TCPCHW Chapter 64

The Crown Prince Chases His Wife

Chapter 64          Auspicious Clothes

Next to the official road outside the main entrance of Princess Zhaoren Mansion in Xishan, a tall and straight young man and an old man with strong bones were standing.

The mountain breeze was slightly stronger, and the withered and yellow forest leaves fell like rain, making it even more desolate.

Just like Xie Changyuan’s state of mind at this time.

Xie Changyuan had just been staring closely at Master Yishan’s expression, so he heard all the master’s murmurs word for word.

Xie Changyuan frowned, what did he mean by he just heard this story?

Yishan glanced at Xie Changyuan, with some compassion in his eyes.

Xie Changyuan didn’t know why.

Yishan let out a long sigh and said, “You…”

“Ah, I can’t explain in a few words. Let’s go to the Taizi Mansion first.”


In the main hall of East Nuan in Shou’an Palace Pavilion of Imperial City.

Empress Dowager Xiao was sitting on a soft couch covered with thick embroidered cushions, with a pair of well-maintained hands caressing a pure white lazy cat on her lap.

A eunuch came with a bow, “Empress Dowager, His Highness Taizi has arrived.”

As soon as his sound landed, Taizi Feng Zhan, wearing a black brocade robe, stepped into the main hall. Xia Ying, the eunuch in charge of Shou’an Palace, turned around and opened the curtain of the Nuan Pavilion for Taizi.

Feng Zhan walked into Nuan Pavilion and nodded to Empress Dowager Xiao who was sitting on the couch, “Imperial Grandmother.”

Empress Dowager Xiao raised her eyes, but she was not looking at Taizi, but at Xia Ying, the eunuch in charge, who was two steps behind him.

“Take the cat out, Taizi doesn’t like it.”

“Yes.” Xia Ying bowed and walked to Empress Dowager Xiao. He picked up the cat handed to him by the Empress Dowager and retreated. When passing by Taizi, Xia Ying covered the white cat with her sleeves, and then quickly walked out of the Nuan Pavilion.

Empress Dowager Xiao picked up the teacup at hand, sniffed it, and spoke leisurely, “Well, the third prince, Feng Yi, does have filial piety. It’s hard to believe that he has found this year’s mother tree of Dahongpao* for me.”

(Dahongpao* – is an expansive oolong tea with excellent quality)

Feng Zhan frowned slightly.

If Empress Dowager Xiao ordered the cat to be sent out of the Nuan Pavilion because Taizi did not like cats, it was because she valued Taizi.

However, since Taizi entered the Nuan Pavilion, Empress Dowager Xiao had not ordered anyone to show Taizi his seat, so… was she going to reprimand Taizi?

After a moment, Feng Zhan curled his thin lips and said coldly, “What’s the matter with Imperial Grandmother?”

Empress Dowager Xiao put down the teacup and looked at the noble Taizi Feng Zhan who stood in the middle of Nuan Pavilion and whom she had supported with her own hands, “How long has it been since Taizi came to my Shou’an Palace?”

There was no wave in Feng Zhan’s eyes, his expression remained unchanged without any words.

Empress Dowager became serious.

Taizi, he was becoming more and more thoughtful.

When Empress Dowager Xiao spoke again, her tone was not very good.

“In today’s peaceful and prosperous age, the taizifei and the future master of the haram, cannot be a woman who is well versed in politics, with tough means, and comes from a military family.”

“Taizi, Qin Yan is not suitable for you, nor is she suitable for Great Xia today.”

As soon as these words came out, Taizi Feng Zhan and Empress Dowager Xiao looked at each other sternly, and the atmosphere in Nuan Pavilion suddenly became tense.

Not long after, Feng Zhan spoke with a cold tone, “If Imperial Grandma has nothing else to do, I will take my leave first.”

After saying this, Feng Zhan immediately turned around and strode away.


Empress Dowager Xiao looked at the resolute figure of Taizi Feng Zhan when he left and her eyes filled with coldness.

Taizi, his wings had hardened* and were difficult to control.

(wings had hardened* – is a common expression for reprimanding; it means when someone becomes capable, they dare to resist and disobey.)

Xia Ying, the eunuch in charge, came in with a bow and placed the white cat back next to Empress Dowager Xiao.

Empress Dowager Xiao picked up the cat and whispered, “Starting tomorrow, we will resume the morning and dusk visits of the imperial concubines, princes, and princesses to Shou’an Palace. Let the second and third princes come to Shou’an Palace to recite scriptures to me every day.”

