TCPCHW Chapter 33 Part 1

The Crown Prince Chases His Wife

Chapter 33          Fierce Horse (1/2)

Paddock at the western suburb.

The morning light, through the thin cold mist, cast a magnificent haze on the forest meadow.

On the race ground, the bells and drums sounded in unison, and the metal clinking sound resonated at the same time.

The flags on the side of the field were fluttering in the wind, making whistling sounds.

This was the second day of autumn hunting. Today, extra programs such as martial arts competitions, horse racing, and others were arranged to warm up everyone as the hunting would officially start tomorrow.

Opposite the stands was a circular arena, and at this moment there were two tall and burly warriors fighting with their bare hands.

Today, the Emperor of Hui in the stands looked very good. An unfamiliar imperial concubine beside him held a wine jug and added wine into Emperor of Hui’s cup from time to time.

Next to the Emperor of Hui was Concubine Ning, who had just entered the palace and was very favored by the Emperor of Hui. This time, among the imperial concubines accompanying this autumn hunting, in addition to one of the four concubines including Imperial Concubine Shu, there was also Concubine Ning.

Imperial Concubine Shu’s seat was on the other side of the Emperor of Hui. She sipped her wine lightly, sometimes looked at the arena, and sometimes glanced at Concubine Ning with a little displeasure.

Like Imperial Concubine Ning, a lot of people had entered the palace in recent years, but they had been replaced in less than two months at most. Concubine Ning thought she was the starring role, but they were all substitutes for that person, either with similar eyebrows and eyes, a similar face shape, or a similar appearance.

Which part of Concubine Ning looked similar this time?

Imperial Concubine Shu turned her head and looked at Concubine Ning’s face. Oh, it was there.

Our Majesty, was he passionate or dedicated?

The second prince, who was seated next to Imperial Concubine Shu, understood his imperial mother’s unhappiness today. On today’s occasion, Concubine Ning rose above his imperial mother and sat next to the imperial throne of his imperial father. She was so intimate with her father in public, regardless of the face of his imperial mother, which was really undignified, but his imperial father allowed Concubine Ning to be arrogant.

Second Prince Feng Xian would say a few words to Imperial Concubine Shu from time to time, comment on the fight on the field, or discuss the weather and scenery. He wanted his imperial mother to be at ease. His imperial mother was different from Concubine Ning. Concubine Ning was just a plaything, and his imperial mother was one of the four imperial concubines, not to mention, she had him.

Princess of Changle Feng Yunchao looked at the field with an indifferent expression. The left and right sides of her seats were still empty. Those were Brother Taizi, Feng Yuyao, and Qin Yan.

Brother Taizi was busy with official business, but where had Feng Yuyao gone?


At this moment, Feng Yuyao was in front of Qin Yan’s tent and finally waited for Qin Yan who had just arrived in the paddock.

Qin Yan originally planned to stay in the tent to rest. Feng Yuyao also knew that Qin Yan didn’t like excitement, and she would definitely not take the initiative to watch the competition. So, she came to find her in person.

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“Yanyan, you must go to the race ground with me today. You’re most familiar with the race ground. Tell me more about it then.” Feng Yuyao was very curious about Qin Yan and Shen Ci’s experiences in the Northwest, and she also wanted to be more understanding of Shen Ci’s life.

Qin Yan understood Feng Yuyao’s thinking, and she was not disgusted by her. Except for being a part of the imperial family, Yuyao was good in every aspect.

If Yuyao and Shen Ci would really get together, it was also their fate.

Then Qin Yan agreed to go to the race ground with Feng Yuyao.

Jiang Mu was also there. Of course, Shen Ying and Uncle Huai also went to accompany them.


After Xie Changyuan had arranged his official duties properly, he sat on the stand together with A Yan.

A Yan was very curious about various things in the paddock, and Xie Changyuan occasionally would explain patiently to A Yan.

Although Xie Changyuan was a little displeased with A Yan looking for Xie Qing to bring her to the paddock, he quickly calmed down.

He also blamed himself for avoiding A Yan for the past few days. If he didn’t want to bring her, he should make it clear to her.

A Yan was simple and kindhearted. She had a simple straightforward mind and didn’t have so many twists and turns. It was naturally easy to ignore some sensitive communication problems.

Xie Changyuan looked at A Yan lovingly who was looking around curiously. This girl had saved his life, and she was simply like a blank piece of paper and helpless. He should treat A Yan more kindly and protect A Yan.

Xie Changyuan couldn’t help but look at the empty seat beside Feng Yunchao. This was the first time today.

Qin Yan was so powerful, and with so many people protecting her. Hence, she could be arrogant and domineering.

Today, was she not coming again?

