TCPCHW Chapter 72

The Crown Prince Chases His Wife

Chapter 72        Journey Together

In the meeting room on the dragon boat

The Taizi’s staff expression looked grave. This trip south was originally for the Jiangnan flood, and they had prepared themselves mentally before leaving for the capital. However, it was only when they arrived in Jiangnan that they learned about the severity of the flood and its wide-ranging implications, which greatly exceeded their imagination.

The people in the hall took turns reporting to the Taizi who was at the main seat.

“Your Highness, the siltation of the rivers in the Jianghuai area is becoming increasingly serious. We need to order the Ministry of Works to send more manpower and recruit people to dredge the rivers, repair dikes, and protect canals, to ensure the smooth transportation of grain.”

“According to the scout’s report, there is a shortage of food in Jiangnan now, and the grain prices have more than quadrupled compared to the beginning of the year. It may be not easy to collect grain this year. The canal is blocked by siltation, and the speed of grain ships arriving in the capital will be greatly reduced. If we have to open the granaries to release grain for disaster relief, the storage capacity of each granary may not be optimistic.”

“If it’s a food shortage or a flood, there certainly will be refugees. Your Highness, the Ministry of War should also immediately send more troops to Jiangnan to prevent the harm of rioters.”

“This year’s grain to the capital can only be transported north alternatively between land and water, but the repeated loading and unloading will also cause significant losses. The most important thing now is to ensure that the grain is delivered to the granaries in time. After all, the soldiers also need provisions.”

Everyone nodded in agreement, all of them were worried about the grain.

“Your Highness, I have an idea.” A young man in a white scholar robe stood up and bowed to the Taizi.

“Speak.” Taizi Feng Zhan cast his eyes on the man in the white robe.

“Yes, Your Highness.” After bowing, the staff member, Zhong Lin, slowly spoke, “The grain transported from Jiangnan to the capital city has always been put together in Yangzhou, then shipped from Yangzhou, and then passed through the canal, Huai River, Bian River, and then to the capital city.”

“This mode of transportation takes a long time, and it takes six or seven months for a ship of grain to reach the capital city, with significant losses along the way.”

“During long-distance transportation, the boatmen are not familiar with the conditions of each river, there are many accidents, resulting in frequent accidents and frequent incidents of ships hitting rocks and sinking.”

“I wonder if we can build granaries at the mouths of various rivers and adopt a segmented transportation method based on the water level and water flow of the river, where river ships are not as good as Bian, Bian ships do not enter the river, and river ships do not enter Wei.”

“In this way, the grain transportation is divided into sections by various river systems, and the boatmen will sail on the waterways they are familiar with. Accidents will be greatly reduced, and the transportation time will be greatly shortened, which is superior to the original direct transportation.” 

Zhong Lin finished his speech, bowed, and took his seat.

As soon as he said this, everyone was impressed.

Transporting grain from the south directly to the north had been a long-standing practice. Although there were many granaries in the capital and various prefectures, no segmented granaries were built along the waterway. Zhong Lin’s proposal could indeed avoid tanker accidents and greatly improve the efficiency of grain transportation.

“Zhong Lin, you have a good idea.”

“Yes, it is indeed good.”

“Zhong Lin, you are good at hiding such a good idea.”


Everyone praised him.

Zhong Lin clasped his fists and said to everyone, “No, no, you are too kind. I dare not take credit for it. The name of this “segmented transportation method” was not created by me, but borrowed from the famous fleet transportation method of Yu Qingfeng Bank.”

As soon as this was said, everyone engaged in another lively discussion.

“Yu Qingfeng is known as the first private bank in Great Xia, and their fleet has this brilliant method.”

“Yu Qingfeng has strong financial resources and naturally has many talents. Moreover, the private fleet is more flexible than the imperial grain transportation ships, making it easier to adjust the method.”

“Although this method is wonderful, it will take time to implement it. I wonder how Your Royal Highness Taizi will determine this.”



When the Taizi Mansion discussed official business, the staff and officials were always allowed to speak freely and express their own opinions. The Taizi would not restrict the advice of his subordinates due to taboos, so the discussions of his subordinates were heard by Taizi Feng Zhan.

Feng Zhan looked at Qin Yan, Yu Qingfeng?

“Princess Zhaoren, what do you think?” Feng Zhan interrupted Qin Yan’s tea-drinking movement.

