TCPCHW Chapter 28 Part 1

The Crown Prince Chases His Wife

Chapter 28          Agreement (1/2)

The night was hazy.

In the Marquis of Yongding Mansion, Xie Changyuan had something weighing on his mind. After dinner, he strolled around the lake in the mansion to sober himself.

When he got to the lake, he saw A Yan, who was wearing a light pink cotton dress, holding a small silk fan fluttering at the fireflies by the lake.

A Yan’s laughter was like a silver bell, jumping and skipping, very lively and lovely.

Xie Chang Yuan smiled unconsciously, A Yan could always bring him joy and relieve his restlessness.

The maid next to A Yan saw the Shizi in the distance and was about to open her mouth to salute, but Xie Changyuan raised her hand to stop her. He didn’t want to disturb A Yan and couldn’t bear to ruin the beauty of this moment.

Xie Changyuan walked to A Yan’s side. Just as A Yan jumped up, she turned her foot. Xie Changyuan hurriedly reached out to catch A Yan. He raised his foot and stepped on a lake stone, and the two of them fell on the grass beside the lake.

Before falling to the ground, Xie Changyuan turned around and put himself on the bottom, and A Yan fell on Xie Changyuan’s body.

The moment they landed, the corners of their lips brushed against each other accidentally, and they quickly turned their faces away in embarrassment.

At this moment, the two embraced each other, and the warm breath blew on each other’s neck and shoulders, which caused an ambiguous passion to raise between them.

“Oh, Miss, are you alright?” It was A Yan’s maid, who cried out in surprise without discerning eyes.

A Yan blushed, and hurriedly got up from Xie Changyuan, stood aside, and had her maid tidy up her dress.

Xie Chang Yuan smiled, propped on the ground with one hand, and was about to get up, but a fan was pressed by his hand.

Xie Changyuan picked up the fan and was about to return it to A Yan. When looking at the fan, Xie Changyuan suddenly remembered the folding fan that the Second Prince Feng Xian asked Feng Yuyao for on the decorated boat today that had A Yan’s handwriting.

Xie Changyuan got up and said to A Yan, “Today on the decorated boat…” The words had just been spoken, but A Yan interrupted.

A Yan was still shy at first, but she suddenly heard Brother Changyuan mention the decorated boat. Today, Brother Changyuan stood up for her without hesitation and A Yan was very moved. Brother Changyuan reprimanded Qin Yan coldly, which also made A Yan feel very happy. Today’s effect had exceeded her expectations and she didn’t want Brother Changyuan to think of Qin Yan again, so she interrupted Xie Changyuan’s unspoken words.

“Brother Changyuan, I was really scared today. I don’t want to recall it anymore. Let’s not mention this matter, okay?” A Yan pleaded.

Hearing this, Xie Changyuan felt even more pitiful and guilty for A Yan in his heart. Then he didn’t say anything again, and it was not a big deal to wait for A Yan to get better before asking her.

Afterward, A Yan accompanied Xie Changyuan for a stroll by the lake.


Xie Qing originally planned to take a walk by the lake after dinner, but after seeing Xie Changyuan and A Yan, she immediately turned around and walked back.

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The maid who followed asked doubtfully, “Miss, why don’t you go?”

Seeing that her young lady was silent and just walked back, the maid looked back.

It turned out that the man and woman by the lake were Shizi and Miss A Yan. The maids knew in her heart that it was not surprising as their young lady had always avoided Shizi.

Xie Qing was in a hurry. She didn’t want to face Xie Changyuan, which made her feel embarrassed and ashamed.

She knew that Xie Changyuan disliked her mother and their brother and sister. For Xie Changyuan, she had always avoided him whenever she could, and never touched the bad luck.

Now that her brother was back, if she couldn’t survive here, she would go to her brother’s residence.


It was recorded in the “The Book of Han Dynasty – Annals of the Law and Calendar “, “The Weaver Girl period refers to the beginning of the morning glory when the sun and the moon are recorded, it is called the Star Period.”

“When the year ends, it is the start of a new year. On the same day, one can pray for the harvest, pray for blessings, pray for longevity, and pray for children. One can only ask for one, and not more.”

In the imperial garden of the inner court of the Imperial City.

