TCPCHW Chapter 52

The Crown Prince Chases His Wife

Chapter 52          Catch Adultery

Shuyu Lane at Qianshui Promenade in the south of Capital City.

From the moment He Xiao stepped into the gate to the time when he walked to Nanxu’s Xingyun Pavilion, he frequently felt eyes of unknown meaning cast on him.

He Xiao looked back suspiciously, and the maids at the Shuyu Lane all avoided his eyes. At this moment, He Xiao felt without any doubt that in their eyes that he seemed to have been cuckolded and came to catch adultery.

He Xiao uttered a curse in his heart.

When he arrived at Xingyun Pavilion, He Xiao strode upstairs. When he reached the door of Nanxu’s room, He Xiao raised his right hand and was about to knock on the door when he stopped suddenly.

What was he doing?

Why should he knock on the door when he wanted to show the vigor of a master to catch adultery?

He Xiao adjusted his fierce expression, pushed hard with both hands, and the door slammed open.

This door… was not bolted…

He Xiao was stunned for a moment, the people in the room didn’t seem to be guilty?

He Xiao walked in and saw Nanxu who was fiddling with dishes by the window. Then, he turned his head to look at Nanxu’s embroidered couch inside and immediately widened his eyes.

At this moment, Xie Changyuan’s hair was disheveled, and he was only wearing a slightly wrinkled white one-piece shirt loosely. He sat on the edge of the embroidered couch with his legs apart, resting his head on one hand while pressing his forehead.

He Xiao…

Shizi Xie looked like this, what was wrong…

Nanxu looked up and saw the visitor, and smiled softly: “Young Master He, have you had breakfast yet?”

He Xiao…

Eat… breakfast?

At this moment of catching adultery, was it appropriate to talk about breakfast?


He Xiao regained his composure, and with a harsh tone: “You two! Tell me! What happened last night?”

Nanxu was still fiddling with the cup and plate in her hand, and Xie Changyuan kept silent, ignoring He Xiao.

He Xiao spoke again: “You… you two didn’t even call me…”

There was a bang outside the door.

“You stepped on me.”

“It was pushed from behind.”

“Oh, it has been discovered.”

Xie Changyuan, who had been drooping his head in silence, suddenly said coldly: “Get lost!”

The little servants, maids, and old servants who had just been hiding outside the door and eavesdropping in the corner reluctantly left, and their whispers came through the house.

“So playful?”

“Three people together?”

“As expected of Young Master He who has experienced so many things…”

He Xiao turned his head and said in a cold tone, “Get out of here immediately.”

Several people hurried down the stairs.

A servant came back timidly and closed the door behind him.


Inside the room, Xie Changyuan was still rubbing his forehead. After a hangover, he had a splitting headache.

Nanxu picked up the tray, walked towards the embroidery couch, and said softly: “Shizi Xie, you drank too much yesterday. Drink some clear porridge to warm your stomach.”

Xie Changyuan still lowered his head: “Water.” Xie Changyuan’s voice was hoarse.

Nanxu returned to the low couch, put down the tray, and poured a cup of water.

Xie Changyuan raised his head and reached out his hand to take it, “Thank you.”

Nanxu was gentle and polite, and Xie Changyuan always respected her.

Nanxu smiled softly.

Xie Changyuan drank the tea in his hand in one gulp.

He Xiao was a little puzzled, the two of them didn’t seem like anything had happened. He was about to continue asking but was interrupted by a few knocks on the door.

“Miss Nanxu, Shizi Xie’s clothes have been brought back.”

Nanxu walked out slowly, brought in a stack of clothes, and put them on the bed.

“I’ll go out first,” Nanxu said and left the room.

Xie Changyuan rubbed his forehead again, glanced at his clothes, and was about to change, but suddenly turned his eyes to He Xiao who was still staring at him with an unhappy expression.

“Get out.” Xie Changyuan’s tone was not kind.

He Xiao laughed evilly: “Which part of our body is different?”

Seeing Xie Changyuan’s darker face, He Xiao gave up the idea of joking.

“Okay, I’m going out.”

He Xiao took two steps outward, then turned back suddenly.

“You two last night…” He Xiao looked at Xie Changyuan with a smirk.

Xie Changyuan gave He Xiao a cold look, “I’m so drunk, what can I do?”

Hearing this, He Xiao sighed in his heart, what a pity.

He Xiao went out, closed the door, and saw Nanxu leaning against a pillar under the porch.

“You haven’t told him your feelings yet?” He Xiao asked.

Nanxu smiled lightly, “Now I’ve become a lowly official prostitute, what can I say?”

Nanxu recalled that last night, Xie Changyuan kept muttering “Yanyan…” in his sleep.

Shizi Xie must love that canary in his mansion very much.


Well, that canary came already.

A Yan stood at the pavilion downstairs, looking at Nanxu and He Xiao from below, feeling a little unbearable and ashamed.

At this moment, she looked like a poor woman who couldn’t control her husband who was out in brothels and wanted to go to this kind of red-light district to catch adultery.

But Brother Changyuan, he was so gentle to her yesterday…

A Yan was about to go up when Nanxu’s door opened again. It was Xie Changyuan, who had already been tidied up, who came out.

A Yan!

Brother Changyuan was really here.

Moreover, he also changed his clothes.

Then last night…

Xie Changyuan also saw A Yan downstairs. He didn’t want to see her right now as he didn’t know how to face what happened yesterday…

He Xiao noticed some problems between Shizi Xie and Miss A Yan. Shizi Xie seemed to want to avoid her, and no wonder he didn’t go home last night.

