TCPCHW Chapter 45 Part 2

The Crown Prince Chases His Wife

Chapter 45          Can’t Do (2/2)

In the main hall of the Qin Residence, the main door was closed tightly, and outside the door were Fourth Master Qin’s servant and Mother Li beside Song Mei who was guarding the door.

They seem to have heard the creaking sound of tables and chairs in the hall, but after listening carefully, they didn’t seem to have heard it, maybe they heard it wrong.

Half an hour later, Song Mei was sitting on a table in the main hall of the Qin Residence with a flushed face and disheveled clothes. In front of her stood Fourth Master Qin, whose chest was still heaving. At this time, the clouds had stopped raining*.

(the clouds had stopped raining* – means the end of sexual affairs between a man and a woman)

Fourth Master Qin stretched out his hand to touch the loose hair on Song Mei’s forehead.

Song Mei turned her head shyly.

“Seeing you like this, why, Wenzheng still can’t do it?” Fourth Master Qin teased as he looked at the weak woman in front of him.

Song Mei pretended to be angry: “Really Fourth Uncle, since you knew it, still want to say it. That year when he went hunting in the western suburbs with the Emperor, he fell off his horse and was trampled on his lower body by the horse. He recuperated for such a long time, and nothing could be done.”

“Then why don’t come to look for Fourth Uncle, can you bear it?” Fourth Master Qin raised Song Mei’s chin and leaned closer.

Song Mei turned her face away, clenched her fist, and lightly punched Fourth Master Qin who was still pressed against her.

“What kind of person does Fourth Uncle think I am? If it weren’t for Wenzheng’s eagerness to have a son, and he himself… how could I have made such a scheme.”

Fourth Master Qin suppressed a smile: “Isn’t Mei’er who is anxious to give birth to a son for me?”

Song Mei didn’t respond. It was an accident that she was pregnant with Qin Nian with Wenzheng, but unexpectedly she was born as a daughter. Song Mei knew that there was a contradiction between Wenzheng and Shen Shiying, which was Shen Shiying’s first child was a daughter, and Wenzheng was anxious to carry on the family line, and he needed a son.

Coincidentally in the year that Qin Nian was born, Wenzheng went hunting in the western suburbs with the Emperor. He got injured after falling off his horse and after that…

Fourth Master Qin suddenly made a sound, interrupting Song Mei’s memories.

“Mei’er, listen to me. I have thought about it clearly in the past few days. If the Wen Trading Establishment is really backed by the Left Prime Minister, we have no chance of winning if we confront them head-on.”

“A few days ago, I overheard Wenzheng let slip a sentence that the Emperor ordered to stabilize the price of food.”

“With just this sentence, you should also understand what it means. This year may be a disaster year.”

“Now there is an opportunity for huge profits in front of us. We can go to the south of the Yangtze River to collect grain in advance, and then sell it at a high price.”

Song Mei was frightened when she heard Fourth Master Qin’s proposal.

“You’re crazy, the Emperor said to stabilize the price of food, just to prevent hoarding and profiting. If you do this…”

Fourth Master Qin persisted in this idea, but he didn’t actually know that at this moment, he was just a little ignorant because of his winnings in the gambling house these few days. If you are enjoying the novel, please support this translation and get direct access to new releases by reading it at the translator’s original website:

The bold ones are supported to death, and the timid ones are starved to death*. It’s hard to do business in the capital nowadays, think about our Ming’er.”

(The bold ones are supported to death, and the timid ones are starved to death* – a proverb means that those who dare to take risks can reap benefits; those who are fearful and cautious who dare not deviate half a step often get no benefit at all.)

Song Mei was suddenly not used to the shortage of money these days. She was used to being extravagant in the past, and generous in rewarding servants, but now she had to be careful everywhere. There was a saying that it was easy to go from being frugal to extravagant, but difficult to go from extravagant to frugal. The shortage of money days was really sad.

Song Mei murmured: “Yes, Niannian’s dowry is also in it.”

Song Mei suddenly raised her head and looked at Fourth Master Qin: “But where do we get the money to collect food now?”

“You won’t sell our shops and villages…”

Fourth Master Qin comforted Song Mei’s worries by interrupting her: “We can pawn the shop to the bank first, and after we sell the grain and repay the money we borrowed from the bank, the shops will return back to us.”

“Can the bank be trusted?” Song Mei still hesitated.

Fourth Master Qin seemed confident, “There will be no problem. Yu Qingfeng has a very good reputation throughout Great Xia, and many officials in the capital put money in it.”

Song Mei knew there was no other way now, and Prime Minister Qin Mansion’s family properties were few. Niannian was discussing marriage and needed a dowry, and Ming’er would also marry the main wife of a high-ranking family in the future, so the dowry should not be shabby.

“All right, let’s do that.”

The two of them still didn’t know what kind of situation they were about to face…


Second Prince Feng Xian, Princess Changle Feng Yunchao, Princess Jingyi Feng Yuyao, and Grand Scholar and the Minister of Rites, An Shifeng, went to the Dajue Temple in the west of the capital with the order of the Emperor to invite the Empress to return to the palace to preside over the affairs of the harem.

An Yanxi, the eldest daughter of the Grand Scholar, as the companion of Princess Changle Feng Yunchao, and also a good friend, went with the imperial guards of honor to welcome the Empress.

