TCPCHW Chapter 22 Part 2

The Crown Prince Chases His Wife

Chapter 22          Fortunate (2/2)

Seeing that Feng Xian didn’t answer, and a smile overflowed from his lips as if thinking of something pleasant, Imperial Concubine Shu’s heart became cold, and said coldly, “You can leave.”

“Imperial Mother, take care of your health. I’ll retire.”

Feng Xian didn’t even notice his imperial mother’s sad expression and left Chengqian Palace in a hurry. He still had to find a way to get closer to Qin Yan, so that no one else could get ahead of him.

When Feng Xian left, a momo came in and massaged Imperial Concubine Shu’s shoulders, “Niangniang, do you want to take a short nap?”

Imperial Concubine Shu remained silent, feeling a little sad in her heart.

Her only son, thought only about power and the throne, regardless of her feelings as a mother.

When she found out that she was pregnant at first, she only hoped to be a prince, which could strengthen her position in the palace and help her brother, Wenzheng, to have more influence in the court.

But now, she was very envious of the Imperial Concubine De who only gave birth to only one princess.

Although Imperial Concubine De gave birth to a princess, her status was no less inferior than that of an imperial concubine who gave birth to a prince. Feng Yuyao, a concubine-born princess, had been given a title since she was born. This was a great honor given by His Majesty to the Count of Pingnan Mansion.

Yes, this was the charm of power. No wonder Xian’er was so persistent.

At this moment, Imperial Concubine Shu hoped that she could have a daughter, a caring daughter, a daughter who could accompany and talk to her.

For so many years in the palace, she couldn’t even tell her own mother about many things and could only keep it all in her heart. After all, those secrets could only be brought to the grave one day.


Imperial Concubine Shu didn’t tell anyone that she hadn’t been served in the bed for many years.

After giving birth to Feng Xian seventeen years ago, Imperial Concubine Shu’s body recovered extremely slowly. When Feng Xian was three years old, Imperial Concubine Shu only regained her figure before giving birth.

It had been four years since pregnancy that she had been honored by His Majesty for the first time.

It was on a rainy night, and the two on the imperial couch were already in the moment of heat. However, Li Fuquan suddenly shouted to report something important outside the hall.

His Majesty got up and left, leaving Imperial Concubine Shu alone to calm down on Emperor’s bed.

Li Fuquan lowered his head and entered the bedroom to change clothes for His Majesty. Before leaving, Imperial Concubine Shu only vaguely heard the word “Xi Garden”.

At that time, she was sympathetic to His Majesty’s diligence in government, thinking that it was her brother Wenzheng who had some important government affairs to discuss with His Majesty.

Only on the next day did she realize that she was just a joke as there was no such thing as being busy with government affairs.

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It was true that something had happened at Xi Garden, but it was not about the Right Prime Minister, Qin Wenzheng, it was about Shen Shiying.

Shen Shiying gave birth last night. Because it was her first child, she was having difficulty giving birth. It was extremely dangerous for a woman to give birth, like passing through the gate of hell.

The news immediately came to His Majesty’s ears, and His Majesty summoned the imperial physician of the Imperial Hospital to Xi Garden overnight to keep Shen Shiying safe.

However, Shen Shiying was only a courtier’s wife, and His Majesty’s move was a bit too much.


Imperial Concubine Shu once doubted whether Qin Yan was His Majesty’s child, but the child gradually grew up and her appearance was really similar to Wenzheng and even her aunt, which made Imperial Concubine Shu no longer doubt Qin Yan’s identity.

However, this made Concubine Shu feel hateful even more. If Shen Shiying was pregnant with the Emperor’s child, she could still understand His Majesty’s anxiety that night. But Shen Shiying’s belly was Wenzheng’s child, and His Majesty still cared for ​​her so much.

Oh, His Majesty didn’t care about Shen Shiying’s child. He cared about ​​Shen Shiying, the woman he could never get.


Imperial Concubine Shu once thought that His Majesty treated her very well. His Majesty was sympathetic to her loneliness in the palace and granted her permission to invite her female family members into the palace to accompany her from time to time. She had no sisters in her family, only two legitimate wives of her two younger brothers. Wenxuan’s wife was a commoner businesswoman, and the other was Wenzheng’s wife, Shen Shiying.

She really sent someone to invite Shen Shiying into the palace once, but Shen Shiying refused because of physical discomfort.

His Majesty took a lot of trouble to see Shen Shiying, but the funny thing was, that person still didn’t appreciate it.

Imperial Concubine was unwilling to serve in the bed anymore. She had already given birth to a prince and didn’t need to be favored anymore. She was even more reluctant to think about the humiliation of Shen Shiying’s childbirth that night.

As if tacitly understood, His Majesty never summoned her to bed again. She wondered if His Majesty didn’t want to think about the danger of Shen Shiying’s birth that night when she slept with him.

After marrying into the imperial family, it was enough to compete for favor with a group of women in this palace, but she still had to be jealous of another woman outside the palace, another woman who didn’t belong to the Emperor.

Because of this, she once lost her dignity, repeatedly lost her composure, and turned into a disgusting appearance like the market shrew that she disliked the most before.

She was born into a scholarly family, a family of poetry and etiquette in vain. The tolerance and self-cultivation that had been cultivated for many years were all lost.

Sadly, this was also the sadness of countless women like her.


When Shen Shiying’s body was not found under the cliff that year, she was worried about whether there was an accident for some time. After being attacked and missing, there had been many rumors in the capital over the years that were unfavorable to Shen Shiying’s reputation. If Shen Shiying was still alive, there was no reason to not show up for so many years. Maybe she was washed away by the river, and she hoped that there was no other reason.

Qin Yan was also very fortunate and didn’t die when she fell off the cliff.

Yes ah, Qin Yan was indeed fortunate, the little girl could not be drowned in such a deep Taiye Pond.

Imperial Concubine Shu took a deep breath, then gracefully took a sip from the teacup.

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If Qin Yan was gone, Xian’er wouldn’t be at odds with his mother again.

Need not worry, there always be a chance.

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