Not far from Xie Changyuan was Xie Qing. Xie Qing’s mind was not in the arena. She heard that her brother, Xie Zhao, would be on duty during the autumn hunting, but she had never been able to find her brother. Why couldn’t she see him?


When Qin Yan and Feng Yuyao came to the stand to take their seats, the fierce battle in the arena came to an end.

On the stage stood a burly and strong man, who was this year’s Wu Juren Lin Zhong, who was now serving in the Northern Yamen Imperial Army.

Lin Zhong had been fighting on the field for several rounds, and he had knocked down six or seven challengers off the arena before.

Emperor of Hui was very satisfied, and smiled at Xie Changyuan: “Changyuan, your subordinate is very good and will be rewarded.”

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Xie Changyuan was also very satisfied with the outstanding performance of his subordinate today as Lin Zhong gave credit to the Northern Yamen Imperial Army.

At this time, Lin Zhong in the arena suddenly looked towards the stand, cupped his fists with both hands, bowed to salute, and said in a thick voice, “Your Majesty, this minister wants to ask for a favor.”

At this moment, the Emperor of Hui was delighted and said with a smile, “Oh? Tell me about it.”

Lin Zhong looked in the direction of Princess of Zhaoren Qin Yan and said, “This minister wants to compete with the soldiers of the Pingxi Army. Emperor, please give permission.”

Everyone looked at Princess of Zhaoren Qin Yan who had just taken her seat.

Today’s Qin Yan was dressed in white narrow sleeves with a dark pattern of silver thread brocade robe and her hair was tied up in a simple white jade hairpin. She was still so beautiful and peerless.

Qin Yan heard the words, but her face remained calm.

The three generations of the Shen family were all involved in military affairs, so only Qin Yan came from the Pingxi Army.

Emperor of Hui said to Qin Yan, “Princess of Zhaoren, is there anyone in the mansion who can fight?”

Since the Emperor had opened his mouth, not to fight was to resist and disrespect the decree.

Qin Yanfeng’s eyes narrowed slightly.

Shen Ying said, “Master, I’ll go.”

At this time, Jiang Mu, who was in the seat next to her, turned to look at Qin Yan, and said in a relaxed tone, “Let me go, I haven’t exercised for a long time.”

Qin Yan nodded.

With Qin Yan’s instruction, Jiang Mu stood up, bowed to the Emperor of Hui, and said loudly, “Your Majesty, Jiang Mu from the Princess of Zhaoren Mansion will fight.”

Emperor of Hui nodded.

Jiang Mu, let’s see how Qin Yan taught him.


Today, Jiang Mu was wearing a bright blue outfit.

He got off the stand, walked straight to the edge of the arena, jumped up, and stood firmly on the arena.

Jiang Mu cupped his fists toward Lin Zhong.

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“Jiang Mu, from the Princess of Zhaoren Mansion, comes to take up the challenge.”

Lin Zhong cupped his fists back and said, “Lin Zhong, please give me your advice.”

After speaking, the two fought quickly.

The two people in the arena were very different in build and skill.

Lin Zhong was tall and burly with a strong physique. Jiang Mu was tall and sturdy, but he was slightly thin in front of Lin Zhong.

Lin Zhong was powerful, and the arena was shaken three times when his body moves. However, Jiang Mu, who was more agile, was slightly clumsy.

The external image of the two was very different, and each had its own advantages and disadvantages in their martial arts skills.

Under the brawl between the two, they were evenly matched, and the two were still fighting fiercely on the stage after a stick of incense passed.

Both of them were almost knocked out of the arena several times and also turned around narrowly.

The hearts of everyone in the stands were suspended and calmed down again, continuing to watch the battle.

It was indeed exciting.


Qin Yan unconsciously swept to the Emperor of Hui’s side. There was a beauty beside the Emperor of Hui. Qin Yan looked at her with a sense of familiarity and tried to recall, but there was no clue in her mind. She shouldn’t have known this person.

Aware of Qin Yan’s inquiring gaze, Feng Yuyao also glanced in the direction of the Emperor of Hui and then turned her head.

“That’s Concubine Ning, who has just entered the palace. She is currently in favor. Look, Imperial Concubine Shu’s face is black.” Feng Yuyao explained to Qin Yan.

Qin Yan didn’t care.


Today Qin Ming had been waiting for Qin Nian to finish dressing up, but Qin Nian was too slow. Qin Ming stomped his feet anxiously, why was it so troublesome for a girl to go out? If it wasn’t for his mother’s repeated instructions to himself before he came to the paddock that he and his sister had to take care of each other, he wouldn’t have waited for her a long time ago.

When Qin Ming and Qin Nian arrived at the race ground, they saw that Jiang Mu fighting a strong man in the arena.

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Qin Ming looked at the skills of the two in the arena and opened his mouth. This… could he still challenge Jiang Mu?

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