Because of the assassination case in the paddock the day before yesterday, there were also quite a few imperial guards accompanying them for protection.

Dajue Temple, as an imperial temple, was located on the top of Yuquan Mountain in the west of the capital. If you are enjoying the novel, please support this translation and get direct access to new releases by reading it at the translator’s original website:

The imperial guards of honor were stopped at the gate of Dajue Temple, but the Empress avoided the visitors.

The group of people waited outside the gate of the temple. Fortunately, the autumn weather was clear and refreshing, which was suitable for climbing, and it was not too much trouble.

After two hours of stalemate, the gate of the temple opened again, and a young monk came out.

“The Empress asks Princess Changle to enter the temple.”

Hearing this, everyone breathed a sigh of relief.

His Majesty has issued a death order and must welcome the Empress back to the palace. As long as the Empress was not an iron plate, there was hope for her to be emotionally moved.

The Grand Scholar, An Shifeng, bowed slightly, presented the imperial decree with both hands, and handed it to Princess Changle Feng Yunchao.

“Princess Changle, please persuade the Empress to return to the palace to preside over the affairs of the harem.”

When Feng Yunchao accepted the imperial edict, she was a little wavering.

On the one hand, she didn’t want her imperial mother to return to the palace to face those dirty things, but on the other hand, she couldn’t stand Imperial Concubine Xian’s domineering in the palace because of her imperial mother’s departure all these years.

The meaning of Brother Taizi was to let their imperial mother decide for herself.

Then it depends on her imperial mother’s own desire.

As the companion of Feng Yunchao, An Yanxi got to enter the temple with Feng Yunchao.


The temple gate was closed after Yunchao entered the temple.

Two more hours later, after lunch, the temple gate reopened and An Yanxi came out.

“The Empress asked Princess Changle to stay overnight in the temple to talk, and will not return to the palace today.”

Second Prince Feng Xian was already tired of waiting, but since his imperial father told him that he had to do it, he still had to give the Empress enough respect.

This Empress was putting on airs.

The Second Prince said: “Since we can’t enter the temple gate, then go down the mountain and stay in the Yuquan Mountain Palace tonight. We’ll go up the mountain tomorrow to meet the Empress.”

The Grand Scholar, An Shifeng, agreed as they couldn’t stay on like this. The night was cold in the mountains, and they couldn’t wait for the Empress here overnight.

Except for An Yanxi who returned to the temple, the rest of the people went down the mountain to the Yuquan Mountain Palace.

But at the foot of Yuquan Mountain, Feng Yuyao’s carriage did not enter the palace but continued to go north.


At the Princess od Zhaoren Mansion in Xishan, Qin Yan was discussing business matters with Ji Nanfeng in the study, and Shen Huai came in.

“Master, Princess Jingyi is here. I have invited the princess to the reception hall.”

Qin Yan raised her eyes, “Thanks, Uncle Huai. You go to receive her first, and I’ll come later.”

Uncle Huai accepted the order and withdrew.

After explaining the matter to Ji Nanfeng, Qin Yan got up and went to the reception hall.


In the reception hall on the south side of the lotus pond in the Princess od Zhaoren Mansion, there were no rare flowers, but many chrysanthemums in different stances that bloom in season.

Feng Yuyao admired the flowers while sipping tea, and she agreed with her decision to come here, wasn’t this more enjoyable than staying in the palace? If you are enjoying the novel, please support this translation and get direct access to new releases by reading it at the translator’s original website:

When Qin Yan came in, she took over the tea from Shen Huai and admired the flowers in the hall together with Feng Yuyao.

“How did you remember to come over today?” Qin Yan asked Feng Yuyao.

“It’s all because of my imperial father, who suddenly said that he wants to invite the Empress of Dajue Temple back to the palace. It seems that the Empress will preside the affairs of the harem for my imperial father’s Longevity Festival and have us go to Yuquan Mountain to invite the Empress.”

“Have you been shut down?” Qin Yan said after seeing Feng Yuyao was not too happy.

“I had expected it before we went there. The Empress left the palace so stubbornly back then, how could she agree to go back so easily.” Feng Yuyao picked a flower and sniffed it lightly on the tip of her nose.

Feng Yuyao suddenly remembered something that was not pleasant, “By the way, Imperial Concubine Xian will hold a banquet in advance in the palace before the Longevity Festival. Have you heard the news, Yanyan?”

Qin Yan looked at Feng Yuyao picking a flower at a time, and her heart was aching. These flowers were the ones that Mister Ji used to make medicine, and Mister Ji would be heartbreaking when he came back. “Imperial Concubine Xian’s invitation was delivered to the mansion this morning.”

Qin Yan didn’t stop Feng Yuyao, and Feng Yuyao continued to pick the flowers.

Feng Yuyao said lazily: “Imperial Concubine Xian is the last chance to grab hold of the Empress before the Empress comes back. She should enjoy the comfort of presiding over the harem.”

“If the Empress returns to the palace now, the structure in the palace will be broken, and there will be excitement to see again.”

Qin Yan was not interested in gossip in the palace, but she did have some things she wanted to ask Feng Yuyao.

Without waiting to speak, Shen Huai came in and said: “His Highness Second Prince is here to visit.”

Feng Yuyao turned her head, frowned, and muttered, “This stalker.”

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