“Yes, Empress Dowager.” Xia Ying was slightly surprised.

Since the Empress Dowager returned power to the Emperor, the Empress Dowager’s Shou’an Palace has not seen visitors for a long time.

Was the Empress Dowager… going to get involved in politics again?

And the second prince, the third prince…

That Taizi?


As soon as Feng Zhan left Shou’an Palace, Song Zhi came over in a few steps, “Your Highness, Duan Wang, Wang Yizhou, Marquis of Guannei, Count Pingnan, and Marquis of Jun are at the Qianqing Gate, saying they want to see Your Highness Taizi.”

Feng Zhan raised his eyes, “Tell them to enter the palace tomorrow.”

Song Zhi asked Taizi for instructions, “Your Highness, are you going back to the Taizi Mansion now?”

Feng Zhan stared in silence for a moment, “Go to Kunning Palace.”


At Cangtai Waterside Pavilion in Taizi Mansion.

Yishan and Xie Changyuan sat across from each other on the tea table.

Yishan washed his hands and made tea, muttering, “Ah, I forgot to try the tea made by Yanyan just now. Yanyan’s tea ceremony is unparalleled. Forget it, wait until she calms down before going over.”

Xie Changyuan was already worried, but after hearing this, he suddenly raised his eyes and looked at Yishan.

Yishan caught Xie Changyuan’s eyes, glanced at Xie Changyuan who was not looking very well, and without stopping his movement, explained, “Yanyan is my last disciple, but I am talking about Qin Yan, Princess Zhaoren, not the A Yan in your home. Your A Yan has nothing to do with me.”

Xie Changyuan had just heard someone say it once in the palace hall. Now that he heard Yishan tell the truth from his mouth, his heart was once again shaken.

Xie Changyuan lowered his eyes in sadness.

The water in the pot has begun to boil. In the quiet waterside pavilion, Xie Changyuan’s voice overshadowed the sound of the boiling water, reaching the ears of Yishan.

“Master, who is the person mentioned in my mother’s letter?”

Yishan paused as he picked up the cup, raised his eyes to look at the stubborn young man opposite, and sighed.

“The past is over, don’t dwell on it anymore.”

Xie Changyuan asked, “Did that person abandon my mother and marry someone else?”

Yi Shan said, interrupted coldly, “Stop talking nonsense.”

Yishan put down the tea cup and sighed again.

“That person never knew your mother’s thoughts.”

Xie Changyuan looked shocked.

Yishan shook his head and continued to warm the cup with boiling water.


Xie Changyuan’s heart went from shock at first to understanding and sadness.

So… was it his mother’s unilateral obsession?

Her mother had her own family, but in her heart, there was another man, who didn’t belong to his mother.

The perfect family of three that he once thought was so ironic.

Xie An’s heart was filled with his bed warmer, his other son, and even his mother had someone else in her heart.

He once resented Xie An for deceiving his mother and himself, but it turned out…

His mother was also deceiving them…

Xie Changyuan buried his face in his hands, his tall body trembling slightly.

It turned out that he was a joke too.


Not long after, Yishan brewed the tea and pushed a cup in front of Xie Changyuan.

“That A Yan, you should end your relationship with her as soon as possible.”

Xie Changyuan slowly raised his head and looked at Yishan. At this moment, his eyes were slightly red, but he was suspicious of what Yishan said.

Later, Xie Changyuan’s eyes showed pain, his brows furrowed, and he lowered his head again and said nothing.

Yishan seemed to have guessed something and asked, “You and her…” But those words were for those in the same generation, so how could Yishan ask?

Xie Changyuan still lowered his head and said in a muffled voice, “She has lost her chastity to me, and the emperor has bestowed her to be my concubine.” After listening carefully, Xie Changyuan’s voice trembled slightly, as if powerless, and suffered greatly.

Yishan: …

After sighing softly, Yishan spoke again, “It’s hard to conclude this matter, it just depends on your luck.”


Yishan took a sip of tea and nodded admiringly, Taizi’s place was full of good tea.

“By the way, Changyuan, just now you said that three years ago, you were rescued by A Yan when you went to Meishan Mountain during a snowstorm?”

Xie Changyuan had calmed down slightly at this moment. He slowly raised his head, took the teacup in front of him, and drank it all. The tea did not stay in his mouth as he was not in the mood for tasting tea.

