TCPCHW Chapter 3 Part 1

The Crown Prince Chases His Wife

Chapter 3             Return to the Capital

In the Marquis of Yongding Mansion on the west of the capital city.

At this moment, it was already night, and the moonlight spread all over this luxurious mansion.

The Marquis of Yongding Mansion was expanded from the former Princess of Anyang Mansion, covering an extremely wide area. Today, the Emperor of Hui had great respect for his eldest sister, Princess of Anyang, and there were countless things bestowed by the imperial palace. During the stroll, precious plants, and various kinds of stones from strange mountains that had been paid tribute from all over the world could be seen everywhere.

Today, Li Zhong had no intention of enjoying the scenery. He walked in a hurry. Although the night in the late spring was still a little cold, his back and forehead were already sweating.

He didn’t know whether the news in his hand was good or bad. About that person, he had to report to Shizi immediately.

Li Zhong went straight to the courtyard of the Shizi, Xie Changyuan, and not long after entering the courtyard gate, he stepped into the winding water corridor. From a distance, he heard a delicate voice of a girl in the Lake Pavilion in the middle of the lake and mixed with the deep laughter of a mature man from time to time.

Li Zhong knew that this was Shizi and Miss A Yan, who entered the mansion three years ago.

He hurried to the long embankment and stopped six feet away from the Lake Pavilion.

“Brother Changyuan made fun of me. I won’t say anymore, I won’t say anymore. Humph!”

The pretty girl, who was gesticulating with her hands and feet just now sat down on the stone stool angrily and stretched out her hand to fiddle with the tea set beside her, making clanging sounds.

This girl A Yan was petite and had a distinctive appearance. She was brought back from Meishan three years ago by Shizi. Because of her life-saving grace to Shizi, the whole mansion respected her a little bit.

Xie Changyuan rubbed the girl’s head indulgently and after seeing Li Zhong, he said to the girl, “I still have things to do, you go back and rest earlier.”

“You have things to do again. You’re busy during the day and busy at night. Brother Zhangyuan’s life is so boring!”

The girl suddenly thought of something, and smiled at Xie Changyuan, “Tomorrow is my birthday. Brother Changyuan promised to accompany me to the western suburbs to see peach blossoms. Don’t go back on your words!”

Xie Changyuan smiled helplessly, this girl would always have the innocent look, so he said warmly, “I’ll come back to pick you up after I finish my official duties.”

A Yan jumped up happily, and ran out of the pavilion gracefully, like a swift little swallow.

After running two steps, she turned her head and shouted, “Brother Changyuan must keep his promise!”

When passing by Li Zhong, she didn’t forget to greet him with a smile, “Uncle Li still has something to do at such a late hour, and don’t let Big Brother Changyuan go, be careful to grow old fast!”

After speaking, A Yan made a face and ran away.


Li Zhong smiled embarrassedly, stepped into the pavilion, and bowed to Xie Changyuan, “Shizi”.

Xie Changyuan nodded, “What’s the matter?”

“There is news from the Ministry of Military Affairs that the Pingxi Army plans to transfer back their generals to the capital, and Xie Zhao is on the list.”

Having said that, Li Zhong looked at Xie Changyuan carefully.

Shizi’s face was not obvious, but the fingers holding the teacup were stretched white.

“Pingxi Army… Is it because the Shen family doesn’t take me seriously, or my fiancée doesn’t take me seriously.”

Xie Changyuan narrowed his eyes slightly and smiled coldly, “Tell the people in the Ministry of War that the Shence Army wants Xie Zhao.”

After speaking, with a “bang”, he crushed the white porcelain cup in his hand with one hand. The blood in the palm of his hand was mixed with tea and dripped onto the stone table, but Xie Changyuan still clenched it hard, and the blue veins on the back of his hand were exposed. He was extremely angry.

Li Zhong was very sad to see Shizi like this.

As a retainer of the Princess of Anyang Mansion, he watched Shizi grow up.

When the Eldest Princess passed away, Shizi hated the Marquis thoroughly and even hated the sudden emergence of the Marquis’s illegitimate son, Xie Zhao.

Shizi personally led people to chase Xie Zhao, but he never thought that Xie Zhao was actually hiding in the army. Coincidentally, he was still under the command of Miss Qin Yan’s grandfather.

In the beginning, Shizi was rejected by the dignitaries of the Duke of Zhenguo, and Shizi returned empty-handed. It was said that it was because Miss Qin Yan tried to protect Xie Zhao. Perhaps there would be more twists and turns in the marriage of this unmarried couple.


“Shizi, Pingxi army is still in the court, and Miss Qin Yan is bound to return to the capital with Duke of Zhenguo. Shizi has already passed the filial piety period and it’s time for the Imperial Observatory Bureau to choose an auspicious day to send the betrothal gifts to the Right Prime Minister Mansion. Miss Qin Yan is the direct eldest young lady of the Right Prime Minister Mansion, and she is backed by her uncle’s family, the Duke of Zhenguo Mansion. Moreover, this is the marriage that the Eldest Princess set for Shizi at the beginning, and I hope Shizi will treat it with caution.”

Li Zhong saw that Shizi’s complexion was getting darker and darker, but he insisted on finishing his words, “Miss A Yan is deeply loved by Shizi, but she is not of noble birth. Shizi can place her outside the mansion, and after marrying Miss Qin Yan, then…”

“I have my own judgment about marriage. Relying on a woman, what’s the difference between me and Xie An?” Xie Changyuan interrupted Li Zhong’s unfinished words in a cold voice, and directly called his father, Marquis of Yongding Hou, Xie An, by name.

In the beginning, Xie An got into the eyes of the Emperor through military achievements. He was bestowed to marry the eldest sister of the emperor, Princess of Anyang, and was also conferred the title of Marquis of Yongding. There were not many titles given by the imperial family of the Great Xia, one Duke, and two Marquises, but the Marquis of Yongding relied on the Princess to rank up.

This Marquis was famous. He didn’t care that Princess of Anyang was eight years older than him and he gladly accepted the marriage. After marriage, there were no concubines in the mansion, and the husband and wife were in perfect harmony.

But now this model couple had become a laughing stock in the capital.

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