TCPCHW Chapter 60

The Crown Prince Chases His Wife

Chapter 60          Take Action

Master Yishan was already in his twilight years, but his voice was still full of vitality. Therefore, what the master said, along with the music in the hall, was clearly communicated to all parts of the inner hall of Fengtian Palace, as well as outside the stairs leading up to the hall.

Many surprised and envious eyes at the banquet were directed at the lotus-colored figure at the table at the end of the hall, A Yan, the fiancée of Shizi Xie of the Marquis of Yongding Mansion.

Everyone stopped and whispered to each other, “The master addressed Miss A Yan as ‘Yanyan’. Tsk, tsk, looks like the master likes his disciple very much…”

“The master asked Miss A Yan to comment on the paintings in the palace hall for him, which greatly boosted his disciple A Yan’s face.”

“After today, I’m afraid that Miss A Yan’s status will be raised to a higher level, and she might become the legitimate wife of Shizi Xie.”

“Miss A Yan, a girl from a low background, never expected to have such a good fortune.”

“Who said before that Shize Xie is a fool? Now, although this Miss A Yan is far inferior to Princess Zhaoren, she is still a piece of unpolished jade.”

“Shize Xie has good taste…”



But who would have thought that A Yan, who was envied by them at this moment, was extremely panicked?

Master Yishan knew her identity and her name. Her name was not A Yan at all, but the Yanyan in Master’s mouth……


Is her?

Indeed is her!

A Yan turned her head in shock and looked at Qin Yan, Princess Zhaoren, who was walking forward step by step. A Yan had a frightened expression on her face, gripping her skirt with both hands tightly. What should she do, what should she do…

It was her…


After An Wenjing took his seat, he frowned when he looked at An Yanxi who was sitting next to a zither in the palace hall.

Today, An Yanxi with other young masters and ladies were showcasing their talents in the palace hall to celebrate the birthday of the emperor.

An Wenjing had learned that Yanxi entered the palace yesterday and stayed for a while before coming out. He wondered if Yanxi had given up her obsession with His Highness Taizi and hoped Yanxi would not do anything foolish that would anger His Highness Taizi and make things difficult for his father and himself.

An Wenjing had been at the Taizi Mansion these days and had a better understanding of Qin Yan, Princess Zhaoren.

Princess Zhaoren was very different from ordinary women in the boudoir. She has unique insights into military affairs, government affairs, and even finances. When discussing matters in the Taizi Mansion, Princess Zhaoren occasionally spoke which often earned great praise from the highly regarded staff and courtiers of the Taizi Mansion.

According to His Highness Taizi’s instructions, An Wenjing usually compiled the non-confidential content of the proceedings of the Taizi Mansion into a book and brought it to the south study room of the Imperial City, where various Hanlin scholars could express their opinions and discuss new suggestions or opinions before bringing them back to Taizi Mansion and presenting it to His Highness Taizi for review.

Many of the Hanlin scholars who were able to work in the south study room were from top scholar backgrounds and had a common problem of being proud and aloof.

But when they saw Princess Zhaoren’s occasional remarks, they wouldn’t immediately show their approval but would instantly fall into silence. Later, An Wenjing would often hear them silently reciting or discussing Princess Zhaoren’s views on political affairs.

An Wenjing understood that they were probably as shocked by Princess Zhaoren’s insights as he was. Qin Yan’s few words were enough to make them enlightened and thought-provoking.

Qin Yan, Princess of Zhaoren, was such a beautiful and heartwarming woman with foresight and talent, who truly deserved the title of “unparalleled elegance”.

Only then could An Wenjing truly understand why His Highness Taizi, who had never been close with women, had repeatedly made exceptions to Princess Zhaoren.

Even An Wenjing, himself, occasionally became dazed when facing Qin Yan. But An Wenjing understood that he could only stifle any thoughts that he shouldn’t have, and His Highness Taizi must not be aware of them.

Some people were like the moon in the water or the flowers in the mirror, which could only be hidden deep in the heart forever.

An Wenjing looked diagonally ahead and at this moment, His Highness Taizi and Princess Zhaoren Qin Yan had already taken their seats. Those two were truly a match made in heaven.


Qin Yan took her seat, ignoring her master who had never been reliable.

Yishan spoke toward Taizi Feng Zhan who was ascending the high platform to take his seat, “Can’t Taizi be more enthusiastic about this teacher?”

Everyone: ……!

Only the Imperial Master Yishan dared to make fun of the powerful Taizi like this.

After Feng Zhan nodded in return, Yishan looked at his disciple with a smile, “Why, Yanyan, it’s only been two years since we last met, and you don’t know me as your master anymore?”

Qin Yan raised her eyes and glanced at Yishan indifferently, then took a sip of the wine that the palace maid had filled for her.

Was Old Man Yishan going to have a touching master-disciple acquaintance with her on this occasion?

Qin Yan sighed lightly, indeed, today was a banquet in the imperial palace. After all, Yishan was the Imperial Master and she had to give face.