When everyone in the hall heard the Taizi speak, they all looked at Princess Zhaoren who was called by His Highness Taizi.

The staff of the Taizi Mansion were used to His Highness Taizi asking for Princess Zhaoren’s opinions during discussions. Although Princess Zhaoren would not take the initiative to participate in the discussion, the opinions she occasionally put forward were often very different from theirs, which impressed them.

Therefore, they had already abandoned the deep-rooted prejudice of men against women, and Princess Zhaoren was once the Lord of Gu City, so her opinions and suggestions were more likely to convince everyone present.

Qin Yan slowly put down the teacup and said to the Taizi in a calm voice, “Your Highness, this question can be answered by Mister Ji.”

Feng Zhan frowned slightly and then nodded.

Not long after, Ji Nanfeng came in and bowed to the Taizi, and then walked straight to the side and back of the chair where Qin Yan was sitting.

“Mister Ji, could you please explain to everyone how Yu Qingfeng transported grain in sections.” Qin Yan turned her head and instructed Ji Nanfeng.

“Yes, Master.” Ji Nanfeng nodded, and then spoke calmly, “If the grain purchased by Yu Qingfeng’s grain store is transported from Jiangnan to the prefectures of Great Xia is transported by water, it will be transported in sections.”

“The method is to use different types of ships according to the different hydraulic power of each river, and build granaries at each river mouth to store grain.”

“For example, the ships sailing on the Bian River have short and bulky hulls, flat bottoms and shallow cabins, and large loading capacity. Each ship can carry more than a thousand stones, and it is easy to load and unload making them suitable for navigation in open rivers and stable water flows.”

“Another type of ship will be used in sailing turbulent water flows with many reefs and dangerous shoals which are called “Door-to-Door Filling Ship”. This ship can carry about 1,000 dan and is sturdy. “

“For each different section of the river, we use the most suitable ship to transport grain and assign the boatmen who are most familiar with this river. We only transport the grain to the entrance of the next river, unload it, load it into the granary, and then return.”

“In this way, no matter which section of the river is difficult to navigate due to drought or flood, it can be quickly transported by land to the next unobstructed estuary, reducing the risk of grain transportation and improving the efficiency of grain transportation.”


Everyone nodded their heads when they heard this, but Zhong Lin, who had just proposed this method, had some doubts. Zhong Lin stood up and bowed to Ji Nanfeng and said, “Mister Ji, how do you know Yu Qingfeng’s information in such detail? I relied on my identity as a staff member of the Taizi Mansion and through various investigations, I was able to gather some information about Yu Qingfeng. Mister Ji, can you help me clarify my doubts, which will also help us determine the authenticity of Mister Ji’s information?”

Zhong Lin did not mean to question Ji Nanfeng but rather the staff of the Taizi Mansion should adhere to the strict rules set by His Highness Taizi. They always have to have reasons and evidence to put forward opinions, and they must not be arbitrary. Thus, Zhong Lin said a few more words.

Zhong Lin suddenly thought of something and said in surprise, “Mister Ji, you have the same family name as Boss Ji of Yu Qingfeng, are you from the same clan and lineage?”

Qin Yan paused after picking up the cup and frowned as if thinking.

Ji Nanfeng stood firmly behind Qin Yan. Without Qin Yan’s instructions, Ji Nanfeng did not answer.

Everyone in the hall also looked at Ji Nanfeng, as if they were all waiting for Ji Nanfeng’s answer.

Song Zhi, who was standing beside the Taizi, held his forehead. These one-track-minded literati insisted on getting to the bottom of things.

Qin Yan was indeed considering whether it was necessary to conceal Yu Qingfeng’s affairs. Although Qin Yan was half-forced to join the staff team of the Taizi Mansion and since she was working with these people and discussing the same issue, she had no reason to be mysterious, and there was no need to conceal it now.

Yu Qingfeng was about to retrieve the property that originally belonged to her mother from the Right Prime Minister Mansion in her name, and the mastermind behind Yu Qingfeng was her, Qin Yan. This news was not intended to be hidden, and it would be announced to the public sooner or later.

Qin Yan looked at Zhong Lin, “Mister Ji, indeed, has the most say in Yu Qingfeng’s affairs.”

Everyone was puzzled.

Feng Zhan saw Qin Yan speak and told Song Zhi, “Song Zhi.”