The imperial concubines in the harem fasted and bathed, headed by Imperial Concubine Xian who held the phoenix seal on their behalf. Before the incense table under the moon, burning incense and praying for favorable weather and a prosperous harvest.

After the ceremony, the imperial concubines left one after another. Imperial Concubine Xian had always been meticulous in her work and stayed behind to personally watch the palace servants deal with the cleaning-up matters such as the incense sticks, candles, and so on, and guard against catching fire.

In the time of a stick of incense, Imperial Concubine Xian was ready to return to Jingren Palace.

Passing a rockery on the road, two low-rank imperial concubines walking slowly on the path behind the banana leaves were gossiping in a low voice.

“Among the Empress and the four imperial concubines, only Imperial Concubine Xian has no children. Imperial Concubine Xian stayed behind and did not leave. She is so pious. Does she want to pray to the moon to ask for a son?”

“Heh, pray for a son? Even if Imperial Concubine Xian asks Heaven and worships Buddha every day, she won’t be able to ask for it.”

“How can you say that?”

“Don’t tell others. I accidentally heard the old lady from the Laundry Bureau say that Imperial Concubine Xian had a miscarriage and seems to be unable to conceive again.”

“Tsk, tsk, so miserable! It’s a pity that Imperial Concubine Xian’s status is so high that she is almost catching up with the Empress. If there is another son, it will be incredible.”

“Let me tell you, Imperial Concubine Xian’s miscarriage seemed to be related to the Empress who is now in Dajue Temple.”

“Ah! No way? Aren’t the Empress and Imperial Concubine Xian from the Left Prime Minister Mansion? Aren’t they sisters? They are still sisters related by blood!”

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“In the imperial family, even fathers, sons, and brothers can kill each other, so what’s more about sisters? Hehe, you mustn’t tell anyone else. Go, go, look at my mouth, I shouldn’t have told you anything…”


The sound faded away.

Just now, the momo was going to teach the two imperial concubines a lesson but was stopped by Imperial Concubine Xian.

After thinking about her position, she didn’t know that she was so pitiful in the mouths of others.

Oh, yes, she was indeed pitiful. She had lost the qualifications to be a mother, and it was impossible to have children of her own in this life.

Imperial Concubine Xian looked to the west side. Sister, could the sound of the bells in Dajue Temple make you feel at ease?


In the Right Prime Minister Qin Mansion.

Prime Minister Qin set up an incense table under the moon, and together with his son Qin Ming worshipped Kui and asked for wisdom.

Kui, or God of Fate, was the first star of the Big Dipper. Legend had it that he was the God of Culture, and his name was Emperor Wenchang. In order to be the top scorers in the imperial examination and became prosperous in their official careers, the scholars worshipped Kui and begged for wisdom under the moon on the Double Seven Festival.

On the incense table, there was a two-foot-tall man with a blue face and eyes, and a paper tie in a brocade robe and black boots. His left hand was brushing the red beard on his chest, and his right hand was holding a red writing brush. The offerings were tea, wine, fruits, and a cooked horned ram’s head with red silk on its horns for decoration.

After the joss sticks and candles were lit, Prime Minister Qin and Qin Ming bowed to the God of Fate.

After the worship, the two sat opposite each other at the round table in front of the incense table.

Qin Ming glanced around and asked puzzledly, “Father, are we the only two people on the Double Seventh Festival this year?”

Qin Wenzheng sighed and said, “Your grandmother is unwell, and is resting in the room.”

“Oh.” Qin Ming was waiting for his father to continue. What about his mother and second sister?

But Qin Wenzheng was drinking and eating by himself and didn’t speak again.

Qin Ming was puzzled, and asked again, “Father, where is Second Sister? Isn’t she worshipping the Weaver Girl under the moon every Double Seventh Festival night?”

Qin Wenzheng got angry as soon as he heard Qin Nian, and he put down the wine cup heavily.

“She got into trouble today and is thinking about her mistakes behind closed doors. Your mother couldn’t bear Qin Nian not having dinner, so she went to accompany her. Hmph, how dare she eat after causing such big trouble?” Qin Wenzheng said with anger.

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Qin Ming was in the room today. He followed a rare book of martial arts that he bought with two months of pocket money at the bookstore, secretly practiced the martial arts, and didn’t leave the mansion. So, he didn’t know what happened.

“Father, what trouble did my sister cause?”

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