“There are a few new dancers here in Red Silk Square, who are not bad. Shizi Xie, let’s go and have a look?” He Xiao spoke leisurely.

Xie Changyuan really didn’t want to face A Yan at the moment, so he spoke coldly, “You lead the way.”

He Xiao didn’t expect Xie Changyuan to agree so quickly, and said, “Refreshing.”

The two went downstairs.

Passing by A Yan, Xie Changyuan spoke in a low voice: “This is not where you should be.”

“Brother Changyuan…” A Yan heard that He Xiao asked Brother Changyuan to go to Red Silk Square.

“Go back,” After leaving two words, Xie Changyuan strode away.

A Yan felt uneasy and uncomfortable and followed two steps, but because of the discomfort between her legs, she couldn’t catch up.

A Yan turned around and looked upstairs. Nanxu leaned on the railing of the upstairs with a faint expression and smiled at her gently.

A Yan left in embarrassment.

Nanxu looked at A Yan’s walking posture and chuckled.

Then she caressed her lower abdomen, wondering if she was so lucky.


In Red Silk Square, He Xiao and Xie Changyuan entered a private room on the second floor.

He Xiao knew that Xie Changyuan didn’t like this, so he only called two girls to accompany him.

The two started drinking.

He Xiao suddenly saw that the curtain of the private room across the atrium of the stage was opened, and there were two women inside.

It was Princess Jingyi Feng Yuyao and Princess Zhaoren Qin Yan.

“Shizi Xie, we have met an acquaintance.” He Xiao teased Xie Changyuan.

Xie Changyuan raised his eyes indifferently. When he saw that beautiful woman, he was first surprised that Qin Yan would appear in such a place, and then embarrassed because he let her see such an unbearable scene yesterday…

Xie Changyuan withdrew his gaze, just drinking.

Qin Yan and Feng Yuyao had just arrived at Red Silk Square not long ago, and of course, they also saw the two people in the opposite room.

Qin Yan summoned Shen Ying and explained a few words.

Shen Ying went out and went straight to Xie Changyuan’s private room.


At the first sight of Qin Yan, Xie Changyuan wanted to leave due to embarrassment. However, he seemed reluctant to have such a rare opportunity to see Qin Yan.

He drank one cup after another until the servant guarding the private room came in.

“Princess Zhaoren sent someone over with a message.”

He Xiao looked at Xie Changyuan with a smirk, “Shizi Xie, Princess Zhaoren is looking for you?”

Xie Changyuan’s chest froze… What did Qin Yan want to say him?

Shen Ying came in with a cold voice: “Young Master He, my master has something to say. Can you take a step outside to speak?”

He Xiao looked at Xie Changyuan in surprise, and at this moment Xie Changyuan’s face turned so dark that water was going to drip out.

He Xiao followed Shen Ying out of the room, and not long after, He Xiao came back. He took a sip of wine after sitting down, and his face was extremely dark.

“You two go out.” The two girls who accompanied the drinking reluctantly left in response.


He Xiao drank another cup of cold wine and said, “At the banquet in the Imperial Garden yesterday, I was designed by someone. It was Qin Nian, the second young lady of the Right Prime Minister Mansion… and was bumped into by Imperial Concubine Xian and Imperial Concubine Shu…”

Xie Changyuan paused when he heard the words and looked at He Xiao in surprise.

He Xiao took another sip of wine: “I originally planned to ask for a rewarding marriage on Longevity Day. Heh, now…”

Xie Changyuan interrupted He Xiao’s words, “At Qichun Pavilion?”

He Xiao was shocked, Imperial Concubine Xian and Imperial Concubine Shu would not have publicized what happened yesterday, Shizi Xie…

“How does Shizi Xie know?”

Xie Changyuan put down his wine cup and told He Xiao about being called to go to Qichun Pavilion by a palace maid after drinking the problematic wine yesterday and meeting Wang Jingyi on the way.

He Xiao’s face turned black like the bottom of the pot.

“Just now, Shen Ying, the maid of Princess Zhaoren, came to inform me that the culprit of what happened yesterday was Qin Nian of the Right Prime Minister Mansion.” He Xiao said with a fierce expression.

Now, both Xie Changyuan and He Xiao had a clear understanding of what happened yesterday.

Qin Nian wanted to design Xie Changyuan by sleeping with him.

This matter was discovered by Wang Jingyi in advance and stopped Xie Changyuan who was about to fall into the trap.

As for He Xiao…

At this time, He Xiao suddenly recalled the meaningful look in Wang Jingyi’s eyes that he had inadvertently caught a glimpse of before he left the table.

He Xiao’s eyes widened.

It was Wang Jingyi who designed him, He Xiao!


He Xiao was so angry that he raised his head and drank a cup of cold wine, his eyes turning red. He Xiao looked at Xie Changyuan, who looked unhappy.

Shizi Xie was drugged yesterday and A Yan’s unnatural behavior today, so…

“Shizi Xie, did you eat meat yesterday?”

Xie Changyuan just kept drinking and said nothing.

Since Qin Yan knew that someone set up a scheme yesterday, would she… would she also understand that he was drugged yesterday, and he had to…

He Xiao half-jokingly again: “Shizi Xie, you have to remember that I suffered for you yesterday. When this brother encounters a difficult situation, don’t forget to give me a hand.”

Xie Changyuan raised his wine cup, touched the cup in He Xiao’s hand, and drank it all in one gulp.

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