At this moment, he even hoped that the tea was just a bitter coarse tea that could cover up the bitterness in his heart.

Xie Changyuan put down the tea cup and then answered Yishan’s question, “Yes.”

Yishan had a certain conclusion in his heart at this moment. He didn’t know whether he should continue talking or what kind of shock his next words would have on the young man in front of him.

“Changyuan, are you sure you have seen the face of the woman who saved you? Is she A Yan?”

Xie Changyuan raised his eyes in confusion, “Master, what do you mean by this?”

Yishan recounted what he had just heard from Qin Yan in the reception hall of Princess Zhaoren Mansion.

Yishan was convinced that there was no need for Qin Yan to fabricate a lie to deceive him. Qin Yan’s concern was not who she saved, she only cared about the missing painting.

When Xie Changyuan heard this, his eyes widened and his expression changed drastically.

Seeing Xie Changyuan’s expression, Yishan sighed again.

Something must have gone wrong somewhere. This kid, Changyuan, must have mistakenly recognized the wrong person and sinned…

Xie Changyuan tried his best to calm down the shock at this moment and the vague memories of Meishan three years ago began to slowly flash in his mind.

Three years ago, he went up to Meishan Mountain and struggled to find the way based on the clues given by the emperor. Under the heavy snow, the road was extremely difficult to identify. He lost his way halfway up the mountain and wandered blindly for some time. Suddenly he found that he could not see.

He missed a step and fell into a snowdrift, but was rescued by a woman who half-supported and half-dragged him to Wanxue House.

After the woman settled him, she went out alone.

For about an hour, Xie Changyuan found that the woman hadn’t returned and was a little worried that something had happened to her.

Xie Changyuan stepped out of the door and was about to call the girl when he slipped on the corridor and fell into the snow in the courtyard.

At this moment, the girl returned, hurried over, and helped Xie Changyuan up.

Xie Changyuan’s eyes changed.

The girl who rescued him on the mountainside could easily drag him forward. However, when the girl helped him later in the courtyard, it was particularly difficult.

Previously, he didn’t think much about it, but now…

Qin Yan had profound martial arts, while A Yan was petite and couldn’t lift her hands…

Xie Changyuan frowned, closed his eyes, and continued to recall.

The girl took care of him for three days. During these three days in Wanxue House, he only heard the girl’s voice but not her appearance. Her voice was delicate and somewhat lively.

Three days later, Xie Changyuan regained his sight and saw the girl with surprise and warmth in her eyes. She was A Yan…

Thinking about it now, the woman who rescued him on the mountainside only said one sentence.

“What’s wrong with you?”

Xie Changyuan’s consciousness was a little blurry at the time, but he could still tell that the voice was slightly cold.

Xie Changyuan smiled bitterly.

That person turned out to be Qin Yan. It turned out that he had recognized the wrong person?

The person who saved his life was his once legitimate fiancée?

Was it the fiancée who he broke the betrothment? Was it his former fiancée who was now a stranger to him?

Qin Yan, did she know? Did she know that she saved his life?

Xie Changyuan looked up at Yishan.

Yishan seemed to have guessed what he was going to say and interrupted quickly, “Yanyan doesn’t know it’s you she had saved.”

“I advise you not to tell her either.”

Yishan paused for a moment and then said, “One more thing.”

“Yanyan said that after she picked up a person in Meishan and brought him to Wanxue House, she went out to Qiansong Cliff to collect the resurrection grass.”

“But just as Yanyan was about to go down the cliff, the snow bed on the cliff was shaken and slid down due to a shout of a little girl in the distance.”

Xie Changyuan could not hide his shock and heartache at this moment. He could only imagine what would happen to Qin Yan next, otherwise, Qin Yan would not have failed to come back during the few days he was in Wanxue House.

Yishan continued, “Yanyan was knocked off the cliff by the snow bed and fell into the cold pond at the bottom of the cliff.”

“Since that time, Yanyan has developed a fear of cold.”

Yishan once again emphasized to Xie Changyuan, “Yanyan and the people in Duke of Zhenguo Mansion seem to still have a grudge about Yanyan falling off the cliff in Meishan Mountain.”

“I advise you not to let her know that the person she saved is you.”

“I’m afraid, the culprit who caused her to fall off the cliff is A Yan in your home.”