“Master.” Qin Yan spoke softly.

Upon hearing the words, Yishan smiled and bloomed on a beautiful yet healthy and rosy old face.

He had racked his brain to deceive and kidnap this disciple, Yanyan. It was hard to believe that he had been waiting for this “master” for many years despite all the cajoles he had done to pry her mouth.


Everyone in the hall was shocked.

Princess Zhaoren was a disciple of the Imperial Master Yishan!

Everyone whispered enthusiastically, “Princess Zhaoren, from a noble background, is supported by the Right Prime Minister Mansion and the Duke of Zhenguo Mansion. Now she is still the highest rank princess, a celebrity in front of the imperial family, and a staff member of the Taizi Mansion. She even studied under Imperial Master Yishan. This situation is unimaginable to ordinary people. Dare not even think about it…”

“No wonder there are rumors that the emperor is trying to pair up Princess Zhaoren and His Highness Taizi. Tsk, tsk, this is the suitable unofficial Taizifei…”

Right Prime Minister Qin and his family were both surprised and sour.

Only Qin Ming looked proud, “Humph, look, that’s my sister.”

An Yanxi was shocked and suppressed the bitterness in her heart. Qin Yan, she should not exist…


Song Zhi was also surprised.

Oh, there was a mistake. Grand Master’s letter mentioned that the Taizifei he had chosen for His Highness was not A Yan, but Princess Zhaoren!

Song Zhi, who was standing diagonally behind Taizi, glanced at Taizi Feng Zhan nervously, but unexpectedly met His Highness’s cold eyes.

Song Zhi: …! Finish!

Feng Zhan glanced at Song Zhi coldly, withdrew his gaze, and turned to Qin Yan, who was still enjoying wine elegantly.

The corners of Feng Zhan’s lips curled up slightly, Yishan finally being reliable for once.


Emperor Hui, who was sitting on the throne, spoke, “Since Princess Zhaoren is a disciple of the master, she will evaluate these paintings on behalf of the Master. If there are paintings that Princess Zhaoren likes, I will personally inscribe them, and the painter will be rewarded handsomely.”

After Emperor Hui finished speaking, everyone in the palace hall was even more surprised.

Apparently, the rumors were true, Princess Zhaoren was indeed valued by His Majesty.

The young masters and ladies who had just painted were overjoyed. If they could get the imperial inscription, it would be a great honor to the family.

Everyone could not hide the excitement on their faces, except for A Yan.

A Yan’s face turned pale and she stood stiff beside the desk.

At this moment, A Yan had confirmed that the “Yanyan” the master talked about back then was Qin Yan, Princess of Zhaoren.

Qin Yan, was going to comment on her paintings?

What to do…

A Yan wanted to put the painting away at this moment, but… this was an imperial banquet in the palace… what should she do?

A Yan hurriedly looked at Xie Changyuan’s seat in front of her but Brother Changyuan hadn’t come yet. Yes, Xie Qing said that Brother Changyuan would be busy guarding the imperial city today, and he didn’t know when he would arrive at the banquet.

What to do?

A Yan raised her eyes and looked at Qin Yan, Princess Zhaoren, who was slowly getting up.

At this moment, A Yan could only hold on to a trace of luck. What if Qin Yan didn’t remember this painting?


At this time, Imperial Concubine Xian had ordered the palace servants to place wooden shelves in front of the six desks at the end of the palace hall facing the throne and hang each painting on the shelf separately to display the paintings to everyone in the palace hall.

The most anticipated painting by everyone at the table was undoubtedly the painting by A Yan, the disciple of Master Yishan.

A Yan’s painting was a sparse autumn landscape painting.

The sparseness and continuation of trees, gravels, and water in the painting aroused infinite interest and was full of zest.

The most wonderful thing was that in the entire landscape of towering mountains and rivers, there was a graceful silhouette of a woman in red beside the stream on the lower right side, which could be regarded as the finishing touch.

But the person sitting slightly closer to the painting, who was quite skilled in painting, frowned and shook her head after looking at the painting.

This painting had a strong artistic conception and composition, but the brushstroke was slightly weak, with soft hooks and a slight sense of sluggishness, which contradicted the wild artistic conception in the painting.


Qin Yan walked slowly towards the end of the hall and suddenly stopped when she saw A Yan’s painting.

Emperor Hui, who was sitting on the throne, caught a glimpse of the red dress in A Yan’s painting, and Emperor Hui immediately thought of that person…

Shen Changshan and Shen Shiyan of the Duke of Zhenguo Mansion were also surprised. At first glance, the person in the painting… reminded them of… Shiying?

Qin Yan’s aura suddenly changed and a fierce murderous aura emitted from her body.

Feng Zhan narrowed his eyes, Qin Yan, what did she see?

Qin Yan’s eyes were cold and sharp. She strode forward toward the end of the hall and stopped in front of A Yan’s painting, stretched out her right hand, and took down the painting. With her right arm shaken in the air, the painting was rolled up.

