TCPCHW Chapter 39 Part 1

The Crown Prince Chases His Wife

Chapter 39          In Distress (1/2)

At that time, the fog dissipated, and the sunlight penetrated through the dense forest, creating mottled light spots on the layers of dead leaves in the forest.

Not long after Qin Yan and her group entered the forest, they met Qin Ming and Qin Nian and their group in a mountain area.

At that time, Qin Ming and the others were shouting at a dark cave and throwing stones into the cave from time to time.

Seeing Qin Yan on the horse, Qin Ming shouted in surprise, “Eldest Sister, Eldest Sister, watch me catch the bear with my bare hands.”

Qin Yan stopped the horse and asked Qin Ming, “Have you seen Jiang Mu today?”

Qin Ming’s heart blossomed with joy because his eldest sister spoke to him. This was the first time that his eldest sister had spoken to him.

His eldest sister’s voice was so pleasant, his eldest sister…

“Young Master Qin, did you see Young Master Jiang today?” Shen Ying said anxiously when she saw that Qin Ming only smile foolishly and didn’t answer.

Qin Ming finally regained his senses.

Jiang Mu?

“No.” Qin Ming shook his head and replied.

Qin Ming asked the people around him again, “Have anyone of you seen Young Master Jiang today?”

Everyone shook their heads and looked puzzled.

Qin Yan immediately turned her horse’s head around and was ready to continue looking for Jiang Mu in the forest.


Suddenly, an animal roar came from the cave behind Qin Ming.

Immediately afterward, a black bear roared and rushed out, and everyone outside the cave was so frightened that they tried to escape frantically from the cave entrance.

There was blood on the black bear’s mouth as it was having a meal in the cave just now. It roared and rushed towards the crowd.

The black bear threw a green young man down and bit him on the leg.




Screams echoed throughout the valley.

Qin Yan stopped her horse and glanced back. She ignored them, ready to continue into the forest.


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“Princess of Zhaoren, help!”

“Princess of Zhaoren, have your subordinates kill the bear!”


The people chased by the black bear repeatedly asked Qin Yan for help.

“Eldest Sister, you are really heartless. Can’t you help out?” It was Qin Nian.

Seeing that Qin Yan was unmoved and planned to leave, another voice came out.

“Princess of Zhaoren, is it more important to save our group of people or to look for Young Master Jiang one person?”

Qin Yan turned back displeased, but she didn’t want to waste time with these idiots who were courting death.

At this moment, the black bear pounced on a woman.

Qin Ming picked up a short knife, shouted “Ah”, and rushed towards the black bear.

Qin Yan squinted, that fool.

Qin Yan said coldly, “Shen Ying.”

Shen Ying took out the arrow from the quiver and shot the arrow in the direction of the black bear at will. The arrow pierced through the head of the black bear and was also inserted into the shoulder blade of the young lady below.

Qin Yan’s tone was cold: “Who told you that the value of life is determined by quantity?”

Qin Yan turned her horse’s head, and the group galloped away.


Only then did Qin Ming and his group regain their sense that the bear was killed.

They hurried over and pushed the bulky black bear away. Under the bear was Du Ling, who was so frightened that she lost her voice.

Du Ling was scratched by the black bear on her leg, and Qin Yan’s arrow pierced her shoulder.

Just now, she was about to run up the steep slope on the other side, but suddenly someone pulled her hard behind her. She fell and pounced on by the black bear chasing after her.

And when she fell, she seemed to see Qin Nian who went up the slope after she fell.

Du Ling’s tears slid down her face, the wound was very painful, and she felt extremely aggrieved. She didn’t want to stay in the capital any longer. The people here wanted to eat people.

After all, Du Ling was the first daughter of the Minister of the Ministry of Finance. Even if she was at odds with Qin Nian, it was not something these young masters and young ladies could bully and humiliate at will. The young masters and young ladies called their servants to quickly help Du Ling on her horse and return to the camp for medical treatment.


Qin Ming and the others were standing next to a low shrub on a highland not far from the others. Seeing that the situation was under control, Wang Jingyu, the youngest son of the Left Prime Minister, clicked his tongue.

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Ever since Qin Ming and his group discovered an animal cave and started throwing stones and shouting at the dark entrance, Wang Jingyu felt that they were courting death.

Looking at the size of the cave mouth, which was enough to accommodate a big guy, and with Qin Ming and the others’ three-legged cat skills*, he was afraid that something big would happen.

(three-legged cat skills* – describe those who have a little knowledge of their abilities)

After that, the black bear rushed out and injured several people in a row.

Wang Jingyu and the others could only watch the show, as he could not save people.

Oh, that group of people still had the nerve to ask the Princess of Zhaoren for help?

He heard from his father how this group of people in Qianshui Lake on the Double Seven Festival pointed out with empty words that the Princess of Zhaoren pushed people into the water.

After that day, the Left Prime Minister looked at his youngest son, Wang Jingyu, and felt extremely comforted.

Wang Jingyu was also rewarded by his father and received half a year of silver that month.

The Left Prime Minister sighed in his heart, although his youngest son, Wang Jingyu, was usually dandy and ignorant. However, he was born into a noble family, and his vision was still different from that of a small family. At least he had never caused such a disaster that could not be brought to the surface.

Wang Jingyu glanced at Qin Ming and Qin Nian with disdain, what kind of masters there were, what kind of minions there would be, a bunch of idiots.

Just now, whether the Princess of Zhaoren wanted to save their lives in passing was just a matter of her mood.

These idiots never understood how to put themselves in an appropriate position to deal with influential people.

They were just like jumping clowns who could only talk in the face of absolute power and strength.

Heh, boring.


Qin Yan and her group went into the deep forest. The more they went inside, the denser the trees and weeds became, and these places were very easy to set up an ambush.

Suddenly, dozens of men in black jumped out from all around, all armed with knives, and slashed at Qin Yan and the others.

Qin Yan and Shen Ying quickly broke through the siege, leaving the entourage behind.

Not long after, Qin Yan and Shen Ying encountered two people who were fighting in front of them, and they were the same group of black-clothed assassins as Emperor Hui’s attendants.

Shen Ying said: “Master go to find Young Master Jiang first. I can handle it here.”

Qin Yan knew Shen Ying’s strength and felt very reassured, but there were too many assassins in the forest today and Jiang Mu…

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Qin Yan left with her horse.

The horse galloped to an open space, and Qin Yan with vigilance pulled the horse to an emergency stop.

The weeds had just reached the horse’s belly, and the place was already deep in the forest, but there was not a trace of birds and insects chirping.

Something was wrong.

Suddenly, dozens of sharp arrows were shot from all directions at the same time, and Qin Yan flew up.

The horse that she rode just now fell to the ground and died.

Qin Yan landed steadily.

At the same time, dozens of black-clothed assassins sprang around.

Qin Yan: Oh, it’s time to catch up with the excitement today.

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