“A Yan is a demon, you must take her seriously, or else your entire Marquis Yongding Mansion won’t be enough for her to destroy.”

“You take care of yourself.”


After Yishan left, Xie Changyuan sat on the waterside pavilion for a long time.

He seemed to have had all his strength drained away, leaving only a shell.

Today, everything he learned, one by one, about his mother, about A Yan, about… Qin Yan… it was a heavy blow, like a hammer pounding on this heart and soul again and again.

Xie Changyuan looked up gloomily and looked south.

Behind the plum grove was the southern part of the Xishan Palace, which was now the Princess Zhaoren Mansion.

Xie Changyuan took a deep breath, stood up, walked out of the waterside pavilion, and walked towards the plum grove.

When he reached the edge of the plum grove, two black-clothed guards jumped out quickly, blocking Xie Changyuan’s way.

“Shizi Xie, you are not allowed to enter this place.” The secret guard said coldly.

Xie Changyuan did not move forward but still looked in the direction of the plum grove.

There was not even a wall between Taizi Mansion and Princess Zhaoren Mansion. Had they become so familiar with each other?

Taizi and Qin Yan…

Qin Yan…

Was it too late for him…

Xie Changyuan closed his eyes, and a sharp pain rose in his chest. He clutched his chest tightly and suddenly leaned forward, spitting out a mouthful of blood.

It was still early autumn at this time, and there were no plum blossoms in the plum groves, but there were lots of little bright reds on the ground.

Xie Changyuan turned around and walked out step by step, but his steps were not too steady.


Outside the gate of Princess Zhaoren Mansion, Xie Changyuan looked pale and said to the guard, “Xie Changyuan requesting a meeting with Princess Zhaoren.”

“Please wait.” A guard entered the mansion.

Not long after, the guard came out, “The master will not see guests today.”

After Xie Changyuan heard this, he took a step forward and was stopped by the guard.

“Shizi Xie, it’s not a wise move.”

Xie Changyuan’s eyes were filled with pain, he glanced at the gate of the mansion again and then turned around.

Xie Changyuan jumped on his horse and galloped towards the capital.


Xie Changyuan rushed back to the Marquis of Yongding Mansion and strode straight to A Yan’s courtyard.

Everyone in the mansion saw that Shizi seemed to have bloodthirsty murderous intent, and the Marquis had just been sent back from the Imperial Hospital. Everyone was wondering if something big had happened.

However, Xie Changyuan did not find A Yan in the mansion.

“Where is she?” Xie Changyuan asked sternly.

Nuonuo, the little maid who usually followed A Yan, said, “A, Miss A Yan went out of the mansion alone. When she came back, she hurriedly packed up a few paintings and left with them.”

Xie Changyuan’s pupils shrank, she ran away?

Xie Changyuan stepped out of the courtyard and said coldly to Li Zhong who was waiting there, “Uncle Li, go to the western suburbs immediately and buy a house next to Princess Zhaoren Mansion. No matter how big or small it is, the closer it is to the Princess Mansion, the better.”

“Go to the accounting office to get the money. I will move there tomorrow.”

Li Zhong paused, Shize had… figured it out?

But… Wasn’t it a bit too late…


At Kunning Palace in the Imperial City.

Taizi Feng Zhan had just arrived at the palace gate when a woman wearing a plain brocade dress came out from the opposite side.

Feng Zhan got off the carriage, and the woman saluted Taizi, “Greetings Your Highness Taizi.”

She was the legitimate wife of Left Prime Minister Wang Xian and Feng Zhan’s aunt, Madam Wang.

Feng Zhan nodded and walked into Kunning Palace.

The Empress had just finished talking to Madam Wang and was a little tired. She was just about to take a rest when an announcement came from outside, “His Highness Taizi has arrived.”

A glimmer of light flashed across the empress’s eyes, and she regained her energy.


“Imperial Mother.

The two took their seats respectively. Without any pleasantries, Feng Zhan went straight to the topic, “Imperial Mother didn’t have to return to the palace to wade through this muddy water.”


Empress’s eyes looked worried, “Taizi did not comply with Empress Dowager Xiao’s wishes today, so I am afraid Empress Dowager will make a move.”

Feng Zhan said in a faint voice, “Even if everything goes according to Empress Dowager’s wishes, she will still make lots of moves.”

Empress frowned, a little confused.

Feng Zhan looked at the Empress and said seriously, “Since Imperial Mother has returned to the palace, there are some things that you must be aware of.”