Everyone didn’t know why.

Immediately, Qin Yan’s right hand shook with force, and the scroll in her hand was instantly shattered into powder.

Everyone in the hall: …

What did Princess Zhaoren do?

She unexpectedly shattered the painting with one hand?

And, some people who had gone to the Autumn Hunting in the western suburbs and had seen Princess Zhaoren break the neck of a fierce horse with her bare hands were no longer surprised by Princess Zhaoren’s astonishing skills.

However, today was at the longevity banquet of His Majesty and the painting was ordered by the Emperor to be reviewed by Princess Zhaoren. Instead, Princess Zhaoren destroyed the painting in front of His Majesty?

Everyone turned their attention to the throne on the high platform.

The emperor just frowned while looking below, but did not say a word, let alone reprimand Princess Zhaoren for her disrespect in front of the palace hall.

And His Highness Taizi just frowned while looking below, without saying a word.

It seemed that Emperor and His Highness Taizi indeed valued Princess Zhaoren, so indulgently.

At this time, the palace music in the palace hall was still lively, but everyone only wanted to watch the excitement, excitedly suppressing their voices and whispering.

Princess Zhaoren, this…

Disciples fighting with each other?


Qin Yan looked at A Yan, who was frightened.

She spoke with a cold tone, “Did you just draw this?”

A Yan didn’t dare to look directly at Qin Yan at this moment, and her body trembled slightly.

Qin Yan took a step forward, swiftly stretched out her right hand, grabbed A Yan’s slender neck, and pulled back, which made A Yan stand in front of her.

Qin Yan’s grip on A Yan’s neck slightly loosened, leaving room for A Yan to speak, and asked coldly, “Where is the original painting?”

A Yan struggled desperately, trying to break open Qin Yan’s right hand, which was gripping her neck, but all in vain.

Qin Yan had a tall figure and even if A Yan, who was being held up by her at this moment, stood on tippytoes. She was a head shorter than Qin Yan, which made Qin Yan’s murderous aura at this time even more obvious.

Everyone at the banquet could not help but exclaim in low voices that Princess Zhaoren was so arrogant that she actually took action directly in the palace hall?

But when they looked at the emperor on the throne, they were surprised. The emperor only had a serious face and did not ask the Imperial Army to stop Princess Zhaoren.

As well as His Highness Taiz, at this moment, who actually had the leisure to pick up the wine cup and drink it lightly, as if Princess Zhaoren’s overstepping the boundary was just an ordinary action.

Neither the Emperor nor His Highness Taizi spoke, and everyone at the table also murmured excitedly, only watching the farce without any action.

There was no one behind A Yan, and Marquis of Yongding, Xie An, and the remaining Xie family remained silent. They didn’t want to offend Princess Zhaoren because of A Yan.


At this time, Master Yishan stood up and strode toward the end of the hall.

A Yan, who was still struggling, caught a glimpse of the figure approaching from the corner of her eye and struggled to ask for help, “Master, save me. Master… save me…”

Yishan stepped forward, two steps away from the two of them, and said, “Who are you?”


Everyone: …

Master’s reaction…

Did he not recognize his disciple? Or…

“Master, the person in front of you once said she was your disciple.” The person who spoke was the second lady of the Left Prime Minister Mansion, Wang Jingyan.

In the hall, besides Wang Jingyan, there were probably many thoughtful people who have noticed some problems.

A Yan’s identity as an Imperial Master disciple might have been mixed with false information…

Yishan frowned, “When did I have another disciple, and I don’t even know about it?”

As soon as these words were uttered, everyone exclaimed in surprise and commented, “It turned out to be a fake one.”

“How can she have the face to go around saying that she is the disciple of the Imperial Master? She’s so shameless.”

“Tell me, does Shizi Xie know…”

“Isn’t she afraid of being exposed?”

“Is there any inside story?”


Marquis of Yongding, Xie An, held his forehead, and many ambiguous eyes were looking at him. He had long told Xie Changyuan not to associate with A Yan of unknown background, and now the Marquis of Yongding Mansion was completely disgraced.

“Where is the painting?” Qin Yan asked again in a cold voice.

At this time, Yishan took another close look at the face of the woman in front of him and seemed to recall something in his mind.

“It’s you?”

Everyone: …

It turned out that Master Yishan really knew her… would things be reversed?

But Master Yishan’s next words gave the conclusion to this case, “You just stayed in my Wanxue House for a few days. How did you get the face to go around claiming to be my disciple?”

“You also stole Yanyan’s paintings?”

“Is this your upbringing?”

Master Yishan’s words were extremely serious, without leaving any face to A Yan.

Qin Yan’s heart was filled with anger at this moment. The scene in this painting should not be seen in front of others…

Seeing that A Yan was refusing to speak, Qin Yan quickly tightened her grip on A Yan. At this moment, the people outside the palace hall called loudly, “Empress Dowager has arrived.”

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