanyan, this Mister Ji of yours is really a talent, ah.”

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Qin Yan closed her eyes slightly, relaxed her body, and spoke in a calm tone, “The Three Stars of the Weaver Girl is in the sky of the East City. They can be seen on the first, sixth, and seventh of the seventh month in the east at dawn which means that it has entered the first month of autumn. By checking the sun and the moon at this time, we can see whether the harvests of the year are in good or bad shape.”

Feng Yuyao praised in her heart. Tsk, tsk, all of them were talents.


At the Cangtai Waterside Pavilion next to the plum grove in Xishan of the Taizi Mansion.

Feng Zhan held a scroll of scriptures in his hand, and a cup of hot tea was placed on the side table. A white mist was suffusing above the green teacup, and the fragrance of tea spread from the inside.

There was a sudden flute sound in his ears, Feng Zhan frowned slightly, and raised his eyes to look out.

It came from over there…

Not long after, there came a woman’s chatter and laughter, which sounded like the Princess of Jingyi Feng Yuyao.

Song Zhi, who was accompanied by the side, sighed, Princess of Jingyi looked like she was letting herself free when she went out of the palace.

Song Zhi left the waterside pavilion and returned shortly, bringing back the news of the secret guard.

Today, the Princess of Jingyi was staying overnight at the Princess of Zhaoren Mansion.

“Princess of Zhaoren’s flute sound is beautiful, but it seems too desolate. If there are harmonies between the guqin and the flute, then it will be even more…” Song Zhi suddenly stopped talking as he talked too much.

Song Zhi followed His Highness Taizi in many ways every day, and he knew a little about everything. Thus just now, he was inspired by his feelings, but he almost forgot that His Highness Taizi didn’t like noise.

Feng Zhan on the Zen seat put down the scriptures in his hand and squeezed his eyebrows lightly.

Feng Zhan raised his eyes and swept through the Xihe guqin placed on the table in the waterside pavilion.

Early this morning, Feng Yunchao brought the guqin to the Taizi Mansion. She knew the temperament of her Imperial Brother Taizi, but she wanted to invite him to visit the lake. She planned to fight a long battle, so she brought the guqin to pass the time. When she left, she forgot to take it back to the palace.


Feng Zhan got up, walked slowly to the guqin, and sat down.

After trying a few notes, he raised his hand and played the guqin.

The moment the guqin sounded on the Taizi Mansion, the flute from the Princess of Zhaoren Mansion stopped, but quickly caught up with the rhythm.

Today, Jiang Mu played “Moon on Mountain Pass”, while Feng Zhan played “Wind Through Pine”. Although the tune was different, on this quiet night, there was no disharmony.

The sound of the guqin was clear and intense, whether it was fast or slow, and the sound of the flute was firm and soft, which was indeed wonderful.

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Blowing the night wind, listening to the ensemble of guqin and flute.

Feng Yuyao said to Qin Yan, “Yanyan, your life in the mansion is pretty good!”

After the song ended, Feng Zhan got up and sat back on the Zen chair, picked up the scriptures at hand, but didn’t read a word.

Song Zhi went outside the waterside pavilion, and the secret guard said something in his ear.

Song Zhi came back and said, “The secret guard came to report that it was indeed the Princess of Zhaoren and Princess of Jingyi over the wall.”

“Hmm.” When Feng Zhan heard the words, his expression was not obvious, but he put down the scriptures and picked up the teacup.

“But the flute just now was…” Song Zhi hesitated. Song Zhi had also heard the flute from the Princess of Zhaoren Mansion a few days ago, so he tacitly thought that the flute sound came from the Master of the Princess of Zhaoren Mansion, but unexpectedly…

Feng Zhan raised his head, his eyes narrowed slightly.

“The one who played the flute just now was Young Master Jiang…” Song Zhi glanced at His Highness Taizi, and His Highness’s face was as deep as water, which seemed far from good.

Song Zhi quickly lowered his head, wondering if he had said something wrong.

Feng Zhan put down the tea he hadn’t yet drunk, and the sound of the teacup touching the table was suddenly a little out of place in the quiet waterside pavilion.

“Send someone to send the guqin back to the palace tomorrow morning. Does Feng Yunchao’s Yuxi Palace have no place to put a guqin?” Feng Zhan’s tone was slightly cold.

After speaking, Feng Zhan got up and left.

Song Zhi followed Taizi Feng Zhan’s footsteps, wondering if it was his illusion that His Highness was walking faster than usual.

But the guqin and flute ensemble just now was indeed pleasant…


The night was getting darker, and cooler. Several people in the lotus pond at the Princess of Zhaoren Mansion also dispersed.

According to Qin Yan’s habit, Ji Nanfeng made a hot pool in the Princess Mansion.

Shen Ying put down the bruise plaster sent by Mister Ji outside the screen in the hot pool and waited outside.

Qin Yan in the hot pool raised her hand and lightly rubbed the left shoulder that was bumped into today. In the mist, she recalled the time she fell into the Taiye Pond when she was a child.

She was pushed into the water that time. At that time, she didn’t know how to swim. She struggled a few times and soon sank to the bottom of the pool.

Before she became unconscious, she was pulled from the bottom of the pool, and she could vaguely see in the water that he was a little brother.

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Before she could see the person’s face clearly, she fainted. When she woke up, she was still by the pond, and she saw Brother Changyuan with a worried expression next to her at a glance.

Yes, at that time, Qin Yan also called Xie Changyuan “Brother Changyuan”.

Qin Yan’s mother and the Princess of Anyang were supposed to be good friends. Soon after, the Princess of Anyang proposed to let the two children enter into a marriage contract.

Her mother felt that it was not bad to have the Princess of Anyang as her mother-in-law. Yanyan should have a better life after marriage, and Xie Changyuan also liked Yanyan.

Qin Yan was also very grateful to Xie Changyuan for saving her and was not disgusted by it.

Princess of Anyang exchanged tokens with her mother, and discussed a tentative marriage contract, but still had to wait until the two children grow up to see if there was any fate.

Qin Yan sighed lightly, it seemed that there was no fate.

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