“During the Autumn Hunting assassination, I found some clues. I’m afraid Empress Dowager Xiao of Shou’an Palace may have been involved in it.”

The Empress was shocked.

Feng Zhan continued, “But whether Empress Dowager Xiao’s people are trying to assassinate the emperor, me, or Qin Yan, or worse, we are all her targets, we don’t know.”

The empress was so shocked that she was speechless.

Feng Zhan said again, “Did Imperial Mother replace everyone in Kunning Palace from top to bottom?”

Empress calmed down and spoke slowly, “I can’t hide it from Taizi.”

Feng Zhan sighed, “Imperial Mother, are you not allowed to tell me about the matter of Imperial Concubine Xian’s miscarriage in your palace was related to Empress Dowager Xiao?”

Empress looked at Taizi in surprise, who seemed to be certain about the matter.

Taizi, he knew…

No wonder, no wonder the way Taizi treated Empress Dowager today……

Feng Zhan softened his tone, “Did Imperial Mother not say anything back then and went to Dajue Temple alone for so many years to avoid the awkwardness for me between Imperial Mother and Empress Dowager Xiao?”

Empress now understood that Taizi must have thoroughly investigated all those things and now, she had nothing to hide, “Empress Dowager Xiao’s influence in the palace is deeply intertwined. She has spies in every palace, making it impossible to guard against her.”

“Empress Dowager Xiao protected my pregnancy, but she ordered someone to attack Imperial Concubine Xian in my palace, thus causing me injustice. I don’t know whether I should thank her or hate her.”

“After Imperial Concubine Xian’s accident, Empress Dowager came over and left a message.”

Speaking of this, Empress smiled bitterly, “Empress Dowager Xiao said that there are certain things that I shouldn’t think about or investigate.”

“The Empress Dowager said that the Left Prime Minister Mansion cannot both produce an empress who has given birth to Taizi and an imperial concubine who is about to give birth to an heir. The child of Imperial Concubine Xian cannot be kept.”

“Yes, how could I not know this? It’s just that your uncle and grandfather are too greedy.”

“Your uncle once entered the palace to persuade me that the sons of Imperial Concubine Xian will be the support of Taizi.”

“Oh, who can say whether the brothers and sisters in the imperial family are helpers or enemies.”

“They just used their selfish interests to lay more chess pieces for the glory of the Left Prime Minister Mansion. But they completely disregarded Taizi, and me, as well as Yunchao who was in my belly at that time.”


Taizi had already investigated all these matters, and today he just wanted to talk to the Empress to make her worry-free.

“Imperial Mother, bring Yunchao to Dajue Temple these days as I have to leave the capital for a while.”

Empress didn’t question what Taizi said and just complied.

Empress suddenly thought of something and asked Feng Zhan, “What are Taizi’s plans for Qin Yan?”

Hearing Qin Yan’s name, Feng Zhan’s eyes suddenly changed from being cold and stern just now to an indescribable glow.

“I have ordered the supervisor of Minor Treasure to prepare the clothes for Taizi’s wedding. The taizifei’s auspicious clothes are in Qin Yan’s size.”

Empress knew that Taizi was decisive in his actions, but she did not expect that he would act so quickly.

“Qin Yan, did she agree?” Empress still had a trace of doubt.

Feng Zhan didn’t answer, but his expression was a little gloomy.

Empress sighed, which meant she didn’t agree. She knew how Qin Yan couldn’t easily agree to marry into the imperial family.

The Shen family members were all tough bones. Shen Shiying was one of them back then, and so was Shen Shiyan.

If Shen Shiyan hadn’t quickly married his childhood sweetheart, Fang Su, Empress Dowager Xiao would have let Shen Shiyan marry a princess.

Others didn’t know it, but the Empress could see clearly that Anyang had different thoughts about Shen Shiyan, the Shizi of the Duke of Zhenguo Mansion.

Fate played tricks on people.

Empress glanced at Feng Zhan with an unclear expression, “Qin Yan didn’t agree, so where did you get her size?”

Feng Zhan noticed Empress’s somewhat playful expression and felt a little unnatural embarrassed on his face.

The reddish tips of Feng Zhan’s ears did not escape the Empress’s eyes.

Empress chuckled lightly, her son, who had always been powerful, finally met someone who could control him this time.

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How does His Highness Taizi know Yanyan’s size…

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