Song Zhi immediately understood His Highness’s meaning and said to the hall, “I would like to formally introduce to you that Mister Ji behind Princess Zhaoren is Yu Qingfeng’s Boss Ji, Ji Nanfeng.”

Everyone was shocked and looked at the tall and graceful man in a brocade robe standing behind Princess Zhaoren. Such a gentle and elegant young man was the Boss Ji who was in charge of the vast Yu Qingfeng.

Zhong Lin was even more shocked. He inquired about information related to canal transport and had been secretly understanding Yu Qingfeng for a long time. He naturally understood the power and financial strength of Yu Qingfeng.

The more he understood, the more frightened he was. There were even rumors in the martial arts world that Yu Qingfeng’s financial resources were comparable to half of the Great Xia treasury. And the boss turned out to be this low-key young man, and Lord Song spoke to confirm that this must be the fact.

The people in the hall immediately reacted. If they remembered correctly, when Mister Ji came in just now, he addressed Princess Zhaoren as “Master.”


Everyone looked at Qin Yan in shock and admiration.

Princess Zhaoren was the boss behind Yu Qingfeng!

No wonder, no wonder Princess Zhaoren was so familiar with grain pawning before because Yu Qingfeng’s pawnshop was one of the best in Great Xia. The three-story ship and dozens of accompanying ships behind the fleet were said to belong to Princess Zhaoren. They were skeptical at first, but if Princess Zhaoren was the boss behind Yu Qingfeng, then these fleets were a drop in the bucket.

Tsk, tsk, Princess Zhaoren was of noble birth. She was not only the lord of Gu City, but also the boss of Yu Qingfeng. She was truly a woman who was not inferior to men. No wonder she had won the favor of His Highness Taizi.

His Highness Taizi had good taste!


Feng Zhan made arrangements in a deep voice, “Send the news to the capital and order the Ministry of War, Ministry of Revenue, and Ministry of Works to immediately send more people to Jiangnan and have them set off immediately without further delay.”

“Make a specific implementation plan for the segmented transportation by tanker and discuss it later.”

“Yes, Your Highness.” The staff were still shocked that Princess Zhaoren was the person behind Yu Qingfeng. Princess Zhaoren’s deeds were enough for them to brag about for three days and three nights and still could not finish it.

Qin Yan, sitting upright on the chair, tilted her head to the left as if whispering something to Ji Nanfeng. Ji Nanfeng, standing behind her, bent down slightly and leaned his right ear against Qin Yan’s profile to listen carefully.

Feng Zhan’s eyes shrank, and a fierce expression rose on his face.

From Feng Zhan’s perspective, the posture of the two people was too intimate.

Feng Zhan said coldly, “You all can leave and Princess Zhaoren stays.”

Upon hearing this, Qin Yan slowly turned around and met Feng Zhan’s cold eyes. Qin Yan raised her eyebrows in confusion.

And Ji Nanfeng, who stood up again, also looked up at Taizi Feng Zhan, who glanced at Ji Nanfeng with a warning.

At this time, the door of the meeting hall opened, and the staff of the Taizi Mansion left one after another. The cold fog on the river surface took advantage of the open door to pour in, instantly filling the hall with a chill.


Feng Zhan cast his sharp eyes at the increasingly thick fog outside, and arranged in a deep voice, “Be prepared.”

Song Zhi nodded and then left.

Qin Yan frowned. The heavy fog was normal at this time of year, but this thick fog made people feel a little uneasy.

Qin Yan turned her head to Ji Nanfeng and said, “Mister Ji, tell them to reinforce their guard.”

“Yes, Master.” Ji Nanfeng also frowned. Such a thick fog was even thicker than in the early morning. Although the guards of the Taizi Mansion and the Princess Mansion were tight, the fleet was a live target in the middle of the river. With the previous assassination in the western suburbs, they had to be on guard.

Feng Zhan stood up and walked steadily towards Qin Yan, stopping one step in front of Qin Yan.

“I have made arrangements. You will get off the boat with me today.”

Qin Yan leaned back in her chair, looked up at Feng Zhan’s well-defined jawline, and said jokingly, “Your Highness, have you decided that we are going the same way?”

“Today I will go to Lingshan with you, and tomorrow you will go to Yunshui Town at the foot of the mountain with me.” Feng Zhan arranged Qin Yan clearly and straightforwardly.

Qin Yan smiled when she heard this, “Your Highness, are you ready to satisfy me?”

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