TCPCHW Chapter 25 Part 2

The Crown Prince Chases His Wife

Chapter 25          Arrogant (2/2)

A Yan was relieved to see that Qin Yan was fighting with Brother Changyuan. The development of the situation was smoother than she expected, but she didn’t plan to give Qin Yan a chance to amend it.

“Brother Changyuan, I’m so cold. Let’s go back.”

At this moment, she just wanted to be alone with Brother Changyuan. Maybe after this time, she and Brother Changyuan could move one step further.


Xie Changyuan felt guilty. Today, A Yan fell into the water because of himself. He should treat her kindly and compensate her.

Xie Changyuan released A Yan, went to the cabin, and said goodbye to Taizi and the Princess of Changle. He came out and carried A Yan in his arms and said, “Your Highness Second Prince, thank you for your hospitality and I’ll leave first. Everyone, goodbye.”

Xie Changyuan and A Yan got off the decorated boat and got into another smaller boat.


Looking at the departing figure of Xie Changyuan, Qin Yan pulled the corners of her lips slightly with a little mockery.

Indeed, she nearly died when she fell into the water, not once, but twice.

The first time was in Taiye Pond when she was young. The funny thing was that if she hadn’t fallen into the water, she and Xie Changyuan would not have had a marriage contract.

And the second time… After she fell into the water in Taiye Pond as a child, she learned to swim. But three years ago, in Meishan, she had an accident that shouldn’t happen at all.

When Qin Yan remembered that time she fell into the cold pond in Meishan, her heart became a little cold.

That time, if it hadn’t been for a little girl with no common sense who suddenly appeared and shouted loudly on the cliff after the heavy snow, causing an avalanche, she wouldn’t have been knocked down the cliff by the sudden falling snow bed and fell into a cold pond, and almost died because of it.


Today’s An Yanxi was a little abnormal. She had changed from her usual upright and dignified appearance and had repeatedly spoken by pointing the sword at Qin Yan.

“Princess of Zhaoren, you are angry with the little girl and almost killed her because of jealousy for a man. This is not the way a noblewoman should behave.”

An Yanxi’s aggressiveness today made An Wenjing a little puzzled. But his sister had always had her own mind, so he didn’t interfere too much.

Qin Yan squinted her eyes at An Yanxi. She was keenly aware that Miss An was targeting her today, but she had no interaction with her normally. Why was it?

Feng Yuyao was slightly angry, “Miss An, the Imperial Court of Judicial Review requires all witnesses and material evidence for judgment before the person can be convicted. On what basis do you put a label of harming others’ lives on Yanyan? Is this the practice in the Grand Scholar Mansion?”

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When it came to Grand Scholar Mansion, An Wenjing couldn’t stay out of it.

“Princess of Jingyi, there is a saying that you help the rationale but not the relatives. If the emperor breaks the law, he will share the same crime with the common people. You are blinded by your personal relationship with Princess of Zhaoren, which is biased.”

“You…” Feng Yuyao was very angry. Why didn’t she find this An family’s brother and sister so annoying before?

Qin Yan narrowed her eyes slightly, looking at the brother and sister, An Wenjing and An Yanxi, with her red lips slightly hooked. She opened her mouth slowly, “I haven’t been in the capital for a long time, but today I’ve seen the upbringing of the Ministry of Rites, the Minister An Mansion. It is rumored that the well-read and knowledgeable Grand Scholar An, but the young master and the young lady of the mansion acted so ignorantly and can only conclude the matter with just a few words. Are you so brainless?”

An Wenjing and An Yanxi’s expressions immediately changed.

An Yanxi was furious. Qin Yan was clearly at fault, but her attitude was so arrogant. Did she rely on the support of the Emperor?

On the other hand, An Wenjing calmed down instantly, just now he was really impulsive to protect her sister Yanxi.

However, this Princess of Zhaoren’s words were really merciless.

The atmosphere at the back of the decorated boat was a little tense and deadlocked.


In the cabin, Song Zhi reported to Taizi Feng Zhan what the secret guard saw.

The secret guard, who was sent to protect A Yan, could clearly see what happened.

At the moment when the boats collided, A Yan was on the edge of the boat when she fell backward. Princess of Zhaoren, Qin Yan, stretched out her hand to pull A Yan but A Yan withdrew her hand on her own initiative and didn’t let the Princess of Zhaoren touch her. A Yan seemed to have voluntarily fallen into the water.

Feng Zhan frowned after hearing this, and Feng Zhan also heard the conversations of everyone outside the cabin clearly.

A Yan, this woman had an impure mind, and she could even be said to have a bad mind.

Feng Zhan had been dealing with Master Yishan for many years. His master looked at people primarily based on their character, not their talent. If A Yan’s character was not good, his master would not foolishly accept her as a disciple.

Feng Zhan doubted if there was a problem with the information he got.

“Where is Master Yishan recently?” Feng Zhan’s tone was slightly cold.

“The master’s whereabouts are uncertain, but someone sent a box of sand two months ago, saying it came from Penglai.” Song Zhi replied.

Master Yishan usually wandered around, and occasionally sent people to send some weird gadgets to Feng Zhan.

“Go to all the places where the master may be and ask what’s going on. I don’t want to be used as a tool.”

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Feng Zhan was a little angry at the moment. If his secret guard hadn’t seen the entire development clearly, he might even think that Qin Yan was malicious.

“Song Zhi, withdraw the secret guards that were sent out.”

Song Zhi took the order.

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