TCPCHW Chapter 42 Part 2

The Crown Prince Chases His Wife

Chapter 42          Carriage (2/2)

After Feng Zhan got into the carriage, he was shocked by the scene in front of him for a moment.

On the carriage, Qin Yan had already taken off her cloak and was half lying down on the thick and cozy pure white blanket that covered the entire carriage.

At this moment, this beauty was leaning on a soft pillow, resting with her eyes closed, and her shiny black hair spread out under her body. She was lounging with a graceful body and appeared flirtatiously charming.

Hearing the movement of Feng Zhan getting into the carriage, Qin Yan didn’t get up but was still lounging to rest.

And Qin Yan’s informality with the Taizi also greatly pleased Feng Zhan, which was a good start.

Feng Zhan calmed down his disorderly breathing, leaned against Qin Yan, stretched out his long arms, passed through Qin Yan’s back shoulder, and took Qin Yan into his arms.

Qin Yan frowned slightly but did not refuse.

She rubbed against Feng Zhan’s hard chest, adjusted to a comfortable position, and continued to rest with her eyes closed.

Feng Zhan’s chin moved slightly on the side of Qin Yan’s head, and then he also began to close his eyes to release his fatigue.


The carriage was moving forward, and Qin Yan was about to sleep by the rocking, but she was always alert, how could she really fall asleep in the arms of someone she didn’t know very well outside?

She was in the carriage just now, and the conversation between the two outside was heard.

Oh, it turned out to be a benefactor.

“Xie Changyuan promised to marry her to repay the kindness?”

Qin Yan suddenly spoke lazily.

Feng Zhan heard the woman in his arms suddenly speak but mentioned another man’s name.

With deep eyes, Feng Zhan suddenly pinched Qin Yan’s chin with one hand, lowered his head, and kissed Qin Yan intensely.

Qin Yan half closed her eyes and raised her head to respond with pleasure.

Qin Yan suddenly became playful. She turned over and switched positions with Feng Zhan. Reaching out to lift Feng Zhan’s chin, she leaned over and pressed her red lips towards the thin lips of the handsome man in front of her.

Feng Zhan pinched the soft meat on Qin Yan’s side waist and let the woman on him toss about.

Song Zhi, who was sitting on a black horse next to the carriage of the Princess Mansion, kept watching his surroundings vigilantly.

Was there any strange sound inside the carriage just now…

Although the sound was hard to detect, Song Zhi had an excellent hearing ability, so he was sure that he heard correctly.

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After careful discerning, Song Zhi secretly praised that His Highness had never had a woman before, and he did not expect to play like this for the first time.


The Western Suburb Camp was not too far from the Princess Mansion in Xishan, so it was a smooth journey.

The carriage stopped outside the main entrance of the Princess Mansion, but the people in the carriage didn’t have any slight movement of getting off the carriage for a long time.

Duke of Zhenguo Shen Changshan frowned and rode over.

“Your Highness Taizi, it’s time for Yanyan to go home?”

No one in the carriage responded.

Shen Changshan was about to speak again, but the Taizi lifted the curtain and got out of the carriage. His clothes were neat, and his face was as usual as if nothing could be seen.

After that, Qin Yan got out of the carriage.

Qin Yan’s red lips were slightly swollen, still a little watery.

Everyone had different expressions, something must have happened between the Taizi and Qin Yan when they were in the carriage just now.


Shen Changshan glanced at the Taizi unhappily.

Shen Changshan turned to Shen Shiyan and said: “Shiyan, you bring people back to the Duke of Zhenguo Mansion first, Fang Su should still be waiting for news.”

Then he turned to Qin Yan again: “I don’t know who the killers were today. Shen Ci and I will stay in the Princess Mansion tonight.”

Shen Changshan got off his horse and saluted the Taizi: “Your Highness Taizi, it’s getting late, Your Highness should return home earlier.”

Song Zhi…

Old Man Shen, how did this seem to mean preventing the wolf cub from taking away their little lamb?

Feng Zhan’s complexion was a little dark.

But never underestimate the shamelessness of this Highness after enlightenment.

Feng Zhan looked at Qin Yan: “I’ll go back by the carriage, and the carriage will be returned on another day.”

Shen Changshan…

Shen Ci…

Song Zhi…

It was only a few steps away from the entrance of the Taizi Mansion, did he need to borrow a carriage?

Song Zhi immediately understood that only if he borrowed something, he could return it. His Highness’s enlightenment was really good at flirting.

Qin Yan was speechless at Feng Zhan’s words: “Your Highness, please help yourself.”

The Taizi got into the carriage, and the group left.

Shen Ci’s face was ugly, and the Taizi and Yanyan were too outrageous.

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Shen Changshan glanced at Qin Yan helplessly, but he still didn’t speak.

Forget it, how could young people control themselves?


After returning to the mansion, Qin Yan first went to the medicinal bath pool prepared by Ji Nanfeng.

In the Warm Pavilion, curls of wormwood incense wafted from the incense burner in one corner. Qin Yan slowly took off her clothes and stepped into the pool.

The water in the pool was dense with mist, Qin Yan closed her eyes slightly, and leaned her back against the wall of the pool, relaxing the tension of the whole day.

The water temperature of today’s medicated bath was higher than usual. Qin Yan’s fair skin quickly turned bright red, and the pores around her body stretch out exhaustion and fatigue. The pool water penetrated the bone marrow through the skin and dispelled the cold air brought back in the western suburb pool today.

The water in the pool was flowing gently, and Qin Yan’s mind flashed all kinds of scenes from the hunting grounds in the western suburbs today.

Half an hour later, Qin Yan let out a sigh of satisfaction, got up, and stepped out of the hot pool.

Qin Yan asked Shen Ying who was outside the room: “How is Jiang Mu?”

“Master Jiang has woken up, he said he wants to see Master.” Shen Ying replied.

Qin Yan originally planned to rest, but since today’s matter has not straightened out, everyone couldn’t sleep peacefully.

Qin Yan spoke wearily.

“Invite Grandpa Duke and Young Master to the study.”

“Let Mister Ji bring Jiang Mu over.”

Qin Yan stroked the left shoulder bitten by Feng Zhan and added another sentence.

“Please trouble Mister Ji to bring the medicine for removing scars.”

“Is Master injured?” Shen Ying asked worriedly.

“Small things.” Qin Yan’s tone was a little helpless.

She was very satisfied with Feng Zhan in every aspect, apart from his status as the Taizi, and he was a qualified partner. If you are enjoying the novel, please support this translation and get direct access to new releases by reading it at the translator’s original website:

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